Obama Foreign & Domestic Policy Based on How he Believes World Should Operate, Than Reality

Obama Foreign PolicyNaive Obama Getting Spanked for Weak Foreign Policy
Image: Dorothy Carter@Twitter

(Washington Post) President Obama has led a foreign and domestic policy agenda based more on how he thinks the world should operate than on reality–this is evident in Obama’s “miscalculations” in Egypt, Libya, Syria, Afghanistan, Iran, Israel, Taiwan, China, Russia, Ukraine…

While foreign policy crisis’s continue erupting on Obama’s Watch, today the Obama Administration forges ahead with its Progressive, domestic green agenda of a narrow, isolationist view of their responsibilities, announcing new stricter EPA regulations, further weakening an already overly regulated, anemic, struggling U.S. economy, which further emboldens our adversaries throughout the world.

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EPA Moves Against Alaska Gold Mine Project to Protect Fishies

Obama Appoints Green Group Scientist EPA Integrity Official

EPA Regs Shutter New England’s Largest Coal Plant

Obama’s Climate Plan Calls for Making Excess Carbon a Crime

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CNN Marxist Propaganda: Calls Nanjing Meeting “Peace Talks” Between China Regime & Taiwan

Chinese Activist & Blogger Lu Haitao & his Wife, Granted Political Asylum in United States

Lu Haitao --BBCChina Activist, Journalist & Blogger Lu Haitao –BBC Image

Lu Haitao Beaten UpLu Haitao Severely Beaten in May 2012 –Whats On  Ningbo

(Taipei Times) Chinese Writer & Internet Journalist Lu Haitao asked the United States for political asylum while in Taiwan and was granted his request–the U.S. State Dept  has however refused to confirm or deny the asylum request except to say that Lu Haitao and his wife have arrived into the United States and are residing in Washington, DC

Lu Haitao, formally a journalist with the Oriental Morning Post, was the fifth reporter in one month to have been beaten-up in Shanghai, suffering serious injuries.

Chinese dissident Hu Jia credits the United States offering a great deal of help in assisting Lu Haitao and his wife–asked if KMT President Ma Ying-jeou government in Taiwan was helpful, Hu would only say, “It went beyond not helping.”

More here by Voice of America in Chinese

China Takes Advantage of Obama’s Weakness

“The rich ruleth over the poor–the borrower is the servant to the lender.” Proverbs 22:7

Taipei Times

The number of missiles aimed at American ally Taiwan by the China Regime has grown from 1,400 in 2011 to more than 1,600 this year with China’s advanced Dong-Feng-16 (DF-16) among them.

On the 17 August, 2010 I wrote here that President Obama has disengaged when it comes to foreign policy and its in crisis during his watch.

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China’s Ballistic Missiles a Force to be Reckoned With –WSJ

Chiang Kai-shek Chongqing Home Renovations

 (NetEase–Chinese) Chiang Kai-shek historic 1935 residence in Chongqing is undergoing some renovations being destroyed–China regime claimed that the structure complete disrepair warranted the complete “protective demolition” but promises that the home will be painstakingly rebuilt brick-by-brick using materials from the original structure.


Many worry about the credibility of the China regime statement (they lie) a reporter visiting the renovation site noted that the premises completely lacked any signage noting the structure protective status–there were many workers observed hauling away bricks and pieces of wood.

More here from China Smack

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Comrade Obama Renews Commitment Of ‘One China Policy’ Marxist Totalitarianism Of Taiwan

Committed to his support for Marxist Totalitarianism for Taiwan by the Chinese Communist Party, Comrade Obama, blocks the sale (again) of new F-16 aircraft for American ally Taiwan.

More here from Defense News

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Taiwan Air Force to Take Delivery of Refitted Ching Kuo Jet Fighters

Taiwan Arrests General Accused of Spying for China

Major-General Lo Hsien-che

Taiwan Maj Gen Lo Hsien-che, has been arrested over claims that he spied for the Chinese Communist Party, the Ministry of Natl Defense announced this week as it scrambled to limit the damage from what it called the worst case of espionage in 50 years.

