AFL-CIO & State Level Unions Growing Cold on ObamaCare

AFL-CIO Growing Cold On ObamaCareEven Labor Unions Going Cold on ObamaCare –NRCC/Twitter

(FOX News) President Obama meets with labor union leaders today in an attempt to quell their opposition to ObamaCare as Republicans warn that the Obama Administration may offer (another) sweetheart deal to give their workers extra healthcare subsidies.

Obama has done it before…

Flashback: Remember in July when Democrats that rammed ObamaCare down the throats of Americans, sought an exemption for themselves of the unpopular health care law.

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Obama Supported Michigan Union Thugs Finest Moments, Where is Their Civility?

Union Criminal Damaging --Weasel Zippers
Mich Union Thugs Shout “N-ger & Uncle Tom” Destroy Hot Dog Stand –Weasel Zippers

Union Thug --Barricuda Brigade

Michigan Union Criminal Wanted for Assault on FOX News Contributor Steven Crowder

(Washington Examiner) Mich Union Thugs destroyed African-American Clint Tarver’s Hot Dog cart which he had operated since 1996 until yesterday, when union protesters demonstrating against “Right to Work” legislation, must not have thought that Tarver had the right to work and support his family. Shouting “N-ger & Uncle Tom” Union Thugs temporarily put Traver out of business.

Greedy, Racist non-caring, Scrooge like Conservatives, helped to raise over $23,000 today to help Travor reopen his small business.

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Keep it Classy Liberals: Jimmy Hoffa Warns ‘Civil War’ as Michigan Governor Signs “Right to Work” Legislation

Obama’s NLRB May Require Businesses to Give Employee Personal Information to Union Bosses

Union Appeal In Progress –Image: E-nough

President Obama’s Natl Labor Relations Board is
considering a rule change gift to organized labor that would force private businesses to provide their workers personal information, together with their phone numbers, email addresses and work schedules to union thugs, in an effort to organize workers and put an end to the 50 year decline in union membership.

While this rule would be intended to make it easier for union bosses to organize workers at private businesses that do not have a union presence, it would also have the unintended effect of making workers vulnerable to harassment.

More here from Red State

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Physicians Foundation: 60% of Doctors say ObamaCare will Compel them to Close or Restrict their Practices

Remember all of those grandiose promises candidate Barack Obama and the AFL/CIO made about Health Care For All that would expand coverage, lower costs, improve care and ensure that no one could be denied care because of pre-existing condition or illness.

What are the facts since ObamaCare was enacted into law by Democrat-Socialists

According to a national survey released on the 18 November by Physicians Foundation Majority of Physicians (60%) say that health care reform will compel them to close or significantly restrict their practices to certain categories of patients–93% say they will be forced to close or significantly reduce their practices to Medicaid patients, while 87% say they will be forced to close or significantly reduce their practices to Medicare patients—40% of Physicians will drop out of patient care in the next one to three years—59% of Physicians say that ObamaCare will cause them to spend less time with patients.

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Obama’s FDA to Cut-Off 17,000 Women Annually from Lifesaving Cancer Drug

Another Obama Crisis—Another Federal Bailout

Yet another Obama crisis—$26.1 Billion Dollar Federal Bailout for Teachers Unions just in time for the November mid-term Congressional elections.

Next week, Members of Congress will rush back to Washington and acquiesce to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, on this latest taxpayer dollar bailout giving away $655 Million to states such as Massachusetts so that state lawmakers can revive some 250 state programs that residents are unwilling to fund and pay for themselves.

What advice did Democrat-Socialists receive from Obama’s Federal Debt Commission regarding this latest federal bailout?

Erskine Bowles Co-Chairman of the Commission of Fiscal Responsibility and Reform said in July, that States shouldn’t count on Washington for a federal bailout because Washington just doesn’t have the financial resources.

