Obama Administration Ties Funding for Care of Child Immigrants to Abortion Services

Obama Abortion Funding

(NCRegister) Faith based agencies that receive federal funds to assist unaccompanied immigrant children in the United States may soon be required to provide access to abortion inducing ‘morning after pills’  and abortion services for minors that may be pregnant.

Joined by the United State Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) a coalition of faith based agencies have warned that an Interim Final Rule published by the Health and Human Services (HHS) Office of Refuge Resettlement ‘falls short’ of having adequate protections with organizations having a moral, religious and ethical objections to provide, “all lawful pregnancy related medical services” which would include emergency contraception and abortion services.

“Faith based organizations excel in caring for all people and the right of those organizations to do so is consistent with their religious beliefs and moral convictions must be respected,” the USCCB said in join comments on the 20 February, together with Catholic Relief Services, World Relief, World Vision and the Natl Association of Evangelicals.

The new HHS rule takes effect on the 24 June and will apply to contractors and grantees that receive federal funds to assist unaccompanied minors.

“Religious liberty is really important for us to do the work we do,” said Brian Corbin, the Vice President of Social Policy for Catholic Charities USA.

Corbin told the Natl Catholic Register that “religious freedom is at stake” and said he agrees with the USCCB that the interim final rule is inadequate. Like the Bishops Conference, Corbibn hopes the federal government will accommodate Catholic Charities’ religious and moral beliefs.

The HHS interim rule quietly published on Christmas Eve in the Federal Register, marks the second occasion in 4 yrs that the Obama Administration has tied federal funds for humanitarian relief services to a mandate that they provide contraception and abortion services.

In September, 2011 the Obama Administration cutfunds to the USCCBs campaign against human trafficking because of HHS  policy that gave ‘strong preference’ to agencies that offered referrals for the ‘full range of legally permissible gynecological care’ and abortion services. Up until then, the Bishops had been lauded for their efforts to provide food, clothing and medical care to human trafficking victims.

This latest interim rule is yet another example of ‘stealth legislation through regulation–It’s a terrible trend,’ said Susan Yoshihara, Sr. Vice President for Research and Director of the Intl Organizations Research Group at the Center for Family & Human Rights.

Presently, 6 of the 9 national refugee-resettlement agencies in the United States are faith based organizations. The USCCB is the largest in terms of persons served, while ‘World Relief’ mobilizes the resources of the evangelical community. Together faith-based organizations resettle the majority of refugees entering the United States.

The USCCB said, “Faith based organizations excel in caring for all people and the right of those organizations to do so consistent with their religious beliefs and moral convictions must be respected.”

All Life is Precious — Babies Bring Many Happy Memories

‘The Order of Rights’ Pro-Life Drama — How You Can Help Speak For Those Who Have No Voice

The Order of Rights MovieThe Order of Rights Movie
The End of Abortion Movement — The Rosary Is The Key

(Indiegogo) ‘The Order of Rights” film/drama centers around ‘Emma Stein’ a pregnant single girl who has been advised by her mother Kerri to have an abortion. Despite the objection of the child’s father Ethan Carpenter and his promise to help her–she decides to go ahead with the procedure.

When Ethan and his family file a lawsuit on behalf of the unborn child’s right to life the drama escalates as Emma’s mother Kerri, contacts a friend in the media, before long the case is mired in media frenzy.

The end of the drama has a twist as it takes what appears to be utter defeat and failure, transforming it into much deeper victory of personal conversion.

Directed by Jim Ball of Stone Road Pictures in Maryland, Ball previously produced and directed ‘The Sins of the Fathers’ winner of the ‘Best Mystery Feature’ in the New York Intl Independent Film Festival and nominated for ‘Best Feature Film’ in the Intl Christian Faith Film Festival’ in England.

Ball’s vision for “The Order of Rights’ is to effectively communicate God’s truths, fighting for the unborn in an entertaining form to attract a large audience.

