Noble Prize Winner Physicist Ivar Giaever to Obama on Global Warming: You’re Dead Wrong

Wheel of Climate Change(CA Political Review) Barack Obama is a radical ideologue–facts, science, reason and common sense mean nothing, to him, the Constitution is nothing more than an historical document and Congress is merely a debate society without power or responsibility. Now a Noble Prize Winner–a real Scientist, exposes the Obama climate change fraud.

The biggest problem Obama faces is climate change — how can he say that, Physicist Ivar Giaever asked? “I say this to Obama: Excuse me Mr. President but you’re wrong, you’re dead wrong, rejecting the president’s claims than man-made global warming is causing climate change.

I think Obama is a cleaver person but gets bad advice. Global Warming is all wet,” Giaever said in a speech given last Summer to Scientists from 90 countries, attending the 65th annual Nobel Laureate Meeting in Germany.

“So global warming really starts with these two people: Al Gore and (former U.N. Climate Head Rajendra) Pachauri and what they did–they made this curve popular and what did the curve measure? Well, this curve measures what is the average temperature for the world for a whole year…For one year. So there’s an average temperature for the whole earth for one year and that measure in a fraction of a degree.”

“So what does that mean? I think probably nothing. Let me talk about that again: From 1880 to 2015 the temperature has increased from 288K (degrees Kelvin) to 288.8K — 0.3% I think that temperature has been amazingly stable.”

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Panic Buying: Bullion Dealer Reports Taking Record Day Sales — Fear World Financial Crisis

Gold(The Telegraph) Britain’s biggest online gold dealer said its already taken in record day sales as traders pile into gold following fears the world is on the brink of another financial crisis.

Gold Price -- MarketWatchGold Surged $60 Today Up 4.5% Settling at $1247.80 oz
Its Highest Close in Nearly a Year –MarketWatch

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Obama Claimed ISIS Contained: New ISIS Video Shows 4 Yr Old Blowing Up Car With Alleged Spies

ISIS Video(JPost Video) Despicable: New ISIS Video Shows
4 Yr Old Child Soldier Blowing Up Car With Four Alleged Spies

More here ISIS Makes 4 Yr Old Execute Prisoners -NY Post

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More Email Trouble for Hillary: Clinton Told State Dept Aides to Remove “Identifiers”

Hillary Email 09 March(Judicial Watch) New emails released today show Hillary Clinton had Classified material on her private server despite her repeated denials and told State Dept Deputy Chief of Staff Huma Abedin to remove “Identifiers” before printing.

In the 70 Pages of State Dept records, they evidence that Secy of State Hillary Clinton together with her top aides, Huma Abedin and Jake Sullivan, received and sent ‘Classified’ material on their email accounts.

Tony Blair EmailThe new documents also reveal that Hillary Clinton used the system to ask Abedin (also on a non email account) to print two March 2011 emails sent from former British Prime Minister Tony Blair (using the moniker ‘aclb’) Cc: to Jake Sullivan on Sullivan’s email account. — The Obama Administration redacted the Blair emails which were too sensitive to release.

Another email shows that Hillary Clinton wanted to know how meetings in Washington, including a 4 hr meeting concerning America’s War on Libya, would impact her Hampton Vacation — Responding to the email which details sensitive meetings in Washington, Clinton emails Abedin on the 26 Aug, 2011 and said: “Ok. What time would I get back to Hampton’s?” Again this email discussion takes place on a email accounts.

These Emails Clearly Evidence That Hillary Will Lie
and Say Anything When Its Politically Convenient

Happy Spring Festival Hong Kong – Authorities Clash With People 1st Day Lunar New Year

White HouseFlashback: Remember When the Obama Administration
Naively Tweeted This
-or- When Obama Claimed:
“We Should Welcome China’s Peaceful Rise…”

FishBallRevolutionEvents Unfolding in Hong Kong While Much of the World
Isn’t Paying Attention –Courtesy: Fabian Eberhard@Twitter

Hong Kong FishBallRevolutionChina Regime Sends in the Storm Troopers Clashing with
Hong Kong Residents on Chinese New Year –Poppie@Twitter

China Authorities Fire ShotsChina Authorities Indiscriminately Fire Shots
Into the Crowd in Hong Kong –McSNSD@Twitter

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Obama’s New Iranian Pal Khamenei Reiterates U.S. & Obama Administration Its Enemy

KhameneiObama: Islamic Fascist Iran’s Grand Wizard @Khamenei
Doesn’t Feel the Same About You as You Do About Him

Does Obama’s Iran Deal Make You Feel Safer Now?
Image: BHO@Facebook

Obama: ‘More People Entering Workforce’ – Reality: 94M+ Not in Labor Force, Decline of 41K

Obama Claims Americans Finding Work  — Riiight…

(WFB) Numbers Don’t Lie: 94 Million+ Americans
Not in Labor Force a Decline of 41K from January

Women Drop Out of Labor Force66,000 More Women Drop Out of Labor Force in January from December Image: Table A-1 Bureau of Labor Statistics

Obamanomics: Are You Ready for the Next Recession & Severe Market Drop?

Obamanomics EffectObamanomics Effect in 2016 –MarketWatch Graph

(MarketWatch) Another brokerage firm has used the ‘R’ word on Tuesday warning investors to wake-up to the idea that rising risks of a Recession could send the stock market over a deep cliff.

Based on current valuations, the prices of most stocks don’t appear to have factored in a recession scenario ‘hence the downside should we see a recession could be rather severe,’ RBC Capital Markets global equity team wrote in research notes to clients.

Applying a stress test to their coverage universe, using a worst case price to earnings valuations seen during the 2008-2009 recession, RBC analysts said that they believe the shares of most companies could still fall another 50% or more from current trading levels.

The concern for RBC analysts stems from the recently volatility in the stock market caused by macro weakness, softness in China and commodity market challenges. — The warning follows a note issued earlier this year at Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) to investors to “sell everything” ahead of an imminent stock crash. It had warned its clients that 2016 could be a “cataclysmic year.”

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U.S. $19+ Trillion Debt — Remember When Obama Said Bush ‘Unpatriotic’ for Adding $4 Trillion to Natl Debt

US Debt ClockU.S. Debt Clock TodayFederal Deficit Was $10.626 Trillion
When Obama Took Office

Flashback: Remember when Sen Obama called then President Bush “Unpatriotic” for adding $4 Trillion to the Federal Deficit in 8 years

China Regime Arrests Christian Pastor After Opposing Removal of Crosses

China ChristiansFears of a Bid to ‘Silence’ Christians in China
After More Arrests –Premier

(China Change) Pastor Gu Yuese, leader minister of a Chinese govt approved sanctioned Church in Hangzhou, was arrested on the 27 January and placed in secret detention for opposing cross removal. Pastor Gu’s wife Zhou Lianmei was arrested with him but is believed to have been subsequently released. Their home was ransacked by Chinese authorities, an indication that criminal charges will be brought against him.

Last July, the Zhejiang Christian Council headed by Pastor Gu, published a strongly worded open letter opposing the campaign in the Province to tear down Church Crosses — Pastor Gu’s disappearance is believed to be in retaliation for his refusal to cooperate with the China regime.

In August, I posted a picture here of Chinese Christians Wenzhou, protesting the removal of Crosses and on the 30 December, 2014 I wrote here about other Crosses in Wenzhou, together with a Cross at a convalescent home in Hangzhou Zhejiang Province, ordered removed by China regime Marxist Thugs.

Where is the moral outrage by the Obama Administration, MSM and political candidates, of the ongoing Christian persecution in China?