More here from China View

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Taiwan Celebrates Centennial & New Years 2011

New Years Fireworks Display Taiwan & Celebrating 100th Anniversary of Freedom & Democracy

Fireworks Explode Over Taiwan, Taipei Welcoming 2011

Fireworks Display Celebrating 2011 & Taiwan 100th Anniversary of Independence & Freedom

Taiwan Performer Plays Drum During New Years Eve Ceremony in Taipei

Thousands of people in Taiwan flocked to Yongkang Railway Station in Tainan on New Years Eve to purchase centennial souvenir commemorative railway tickets from the Taiwan Railway Administration to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of Freedom and Independence from China

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New Years Eve Celebrations Heat Up In Taiwan –Taiwan Today

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Taiwan’s China Friendly KMT Party Wins 3 of 5 Mayoral Races

Taiwan, Taipei council members show their support for Yang Shu-chun during a rally for Chinese Communist Party Friendly KMT Mayoral Candidate Hau Lung-bin

Millions of voters cast ballots today in Taiwan’s local elections closely being watched by  Beijing. Today’s municipality elections are seen by the China, as a referendum on their Communist Friendly KMT President Ma Ying jeou

Taiwan’s China Friendly KMT Party Wins 3 of 5 Mayoral Races –Deseret News

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Students Return from China to Vote in Saturday’s Municipality Elections–Taiwan News

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Obama Has Disengaged, Willing To Live With Nuclear Iran

Sergei Kinyenko, the head of Russia’s Nuclear Agency is seated for a meeting with the Head of Iran’s Atomic Energy organization—Kinyenko promises Iran that Russia is committed to Iran’s Nuclear Program. Doesn’t much matter to the Russians what the dangers are to Israel, U.S. Troops in the Middle East and the World, the former Soviet Union will sell nuclear technology to the highest bidder.

All the warning signs have been present for years, Iranian Fascist Ahmadinejad has been threatening to annihilate Israel, the United States response, more and more ineffective sanctions—to the Russians, it remains business as usual.

In 2008 Ahmadinejad tells the world Israel Days are Numbered and the only response from the United States, more of the same, big talk.

Iran having threatened to destroy Israel with nothing more than a whimper from either the Bush or Obama Administration—Iranian Fascists plow ahead, encountering nothing but a foreign policy of mush.

Sanctions have now failed and there is a crisis tonight in the Middle East, what is Obama doing? Obama traveled to Columbus, Ohio this evening to campaign for Ohio Democrat-Socialist Governor Ted Strickland cheering the success of his failed economic stimulus program—Ohio’s unemployment rate stands at 10.4% (one of the highest rates in the country) the U.S. Unemployment Rate is 9.5%

Is the Presidency a job too big for Obama? During a time of a new middle east crisis Obama hits the skies crisscrossing the country stumping for Democrat-Socialists

U.S. Foreign Policy in Crisis—Obama Administration has Disengaged

Iran: Israel has just days to launch an attack on Irans’s Bushehr Nuclear Reactor if Russia makes good on their promises to deliver fuel this weekend.

Iraq: Obama is running out of Iraq for all the wrong reasons.

Afghanistan: Obama has said that a significant draw-down of U.S. Troops would begin in 11 months—General David Petraeus cast doubt on the logistics of that decision by President Obama who lacks experience.

China: The Emerging Superpower by Major H.A. Hymes

Taiwan: China presented a 5 point plan to Obama to boost China–U.S. Ties, these include that Obama will keep his commitment made to observe their “One China Policy.” Obama promised his Marxist counterparts in Beijing before and after the 2008 elections that he will continue to support totalitarianism for U.S. ally Taiwan.

North Korea: Sinks South Korean ship, Obama Administration does nothing.

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