Pro-Russian Rebels Hoist Their Flag in Ukraine Debaltseve, Obama Remains Silent

Ukraine Russian Rebels

Russian Rebels Hoist Flag in Newly Captured Ukrainian Town of Debaltseve -Image: KURV Radio

(WSJ) Ukraine has withdrawn troops from the embattled strategic railway hub of Debaltseve early Wednesday, after pro-Russian Rebels overran the town in violation of the ‘so called ceasefire’ that was to have begun on Sunday.

The Russian Rebel forces say they have taken hundred of Ukrainian Soldiers as prisoners. Ukrainian soldiers reportedly were describing desperate conditions as fighting raged–One said they hadn’t been able to get food or water because of the rebel shelling.

The Obama Administration has been silent on these latest reports. Why should this matter to Americans and our allies?

On March 09, 2014 I wrote here that in 1994, then President Bill Clinton together with British Prime Minister John Major and Russian President Boris Yelstin, executed ‘The Budapest Memorandum’ promising to protect the sovereignty of Ukrainian territorial borders from an invading army as part of the denuclearization of the former Soviet Union.

Why should anyone have confidence in any agreements past, present or future made with the United States when we have a history of reneging on them when it is either politically inconvenient or when we have an appeaser-in-chief for president like Obama, who has withdrawn American GI’s from Iraq and Afghanistan, claiming less than a year ago that, “the Iraq war is over…We’re leaving behind a sovereign, stable and self-reliant Iraq,” only to declare war on ISIS in Iraq less than 1 yr later?

When we have a president who undermines our allies such as Israel and Taiwan, while chummy with Islamic Fascists such as the Muslim Brotherhood, Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani and China regime Marxist Xi Jinping, claiming recently to “welcome China’s peaceful rise,” all the while declaring “the world is less violent than it has ever been.”

Obama seems to live in a world of an alternate reality, based more on how he perceives the world should operate than on how it really is.

Human Rights Activists Petition Obama to Stop Suppressing U.S. Ally Taiwan

White House Petition(RFA Chinese) Human Rights Activists Petition the White House
to Stop Suppressing Taiwan and her National Flag 

Flashback: In 2008 then presidential candidate Sen Barack Obama promised his Marxist counterparts before and after the election that he would continue to support the ‘One China Policy’ of totalitarianism for U.S. ally Taiwan.

Obama Continues to Say Nothing in Support of Democracy in Hong Kong, Only Asks China Regime to Exercise Restraint

China ActivistsObama Will Defend Hong Kong Democracy Advocates Like he Did Iran’s, Watching Them Die –Image: Anne Bayefsky@Twitter

(BBC) The Obama Administration continues to fail to support Hong Kong pro-Democracy advocates, only merely asking that the China regime exercise restraint–The CCP calls the  demonstrations illegal and chaotic, warning if they continue, ‘consequences will be unimaginable’ according to state media.

Flashback: Remember in April 2010, when Obama renewed his commitment in support of the Marxist Totalitarianism ‘One China Policy’ for Taiwan which speaks volumes as to why Obama doesn’t support Freedom & Democracy in Hong Kong.

Taiwan Support HKTaiwan Taipei Rally in Support of HK — Sign Reads: “Today’s Hong Kong Tomorrows Taiwan” –Image: Formosa Nation@Twitter

Taiwan Pray for HKTaiwan Rally in Support of Hong Kong –Image: SBS News

Sydney Support HKHundreds in Sydney Support Hong Kong Pro-Democracy Activists
SBS News@Twitter

Pope Francis Sends Condolences to Families and Friends of Taiwan’s Air Disaster

Taiwan Plane CrashTaiwan’s Aviation Authorities Say They Have Found the Black Boxes from Trans Asia Airways Disaster –Image: Edourdoo@Twitter

(Vatican) Pope Francis has sent his condolences to the families of the victims of Trans Asia Airways that crashed near Makong Airport in Taiwan Penghu on Wednesday:

“The Holy Father learned with sadness  of the air accident near Makong Airport and he asks you to kindly convey his heartfelt condolences to the families of the victims and the assurance of his prayers for all affected by this tragedy. Upon all he invokes God’s blessings of consolation, strength and peace.”

According to Taiwan transportation authorities, 47 people were confirmed dead and 11 injured from the ATR 72 aircraft which carried 54 passengers and 4 crew members.

