Obama Administration Spends $18,000 To Monitor Their Image

Image Monitoring

New Orleans man was paid $18,000 by the Obama Administration to apprise whether news stories about their actions in the Gulf of Mexico following the BP Oil Disaster, were positive or negative—the Feds also spent just over $10,000 for a brief three minute video showing a routine offshore oil rig inspection.

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Obama: Mission Accomplished–BP Oil Spill Clean Up Ending

EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson and Admiral Thad Allen, U.S. Coast Guard (Ret) and National Incident Commander in charge of the BP Oil Spill Clean-up—these two had time to embrace but have they failed in their jobs?

Day 109: President Obama Mission Accomplished–BP Oil Spill Clean-Up “Coming To An End.”

Harold Cline may not agree with the President? Oil collected from by Cline by vacuuming it into a drum at Barataria Bay on the Louisiana Coast last Saturday, 31 July

For two weeks, BP Oil has been claiming that they’ve been unable to find oil contaminating the Gulf of Mexico—it would seem that someone isn’t telling the truth?

Oil from the BP Deepwater Horizon is seen entering Mud Lake inside the Louisiana Coast, from Barataria Bay on 31 July—nearly a week after BP claimed that clean-up crews couldn’t find oil. It appears that they were not looking very hard.

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BP Oil Spill Clean-Up Crews Can’t Find Oil In Gulf Of Mexico

BP Oil Spill Clean-up Crews claim that they can not find crude in the Gulf of Mexico they’re not looking too hard.

Day 98—BP Oil slick has been found and here it is…Oil sheen is seen near the Development Driller II, BP Oil Spill Relief Well, near the Deepwater Horizon platform that blew up on the 20th April

BP Oil Spill–President Obama’s Katrina which he has claimed to have taken responsibility for.

Riiight…Why then is Michelle Obama Chairing the Obama Administration Disaster Response Team, receiving an update from the Coast Guard on efforts to contain the BP Oil Spill? What exactly does Michelle O, know about oil spill clean-up?

Feds Delay Integrity Pressure Tests Of BP Oil Containment Cap

Day 85—Feds stop integrity pressure testing of containment cap to give bureaucrats more time to analyze data and hold a meeting to determine when to proceed.

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Governor Bobby Jindal, “Only a government bureaucrat would say that rocks are more harmful to our water than oil.”

Day 78: U.S. Army Corp of Engineers over the weekend denied a plan to construct rock dikes to keep oil out of Barataria Bay in Southeastern Louisiana

Governor Bobby Jindal spoke of this short sided decision saying, “Only a government bureaucrat would say that rocks are more harmful to our water than oil.”

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EPA Brainiacs: Taiwan Oil Skimmer Can’t Help Remove Oil Polluting Gulf Of Mexico Until Its Deemed Effective

Wall painted with protest messages against President Obama and BP Oil in New Orleans

Health Advisory Notice—Swimming may be hazardous to your health.

Day 72: The largest Taiwan owned oil skimming ship in the world has arrived on scene but will the federal government permit it to suck up oil out of the Gulf of Mexico where millions of barrels of oil have already contaminated the Gulf of Mexico and continue to pollute the southern coast.

Thanks to the EPA the oil skimming ship is not permitted to get underway because federal bureaucrats at the EPA are concerned that some of the 500,000 barrels of oil the ship is capable of sucking up per day may contain some traces of oil when placed back into the Gulf.

Huh? What sort of Brainiac came up with that?

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Obama Administration asks 5th U.S. Circuit Ct. of Appeals to kill 20,000 good paying jobs in Louisiana

The Obama Administration has asked the 5th U.S. Circuit Ct of Appeals to put the President Obama’s 6 month moratorium on drilling in the Gulf of Mexico back into place that was lifted this week by USDC Court Judge Martin Feldman

Obama’s ban on off shore drilling is estimated to kill 20,000 good paying jobs.

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal Calls Drilling Moratorium a Second Man-Made Disaster

Treasury Secretary Timmy Geithner: U.S. No Longer Has Economic Strength To Drive Global Growth

Treasury Secretary Timmy Geithner says the United States no longer has the economic strength to drive global growth.

Democrat-Socialists are destroying opportunity. The U.S. Economy grew at a slower pace in the 1st quarter than first believed. Economists anticipate even slower growth ahead as businesses are likely to reduce their spending during the second half of the year.

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Day 65 Obama’s BP Oil Spill Debacle, Sea Turtles Burned Alive

Day 65 and counting of Obama’s BP Oil Spill Debacle nothing that Big Government has done has been effective, speechifying isn’t cutting it with the America.

As the news goes from can it get any worse, horror stories are emerging from the Gulf of Mexico

A boat Captain working to rescue sea turtles reports that he has seen BP ships burning alive wildlife in the Gulf of Mexico

Obama claimed to have taken responsibility for the BP Oil Spill nearly a month ago. Why then is the Obama Administration permitting sea turtles to be burned alive?

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Obama End This, Nuke The Damn Hole!

What happens when a man with no Executive Level experience becomes President?

Well, Obama sure knows how to organize forums, discussion groups and walking tour photo ops.

Obama has had 59 days to effectively stop the BP “Deepwater Horizon” leak and now two months in, it doesn’t seem that Mr. Obama, is any closer in stopping the oil disaster than he was on the 22 April

President Obama’s anti-nuke policy continues to jeopardize the national security interests of the United States and unless he is willing to change course, the representatives of the people have a duty, an obligation to protect the interests of the United States. Congress has authority to remove an ineffective Chief Executive, if the job is just too big for Barack Obama. When do Members of Congress become culpable if they fail in their constitutional obligations to remove an ineffective Chief Executive from office?

Using a nuclear explosion to plug the gushing oil well in the Gulf of Mexico might sound like overkill but a Russian newspaper has reported that based on past Soviet successes the first being in 1966 in sealing up an underground gas well in Southern Uzbekistan and four additional times, maybe its time for Barack Obama to swallow his pride, admit failure and try a different approach that has been successfully used by the Russians.

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