(Watch) Holocaust Denying PA Mahmoud Abbas Openly Lied to Trump About Wanting Peace With Israel

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(Watch) Palestinian Authority Rejects Trump’s Call to “Drive Out” Support of Islamic Terrorism

Fatah Official Glorifies Abu Jihad – Planned Islamic Jihad Terrorist Attacks – 125 Murdered

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In Memory of the 6 Million Jews Whose Deaths Will Never Be Forgotten

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WikiLeaks Destroys Obama’s Denials – Reveals History of Wiretapping Friends & Rivals

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WikiLeakes: Obama Targeted American Allies German Chancellor Angela Merkel
and Israel PM Benjamin Netanyahu

Flashback: Obama Administration Chilling Effect on “Press Freedom”
Targeting FOX News and James Rosen

(Watch) Muslim Brotherhood Shill & DNC Deputy Chair Keith Ellison: Jews Were Behind 9/11

(Watch) David Horowitz Expose UC San Diego Muslim Students Assn Member True Beliefs

Israel PM Benjamin Netanyahu Receives Much Warmer Welcome Today at the White House

Flashback: In 2010, 2012 and 2015 Barack Hussein Obama Snubbed Bibi Netanyahu

Islamic Fascist Iran: “Only 7 Minutes is Needed for Iranian Missile to Hit Tel Aviv”

Naive Obama Believed That Islamic Fascist Iran Was an Honest Partner and Gave Them $150+ Billion — Less Than Two Years Later Iran Threatens the United States & Israel With Nuclear Weapons

VIA: FARS News Agency

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Iran has Stockpiled 60% More Uranium Than it Had Prior to the 2015 Nuclear Deal -FOX News

Islamic Fascist Iran Calls U.S. Its Enemy — Obama Administration OKs Last Gift of 130 Tons of Uranium to Tehran

Obama Sells Out U.S. & Israel Security in Final Days OKs 130 Tons of Uranium to Iran


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Confronting Muslim Revisionist History

The One Fact About Jerusalem that Forever Destroys the Claim that Muslims are the Rightful Owners of the Land of Israel  -Courtesy of: Daily Rosary Family

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