Layoffs Beginning at Clinton Foundation

(Daily Caller) Draining the Swamp: Heads are Finally Beginning to Roll
Clinton Foundation to Layoff Dozens of Staffers

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Black Lives Matter Protesters Heckle Bill Clinton in NC

Bubba in Greensboro, NC on Monday is Heckled by Black Lives Matter Protesters

(Video) “Bill Clinton is a Rapist” Protesters Crash Obama Speech

Demonstrators Blow ‘Rape Whistles’ as Hillary Clinton Supporter Yells Profanity

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Clinton Long Time Aides Expose Bill Clinton, Inc and How Non-Profit & For Profit Loot Was Comingled

Fact Check: Hillary Claims 87% of Clinton Foundation Spending Goes to Charity — Reality Tax Records Show Only 5.7% Did

What’s Really Wrong With Hillary? Latest Spin: Bill Clinton Now Claims Hillary Just Has the Flu

Latest Spin From Team Clinton

  • Flashback: On the 09 September, I published news images here of Hillary needing assistance from her Secret Service detail to stand and walk


Another Clinton Foreign Policy Failure — God Help Us!

Video Flashback: Bill Clinton: U.S. Will Be Safer
Because of My North Korea Nuclear Deal

hillaryHistory Repeating Itself

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Boring! Watch Bill Clinton Fall Asleep During Hillary’s Speech at DNC


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Tweet Of The Day

Bankruptcy & Shenanigans: Why Doesn’t Hillary Want to Discuss Whitewater?

Hillary ClintonWhat About the Whitewater Bankruptcy Hillary?

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