When the Facts Don’t Serve Obama’s Political Objective He Changes Them – AG Lynch to Edit Out Orlando Jihadist Pledge to ISIS

ISIS Claims Responsibility for Orlando Terrorist Attack — Obama & Hillary Clinton Call for More Gun Laws

Hillary StatementObama and Hillary Clinton Just Can’t Bring Themselves to Call the Orlando Jihadist Attack Islamic Terrorism — Instead They Both Call for More Gun Laws

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Obama Fables: Almost Doubling the Natl Debt to $19.2 Trillion+ But Saying Otherwise

DeficitsSelf Delusion: Why Does Obama Continue to LIE, LIE & LIE
About Our Exploding Federal Deficit?

US Debt ClockU.S. Debt Clock Today — $19.278 Trillion+

Obama Had the Audacity to Call Bush “Unpatriotic” for Adding $4 Trillion to the National Debt — What is it Called for Nearly Doubling the Debt – Treasonous?

Who Do You Believe When It Comes to Islamic Fascist Iran Development of Nuclear Material Necessary for a Bomb?

Obama’s Watch: Hillary Calls It Progress — Majority of Americans Say ‘Direction of Country’ Is On the Wrong Track

Hillary ClintonHillary Clinton is Out of Touch

Direction of CountryAccording to Real Clear Politics Rolling Averages of Natl Polling Data — Nearly 2/3 of Americans Surveyed Say Obama’s Watch is a Failure and We’re on the Wrong Track

Hillary Clinton: Lets Talk About Your Involvement in the Whitewater Corporation Bankruptcy

Hillary Clinton DebtHillary Clinton the U.S. is $19.269 Trillion+ in Debt
What Have You Done to Erase Our Debt Crisis?

Natl DebtU.S. Debt Clock Today

  • Flashback: Lets talk about your involvement in the Whitewater Corp Bankruptcy and Cover-up, together with you and Bill’s complicity with illegal loans, corruption in Arkansas at Madison Guaranty Savings & Loan and 451 missing documents related to the alleged criminal conspiracy.

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Islamic Jihadists Celebrate Loss of Egypt Air 804 — White House Contradicts Intelligence Denies Act of Terrorism

Little Sisters of the Poor Fighting for Religious Liberty — SCOTUS Refuses to Order Catholic Nuns to Comply With HHS Mandate

AbortionHHS has Given a Free Pass to Exxon, Pepsi, Chevron, Visa Together with NYC and Even the Dept of Defense but Has Taken the ‘Little Sisters of the Poor’ to Court Insisting they Must Either Comply with the ObamaCare HHS Mandate or Face Crushing Fines
Image Courtesy: PoliticsReligionandHer.com

USCCBU.S. Conference of Catholic Bishop’s Reacts to U.S. Supreme Ct HHS Mandate Decision

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Obamanomics: April Jobs Report Misses Expectation, Only 160K Jobs Created — Labor Force Participation Rate Declines to 62.8%

Labor Force Participation RateLabor Force Participation Rate Declines to 62.8% Matching a Rate When Another Democrat, Jimmy Carter Occupied the Oval Office -Image: Bureau of Labor Statistics

(Market Watch) Companies scaled back hiring in April, adding a mere 160K jobs well below expectations of 203,000 jobs — the labor force participation dipped to 62.8% near a 38 yr low as 362,000 people dropped out of the job force in April

The number of Americans not in the labor force last month totaled 94,044,000 — 562,000 more than in March reports CNS News among major worker groups the jobless rate for Hispanics grew to 6.1% and African-Americans 8.8%

On the 03 May, I wrote here that productivity growth is slowing more than it has since the 1980s as the economy grew at an anemic 0.5% annually according to data released last week by the Dept of Commerce.

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Then & Now — How Times Have Changed

How Times Have ChangedObama’s Watch: How Times Have Changed
Image Courtesy: Robert Thomas Leahy

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