(Video) Milo Yiannopoulos Smacks Down Muslim Fanaticism While Exposing Its Hatred of Gays, Women & America

Greg Gutfeld Show Newest Sponsor Victima – New Drug of Choice for Liberal Snowflakes

Labyrinthine Practices

So Muddled… -Cartoon: Chip Bok@Townhall.com

Rep Maxine Waters: Trump Needs to be Impeached Because Putin Is Continuing to Advance Into Korea???

Eww… Casey Anthony Comes Out of Hiding to Protest Trump in Florida

(Video) Nancy Pelosi Tells Adopted Young Pro-Life Woman That Moms Should Have the Choice to Abort

Nancy Pelosi Makes Convoluted Pro-Death Argument on Abortion Rights

Every Accommodation of Muslim Demands…Is An Act of Appeasement and an Invitation to Make Fresh Demands

“Every accommodation of Muslim demands leads to a sense of euphoria and a conviction that Allah is on their side. They see every act of appeasement as an invitation to make fresh demands.” –Ayaan Hirsi Ali

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H/T: Amy Mek

(Video) Rapper “Big Sean” Threatens to “Murder Donald Trump”

Sean Michael Leonard Anderson aka ‘Big Sean’ Starting @1:40 Raps
“I Might Just Kill ISIS with the Same Icepick that I Murder Donald Trump…”

Angry Liberals Completely Meltdown Thursday at NYU Where Vice Media Co-Founder Gavin McInnes Was Speaking

Loony Liberal Snowflakes Have Lost It @6:54 & @6:57 Protester Says “F— America”
@7:17 Liberal Wearing Balloon Dragon Expects People to Take Him Seriously; @10:43 Liberal Completely Meltsdown

Young Female MILO Fan Pepper-Sprayed at UC Berkeley

Liberals Are Only Tolerant of Free Speech If One Agrees With Them