Covered California Monthly Premiums to Increase By at Least 13% Next Year

Team ObamaTeam Obama Lies & Lies

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Covered California

  • Flashback: Remember When Obama Promised How Govt Managed Healthcare Was Somehow Going to Get Things Right This Time and Lower Costs

9 Months of Terrorism in Israel — Lying Hillary Claims Truce Exists Between Hamas/PA & Israel

One Year After Obama’s Iran Deal the Islamic Fascist Regime Threatens to Withdraw

IranAnother Obama – Hillary Clinton Foreign Policy Failure

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Iran Deal

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More Bad News for Hillary, FBI to Return 1000s of Emails to State Dept for Release

Hillary's Often ConfusedEmail From Close Hillary Clinton Staffer That Knows Her Well – “Shes Often Confused”  -Image Courtesy: Rock Princess

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Obamanomics: Hillary Cheers June Jobs Report – Young Workers Lose 107,000 Jobs

ObamanomicsOnly If You Were Nearing Retirement — 90% of June Jobs Gains
Went to Workers 55 & Older

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Zero Hedge

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics Young Workers Those Under 24 Yrs of Age Collectively Lost 107,000 Jobs in June


(Video) Free Yourself From #BlackLivesMatter Propaganda and the Marketing of Racism

(Radiance Foundation) #BlackLivesMatter, White Guilt
and the Marketing of Racism

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U.S. Debt Jumps Nearly $100 Billion in 1 Day – Record High

When the Facts Don’t Serve Obama’s Political Objective He Changes Them – AG Lynch to Edit Out Orlando Jihadist Pledge to ISIS

ISIS Claims Responsibility for Orlando Terrorist Attack — Obama & Hillary Clinton Call for More Gun Laws

Hillary StatementObama and Hillary Clinton Just Can’t Bring Themselves to Call the Orlando Jihadist Attack Islamic Terrorism — Instead They Both Call for More Gun Laws

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Obama Fables: Almost Doubling the Natl Debt to $19.2 Trillion+ But Saying Otherwise

DeficitsSelf Delusion: Why Does Obama Continue to LIE, LIE & LIE
About Our Exploding Federal Deficit?

US Debt ClockU.S. Debt Clock Today — $19.278 Trillion+

Obama Had the Audacity to Call Bush “Unpatriotic” for Adding $4 Trillion to the National Debt — What is it Called for Nearly Doubling the Debt – Treasonous?