When Was The 5th Amendment Repealed?

Obama Shredding Constitution --The Veritas ReportObama Shredding the Constitution –The Veritas Report

(Washington Free Beacon) White House Press Secy Jay Carney’s absurd claims today that the Obama Administration’s targeted use of drone strikes against U.S. citizens is “legal, they are ethical, they are wise,” at a press briefing following remarks by President Obama, requires just one question?

When was the 5th Amendment repealed?

NBC News reported Monday night, that a confidential Dept of Justice memoranda concludes that the U.S government can order the killing of American citizens if they are believed to be “Senior Operational Leaders” of Al-Qaeda or “an associated force”—even if there is no intelligence they are engaged in an active plot to attack the United States.

The 16 page white paper obtained by NBC News, provides details about the bizarre legal reasoning behind the Obama Administration’s most secretive and unconstitutional policies of the targeted killing of American citizens living abroad without affording them their rights of due process.

This isn’t the first time that this impeachable offense of President Obama has arisen. On the 06 March, 2012 I wrote here that U.S. Atty General Eric Holder (pandering to his boss) that the decision to murder U.S. Citizens living abroad that allegedly pose a terrorist threat “is among the gravest that government leaders can face” but gave the Green light justifying the use of lethal force to take out undesirable American citizens living abroad, without affording one their sacred, constitutionally protected rights of due process.

On the 08 March, 2012 former N.J. Superior Ct Judge and now FOX News Senior judicial analyst wrote here “Can the president kill an American simply because the person dangerous and his arrest is impractical? Can the president be judge, jury and executioner of an American in a foreign country because he believes that would keep America safe?”

“We live in a time in which the government recognizes no limits on its power–It doesn’t recognize natural law. It doesn’t recognize the federal law. It doesn’t recognize the Constitution…the POTUS…became judge, jury and executioner for a very hated and ‘probably guilty’ individual but the (5th Amendment) says that no person shall be denied life, liberty or property, much less an American which this guy (Anwar al-Awlaki) was without due process of law.”

Full article here by Judge Andrew Napolitano, “Obama Shredding the Constitution” –Newsmax

Often a critic of the ACLU, I agree with them that the DOJ’s 16 page white paper conclusions “underscores the recklessness of the governments central claim and the deficiencies in the governments defense of it…are so vague and elastic that they will be easily manipulated.”

“Tyrants have always some slight shade of virtue–they supported the laws before destroying them.” –Voltaire

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