How Embarrassing! While ISIS is On The March Obama Leads Intl Effort to #ActOnClimate Change

Obama Global WarmingBHO@Twitter What About Leading the International Effort
to Defeat Islamic Terrorism?

How Embarrassing: On Tuesday Obama Claimed the U.N. Climate Conference Will be a “Powerful Rebuke to the Terrorists”

Obama Administration Claims China Regime “Peaceful, Stable & Responsible…”

Obama Launches New Facebook Page This Week, Says NOTHING About Paris Islamic Jihadist Attack

Obama Facebook PagePresident Obama@Facebook Remains Silent About Paris
Islamic Jihadist Terrorist Attack on Friday Which Left 158 Dead

  • Naive Obama Tells ABC News Just Hours Before the Islamic Jihadist Attack in Paris that ISIS Is Not Gaining Strength and is Contained — Riiight…

Hillary Prays for Paris? – Remember Hillary Claimed We Must Empathize With America’s Enemies

Hillary TerrorismWho Is @HillaryClinton Empathizing With Now?

France Closes Its Borders After Latest Islamic Jihad Attack — Are You Listening Obama?

Hillary Clinton Praises Burmese Socialist Aung San Suu Kyi – It Takes One to Know One

Aung San Suu KyiIt Takes One To Know One: @HillaryClinton Praises Burmese Democratic/Socialist-Liberal Aung San Suu Kyi

Flashback: In 2012 Suu Kyi following a meeting with both Obama and Clinton said “I’ve always been against so called disciplined democracy,” citing her resolve that Myanmar not to be like the United States.

Socialist IntlAung San Suu Kyi Special Honorary President Socialists Intl

In June, China regime state media Xinhua reported that Aung San Suu Kyi accepted an invitation from the Communist Party to meet with Xi Jinping in Beijing in order to develop and promote cooperation and friendly relations between China and Myanmar.

More here from Xinhua

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ObamaCare Implosion: Deductibles Rising Faster Than Premiums & Wages – Majority of Co-Ops Fail

ObamaCare Deductibles(Kaiser) Since 2010 Deductibles for All Workers Have Risen Almost 3X
as Fast as Premiums and About 7X as Fast as Wages & Inflation

Since 2010 both the share of workers deductibles and the size of those deductibles have increased sharply. These two trends result in a 67% increase in deductibles since 2010 much faster than the rise in single premiums (24%) and about seven times the rise in workers wages (10%) and general inflation (9%)

“With deductibles rising so much faster than premiums and wages, its no surprise that consumers have not felt the slowdown in health spending,” Kaiser Family Foundation President/CEO Drew Altman said.

In related ObamaCare news, The Wall Street Journal reported Monday, that a majority of ObamaCare insurance co-ops (12 of 23) have now failed and their $1.24 Billion of taxpayer loans have all but vaporized. As more fail, nearly a million Americans may lose insurance coverage as the contagion from their failures spreads.

More here from Washington Free Beacon

China Stiffs Lightweight Obama (Again) on 2014 ‘Greenhouse Gases’ Initiative

Obama Global Warming@BarackObama Stands Alone in the World on a Realistic Energy Policy

(NYTimes) Obama’s Go It Alone Energy Policy: China stiffs Obama’s 2014 agreement, burns 17%  more coal than previously disclosed. 

Flashback: In November, 2014 Obama had announced it reached a ‘Groundbreaking  Agreement’ with the China regime to reduce greenhouse gas emissions — Only in an Obama Fantasyland land (I wrote) and in the minds of his gullible minions would one actually believe that one can trust anything that the China regime pledges.

Lightweight Obama Does…

In November 2014 China Daily wrote that “Obama does not have the political capacity and resources to solve issues–he is powerless to solve the structural problems of the United States. Obama has not helped his country secure more global resources…Obama may not accomplish any outstanding achievement in his remaining two years in office because he chose the wrong strategies from the very beginning of his tenure.”

Xi Jinping must be having a good laugh at the expense of U.S. consumers facing rising home energy costs thanks to Obama and his Democrat minions, in the waning days of a feckless administration.

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The Shocking Way American Taxpayers are Supporting Christian Persecution in Pakistan

It’s Your Money…  Image Courtesy: —California Network

H/T: Catholic Online@Twitter

China Human Rights Lawyer Li Heping’s Daughter Wishing her Detained Dad Happy Birthday

“Dad When are You Coming Back?”

On the 14 September, I wrote here that China regime mass crackdown on Human Rights lawyers continued ahead of Obama-Xi Jinping summit in Washington.

More here from China Human Rights Lawyers Concern Group

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