Obama Claimed Today ‘Economy has Gotten Better’ Unless Your Black with 11.1% Unemployment or the New 18 Million Receiving Food Stamps

Obama Presser(Deneen Borelli) Obama Claims ’2014 Has Been Strongest Year for Job Growth’ Unless Your Black 11.1% Unemployment –Image: ABC @Twitter

Obamanomics...18 Million Added to Food Stamp Program
Image: Soquel by the Creek@Twitter

Of Course George Clooney is Correct, Many in Hollywood are a Bunch of Wimps & Cowards

HollywoodMany in Hollywood are a Bunch of “Wimps and Cowards” When it Comes
to the First Amendment  –Image:
Cyber Blaze@Twitter 

(Deadline) As it begins to dawn on everyone in Hollywood and the rest of the country, the reality that Sony Pictures were the target of a cyberattack allegedly perpetrated by North Korea cyberterrorists on U.S. soil, questions are being asked of the Obama Administration, what are you going to do now in defense of the 1st Amendment and the preservation of our civil liberties that too many Americans take for granted?

This week George Clooney and his agent Bryan Lourd of CAA, began circulating a petition among Hollywood executives, together with top people in film, television and recording industry but unfortunately all of the persons contacted that are making a lot of money, one may add exercising their 1st Amendment rights they’ve taken apparently for granted, refused to sign Clooney’s petition, further evidencing the actual cowardice of many of the entertainment elite, despite their often hard nosed and tough talking demeanor.

Conservatives of course are Clooney’s “natural ally” when it comes to protecting and preserving Free Speech and I have written to Lourd, inquiring what one may do to help them? I haven’t yet received a response.

Much of the Hollywood and entertainment’s ostentatious, are exactly what  many Americans have known for sometime and which Clooney and Lourd are finally learning–they’ve for these many years been working selling their souls for fleeting fame to a  bunch of “wimps and cowards” that doesn’t mind capitalizing off of their civil liberties but when it actually comes to defending them (which many have made their fortunes) heaven forbid, they runaway like paper tigers when the beacon of liberty shines upon them and their fugacious little empires.

In 2013 Obama Snubs Vatican by Closing U.S. Embassy But Today Obama Restores Diplomatic Ties With Marxist Cuba — Hmmm?

Obama CubaToday Obama Announced the U.S. Will Restore Diplomatic Relations
with Communist Cuba — While…

Flashback: In November, 2013 I wrote here the Obama Administration announced that it would be shutting down the U.S. Embassy to the Holy See and relocate it to a ‘safer location’ on the grounds of the U.S. Embassy in Italy.

What’s up with that?

Congratulations President Obama! Calling ISIS the ‘JV Team’ Named Top Lie of the Year

Congratulations Obama(WFB) Obama Calling ISIS the ‘JV Team’ Named Top Lie of the Year
Image Courtesy:
Ministry of Truth

Pakistan Mourns 141 Killed by Taliban Jihadists — Remember When Obama Claimed ‘The World Is Less Violent Than It Has Ever Been’

Pakistan MotherPakistan Mother Grieves: “My Son Was in Uniform in the Morning, He is in a Casket Now.” –Image Courtesy: CBC Toronto@Twitter

(AP) Pakistan is in mourning as the nation prepares for mass funerals of 141 people, mostly children murdered in a Taliban attack in a military run school in the City of Peshawar on Monday.

Students were gunned down and some of the female teachers were burned alive which the Taliban has claimed responsibility for.

  • Flashback: Remember in June when Obama claimed “The world is less violent than it has ever been.”

Sony Hackers Threaten 9/11 Terrorist Attack on Movie Theaters that Screen ‘The Interview’

Sony Hackers(Variety) Sony Hackers Threaten 9/11 Style Attack on Movie Theaters
that Screen “The Interview” –Image Courtesy:
HuffPo Biz@Twitter

What is Obama’s (Latest Appeasement) Plan Now to Protect Americans?
Obama White Flag

Obama Administration Orchestrated a Plan to Topple the Israel Government

Obama Administration IsraelObama Administration -v- Israel –Cartoon: Branco/Legal Insurrection

Its been rather obvious for quite some time that the Obama Administration is not a friend to Israel–from its earliest days and their pro-Islamic/anti-Israel alliances to more recently, the White House announcement of a “major” break with Israel and its intentions to begin voting with the Islamic enemies of American ally-Israel at the United Nations unless the Israel government acquiesces to Obama’s wishes.

In May, 2010 it was first reported in ‘The Philadelphia Bulletin’ and Israel Behind the News’ but got little coverage elsewhere, of the Obama Administration’s “psychological warfare campaign” meant to topple Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his Conservative Likuid party.

Now were learning this early report was even more accurate than many may have otherwise wanted to believe and that the Obama Administration’s latest reach into what has always been ken of agencies like the CIA: regime change Steve Berman of Red State reports–only this isn’t to topple Communism in Central American or the Islamic Fascist government of Iran, its to overthrow an American ally, Israel P.M. Benjamin Netanyahu, our best friend in the Middle East.

Aaron Klein wrote in the Jerusalem Post:

“The White House has singled out Netanyahu as standing in the way of Obama’s utopian vision for a new Middle East and Persian Gulf. What better way to bypass this obstacle than aiding in Netanyahu’s removal from office.”

Recently, Netanyahu’s fragile coalition government finally fractured with both Finance Minister Yair Lapid and Justice Minister Tzipi Livni dismissed and Netanyahu dissolving the Knesset with new elections to be scheduled. This will be Netanyahu’s greatest internal challenge Klein comments, that it was in no small part brought about by the Obama Administration meddling in Israeli politics.

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Obama & the U.N. Timetable for Israel’s Destruction –Front Page

Rabbi Shumuley: Obama’s Secret Appeasement of Iran –NY Observer

Elections Don’t Matter? 1,603 Omnibus Spending Bill Includes $19 Million to Protect African Rhinos

BoehnerAs Long as Kool-Aid Drinking RINO John Boehner of Ohio is House Speaker Obama has No Worries –Image: JP Hawkins@Twitter

(Breitbart) House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) is definitely RINO’s (Republicans In Name Only) and the real life rhinoceroses best friend too–appropriating some $19,061,000 to protect the Rhino’s and other exotic creatures from among other things African poachers, all at a time when our out of control federal deficit is now $18 Trillion+ or $56,383 per American citizen.

Democrats Are Hypocrites: Upon Release of CIA Interrogations Report

Obama Administration CIA(IBD) White House Admits Outgoing Senate Democrat Majority Release
of CIA Report Makes Americans Less Safe –Image:
FOX & Friends

  • Flashback: Remember in 2012 When Obama Tweeted its his responsibility to keep Americans safe.

Riiight…Do You Feel Safer Now?

Obama Ended Iraq War


ObamaCare Architect ‘Stupid Americans’ Jonathan Gruber Now Claims Lying is “Conjecturing”