ISIS Using Christian’s Homes Seized as Bomb Factories

21st Century Holocaust21st Century Holocaust: Iraqi Christian’s Property Marked by ISIS Just as Jewish Ones Were by the Nazi’s –Image Courtesy: Assyrienne@Twitter

(AINA) A number of Iraq Mosul residents are reporting that ISIS is turning Christian’s homes they’ve seized into bomb factories–another resident said that ISIS is using a Christian home in a Hadbaa neighborhood for manufacturing Improvised Explosive Devices.

-Christian’s Were Not Being Slaughtered During President Bush’s Watch-

IraqFlashback: Remember when Obama said, “We’re leaving behind a Sovereign, Stable and Self-Reliant Iraq

Obama Administrations Sees a Role for Islamic Fascist Iran in Mission Against ISIS

Iran ISIS ObamaObama Administration Seems to Believe They May Somehow Work With Iran in Mission Against ISIS –Image: Rosa Joon@Twitter

(DNA/Reuters) Secy of State John Kerry claimed on Friday, that Islamic Fascist Iran has a role to play in an alleged “global coalition” to engage ISIS in Iraq and Syria which as declared that its established a caliphate in the region.

In February, Newsmax reported that Iran’s ‘Islamic Revolutionary Guard’ Brig Gen Hossein Salami, threatened to unleash ‘Sleeper Cells’ to launch terrorist strikes against key population centers within the United States.

“We have recognized America’s military strategy and have arranged our abilities and have identified centers in America that will create shock–We will conduct such a blow in which they (America) will be destroyed from within.”

Recent reports according to The Daily Caller have suggested that Islamic Jihad Terrorist forces tied to Hezbollah (a strong ally of Iran) have infiltrated the United States and have identified specific American targets.

How is it again that Obama seems to think that he can somehow charm Iran into cooperating fairly in nuclear talks and that the Iranian regime may be able play a role to defeat ISIS?

Congress OKs Spending $500 Million to Train and Arm Syrian Rebels That Reportedly Signed Ceasefire With ISIS

Iraq Army SurrendersU.S. Taxpayers Spent Billions Training Iraqi Army that Cut & Ran
When Confronted by ISIS

(FOX News) Congress Approves $500 Million to Train & Arm Syrian rebels that have reportedly signed a non-aggression pact with ISIS–exactly who are we planning on training and arming?

More here from D.C. Clothesline

“Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different results.” –Albert Einstein

Your Tax Dollars At Work: Taxpayer Funded Climate Change Musical Closes Early Amid Dismal Reviews

Climate Change PlayTaxpayer Funded Musical on “Climate Change” Closes Early
Jessica Chasmar@Twitter

(Washington Times) A taxpayer funded musical on ‘climate change’ is closing its curtains early amid a storm of criticism from reviewers and lawmakers.

“The Great Immensity”  produced by Brooklyn based theater company ‘The Civilians, Inc.’ with a $700,000 grant from the Natl Science Foundation, has ended its run after reaching  just 5% of its anticipated audience and likely fell short of its ambitious goal of informing a new generation of the perceived dangers of climate change.

Rest here from FOX News

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Where’s the Moral Outrage by Obama & Media? Islamic Jihadists Kidnap & Torture Hundreds of Christian Girls, Cutting Off Their Breasts

Islamic Jihad Abuse(UFP) Obama and the Media are Silent: Islamic Terrorists Kidnap Hundreds of Christian Girls, Cut Off Their Breasts

H/T: Lana Wong

Obama Breaks All Time Records With Falling Poll Numbers

Obama's Imploding Poll NumbersInteresting But Not Surprising Given the Dinosaur Media has a Vested Interest in Obama –Image Courtesy: Michael Nothem@Twitter

(Politico) President Obama has been breaking some records recently–polls by a variety of agencies have reported record breaking lows for Obama’s handling of terrorism, foreign policy and the economy:

  • A recent Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll finds that only 32% of Americans approve of Obama’s handling of foreign policy–the lowest since taking office.
  • In a 17 September CBS News/NY Times poll only 34% then approved of Obama’s handling of terrorism and foreign policy.
  • In November 2013 according to a CBS News/NY Times poll only 37% of Americans approved of the job Obama was doing as president.

