Hillary Clinton -v- Pro-Life Movement: Who’s Really For Defending Women’s Health?

Defending Women's HealthHow Hillary Clinton Views Women’s Health

Pro Life MovementPro Life Movement: Who’s Really for Women’s Health? –Sister Athens & Stand True Pro-Life Outreach

How Many Neglected Children May Have Benefited Had Bernie Sanders & Other Candidates Not Wasted Millions Chasing Votes?

Millions on Campaigns(Time) Crazy Old Socialist Bernie Sanders spent wasted $2.2 Million on ads just in California in his losing campaign — Ever wonder how many children may have benefited had St. Teresa Benedicta and St. John Bosco were the recipient of just 1% of all the money candidates wasted chasing votes?

8 Yr Old
Flashback: On the 09 April I wrote here California 8 Yr old boy dies at the hands of negligent social welfare agency — this is why we need St. Teresa Benedicta and St. John Bosco ‘Homes For Kids’

Every Life Is A Beautiful Gift From God – Conception Until Natural Death

Life Is BeautifulLook For the Beautiful – God Given Human Dignity in Everyone –Respect Life Los Angeles

Archbishop Jose Gomez(The Tidings News) Fundamental Injustices In Our Society

” Friends: Any approach that essentially tolerates abortion and euthanasia or puts these issues on par with others, not only betrays the beautiful vision of the Church’s social teaching but also weakens the credibility  of the Church’s witness in our society.” –Archbishop Jose Gomez@Facebook

China Regime Detains Human Rights Activists Ahead of Tiananmen Massacre Commemoration

(HKFP) At least three activist (pictured here) have been arrested  in Beijing ahead of the 27th anniversary of the 04 June, 1989 Tiananmen Massacre commemoration meeting that took place in the home of Human Rights activist Zhao Changqing

According to Chinese Human Rights Activist Liu Xuehong she was video chatting with Xu Caihong, when authorities showed up at Xu’s home at 1:30 AM Liu said the call was cut off and she couldn’t reach Xu subsequently — Likewise Zhao Changqing, Zhang Baocheng were also ‘detained’ (arrested) about 7:00 AM Tuesday, according to Zhou Fengsuo, co-founder of ‘Humanitarian China’ based in San Francisco

Zhao was recently released from prison and is a survivor of the 1989 Tiananmen Massacre – Zhang is a member of the ‘New Citizen Movement’ a Civil Rights organization in China — Zhou told HKFP that “it’s hard to predict (what the China Regime might do) because Zhao Changqing in particular is a veteran and he was release  not to long ago but this can be very serious for him and Zhang Baocheng.”

Chinese Human Rights Activists Praying“This is their basic right, they (were) just having a private meeting…likely a Bible study. They were praying together, just a private event in Zhao Changqing’s home,” Zhou has called for the release of the three.

The China Regime has been cracking down on activities related to the 27th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square Massacre.

According to the NY Times on Monday, Fu Hailu was recently arrested by authorities in Chengdu, Sichuan Province on Sunday, for ‘inciting subversion of state power’ for sharing photos of liquor bottles labeled to mark the day that soldiers squashed pro-democracy activities at Tiananmen Square, nearly three decades ago.

Tiananmen Commemoration BeverageFu’s wife Liu Tianyan said by phone on Monday, that she wasn’t sure whether her husband even had anything to do with the images posted displaying the two liquor bottles, featuring an iconic image of public defiance of the armed 1989 Tiananmen Square uprising.

ISIS Stones 15 Yr Old Syrian Boy to Death for Being Gay

ISIS StoningHow They Celebrate Diversity in the Islamic Caliphate

(ARA News) Islamic Fascist Thugs stoned to death a teenage boy in Syria for being Gay, activists and eyewitnesses reported on Monday — Jamal Nassir al-Oujan age 15, was arrested by ISIS police in Syria’s eastern  Deir en-Zor on Sunday, the Sharia Court accused him of Sodomy and decided to stone him to death.

“Al-Oujan was brutally stoned to death by ISIS militants in Jaradiq Square in the Maydin City on Monday afternoon,” an eyewitness told ARA News.

“Also some civilians were forced to participate in stoning the victim, the brutal scene has shocked all residents of Maydin,” added the eyewitness.

Speaking to ARA News. Ahmed Ramadan a media activist said, “The radical group (ISIS) has violated all human rights by carrying out brutal atrocities against civilians, punishing people on baseless charges only to show off its power over unarmed peaceful civilians.”

On Monday, I wrote here that ISIS Jihadists in Iraq set fire to a home and burned a 12 year old Christian girl alive for failing to pay a tax — the young girl offered forgiveness to  her murders before she succumb to her injuries.

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“Forgive Them” 12 Year Old Christian Girl Forgives Islamic Jihadists Who Burned her Alive Because of a Tax

ForgivenessThe 12 Year Old Christian Girl Asked her Mother to Forgive the ISIS Murderous Thugs Moments Before she Died –Daily Express

(Independent) A 12 year old Christian girl who suffered severe burns after ISIS Jihadists set fire in the bathroom were the girl was showering in.

The girls mother described how ISIS Thugs had set fire to the family home in Iraq Mosul, after they failed to pay the ‘Jaziya’ (religious tax) imposed on all non-Muslims immediately.

Human Rights activist Jacqueline Issac said, “The ISIS foreign fighters were at the door and they told her ‘you have two choices, you are to leave now or you are to pay the Jaziya.”

The girls mother said, “I will pay, give me a few seconds my daughter is in the shower.”

