New Emails Reportedly Evidence Hillary Clinton Granted Special Access to Foundation Donors to Luncheon with Hu Jintao

Propaganda: China Regime Treats U.N. Envoy on Human Rights to Reception

China Regime Treats U.N. Envoy on Human Rights to Special Reception

Flashback: On the 22 August I republished here an Open Letter by ‘Chinese Human Rights Defenders’ about the worsening human rights conditions in China — In April I wrote here that the China regime collectively sentenced 6 Human Rights Defenders to 20.5 yrs in prison.

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ISIS Savages Execute 15 People in Iraq by Drowning Them in Olympic Size Swimming Pool

ISIS...In 2015 ISIS Executed People by Drowning Them in a Giant Cage -Shoebat

VIA: FARS News Agency


Remember in 2011 when Obama claimed, “We’re leaving behind a sovereign, stable and self-reliant Iraq.”

Obama’s Watch: State Dept For Sale – Secy Clinton Helped Jailed Clinton Family Donor Get $10M From Taxpayers for Failed Haiti Project

More Than Half the People Outside Govt Meeting with Secy of State Clinton Donated Money to her Family Foundation

What Difference Does It Make(AP) More Than Half of the People Granted an Audience with Secy of State Hillary Clinton Gave Paid a Minimum of $100K to her Family Foundation

Even the Washington Post Now Concedes That Hillary’s Emails Are a Big Deal

An Open Letter To Leaders of G-20 Nations: Do Not Ignore China’s Worsening Human Rights

While Obama Vacations, Donald Trump Tours Flood Ravaged Louisiana

(Video) House Oversight Committee Releases Video Detailing Hillary Clinton’s Perjured Testimony

Disgraced DNC Chair Wasserman-Schultz Can’t Guarantee Iran Nuke Deal Cash Won’t Go to Attack Israel