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Obama Sends 3,000 Troops to Africa to Combat Ebola But Only Sends 1,600 Military Advisors to Iraq to Combat Islamic Terrorism

U.S. Military EbolaU.S. Military Personnel Carry Deceased Ebola Victim
NBC Today Show

(FOX News) Why is Obama willing to expose 3,000 Dept of Defense personnel to combat the Ebola virus in West Africa but only sends some 1,600 ‘military advisors’ to Iraq to combat ISIS that has declared war on the United States and has murdered Americans?

Islamic Fantasy, Stupidity & Sexism: Where’s the Moral Outrage by Obama, Democrats and MSM?

ISIS FantasyIslamic Jihadists Too Stupid to Come Up With Original Ideas, Many Subsequently Retweet Same Pictures –Image: Khilafah Islam@Twitter

Another Stupid MuslimAnother Stupid Muslim Holding Sign That Makes No Sense
Soldier of Islam@Twitter

Sexist MuslimsSexist Michigan Publisher: Where’s the Moral Outrage from Obama, Democrat Left, MSNBC, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC…
Salahuddin Ali@Twitter

United Nations to Dump Flood of Muslim Refugees on the United States

ISLAM...Islam’s Contribution to the World –Image: Hawkeye@Twitter

(WND) Since the 1990s, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees have selected more than 200,000 refugees from Islamic countries to be resettled in the United States mostly from Somalia and Iraq and now, the Obama Administration wants to admit even more.

On the 04 September, the U.S. State Dept hinted that a new wave of refugees will soon be arriving from another predominantly Muslim country–Syria.

The United Nations working with the U.S. State Dept have already shipped approximately 115,000 Iraqi’s to American cities since (coincidentally) 9/11

Of those so called “refugees” how many are ISIS Sleeper Agents? Who has vetted them? Are we to trust our national security on the United Nations?

In May 2002, Center for Immigration Studies–The Open Door reported Ramzi Yousef, who was sentenced to death for masterminding the first WTC attack, had an application pending for political asylum in the United States.

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Natl Security Advisor Susan Rice: It’s Not a War Because We Don’t Have Boots on the Ground…

Natl Security Adv Susan RiceObama’s Natl Security Advisor Susan Rice Maintains $100,000′s  in Investments With Islamic Fascist Iran –Image: Expose Liberals

(FOX News) Following Secy of State John Kerry’s startling revelations this week that the United States is not at war with ISIS Jihadist Thugs, that have videotaped butchering two American journalists and posted the videos on social media for the world too see and subsequent to Obama’s declaration of war Wednesday evening against ISIS and request for $500 Million from the taxpayers to engage the enemy, National Security Advisor Susan Rice was asked by CNN’s Wolf Blitzer to clarify whether or not the United States is at war with ISIS or not?

“Is the United States at war right now with ISIS,” asked Blitzer during an interview with Rice adding that it “sounds like a war with me. Is it fair to call it a war?”

“Well Wolf, I don’t know whether you want to call it a war or sustained counter-terrorism campaign,” she said reminding him that Obama had vowed to put U.S. combat boot on the ground.

Rice explained that when Americans thought about war, it was clear that they would think about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

“We’ll not have American combat forces on the ground fighting as we did in Iraq and Afghanistan, which is what I think the American people think of when they think of war, so I think this is very different from that.”

In other words, the Obama Administration has not clearly defined the mission in Iraq, how they intend to defeat or is it still “manage” ISIS, why some 1,600 American troops (military advisors) have been put into harms way in a war zone or what the strategy is for victory against radical Islamic Jihadists that have murdered Americans?

That makes me feel safer knowing that the Obama Administration is clueless how to prosecute a war and defeat the enemy before more Americans are killed.

Full Article here from Breitbart