Hillary Clinton Tweets ‘Confederate Flag’ Symbols of Hate — What About Those Confederate Flags Used By Democrat Campaigns?

Hillary Clinton Confederate FlagHillary@Twitter Now Calls Confederate Flags ‘Symbols of Hate’ But…

Hillary Clinton Campaign ButtonWhat About These ‘Hillary Clinton 2016’ Campaign Buttons and All of the Other Democrats ‘Confederate Flag’ Memorabilia Used in the Past?

Global Warming? Al Gore and Hillary Clinton, Where are All the Big Named Hurricanes?

No Hurricanes(Daily Mail) Al Gore, What Happened to All of the Big Named Hurricanes? Weather Forecasters Say NO Severe Storms Have Hit Western Atlantic This Hurricane Season — First Time Since 1914

Hillary Clinton Global WarmingLiberal Lefties @HillaryClinton Sometimes Say the Dumbest Things

Hillary Clinton is Suddenly Outraged By the Confederate Flag, When Did Democrats & The Clinton’s Change Their Minds?

Global Warming??? Bad News For Al Gore: Stunning Satellite Images Show Arctic Ice Cover Has Grown

Bad News for Al Gore(Daily Mail)  7 Years After Al Gore Predicted Arctic Ice Cap Would Be Gone…

  • Summer Ice-Cap Now Thicker, Cover 1.7 M Sq KM More Than 2 Yrs Ago
  • Area Twice the Size of Alaska Was Open Water 2 Yrs Ago, Now is Covered in Ice
  • Arctic Ice has Grown More Concentrated

Al Gore is Wrong Again! Antarctica Sets New Record For Sea Ice

Al GoreWrong Al Gore Didn’t Have a Clue in 2007 –Image: Kippir@Twitter

Last September, FOX News reported that a new study in the Journal ‘Nature Climate Change’ compared 117 climate predictions made in the 1990s to the actual amount of warming–out of 117 climate predictions, 3 were roughly accurate, 114 overstated the amount of warming. On average, the predictions forecast 2 times more global warming, climate change (now the latest PC term is climate disruptions than actually occurred.

Will the Climate Disruption Soothsayers ever get things right?

The latest global warming, climate change climate disruption hoax revealed comes from The Cryosphere Today–Univ of Illinois Polar Research Group which shows the sea ice surrounding Antarctica has been steadily increasing throughout the period of satellite measurements that began in 1979 has hit a new all time record high for areal coverage.

Antarctic IceAntarctica Sets New Record for Sea Ice –Talking About the Weather

Flashback: Remember just two years ago Al Gore claimed that Antarctica ice was melting so rapidly, that rising sea levels were putting some 40 million people living in the worlds port cities at risk.

Given all of the erroneous predictions by Climate Disruption Soothsayers, is it really a good expenditure of taxpayer money to now spend $5.7 Million of taxpayer funds on “Climate Change Games” at Columbia University while we have a crushing federal budget deficit of $17.555 Trillion+ which pushes us closer-and-closer everyday to bankruptcy?

Wrong Again! United Nations 2013 Climate Change Study on Melting Greenland Ice

Greenland Ice Coldest AreaLatest Northern Hemisphere Temperature Image Shows Greenland to Be Coldest Area –Image: Climate Realists@Twiiter

(Bloomberg) Just last year, the United Nations put out its most comprehensive study on climate change to date, claiming that ice in Greenland & Antarctica (which ironically trapped Global Warming Scientists Theorists in December aboard the Akadmik Shokalsky in Antarctic ice—I digress) is disappearing faster and may drive sea levels higher because of a warming planet.

Wrong again.

It’s about time that the ‘Global Warming Hucksters” (such as President Obama, former VP Al Gore, many other Democrats and RINO’s) give-up on their climate change hypothesis before they make even bigger fools of themselves than they already have.

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Al Gore: Contraception is Key to Climate Change

Al GoreIn 2007 Al Gore Predicted All Arctic Ice Would be Gone This Year
Image: Conns Baby Doll@Twitter

(CNBC) Al Gore’s latest ‘Global Warming’ brain storm–contraception is key to climate change.


Osama bin-Laden blames the USA for Global Warming. What else is new?

Global Warming Idealist Boosters now have a new world spokesman—Osama bin-Laden broadcasting on Al-Jazeera television, champions a boycott of American goods and the U.S. Dollar, blaming America for global warming, hunger, desertification and floods across the globe.

Surprised that the Islamic Jihad Terrorist Thug bin-Laden didn’t blame us for the catastrophic earthquake in Haiti and the 8.0 China Sichuan earthquake in 2008, the 2004 Tsunami off the coast of Indonesia, the 1980 eruption of Mount St. Helens and the 1968 Hong Kong flu pandemic.

Thank goodness Homo sapiens are not to blame for the destruction of the Myan Civilization. Oh my yes, Al Gore beat bin-Laden to it, claiming that global warming may have caused its collapse due to environmental disasters.

More here from My Way New News

Danny Glover blames Haitian Earthquake on Global Warming

Inseparable Moonbats—Goofy Al Gore with equally Nutty Danny Glover, they look like such a happy couple.

Danny Glover blames Haitian 7.0 Earthquake on Global Warming

Loony Liberal Lefties will blame maybe anything on Global Warming?

In November, 2008 Al Gore blamed Climate Change for the destruction of the Mayan Civilization

Real Science—No Rise of Atmospheric CO2 Levels in Past 160 Years

News that Al Gore, MSM and the Obama Wingnuts may not want you to know.

Real Scientists say, “New research finds that airborne fraction of carbon dioxide (which all of us of course exhale  by breathing) has not increased either during the past 150 years or during the the most recent five decades, contrary to some recent studies.”

More here Via Science Daily

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