ObamaCare & Hillary Clinton Cartoons of the Day

pj-boy(Legal Insurrection) Obama Administration Completely Out of Touch with Looming ObamaCare Rate Hikes – Cartoon: Lisa Benson/Townhall.com


Unaffordable Care Act! ObamaCare Premiums to Spike By Double Digits Next Year

obamacareUSA Today: The Cascade of 2017 ObamaCare Premium Hikes Has Arrived -Townhall.com

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(Video Flashback) Remember When Chelsea Clinton in Utah Campaigning for Hillary said, “My Mom Thinks Its Important to Extends the Affordable Care Act to People Who are Living and Working here Regardless of Immigration Status…”

Gen. Keith Kellogg: Hillary Clinton Was Foolish For Discussing Nuclear Response Time

Quid Pro Quo: King of Morocco Agrees to Pay $12M to Clinton Foundation For Meeting With Hillary

WikiLeaks Podesta-Email 22030Hillary Clinton ‘Pay For Play’ Is No Joking Matter

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Will Say Anything to Get Elected — Hillary Clinton Flip-Flopped on Women’s & Human Rights in China

hrc-china-human-rights(China Digital Times) Hillary Flip-Flopped on Human Rights in China

Obamanomics: Ford Announces Layoffs of 13,000 Hourly Workers

labor-force-participation-rateLabor Force Participation Rate — Reaganomics to Obamanomics –BLS Graph

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On the 07 October, CNS News reported that 94,184,000 Americans were not in the labor force. During September, 207,000 fewer Americans were working than in August and the labor force participation rate which hit its peak in 2000 at 67.3% dropped to a 38 yr low in September 2015 and since then has never gone higher than 63%

U.S. Budget Deficit $19.7+ Trillion – Federal Deficit Surges 34% ($587 Billion) in FY 2016

FBI: Clinton’s Treatment of Agents on her Protective Detail “Contemptuous – Many Sought Reassignment” Put Security Detail in “Unnecessary Danger” for Photo-Ops



FBI Report: Hillary Clinton So Unpleasant that her Security Detail Sought Reassignment or Employment Elsewhere — Hillary and her Staff Removed Furniture from State Dept, Unknown if Any of It Was Ever Returned

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Ask Yourself: Do You Want Someone Who Lost $6 Billion as Secy of State — To Run the U.S. Economy?

Obamanomics: 94,184,000 Americans Not In Labor Force – Unemployment Ticks Up in September