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The Best Days of Our Lives — Little Sisters of the Poor

“Caring for the elderly is not a job that many people like to do. In the world we live in it is regarded as burdensome and useless–Many of the elderly are put aside, forgotten…what you are actually doing (in caring for the elderly) is that you are safe-guarding the memory of the Church’s family, the memory of faith.

Our Lord said, whatever you do to the least of my brother you do unto me. (Matthew 25:40) When you sing to the elderly, when you pray to them, when you caress them or show tenderness, you are doing it to Christ. — You will have a surprise one day. You will find that in caring for the elderly, doors will be opened to an encounter with Christ.”

Pope Francis message to the Little Sisters of the Poor
25 September, 2015

Obama at U.N. to Iran: “Chanting Death to America Does Not Create Jobs”

Obama Teleprompter...Obama Never Goes Anywhere Without his Trusted Teleprompter
Image Courtesy: FOX News

(WFB) Obama to Islamic Fascist Iran: Chanting ‘Death to America’ doesn’t create jobs or make Iran more secure…Yade, Yade, Yade — As the Supreme Leader Khamenei, Islamic Assembly and the Mullah’s actually care what Obama thinks.

On Monday Iran’s President Rouhani Tweeted “I invite the world, esp my region to form a ‘joint comprehensive plan of action’ to fight Extremism and Violence.”

This is coming from an Islamic Fascist country which continues to illegally hold Four American’s hostage, has a horrible human rights record and subjugates Women — They don’t respect Obama or care what he thinks or says. Obama lives in a world how he expects it to operate than how it really is.

Today in History: 35 Yrs Ago China Begins its Brutal ‘One Child Policy’ — Xi Jinping Begins State Visit to U.S.

The Wonders of a GirlHelp @endgendercide Stop Forced Abortions in China So All May Know the Wonders of a Girl —Women’s Rights Without Frontiers

  • IPraytoEndAbortion “A great prayer of life is urgently needed, a prayer that will rise up throughout the world.” Pope Saint John Paul II

Will Obama Have Any Time to Discuss ‘China Human Rights Abuses’ During Xi Jinping Visit?

Umbrella MovementObama Administration: No Time for Human Rights in China?
Umbrella Movement@Twitter

(BBC/Chinese) Hong Kong Pro-Democracy Activists Martin Lee & Joshua Wong in Washington Could Not Obtain Meeting with Obama Administration Officials

Freedom HouseHK Pro-Democracy Activists Joshua Wong, Benny Tai & Martin Lee to be Honored Thursday at ‘Freedom House’ 75th Anniversary –HKPP

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China Takes Despicable Measures to Subdue Human Rights Lawyer

If Govt Continues Tramples on Justice, Society will Explode –RTHK

Obama Slams Door on 27 Christians Fleeing ISIS But OKs Into U.S. 185,000 Syrian Muslim Refugees

Obama Islam...(AP) Obama Administration Slams Door/Deports 27 Persecuted Chaldean Christians Fleeing ISIS But OKs 185,000 Muslim Refugees from Syria Image Courtesy: Ken Campbell@Twitter

Christians & Physicians Tell Gov Jerry Brown, ‘Doctor Assisted Death’ Wrong Choice for California

One Life LALife is a Sacred Gift from God –Image: OneLife LA

(Angelus) Last week the Democrat controlled California legislature voted to allow doctors to help their patients kill themselves, ramming AB x2-15 through a special legislative session (which Gov Jerry Brown had called for to deal with MediCal financing for the poor) after it earlier this year was pulled from the legislative calendar and previously was rejected by voters in 1992 

“This is no way for our government to make policy on a life and death issue that will affect millions of individuals and families for years to come.

The people of California, especially the poor, the elderly, minorities and the disabled, deserve much better from their leaders and make no mistake, it will be these most vulnerable populations who are going to suffer from this legislation,” said Archbishop Jose Gomez in Los Angeles.

‘American College of Physicians’ President Dr. Wayne Riley, according to KPBS is asking former Jesuit Seminarian and now Gov. Jerry Brown, to veto the ‘Doctor Assisted Suicide’ bill saying that it’s unethical for doctors to participate in the intentional taking of a life.

“We acknowledge that some patients want control over the cause and timing of their death but it’s not our roll as physicians to provide that and therefore we, ethically can not participate in the medicalization of suicide,” said Dr. Riley.

In 2001 the ‘American College of Physicians & American Society of Internal Medicine’ wrote an informative and well reasoned treatise why physician-assisted suicide, raises serious ethical and other concerns and argues that legalization of ‘Doctor Assisted Death’ would undermine the patient-physician relationship and the trust necessary to sustain it.

Full Position Paper: ‘Physician Assisted Suicide’ here from ACP Online

Rick Wells@Facebook: Racist, Intolerant, Xenophobia, Which Christians & Conservatives Must Condemn

Rick Wells FBRick Wells@Facebook — Racist, Insulting & Sinful Post

What a disgusting and bigoted portrayal Rick Wells@Twitter that all Latinos are gang members and thugs. — FYI: My BFF is an accomplished, talented, hardworking, immigrant, Latina-American, Christian Woman and is nothing as portrayed in the above xenophobic and outrageous Facebook post.

On the 28 April, 2010 I wrote here ‘Few things are as bad in the United States as racism but both political parties (some members of) are coming across as intolerant bigots, hurling racial insults and anti-immigrant intolerant rhetoric at one another, stirring up racial strife, anger and hatred in America.’

When is this going to end? How insulting is Rick Wells@Facebook post to Christian Conservatives@Twitter (#CCOT) Top Conservatives@Twitter (#TCOT) and #TeaParty Conservatives which he claims affiliations with.

Its long overdue for Christians and those who call themselves ‘Christian Conservatives’ to denounce this sort of intolerant, hateful, bigoted and hurtful speech as harmful to America but likewise sinful and must not be encouraged but must be publicly condemned.

“He who says he is in the light and hates his brother is in the darkness still. He who loves his brother abides in the light and in it there is no cause for stumbling but he who hates his brother is in the darkness and walks in the darkness and does not know where he is going because the darkness has blinded his eyes.” —1 John 2:9-11 (RSVCE)

Perspective/Human Rights Abuses in China Ahead of Obama-Xi Jinping Summit

ISIS Recruits at Vatican City; Destroys 1,500 Yr Old Catholic Monastery & St. Elian’s Tomb in Syria, Where’s the Moral Outrage?

ISIS at VaticanISIS Recruiter Proselytes for New Islamic Converts at St. Peter’s Square Image: The Eponymous Flower

ISIS SyriaISIS Destroys 1,500 Yr Old Catholic Monastery in Syria Qaryatain — Discards Remains of Saint Elian Martyred for Christ in 284
Images: Pope

Flashback: On the 25, July, 2014 I posted photos here of ISIS destruction of the Prophet Jonah’s Tomb in Iraq which received a little more than a whimper from Christians outraged over Obama’s disengagement foreign policy.

  • Remember in 2009 when Obama said: “So let there be no doubt that Islam is part of America–Islam has a proud tradition of tolerance.”
  • Remember in December when Hillary Clinton said that we must “empathize” with America’s enemies, of our Christian heritage, civilization and way of life.

On the 03 June, I wrote here that ISIS threatened to destroy Saint Matthew’s Monastery founded 363 in (present day Iraq) filled with Christians. 

Where’s the moral outrage of Americans, demands on Obama and Congress to defeat these 21st century Islamic fascists?

Happy Women’s Equality Day

Women's Equality DayOn This Date in 1920 Women Achieved the Right to Vote in the U.S.
U.S. Navy