Obama’s Iran Peace Partner Ayatollah Khamenei: We’ll Not Give Access to Nuclear Scientists

Khamenei NukesIran’s Grand Islamic Wizard Ayatollah Khamenei: Nukes, What Nukes??? Cartoon: bijan@Twitter

(Reuters) Islamic Fascist Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei reiterated their position regarding IAEA monitoring of its nuclear program, if Obama, Secy of State John Kerry or others continue to have any lingering doubts of its position.

Ayatollah Khamenei said today: “We will never yield to pressure…we will not accept unreasonable demands, Iran will not give access to its (nuclear) scientists…We will not allow the privacy of our nuclear scientists or any other important issue to be violated.”

Why is it pray tell, that the Obama Administration is so desperate for a nuclear deal with the Iranian regime that they haven’t walked away from negotiating a bad nuclear deal? — Remember in April when Khamenei Tweeted, the White House is lying about the terms/framework of a nuclear deal to the American people.

Secy of State John Kerry Calls For International Laws & Restrictions to Make Internet Work Properly

Obama Admin Internet(Weekly Standard) Secy of State John Kerry Calls for Intl Oversight
of the Internet So That Govt Can Make It Work Better Censor Content
Image: Young Conservatives

Obama Legacy Building: ISIS Captures Iraq Ramadi as Security Forces Cut-n-Run

Obama Legacy(NY Times) Another Key Iraqi City Falls to ISIS as Iraqi
Security Forces Cut-n-Run –Image Courtesy: Barackolypse

  • Remember in 2010 when VP Joe Biden claimed that the American people will see Iraq as an Obama Administration success story.

ISIS Vows Revenge Against Obama for Taking Out Senior Leader, Think He’ll Now Call Them Islamic Jihadists?

ISIS Threatens Obama(Vocativ) ISIS Threaten Revenge Against Obama for the Killing of its
Sr. Leader Abu Sayyaf, Will Obama Call Them Islamic Jihadists Now?
Image: Pat Dollard.com

H/T: Young Conservatives

Obama’s Hope for ‘Good Neighborliness With Iran’ Scuttled as Iran Fires on Singapore Flagged Tanker

Obama GCC(WSJ) In the second time in two weeks, Islamic Fascist Iran patrol boats fired on a commercial ship as it traveled in international waters through the Strait of Hormuz.

On Thursday, as Obama was attempting to assure Gulf State representatives meeting at Camp David that the United States has their back regarding security cooperation and his (naive and delusional) hopes that the region would achieve ‘the kind of peace and good neighborliness with Iran…’ a Singapore flagged commercial oil tanker was fired upon by Iranian naval vessels, raising new concerns about Iran’s attempts to exert more control of commerce in international waters of the Persian Gulf.

Three Iranian patrol boats opened fire on the 600 foot long ‘Alpine Eternity’ when the tanker’s crew refused to follow Iran’s Navy direction, then they chased the tanker after it issued a call for help.

Meanwhile today in Brussels, the Obama Administration will resume nuclear negotiations (that it should walk away from) with the fanatical Iranian regime, in an effort to reach a deal by next months deadline.

More here from The Straits Times

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Obama Pledges ‘Ironclad Commitment’ To Gulf States — Remember ‘The Budapest Memorandum’ Which Obama Reneged On

Obama Camp DavidObama Pledges to Boost Security Cooperation to Gulf Nations
Yade, Yade, Yade… –Image: TC Concierge@Twitter

(AP) Obama pledged America’s ‘ironclad commitment’ to anxious Arab States today to help protect their security pointedly mentioning the potential use of military force and offering strong assurances that a nuclear agreement with Islamic Fascist Iran wouldn’t leave them more vulnerable.

Obama promised that the U.S. would join with the ‘Gulf Cooperation Council’ (GCC) nations to ‘deter and confront an external threat to any GCC state’s territorial integrity.

Speaking at the close of the summit with Gulf State representatives that were in attendance at Camp David, Obama expressed hope that the region would achieve “the kind of peace and good neighborliness with Iran that I think so many of the countries here seek.”

A written annex accompanying the joint statement from the Gulf State representatives (as the leaders of Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman and Bahrain snubbed Obama and were no-shows at his conference and sent their representatives) laid out what Obama claims that he meant when he promised “our ironclad commitment to the security of our Gulf partners.”

