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Breaking News! Nancy Pelosi LIED About Meeting With Russian Ambassador

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Nancy Pelosi Wants to Give All Illegals a “Pathway to Citizenship” Maybe She’d Like These Two MS-13 Thugs to Move-In With Her?

Maybe Nancy Pelosi Would Like to Have These Two MS-13 Thugs Move In With Her?

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(Video) Nancy Pelosi Tells Adopted Young Pro-Life Woman That Moms Should Have the Choice to Abort

Nancy Pelosi Makes Convoluted Pro-Death Argument on Abortion Rights

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi Calls Trump’s ObamaCare Order “Nonsensical”

The Pot Calling the Kettle Black

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Doing the Same Thing Expecting Different Results – During Pelosi’s Leadership Dems Have Been Losing Elections Since 2008

pelosi-nancy(PoliZette) 30% of House Democrats Voted to Eject Nancy Pelosi

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EPA Wastes $295,507 To Track Energy and Water Usage of Commercial Office Workers

EPAEPA Torture Report -Courtesy: AF Branco Cartoons

(WFB) EPA has authorized a contract of $295,507 to develop technology to track energy and water usage of office workers.

Lucid Design Group a Oakland, CA software company was awarded the technology contract the EPA said in a press release on Thursday saying, “Lucid is focused on reducing energy consumption in commercial buildings by influencing peoples behavior–The technology seeks to reduce peak electricity demand and associated utility bill costs through ambient color-based visual messaging, balancing energy usage and occupant comfort.”

“Funded through EPA’s ‘Small Business Innovation Research Program’ the contracts provide companies up to $300,000 (of taxpayers money, I digress) to further develop and commercialize their products and ideas,” the agency said.

In November, the Washington Free Beacon reported that the EPA announced grants for $1.75 million, through its Healthy Communities Grant Program, to curb ‘climate change’ by teaching adults how to write a grocery list.

Flashback: Remember in December 2013 when Democrat House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said, “The cupboard is bare,” speaking of cuts in the federal budget, “there is no more cuts to make. I think its really important that people understand that.”


Your Tax Dollars at Work: GI Bill Pays For Unaccredited Sex & Erotic Massage Schools

Your Tax Dollars at Work(CIR) These Unaccredited Schools are Getting GI Bill Funding
and Your Tax Dollars

  • Flashback: Remember in September 2013 when House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) said during GOP Congressional battles to cut to the growth in out of control federal spending: “The cupboard is bare, there is no more cuts to make. I think its really important for people to understand that.”


Obama’s Dept of Justice Spends $585,719 Studying “Far Right” Social Media Use

DHS...DoJ Believes Conservatives are Dangerous But Islamists Not So Much
Image Courtesy: Leah@Twitter

(WFB) The Dept of Justice (DoJ) believes its a good expenditure of taxpayers money to award a $585,719 grant to Michigan State Univ to study the social media habits of the ‘far right’ aimed at combating violent extremism.

Former Atty General Eric Holder praised the DoJ Natl Institute of Justice (NIJ) study earlier this year saying:

“There is currently limited knowledge of the role of technology and computer mediated communications (CMC) such as Facebook and Twitter in the dissemination of messages that promote extremist agendas and radicalize individuals to violence,” according to the NIJ grant –“The proposed study will address this gap through a series of qualitative and quantitative analysis of posts of various forms of CMC used by members of both the far right and Islamic extremist movements. 

Holder highlighted this study/assessment February in remarks at the White House Summit on Countering Violent Extremism as an example of the methods the DoJ is using to combat terrorist threats. Holder said the study will “help us develop more effective techniques and partnerships for countering messaging.

“Beyond these new methods, we are also hopeful that we can use some of the lessons and insights gleaned from existing law enforcement strategies that have already proved successful in other contexts and adapt them for use against the threat of violent extremism…that may be a lure for disaffected young people.”

Huh???  Like Obama’s Shovel Ready Jobs Strategy to defeat ISIS which State Dept spokesperson Marie Harf touted earlier this year. — I digress.

Flashback: Remember in September 2013 when House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, (D-CA) said during Washington’s battle to cut the growth in out of control federal spending, “The cupboard is bare, there is no more cuts to make. I think its really important for people to understand that.”