One Must Help Mothers With Down Syndrome Babies Facing Abortion

Down Syndrome

( You’ve probably heard the statistic before that as many as 90% of unborn children diagnosed with ‘Down Syndrome’ become victims of abortion. This is partly due to the fact that Mothers of such unborn babies face enormous pressure to have an abortion.

Whether the pressure comes from a physician, family or society, it has resulted in the destruction of people simply because they are somewhat different from everyone else.

Gerard Nadal, a pro-Life Geneticist, is taking it upon himself to do something about this–he is collecting stories from Women and parents facing such pressure so that pro-Life can push back against it.

Rest here from Gerard Nadal

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China Regime to Mfg’s: Don’t Make Hong Kong Yellow Umbrellas & Yellow Ribbons

Umbrella Revolution‘Freedom Revolution’ T-Shirt Designed by Hong Kong Golden Brother On Sale Buy it Here: –Image: Pai Lui@Twitter

(CDT) The following censorship instructions, issued to the media by China regime government authorities have been leaked and distributed online:

“Mainland manufacturers must not produce Hong Kong umbrellas, yellow ribbons or items related to Lion Rock–including postcards, T-shirts, rain gear and all other related patterns or goods.”

PraugePrague Commemorated 25th Anniversary of ‘Velvet Revolution’
Image: Shao Jiang@Twitter

Mongkok Shop Supporting Umbrella RevolutionMongkok Snack Shop Supporting #Umbrella Revolution
Image: Christopher DeWolf@Twitter

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Congressional Bill Calls for Monitoring HK Umbrella Revolution –SCMP

Will Obama at APEC Summit Address China Regime Dismal Human Rights Record With Xi Jinping?

China...China Human Rights Activist Hu Jia Seen Standing By a Window Supporting Hong Kong’s ‘Umbrella Revolution’ Image: BBC@Twitter

(BBC)  Human Rights groups are calling on world leaders to raise the issue of ‘Human Rights’ in China during the ‘Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation’ (APEC) Summit.

Amnesty International says that 76 people have been detained arrested by the China regime during the past few weeks for supporting the “Freedom Movement” in Hong Kong.

BBC reporter Martin Patience attempted to visit the home of Hu Jia in Beijing but was turned away by authorities.

On the 06 November, Radio France Intl reported (in Chinese) that China Dictator Xi Jinping now says that is time to reverse Deng Xiaoping’s “One Country Two System’s” policy.

Obama reportedly will be addressing with Xi Jinping concern of  their cyber-espionage on the United States but will he also bring up China regime’s human rights abuses, their inhumane treatment of Human Rights Atty Gao Zhisheng, Activist Liu Xiaobao and many, many others?

Disgusting, Chilling Video: ISIS Savages Negotiating Price of Yazidi Slave Girls

Censorship: Hong Kong Police Arrest Getty News Photojournalist Paula Bronstein

HK Police Arrest Getty News Photographer(Epoch Times) Paula Bronstein ‘Getty Photojournalist’ Arrested While Covering HK ‘Freedom Movement’ Demonstrations –Image: Amberbrella

Hong Kong Police Thugs Pepper Spray and Brutally Beat ‘Freedom Movement’ Student Activist — Obama Continues to Say Nothing

HK Democracy MovementHong Kong Police Raided ‘Umbrella Movement’ Pro Democracy Camp Only to Find Thousands of Determined Students –Image: Nadira Lamrad

HK Student Injured by PoliceHong Kong Police Brutalized “Freedom Movement” Student Wednesday
Occupy Central@Facebook

(SCMP) 21 year old “Alex” a Hong Kong student has accused  Police of beating him with fists and batons, subsequently pepper spraying him straight into his eyes, temporarily blinding him Wednesday night during the continuing freedom demonstrations.

Alex was among 45 people arrested by Hong Kong Police Thugs–later saying that he was “scared and angry at the moment but now overwhelmed with sadness and extreme disappointment at the Police force.” 

As Hong Kong’s mass ‘Freedom Movement’ continues, the China regime has detained dozens of mainland residents openly supporting the movement for universal suffrage rights activists while Obama continues to say nothing on behalf of the pro-Democracy students.