The ISIS Jihadists reportedly said, “You don’t have a few seconds,” they set fire to the house with a torch from the bathroom where the 12 year old girl was showering in. Flames engulfed the house, according to Daily Express both the mother and daughter were able to escape the inferno but not before the 12 year old girl suffered 4th degree burns.

Issac said, the Mother rushed her daughter to the hospital — the last thing her daughter said was “Forgive them,” as she died in her mother’s arms.

Flashback: Remember when Hillary Clinton said that one is to show “respect for ones enemies, trying to understand…empathize with their perspective and point of view.”

Last week a leading Cleric in Baghdad said the country’s Christian population could disappear within 5 years because of the ISIS threat.

Fr. Martin Hermis Dawood said that he used to advise members of his congregation who were contemplating fleeing the country to stay strong but since the emergence of ISIS two years ago he know encourages them to leave immediately.

Iraqi Christian leaders estimate the total number of Chaldean Catholics, Syrian Orthodox and members of the eastern Assyrian Church has declined from 1.3 million twenty years ago to fewer than 400,000 today – in the past two years, ISIS has displaced more than 200,000 Christians from the northern region of Nineveh the Daily Telegraph reports.

Fr. Dawood said, “We are in the middle, we have seen it. When newspapers published cartoons about the (false) prophet Mohammed, it was in Europe but gangs tried to assault Christians here. — We know very well that not every Muslim here is a terrorist but there is a culture rising not only here in Iraq but the Middle East. There’s a struggle happening in the whole world and we will be burned in this fire in the future.”

Little Sisters of the Poor Fighting for Religious Liberty — SCOTUS Refuses to Order Catholic Nuns to Comply With HHS Mandate

AbortionHHS has Given a Free Pass to Exxon, Pepsi, Chevron, Visa Together with NYC and Even the Dept of Defense but Has Taken the ‘Little Sisters of the Poor’ to Court Insisting they Must Either Comply with the ObamaCare HHS Mandate or Face Crushing Fines
Image Courtesy: PoliticsReligionandHer.com

USCCBU.S. Conference of Catholic Bishop’s Reacts to U.S. Supreme Ct HHS Mandate Decision

More here from The Little Sister of the Poor

A Look Back 8 Years Ago Today – Remembering the Victims & Survivors of the Catastrophic Sichuan Earthquake

Sichuan QuakeRemembering the Devastating 8.0 Wenchuan Earthquake That Claimed the Lives of More than 80,000 People — 19,000 of Them Children
Image Courtesy: Wang George

8th anniversary Sichuan QuakePaying Respects to the Victims of the Sichuan Earthquake
Image Courtesy: Sovereign Chen

Wall Of NamesWall Of Names of Schoolchildren that Were Killed in the Wenchuan Earthquake
Image Courtesy: Ian Boyden

Moment of QuakeMoment of Wenchuan Earthquake – Clock Stops in Home at 2:28 PM Killing 70,000+ People and Leaving 17,923 Missing -Image Courtesy: China Daily

Temple RuinsTemple Ruins (Photo Gallery) Images Courtesy: Sina.com

Wenchuan Rebar — Courtesy: Ai Weiwei Studio

  • On the 05 February, 2010 I archived here links to many of my articles subsequent to the catastrophic Sichuan quake.

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ISIS Accuses 7 Yr Old Boy of Insulting the Caliphate, Arrests and Executes Him

QuranThe Religion of Peace Pronunciamento -Image Courtesy: Blacks For Trump

(ARA News) ISIS Thugs executed a 7 yr old boy in Syria’s Northeastern City of Raqqa, eyewitnesses reported last week — speaking to ARA News, Human Rights activist “S.Y.” said the ISIS Jihadists arrested and executed the 7 yr old child on charges of ‘insulting divinity.’

“Islamic State’s police arrested Muaz Hassan earlier this week in the City of Raqqa after they heard him ‘cursing divinity’ while playing in the street with his friends,” the source quoted an ISIS Member of Islamic Court as saying. The act was considered an insult to the Caliphate regardless of the age of the boy.”

An ISIS member of the Sharia Court read a statement before conducting the execution, explaining the reasons for the child’s execution, eyewitnesses told ARA News.

The ISIS Sharia Court sentenced the child to death on charges of ‘infidelity’ in a move contrary to every legitimate principle which says children are not held accountable for their acts, according to Human Rights activists.

Hisba Police shot the 7 yr old child dead last Thursday in the Naeem Square in front of hundreds of people including the child’s parents collapsing after their child’s execution, according to eyewitnesses.

In related news, Iraqi News reports today, that ISIS genocidal monsters burned a family of five (three of which were children) to death on charges of ‘Leaving the Land of the Caliphate’ Southwest of Kirkuk — the source said in a statement, “Today ISIS burned a family of five people including three children in central al-Riyad vicinity,” (40 Km S.W. of Kirkuk) pointing out that, “ISIS members poured white oil material on the family members and burned them in public.”

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H/T: Catholic Online

Venezuelan’s ‘Feeling the Bern’ Catastrophe is the Normal, Hyperinflation, Murder & Food Shortages

Venezuela(WSJ) 15 Yrs of Venezuela Political Revolution – Inflation Hit 180% in 2015 Little Food is Available and What There Is People Can’t Afford It -Image Courtesy: Fernando Ramirez

Flashback: On the 24 April, I posted a video here how Venezuelan’s who have rejected Capitalism like Bernie Sanders are ‘Feeling the Bern’ in the Murder Capitol of the World

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