Qiang Wei, China Democracy Activist Receives 2 Year Sentence

Hong Kong Student at Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Taiwan, Taipei protesting China’s Detention of pro-Democracy Activists.

Qiang Wei, a 21 yr old former art student of Ai Weiwei who disappeared in Beijing, was sentenced by the Chinese Communist Party to two years in a reeducation labor camp for participating in pro-Democracy Jasmine Revolution protests in February.

More here from Guardian UK

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Chinese Consumers Welcome Rising Gas Prices

Parody: Rising Gas Prices Welcomed by Chinese Consumers –China Digital Times

Obama either out of touch with reality or demonstrating his disconnect with Americans claimed in March that rising fuel prices are merely a temporary political talking point its peculiar how the GOP influences sky rocketing energy prices in China too.

Last week, I wrote here that Beijing claims that rising gas prices are caused by the Dinosaur Media, Foreign Agitators and Bloggers.

China Confiscates Passports, Restricting Activists Free Speech & Control Political Dissent

Falun Gong Practitioner across the street from the Chinese Consulate in Washington, DC holds a sign which says, “I want my Passport Back”  Epoch Times

Passports a document that many of us take for granted has become a tool used by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to control dissent–many Chinese Dissidents in the U.S. report that China has prevented them from returning home.

More here from New Tang Dynasty

Shanghai Disney Project Spotlights Land Confiscations

Disney Performers Dance on Stage During a Ground Breaking Ceremony for Shanghai Disney

Qigang Villager seen picking vegetables in 2009–property was confiscated for Shanghai Disney

Last week I wrote here that China has a long history of forcibly evicting persons from their land without providing satisfactory compensation.

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Disneyland Project in Shanghai Spotlights Forced Evictions in China –WaPo

H/T: China Digital Times

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China Pirating & Counterfeiting American Products

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China Qingming Festival 2011

Children at Jietian Central Primary School Pay Tribute to Deceased Ancestors

Deceased Chinese May Only Rest in Peace for Twenty Years –Ministry of Tofu

Flowers, Biscuits and Cigarettes placed on Tomb Plates at Cemetery in Beijing

Beichuan 2008 Earthquake Victims Mourned During Qingming Festival

Sichuan Earthquake Victims Mourned During Qingming Festival –Sina

On the 05 February, 2010 I archived here some of my posts following the catastrophic 12 May, 2008 Sichuan 8.0 Earthquake

People Observe Tomb Sweeping Day in Traditional Way in Zhejiang –Peoples Daily

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CCTV Propaganda Ministry Covers Up Yingjiang, Yunnan 5.4 Magnitude Earthquake In March

Yunnan Province Earthquake Damage on the 10th March

Rescuers Search for Survivors of the 5.4 magnitude earthquake in Yunnan Province on 10 March which killed at least 26, injuring over 400 people and toppling more than 1,000 homes.

Rescuers Survey the Damage of a Collapsed Building in Yunnan Province

Chinese Central Television CCTV announced in 2008 that they will “work toward raising and improving” the quality of CCTV Nightly News–it seems that the propaganda arm of the Chinese Communist Party still has some work ahead of them.

“Watching CCTV on the 10 March,” Yang Hengjun writes, “I was completely taken aback. The 30 minute newscast placed news of the earthquake in Yingjiang, Yunnan Province–which happened that very day with serious loss of life and property…coverage slide by in a flash. The news story was given less attention than a forum om Revolutionary Hero’s and Qaddafi’s victories against Libyan rebels. The 27 minutes of content prior to the brief spot on Yingjiang, was all devoted to National Peoples Congress (NPC) Delegates, who all glorified our building of a Socialist legal system with Chinese characteristics and went on about how prosperous our people are and how democratic the NPC  and Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference have been. What kind of Journalism is that?”

Rest here via China Media Project

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Beijing Discovers “Peace, Love, Joy & Harmony” No Forced Evictions Of Farmers This Month

Devil likeness leading a pack of vicious dogs with bulldozer shaped heads as terrified Chinese Villagers run for their lives. —Yuan Jian–QQ

While China State Council claims they will not be forcibly evict farmers from their property (for now) citing its new found priority of respect in protecting rural residents, unfortunately this same respect is lost  at a moments notice and may change by this time tomorrow?

In March China was forcibly removing farmers from their homes so that authorities could seize land from underneath their houses for development.

Earlier today, I wrote here China Yunnan Province Villagers Clash with Police Over Yantze River Dam Project and Beijing’s well established policy of land confiscation.

Where is the harmonious society that we here so much about?

Chinese Peasant Farmers Feel Bullied Over Land Grabs –USA Today

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