More here from Radio Free Asia

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China State Media Defend Hong Kong Police –BBC

Obama Remains Silent on Hong Kong Freedom Movement — Condemns Israel For Defending Itself

China Regime CensorshipChina Regime Attempts to Scrub Any News of Hong Kong Freedom Demonstrations–Image: Students For

HK SupportHong Kong Freedom Activists Gratefully Acknowledge Intl Support — Obama and the United States are Noticeably Absent –Image: KURO@CWT

(Washington Free Beacon) The White House has announced that it will not follow the strict standards imposed by Obama last year to avoid civilian airstrikes in Syria and Iraq–this decision comes just weeks after the Obama Administration said that it supports an investigation of Israel for war crimes during its air campaign against Hamas Jihadists in Gaza.

State Dept spokesperson Marie Harf stated plainly in reference to Israel that ‘the suspicion that militants are operating nearby does not justify airstrikes that put at risk the lives of so many innocent civilians.’

On the 29 July, I wrote here that Hamas Jihadists had fired more than 2,538 rockets indiscriminately into civilian areas in Israel since Operation Protective Edge had begun.

Where is the moral outrage by the Obama Administration regarding the want for totalitarianism by Hamas Jihadists and the China regime against freedom loving people in Israel and Hong Kong?

Harmonious China Regime Arrest Supporters of Hong Kong Freedom Activists Send Troops Into Xinjiang Province

Hong Kong FreedomHong Kong Freedom Demonstrations China Regime Biggest Challenge Since Tiananmen in 1989 –Image: Financial Times@Twitter

China Regime Sends Forces...Fearing HK Freedom Demonstrations May Spark New Protests, China Regime Sends Troops to Xinjiang Province –Kety Shapazian@Twitter

HK ChiefHong Kong Chief Thug CY Leung Claims Govt ‘Sincere’ in Having Dialogue With Student Freedom Activists –Image: Li Fion@Twitter

HK PoliceHong Kong Police Arrest ‘Freedom Activists’ What Kind of ‘Sincere Dialogue’ May he Expect from CY Leung Thugs? –News Photo: BBC

(BBC) A small but growing number of people have been arrested by authorities across China for expressing support for the Hong Kong Freedom Movement.

Twelve police officers knocked on Ding Weibing’s door at midnight–they had come to detain him for his role in organizing artists last week. Mr Ding had planned on reading poetry and displaying posters in support of events in Hong Kong.

“I was very scared, it was midnights and there were so many police at my door,” Chen Meiling told the BBC

“They were very loud and rude, they scolded my husband and forced him to squat on the floor as they were questioning him.”

Police ordered the couple to turn off their mobile phones, confiscated their computer and camera memory card before taking Mr Ding away.

“I felt like we had been invaded,” added Chen Meiling, my husband is a decent man who pursued justice. He didn’t do anything wrong.”

The BBC has confirmed the names of at least 7 to 12 people that have been arrested and detained in Beijing–at least one Wang Zang, has been charged with   ‘picking quarrels and provoking trouble.’

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25 Years Later — I Stand With #Tankman: Help Free China

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Cheers! Hundreds of Hong Kong Democracy Activists Remain in Streets After Deadline Passes

Umbrella RevolutionHong Kong ‘Umbrella Revolution’

HK ProtestersHundreds of Democracy Activists Remain in Streets –Times of India

Hong KongHong Kong Students Dig-In and Erect a Statute Representing
‘Umbrella Revolution’ –Image: Epoch Times

Occupy HKStudent Reads Some of the Thousands of Messages of Support of the
‘Umbrella Revolution’ –Image:
Sarah Clarke@Twitter

Hong Kong WarningWarning To Security Forces in Hong Kong –Image: Kenneth Roth@Twitter

(BBC) While there are some media reports of Democracy removing some barricades at one protest site according to VOA  hundreds of activists continue to occupy streets and peacefully protest in Hong Kong.

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PRC Running ‘Dirty Tricks Campaign’ to Undermine Protests –CBC

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