Your prayers and financial support are needed for this project, with a production budget of $306,000 — So far, $63,103 has been raised.

Order of RightsThe Order of Rights@Facebook

More here from Order of Rights.com

Add Oil Machine for the Hong Kong Umbrella Movement Wins Human Rights Award

Freedom Flowers Foundation ExhibitStand By You: ‘Add Oil Machine For the Umbrella Movement’ Projection
on the Lennon Wall Hong Kong –Image: avtiu@Twitter

(ejinsight) ‘Stand By You: ‘Add Oil Machine, an image projector set up in Hong Kong in support of last years ‘Freedom Revolution’ by human rights activists Sampson Wong and Jason Lam, has won 1st Prize in the 2015 Freedom Flowers Foundation–the awards ceremony will take place on the 08 March in Switzerland, Geneva.

The creators of ‘Add Oil Machine’ for OCLP@Facebook’ page said of their image: “It reminds us how much we miss everyone from the occupied zone and we really should move on and prepare for the next fight.”

H/T: Fion Li@Twitter

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Despicable! Sacramento Idiot Displays Swastikas on his Home, Neighbors Outraged

Nazi SwastikaSacramento Man Displays Swastika’s on his Home
Image: NBC Los Angeles

(KTNV News) Sacramento residents and lawmakers are outraged because of Swastikas that have been displayed on a house which local authorities have received complaints.

“How do I explain this to my little one?” Robbie Rose who lives nearby resident told KCRA3 News Sacramento “I am all freedom of speech but this is just too much.”

KCRA3 News, attempted to ask the resident behind the display what is meant by it but he refused to comment.

“There is no more potent symbol of hatred than the swastika–It is a symbol of murder and genocide,” said Barry Broad who is likewise appalled at the display.

Anti-Defamation League (ADL) Central Pacific Regional Director Seth Byrsk denounced the display saying, “Such a gratuitous  and offensive display of swastikas–to make a political point is repugnant and highly inappropriate. It demeans the suffering experienced by the victims of the Holocaust and insults all those who were targeted by Nazi bigotry.”

More here from ADL San Francisco

Hong Kong ‘Freedom Revolution’ Leaders: World Must Stay Focused on Human Rights in China

HK Freedom MovementHong Kong ‘Freedom Revolution’ Student Leaders Address
Geneva Summit for Human Rights –Image: Javier El-Hage@Twitter

(SCMP) Student leaders of Hong Kong’s Umbrella (Freedom) Revolution, told a human right summit in Geneva on Tuesday that the world must stay focused on human rights situation in China and keep up pressure on Beijing to allow for more Democracy in Hong Kong.

Federation of Students Secy General Alex Chow and his Deputy Lester Shum, also said they will not retreat or lose hope in the fight for genuine universal suffrage in the 2017 chief executive election.

Earlier this month I wrote here about Hong Kong’s ‘Freedom Revolution’ — On the 11 November, I wrote here that Obama assured China regime President Xi Jinping, that the White House had no involvement in promoting Freedom and Democracy in Hong Kong.

For 79 days last year, student led protests for Freedom & Democracy took over major streets in Hong Kong in the largest challenge to the China regime since the 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre.

“We have the right to have these things. We have the right to have Democracy –true Democracy and universal suffrage because this is a human right,” said Activist Glacier Kwong.

“What we need is international public opinion to keep watch on China so that they leave Hong Kong alone,” said Lee Cheuk-Yan, an activist arrested during Tiananmen Square protests adding, “We in Hong Kong we have nothing. We don’t have arms, we don’t have anything to protect ourselves. We have just the people.”

