So Again, Why Do Democrats Claim Republicans are Racist and Mainly Old White Men?

Latino VotersDon’t Be Fooled by Democrats & the Dinosaur Media Narrative

(Buzz Feed) Despite the constant drum beat of Democrats, Progressives and their favorite Dinosaur Media news readers, that Asian-Americans and Latinos are reliable Democrat voters, one may want to reconsider this old and tired narrative heading into 2016

In the State of California, more than 90 Latino Republicans have been elected to office in just the last two years and in November, Asian-American Republican Women dominated Orange County races, with three candidates elected to state offices and two to the County Board of Supervisors.

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Where’s the Moral Outrage Over Liberal Democrat Activist Kathy Groob @ElectWomen Racist Anti-Asian Tweet?

Kathy Groob Racist TweetLiberal Democrat Feminist Activist Kathy Groob Racist Deleted Tweet

Kathy Groob RacismKathy Groob’s @Elect Women Website Ironically Supports Women Candidates as Long as One Is Not Asian –Image: Sooper Mexican

(RedState) Democrats and the dinosaur media remain silent regarding Kathy Groob’s racist deleted Tweet about former Secy of Labor Elaine Chow–fortunately Twitter is forever.

Kathy Groob @Elect Women on the 30 July, endorsed Emerge California  expansion into Southern California–Are Liberals so desperate that they are unwilling to disassociate themselves with racists?

UC San Diego Baseball Player “Louie The Lefty” (Louie Leonardi) Posts Anti-Asian Tweet

Louie the LeftyLouie The Lefty (aka Louie Leonardi) Despicable Tweet

One thing about Twitter that people should realize before posting things they may later regret in life, is that Twitter his forever. Louie The Lefty’ (Louie Leonardi) a baseball player at U.C. San Diego seems to have a problem with Asian students per his Twitter post, had Leonardi Tweeted about African-Americans on campus, there would soon be demonstrations through the gazoo at U.C. San Diego and the Rev’s Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson would be soon be saying that we need to have a conversation about race in this country.

Wednesday afternoon I contacted Eric Newman, U.C. San Diego Head Baseball Coach and inquired if Leonardi actually plays baseball there, forwarding to him as a courtesy a link to “Louie The Lefty” bigoted Tweet and solicited any comment he may have?

UC San Diego Head Baseball Coach Eric Newman replied:

“We do not have a young man by that name–he does not play for us. I would agree that his Tweet is inappropriate and not a good reflection on his character.”

Though Coach Newman denies Louie Leonardi plays baseball at UC San Diego their Baseball Roster indicates otherwise.

jgghcgab(1)UC San Diego Recreation Baseball Roster

In 2011 I wrote here about UCLA Student Alexandra Wallace who went on an anti-Asian rant on YouTube (since removed) subsequently Shanghaiist reported that Wallace dropped out of UCLA after mounting criticism and ostracism erupted .

What’s up with some University of California students taking to social media to go on anti-Asian tirades?  In 2011 ‘The College Solution’ reported that half of the undergraduates at U.C. San Diego were Asian.

If Leonardi is so uncomfortable attending a university with Asian students, why doesn’t he just go elsewhere?

Asian-American Myx-TV to Debut First Original Reality Series

I'm Asian American SeriesNew Original Docu-Series Premiers This Month –Myx-TV@Twitter

(Variety) English language Asian-American entertainment channel will debut its its first reality series beginning next week.

Titled: I’m Asian-American, the 10 episode docu-series, promises to show the lives of very different, very real Asian Americans.

Launched in 2007 Myx-TV  is available on a variety of cable providers, in addition to on-demand.