Obama at Odds With 80% of Americans, Dept of Defense & State of California on Ebola Quarantine

Ebola California(LA Times) California Issues Ebola Quarantine Policy

(CNN) A 21 day quarantine for all military personnel serving in Ebola ravaged West Africa was approved by Secy of Defense Chuck Hagel on Wednesday,

This new policy creates a separate set of rules for the military than the Obama Administration and CDC has pushed for civilian workers returning from West Africa aid trips, creating a lot of anxiety with 80% of Americans that believe there should be a mandatory quarantine for anyone returning to the U.S. from West Africa until it is certain they don’t have Ebola.

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Obama’s Ebola Presser Features the Perfect Prop

Obama Strategizing — Picture of the Day

State Dept Memo Discusses Possibility of Bringing Non-Americans to U.S. for Ebola Treatment

Ebola Coming to U.S.(FOX News) State Dept Memorandum Discusses the Possibility of Bringing Non-Americans to U.S. for Ebola Treatment

Flashback: Remember in September when Obama claimed that Ebola shouldn’t reach our shores.

Hello AmericaIn Order to Publicly Thank Obama for Bringing Ebola to the United States
Al Gorelioni@Twitter

This Doesn’t Make Sense! Returning Soldiers Quarantined But Not Civilians From Ebola Plagued West Africa

CDC Protocols(WSJ) CDC Rejects Mandatory Ebola Quarantines For Civilians

Army QuarantineU.S. Soldiers Returning From West Africa Quarantined –CNN

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Obama’s Watch: Economic Confidence Index -10

Obama Orders Marines Out of Afghanistan — Say Hello To ISIS

USMC Leave AfghanistanObama Orders U.S. Marines Out of Afghanistan –Image: Reuters/WSJ

ISIS Graffiti KabulISIS Graffiti on Kabul University Wall — Its Says: ‘Long Live Daesh’
(Islamic State) –Image:
Ehsanullah Amiri@Twitter

Afghanistan Say Hello to ISISAfghanistan Say Hello to ISIS Brought to You By Obama
Image: App Same

Black Chicago Activist: My Life Has Been Hurt by Democrats…The Hell With His Minimum Wage Raise, We Don’t Have Any Jobs

Black Chicago Activist(Legal Insurrection Video) Black Chicago Activist: “The Hell With His (Obama’s) Minimum Wage Raise, We Don’t Have Any Jobs”

ObamaCare Success??? Fewer Insured in 2014 Than 2013

ObamaCare Success...1.25 Million Fewer Insured in 2014 Than 2013 –Image: Black Tea Party

3 Mo Old American Murdered by Islamic Jihadist in Jerusalem, Obama Administration Urges Restraint

3 Mo Old American3 Month Old American Chaya Braun Last Photo Before Killed by an
Islamic Jihadist Terrorist Thug –Image:
Avi Mayer@Twitter

(JPost) 3 month old American Chaya Braun was laid to rest Thursday following a vehicular terrorist attack–the child was thrown from her stroller as a car driven by an Islamic Jihadist swerved into the Ammunition Hill light rail station–the attack also injured 7 others.

State Dept spokesperson Marie Harf “urged restraint” and calm from both the Israel Government and Hamas which claimed responsibility for the terrorist attack.

“This is a natural response to the crimes of the occupation and invasion of our land by the Jews,” Hamas spokesman Hossam Badran said in response to this latest terrorist attack.

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Obama Administration Snubs Israel Defense Minister –Arutz Sheva

U.S. Publicly Humiliates Israel Defense Minister as U.S. Visit Ends