China Fake Photo Officials Levitating Above Road

Local Officials in China Huili, Sichuan Province have become the target of mockery and satire after a clearly doctored photo of their inspection  of a highway was posted on a government website.

On the evening of the 26 June, an Internet User made a post entitled: “Too Fake: The Propaganda Photo of our Country” at the Tianya Form

The headline story was about the upgrade  for the road to the country side–I looked at the photo…Even a rank Amateur like myself can tell that this was a Photo Shop job and they had the nerve to put it on the home page. The post included a screen capture of a photo in which three men were “floating” over a road—there were clear indications that this was a composite job…”

Rest here from ESWN

Chinese Netizens Respond with Some of their Own Creative Work –MOP

H/T: China Digital Times

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