Who Is Patriotic?

Obama’s Bestie Iran Threatens Israel Again — Test Fires Missile Into Star of David

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(Watch) Palestinian Authority Rejects Trump’s Call to “Drive Out” Support of Islamic Terrorism

Fatah Official Glorifies Abu Jihad – Planned Islamic Jihad Terrorist Attacks – 125 Murdered

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Final Obamanomics Report Card: Quarter of Americans Can’t Pay Monthly Bills – 44% of Americans Don’t Have $400

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Dignified! President & Mrs Donald Trump Meet Saudi King Salman

This is How a Confident & Strong First Lady of the United States
Greets Saudi King Salman – Image Courtesy: Females For Tump

In 2008 Barack Hussein Obama Bowed to Saudi King Abdullah

Morning Joe Scarborough Breaks Media Silence on “Hallelujah Chorus” Dismissing Former NSA Susan Rice Unmasking Scandal

Former Obama NSA Susan Rice Denied Knowing Anything About Wiretapping Trump Campaign & Transition Team

Former Obama NSA Susan Rice @25 Seconds Denied Knowing Anything About Unmasking of Americans Names During Surveillance of the Trump Campaign & Transition

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H/T: Lana Wong

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Idiocy! CNN Commentator: “Barack Obama Had to Be the Next Best Thing to Jesus”

@42 Seconds CNN Commentator says, “Barack Obama had to be the next best thing to Jesus.”