More here from Taipei Times

Obama’s 5th Trip to Asia Will Not Include Visit to U.S. Ally Taiwan But Will to Mosque in Malaysia

Keep Taiwan FreeAwesome Drawing–Keep Taiwan Free –Image: Stinky Tofu@Twitter

Obama Asia TripObama Pivots to Asia –Image: Stars and Stripes

(Taiwan News) As President Obama departs for Asia to reassure allies of the U.S. commitment in the region, Taiwan (again) is notably absent on Obama’s agenda.

While Obama can’t seem to find the time to visit Taiwan, what trip would be complete if he didn’t visit a giant Mosque in Malaysia?

According to the USA Today Obama’s trip to Malaysia will be largely symbolic than substantive, given that its on the CIA’s ‘Watch List’ for the sexual exploitation of Women and Children that some govt officials are reportedly complicit in.

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Obama Foreign & Domestic Policy Based on How he Believes World Should Operate, Than Reality

Obama Foreign PolicyNaive Obama Getting Spanked for Weak Foreign Policy
Image: Dorothy Carter@Twitter

(Washington Post) President Obama has led a foreign and domestic policy agenda based more on how he thinks the world should operate than on reality–this is evident in Obama’s “miscalculations” in Egypt, Libya, Syria, Afghanistan, Iran, Israel, Taiwan, China, Russia, Ukraine…

While foreign policy crisis’s continue erupting on Obama’s Watch, today the Obama Administration forges ahead with its Progressive, domestic green agenda of a narrow, isolationist view of their responsibilities, announcing new stricter EPA regulations, further weakening an already overly regulated, anemic, struggling U.S. economy, which further emboldens our adversaries throughout the world.

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EPA Moves Against Alaska Gold Mine Project to Protect Fishies

Obama Appoints Green Group Scientist EPA Integrity Official

EPA Regs Shutter New England’s Largest Coal Plant

Obama’s Climate Plan Calls for Making Excess Carbon a Crime

H/T: FOX Nation

CNN Marxist Propaganda: Calls Nanjing Meeting “Peace Talks” Between China Regime & Taiwan

Chinese Activist & Blogger Lu Haitao & his Wife, Granted Political Asylum in United States

Lu Haitao --BBCChina Activist, Journalist & Blogger Lu Haitao –BBC Image

Lu Haitao Beaten UpLu Haitao Severely Beaten in May 2012 –Whats On  Ningbo

(Taipei Times) Chinese Writer & Internet Journalist Lu Haitao asked the United States for political asylum while in Taiwan and was granted his request–the U.S. State Dept  has however refused to confirm or deny the asylum request except to say that Lu Haitao and his wife have arrived into the United States and are residing in Washington, DC

Lu Haitao, formally a journalist with the Oriental Morning Post, was the fifth reporter in one month to have been beaten-up in Shanghai, suffering serious injuries.

Chinese dissident Hu Jia credits the United States offering a great deal of help in assisting Lu Haitao and his wife–asked if KMT President Ma Ying-jeou government in Taiwan was helpful, Hu would only say, “It went beyond not helping.”

More here by Voice of America in Chinese

China Takes Advantage of Obama’s Weakness

“The rich ruleth over the poor–the borrower is the servant to the lender.” Proverbs 22:7

Taipei Times

The number of missiles aimed at American ally Taiwan by the China Regime has grown from 1,400 in 2011 to more than 1,600 this year with China’s advanced Dong-Feng-16 (DF-16) among them.

On the 17 August, 2010 I wrote here that President Obama has disengaged when it comes to foreign policy and its in crisis during his watch.

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China’s Ballistic Missiles a Force to be Reckoned With –WSJ

Chiang Kai-shek Chongqing Home Renovations

 (NetEase–Chinese) Chiang Kai-shek historic 1935 residence in Chongqing is undergoing some renovations being destroyed–China regime claimed that the structure complete disrepair warranted the complete “protective demolition” but promises that the home will be painstakingly rebuilt brick-by-brick using materials from the original structure.


Many worry about the credibility of the China regime statement (they lie) a reporter visiting the renovation site noted that the premises completely lacked any signage noting the structure protective status–there were many workers observed hauling away bricks and pieces of wood.

More here from China Smack

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