Obama Declared Auto Bailout a Great Success, Chrysler to Open Jeep Plant in China

Obama Declares Auto Bailout a SuccessObama Declared Auto Bailout a Success –Wall Street Journal

(CNBC) President Obama in 2010 declared the auto bailout of Chrysler & Govt Motors a great success, saving good paying American jobs?

Today, Chrysler announced plans to make Jeeps in China, how many of those so called good paying American automotive jobs have been “uncreated and unsaved” during Obama’s watch?

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Chrysler Motors Co $9,000,000 Super Bowl Ad For Better “Shyster” Loan Repayment Terms

Taxpayer’s are now “Shyster’s” to Chrysler Motors and the $9 Million Dollars of Shyster money used for the 2011 Super Bowl Ad was to appeal to politicians for better loan terms.

Good Grief—Shyster’s (Taxpayers) are now just a little better than Knee Breakers

The American Shyster’s ought to have allowed the ailing auto company to go bankrupt and reorganize or liquidate, instead of politicians picking winners and losers, something better left for the marketplace.

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Government Motors Goofy New Design Model in China

Government Motors along with their China Partner, Shanghai Automotive Industry display an EN-V or “Electric Networked-Vehicle” during an event to unveil its latest goofy design “Concept Vehicle” yesterday in China, Shanghai

New “Concept Vehicles” unveiled in Shanghai on Wednesday—one would definitely not want to hit by a truck while or have any type of accident while operating these death traps.

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Effectiveness of Obama’s Auto Bailouts

Government Motors CEO Whitiacre receives $9 Million Dollar Pay Package while the taxpayers are owed billions.

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The American Taxpayers are being taken for a ride.

Cash-for-Clunkers, Another Government Boondoggle

Cash for Clunkers

Democrat-Socialists spend $24,000. per vehicle and now they expect the Taxpayers to believe
that they may somehow reduce the cost of health care by nationalizing medicine?


Cash-for-Clunkers Debacle Generated Few New Sales Via The Washington Examiner

Bailed Out Auto Co’s may never repay TARP

Government Motors Corp.

Government Motors & Chrysler Corp. may never repay TARP money loaned to them according to Treasury Dept. officials.

Was there really ever any reasonable expectations that the auto giants that have now been nationalized, would ever meet their financial commitments made to the American Taxpayers?

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Via Sen. John Thune, R-SD

“Cash for Clunkers” Boondoggle

Cash for Clunkers

If the “Cash for Clunkers” program is such a roaring success why are bailed out Chrysler & Government Motors sales down?

GM Posted a 20.2% drop in sales in August while Chrysler sales fell 15% from a year earlier

Ford Motor Co. accepted no bailout money and seen their sales rise by 17% while sales of Subaru vehicles rose by 52% in August

Democrat-Socialists control Congress and can’t even get a brief government program right to stimulate domestic auto sales do we even want to know how badly federal bureaucracies will mess up our nations health care  should Americans be forced into nationalized ObamaCare.

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New GM Chairman: I Don’t Know Anything About The Auto Industry

Government Motors

This is just the sort of thing that we should expect when Washington nationalizes private companies.

New Government Motors Chairman Edward E. Whitacre, Jr. admits not to know diddly about the auto industry.

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