  • Flashback: Remember that seemingly forgotten 1994 Budapest Memorandum that President Clinton executed with Ukraine together with British PM John Major and Russian President Boris Yelstin as part of the denuclearization of the former Soviet Union, promising to protect the sovereignty of the Ukrainian territorial borders from an invading army, which Obama has reneged on.

On the 09 March, 2014 I wrote here and again on the 29 July here that Obama was tested by the Russian’s (as Iran watched) whether or not the United States commitments to protect the territorial sovereignty of an allied nation actually was worth the paper it was printed on.

What if any real assurances do our ‘Gulf partners’ have that Obama will actually mean what he says when he’s pledged America’s integrity by assuring our ‘ironclad commitment’ to deter and confront an external threat to any GCC state’s territorial integrity?

Obama’s reneged on a previous ironclad commitments made by a former administration, why won’t he just renege on another?

Where’s the Moral Outrage by the MSM & Left? Women Working in Iraq Testify About Genocide of Christians by ISIS

Iraq WomenIslamic Religious Police Install Posters Outlining the Laws of
Female Dress Code in Iraq Mosul –Image Courtesy: Amy Mek@Twitter

Christians Iraq(CNA) ‘Iraqi Christians Have Lost Everything Except Their Faith’
Sister Momeka, Dominican Sisters of St. Catherine of Siena Tells Congress


Obama’s foreign policy is based upon how he expects the world to operate than how it actually is.

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Loony Liberal Lefty CNN Guest: Radical Islam is a ‘Made-Up Idea’

Gulf Leaders Have ‘No Confidence’ in Obama’s Foreign Policy, Back Out of Camp David Summit

The Hammer(BBC) Gulf Leaders Snub Obama, Will Not Attend Summit of U.S. and
Allied Arab Leaders at Camp David This Week
Cartoon: A.F.Branco/Legal Insurrection

H/T: Anne Bayefsky

Idiocy! Muslims Claim Attack on ‘Free Speech’ in Texas by Islamic Jihadists That Failed Was Daring

Pakistan Muslims...Pakistan Mooslims Claim the Attack on the 1st Amendment in Texas by
the Two Islamic Jihad Terrorist Thugs was Daring
Images: Kafarna Bikum@Twitter

Pakistan Muslims– Definitely Schmucks —

Mohammed Carroon ‘Religion of Peace’ Finds This So Offensive They Threaten to Kill
Pam Geller Over It
— They’re Insane
Image: Channeling Reagan@Twitter

(Breitbart) Pam Geller Calls Out Cowardly Conservatives Acquiescing to Islamic Extremists and Leftist Media, Says She’ll Organize Another ‘Free Speech’ Event Soon

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White House Doesn’t Call Attack on 1st Amendment in Texas & Threats Against My Friend Pam Geller, Islamic Terrorism

ISIS Praises Texas ShootingAbu Yusuf Al-Jabarti@Twitter: Calls Attack on 1st Amendment in Texas
a ‘True Victory’ While Claiming that the ‘Kuffar’ (Non-Muslims/Infidels)
Will “Start to Understand What is True Fear and Despair”
Image: Abu Khattab@Twitter

(Newsmax) In a message by ISIS Jihadist Abu Ibrahim Al Amerki on ‘JustPaste.It’ Al Amerk claims, that ‘My Friend’ Pamela Geller, one of the organizers of Sunday’s ‘Muhammad Art Exhibit & Contest’ will be killed by Islamic State ‘soldiers’ already in the United States:

“The attack by the Islamic State in America is only the beginning of our efforts to establish a wiliyah (division) in the heart of our enemy. Our aim was–Pamela Geller and to show her that we don’t care what land she hides in or what sky shields her; we will send our Lions to achieve her slaughter. This will heal the hearts of our brothers and disperse the ones behind her. To those who protect her: this will be your only warning for housing this woman—Everyone who houses her events, gives her platform…are legitimate targets—Our intention was to show how easy we give our lives for the sake of Allah.

We have 71 trained soldiers in 15 states ready at our word to attack any target we desire…Of the 15 states, 5 we will name: Virginia, Maryland, Illinois, California and Michigan…The next six months will be interesting…

  • To ISIS Jihad Terrorist Thugs: I Regret that I Only Have But
    One Life to Give for My Country;
  • “No one has greater love than this, to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.” –John 15:13 (NRSVCE)

On Tuesday in a chilling denial of reality, White House Press Secy Josh Earnest described the assault on the 1st Amendment in Texas as “an attempted terrorist act that was foiled…that authorities meanwhile are still looking into, what links if any—Sunday’s shooters had to international terrorism.”