In 2015 Obama Denied Asylum to 27 Chaldean Catholics, Where Was the Moral Outrage by the Liberal Left?

(Washington Times) In 2011 Obama Put a 6 Month Hold on All Iraqi Refugees Seeking to Enter the U.S.

More here from the Catholic World Report

(Video) GAO: Federal Deficit Unsustainable

U.S. Debt Clock Today

  • Video Flashback: Remember When Obama Claimed that Bush was “Unpatriotic”
    for Adding $4 Trillion to the National Debt During his Watch.

During Obama’s Watch the Federal Debt Nearly Doubled From $10.9 Trillion in March, 2009

Islamic Fascist Iran Calls U.S. Its Enemy — Obama Administration OKs Last Gift of 130 Tons of Uranium to Tehran

Obama Sells Out U.S. & Israel Security in Final Days OKs 130 Tons of Uranium to Iran


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Obama Promised Transparency – WikiLeaks Founder Assange: White House Destroying Public Records In Final Days

Obama Promised The Most Transparent Administration

VIA: The American Mirror

Following Sunday’s Islamic Terrorist Truck Attack in Jerusalem, Obama’s Palestinian Authority Pals Celebrate With Sweets

Islamic Jihad Terrorist Thug Took the Lives of These Four Brave IDF Heroes on Sunday


Deja Vu: Remember Following 9/11 When Palestinian Authority Arabs
Celebrated By Handing Out Sweets

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(Video) The Epic Failure of Barack Obama

Obama Unleashes 3800+ New Federal Regulations – Record 97,110 Pages of More Red Tape

Lame Duck Obama’s Legacy — Regulation Nation

VIA: Washington Examiner

History Repeating Itself – Secy of State John Kerry Didn’t Learn Anything from Chamberlain & Hitler

@Secy of State John Kerry: Arab Muslims Could Choose to Live Peaceably With Israel

Music Video Celebrates Suicide Bombings
“Strap on an Explosive Belt…Turn Them Into Body Parts”

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Thousands Rally in Gaza for Hamas Anniversary -Al Jazeera

Defund the United Nations — Send’ Em Packing

Obama’s Legacy Disaster

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