Socialist Left Riot in Paris Following Election

(Video) Liberal Fascists Shout Down Baptist Minister During Townhall Prayer

President Donald Trump Awards Purple Heart to American Hero Alvaro Barrietos at Walter Reed

USA TODAY Holly Epstein Ojalvo Questions Free Speech at Public Universities – When Was the First Amendment Repealed?

Democrat Jon Ossoff Falls Short of Winning Georgia Special Election Despite Raising $8.2M Mainly From California Liberals

(Videos) Freedom Rally in Berkeley Saturday, 15 April

“This is the Craziness us Libertarians, Conservatives and Republicans
in the Bay Area Have to Deal With.” –Lana Wong@Facebook

Beautiful “Ave-Maria” Luciano Pavarotti

Beloved Favorite — Enjoy, God Bless!


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Manhunt Continues in Cleveland For Suspect Who Allegedly Live-Streamed Murder of 74 Yr Old Robert Godwin on Facebook

RIP 74 Yr Old Robert Godwin Sr Murdered in Cleveland, OH on Easter Sunday
Image: Tina Rae@Instagram

VIA: CBS San Francisco

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Outrageous Tweet! Follower of Cleveland Mass Murder Suspect Encourages Killing of Police

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(Video) When Did Committing a Mortal Sin Become a Joke? — Maine Democrats Laugh About Rising Suicide Rates