Apple Corp Supplier Foxconn Workers Protest in China, Jiangxi Over Low Wages

Apple Corp Supplier Foxconn Workers China JiangxiOver 1,000 Apple Corporation Supplier Foxconn Workers in China Jiangxi, Take to the Streets to Protest Over Poor Wages

China Jiangxi Foxxconn Workers ProtestFoxconn Workers in Jiangxi Protest Outside Factory –Caijing (Chinese)

On the 19 October, I wrote here that Apple Corp supplier Foxconn, admitted to employing child labor at its northern China factory.

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Foxconn Being Investigated Over “Bribery Claims” in China

Apple iPhone 5 Ice Cream in China

iPhone 5 Ice Cream

China Hush/Sina

China, Liaoning Province the most popular ice cream among students is called the “iPhone 5” ice cream which costs 1 Yuan (.16 USD)

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Apple Corp China Suppliers Accused of Hazardous Working Conditions & Paying Menial Wages

Foxconn Demonstrator holding a placard while taking part in a protest against the Taiwan company which manufacturers Apple products assembled in China

(China Post) While the radio program This American Life has retracted a January episode critical of working conditions at a Chinese factory which makes iPhones and iPads for Apple Corp saying that it contained “numerous fabrications” there are in-fact other news items worth noting, that have accused the Cupertino, CA company of not taking responsibility for the deplorable working conditions at their suppliers at a Foxconn Plant in China, Chengdu and at their Ri-Teng plant in Shanghai

On the 10 February, China Labor Watch published an “Open Letter to Apples New CEO Tim Cook” alleging among other things, Apple (suppliers) employees being required to “work as long as 11 hours a day 6 days a week” with only 1 hour long break for lunch during the day; other employees are reportedly exposed “to vast amounts of aluminum dust” and may be injured or killed, should the dust ignite and explode, among the issues addressed but not corrected—Apple Corp has never responded to these allegations made.

Likewise, at Apple Corp supplier Foxconn in Shenzhen Longhua, employees reportedly work 6 days a week–recently one worker calling himself Li Qi, said besides working six days weekly, he worked 80 hours of overtime each month for 3500 Yuan ($533.70) monthly after taxes–Li further stated that he, starts working at 7:00 am having to get up before 6:00 am everyday–not even 10 minutes of break during a days work…at the iPad production line, there are 2 to 3 ten minute breaks other than lunch time.

Even though Apple Corp & Foxconn dodged a bullet based upon what is now being reported as a fabricated story written by Mike Daisey and broadcast by This American Life very serious allegations persist about disturbing and quite hazardous working conditions by Apple Corp suppliers, that reportedly have been ignored and go uncorrected.

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