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Loony Liberal

(RT News) Slavoj Zizek, stirred a melting pot on Sunday as the closing speaker at a Loony Liberal Lefty forum in NY City making controversial comments about the refugee crisis.

The Slovenian academic  was heckled during his three and  a half hour session at the conference titled ‘Rage, Rebellion, Revolution:  Organizing Our Power” held at John Jay College of Criminal Justice and streamed live.

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Zizek was already labeled  a racist, anti-semite and misogynist before he hit the stage which perhaps is why he started his speech by saying, “If you want to start exchanging insults I can be extremely brutal, I always win but lets not do it today.”

The truce at the lefty forum was temporary after Zizek’s subsequent comments ignited a firestorm that continued to burn on social media on Monday.

“The obvious threat that there are among refugees also terrorists, rapists, criminals, I mean this in a totally neutral  way of course there are but so what? — When discussing the catastrophe in Europe.

While a more conservative audience may have been shocked by his blase ‘so what’ attitude, his comments seemed to trigger something much different in the lefty crowd.

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Flashback: In 2008 Hamas Co-Founder Mahmoud Zahhar told The Economist that he certainly would not now “accept the reality” of Israel as some of his colleagues have hinted. It may instead become “an eternal issue” he said, looking ahead to a distant future when “like the European Union” the Arab nation will form one state–joining up with other Muslim nations such as Turkey adding, “We (Palestinians) were never an independent state in history. We were part of an Arab state and an Islamic State.”

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