Nine Christians Murdered, Catholic Priest and Parishioners Kidnapped by ISIS Thugs in the Philippines

(Watch) Hey Democrats, Produce the Evidence! Oh Wait…You Can’t

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California Politicians Routinely Divert Funds From Where They’re Promised

So You Think You Know Where Your Tax Dollars Are Being Spent -Image: Marla L. Wilson

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(Watch) Embarrassing! Democrats Cut Off Maxine Waters Mic

Even Democrats Don’t Want to Hear Rep Maxine Waters

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Mexican Flag Waving Liberals Demand Trump Supporters Leave a Latino Only Council Meeting in Cudahy, California

(Watch) Holocaust Denying PA Mahmoud Abbas Openly Lied to Trump About Wanting Peace With Israel

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(Watch) Trump Supporter Loves the Job the President is Doing and his War with the Dinosaur Media

Trump Cuts U.S. Debt by $12 Billion in his First Month in Office
This Trump Supporter Loves the Job President Trump is Doing

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(Watch) Palestinian Authority Rejects Trump’s Call to “Drive Out” Support of Islamic Terrorism

Fatah Official Glorifies Abu Jihad – Planned Islamic Jihad Terrorist Attacks – 125 Murdered

Related: In Final Hours Obama Admin Sent Palestinian Authority $221 Million of Tax Dollars – AP

Final Obamanomics Report Card: Quarter of Americans Can’t Pay Monthly Bills – 44% of Americans Don’t Have $400

Wacky Rep Maxine Waters Latest Conspiracy Theory of Russian Involvement in Trump Campaign

Loony Lib Maxine Waters Now Claims Vladimir Putin Created “Lock Her Up”
and #CrookedHillary Used During Trump’s 2016 Campaign