Never stopped them before. Federal Budget Deficit Quadruples During Obama’s Watch

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Obama OK’s $600 Million in Foreclosure Aid for 5 States Via ADI News

How The 2,319 Page Dodd-Frank Financial Reform Legislation May Kill The Struggling U.S. Economy

Democrat-Socialists in the Senate aided by RINO’S Scott Brown, R-MA together with Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins both from Maine, today passed the 2,319 page Obama’s Sweeping Financial Reform legislation with far reaching hands not just into Banks but attaches new regulations on Mine Operators and their subsidiaries operating mines, setting up 20 new offices that mandates new gender and racial quotas to addressing the Sense of Congress relating to the Democratic Republic of Congo who knows what these have to do with financial regulatory reform?

“Nowhere in the final bill will you see even a pretense of rolling back the endless federal incentives and mandates to extend credit, particularly mortgages to those who can not afford to pay them back. After all, the popular narrative insists that Wall Street Fat Cats must be to blame for the credit crisis, despite the recognition that mortgages were offered to unqualified individuals and families—banks will still be required to under the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act to meet government imposed lending quotas” according to Mark A. Calabria, Director of Financial Regulations Studies at the Cato Institute

Democrat-Socialists leave to chance that Bureaucrats are somehow uniquely qualified to make decisions when it comes to levels of compensation of bank executives, the types of proprietary investments that banks may pursue to determining when a firm is too big to fail.

President Obama and his Socialist allies, specifically were granted authority to seize control and liquidate banks and other institutions under provisions of the Dodd-Frank bill.

How will the Dodd-Frank bill stabilize the financial markets? It is much more likely the Obama Financial Overhaul Legislation will strangle an already struggling, fragile economy teetering on a path to a double-dip recession with new government regulations and Congressional mandates in this latest Democrat-Socialist power grab now 110 days out until the mid-term elections.

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U.S. Economy is Failing Towards Another Credit Collapse? Via Global Research

Real Joblessness Grimmer Than Government Stats Via Investors Business Daily

Obama’s Watch: U.S. Repeating Great Depression Pattern

During Obama’s watch economy slows and the nations unemployment rate hovers near double digits despite his $787 Billion Dollar $862 Billion Dollar failed economic stimulus.

Democrat-Socialists Keynesian Economics destroyed investment, opportunity and job creation with its massive spending and new tax hikes, which have punished taxpayers and business owners while rewarding big labor.

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Obama’s Voodoo Economics Via

Ronald Reagan Changed the World by Paul Craig Roberts

Obama Lies To AFL-CIO in Pennsylvania


“Hope-n-Change”  traveled to Pennsylvania today to address his AFL-CIO cheerleaders, while insulting the intelligence of many other Americans with his lies.

Eight months into his Presidency, Obama continues to blame Bush for his $1.7 Trillion Dollar deficit that he claims he inherited. The Fact of the matter is, the Bush Budget Deficit was $459 Billion Dollars, Democrat-Socialists, the President’s own party are responsible for the Trillion Dollar deficit.

When will Obama accept responsibility for his soaring deficit?

Obama dazzled the friendly union crowd with his grandiose ideas of redistribution—Socialism, to the delight of the mesmerized supportive crowd which campaigned hard for Democrat-Socialists last year.

During his speech, Obama praised the misnamed Employee Free Choice Act otherwise known as Card Check which not only takes away the secret ballot but empowers Washington to impose contracts on newly organized companies.

Obama claimed that his policies have helped the AFL-CIO but fails to explain how this can be, given the fact that the nations unemployment rate is 9.7% a 26 year high.  Last Friday, the President’s Chief Economic Adviser warned that the nations unemployment rate could stay unacceptably high for years to come.

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Via The Union Label Blog

Labor Day 2009—Big Trouble For Unions

Labor Day

Via Pajamas Media—Big Labor Not Looking Good on Labor Day

Big Labor contributed hundreds of millions of dollars in the 2008 elections of “Hope-n-Change” and other approved Democrat-Socialists, was it money well spent?

Nearly 10% unemployment across the country and much higher should one take into account discouraged workers that have all but given up on finding a job.

Big Labor—Big Trouble Via Michelle Malkin

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AFL-CIO Passing Out Hard Hats Made In China


AFL-CIO passed around Hard Hats Made in China on Tuesday to Members of Congress

Even though the Unions are constantly pitching “Buy American” their new motto should be, “Do as we say, not as we do.”

More here from Politico

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