More here ‘Hong Kong Teen Activists Vow to Return to the Streets’ –CNN

Pro-Russian Rebels Hoist Their Flag in Ukraine Debaltseve, Obama Remains Silent

Ukraine Russian Rebels

Russian Rebels Hoist Flag in Newly Captured Ukrainian Town of Debaltseve -Image: KURV Radio

(WSJ) Ukraine has withdrawn troops from the embattled strategic railway hub of Debaltseve early Wednesday, after pro-Russian Rebels overran the town in violation of the ‘so called ceasefire’ that was to have begun on Sunday.

The Russian Rebel forces say they have taken hundred of Ukrainian Soldiers as prisoners. Ukrainian soldiers reportedly were describing desperate conditions as fighting raged–One said they hadn’t been able to get food or water because of the rebel shelling.

The Obama Administration has been silent on these latest reports. Why should this matter to Americans and our allies?

On March 09, 2014 I wrote here that in 1994, then President Bill Clinton together with British Prime Minister John Major and Russian President Boris Yelstin, executed ‘The Budapest Memorandum’ promising to protect the sovereignty of Ukrainian territorial borders from an invading army as part of the denuclearization of the former Soviet Union.

Why should anyone have confidence in any agreements past, present or future made with the United States when we have a history of reneging on them when it is either politically inconvenient or when we have an appeaser-in-chief for president like Obama, who has withdrawn American GI’s from Iraq and Afghanistan, claiming less than a year ago that, “the Iraq war is over…We’re leaving behind a sovereign, stable and self-reliant Iraq,” only to declare war on ISIS in Iraq less than 1 yr later?

When we have a president who undermines our allies such as Israel and Taiwan, while chummy with Islamic Fascists such as the Muslim Brotherhood, Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani and China regime Marxist Xi Jinping, claiming recently to “welcome China’s peaceful rise,” all the while declaring “the world is less violent than it has ever been.”

Obama seems to live in a world of an alternate reality, based more on how he perceives the world should operate than on how it really is.

So What If the Department of Homeland Security Runs Out of Funds?

DHS Organizational ChartU.S. Dept of Homeland Security Organizational Chart

Eleven days after the 9/11 attacks at the World Trade Center, Pentagon and United 93 that crashed in Shanksville, PA the Dept of Homeland Security (DHS) was founded, designated to coordinate and unify 22 separately funded federal departments and agencies with a budget in FY 2002 of $19.5 Billion, during FY 2015 this exploded to $38.2 Billion to Obama’s $41.2 Billion FY 2016 funding request

DHS from their own ‘Organizational Chart’ has too many subdivisions in too many disparate fields to operate effectively as CATO Institute in September, 2011 points out.

Agencies with responsibility for: Counterfeiting Investigations, Border Security, Disaster Preparedness, Federal Law Enforcement Training, Biological Warfare Defense, Health Affairs find themselves under the same Cabinet official.

This arrangement has not enhanced the governments competence or efficiency–Americans are not any safer because the head of DHS is simultaneously responsible for airport security and federal efforts to counter potential flu epidemics.

National defense is a key governmental responsibility but focusing too many resources on trying to defend every potential terrorist target is a recipe for wasteful spending. Our limited resources are better spent on investigating and arresting aspiring terrorists.

DHS responsibilities for aviation security, domestic surveillance and port security, have made it too easy for politicians to disguise pork barrel spending in red, white and blue–Politicians wanting to bring money home to their districts and as a result, DHS appropriations too often differ from what ought to be DHS priorities.

The Dept of Homeland Security should be abolished (or defunded) and its components reorganized into more practical groupings. The agencies tasked with immigration, border security and customs enforcement belong under the same oversight agency. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and Federal Air Marshals should be abolished and the federal government should end support for fusion centers–the remaining DHS organizations should return to their former parent agencies.

Terrorism remains a serious problem but policymakers ought to be more candid with the American public. Instead of pandering to fear and overreacting to every potential threat, Washington policymakers should keep the risk of terrorist attacks in perspective and focus public resources on cost-effective measures.

On the 16 November, 2010 I wrote here did you know, that the nations airports are not required to have TSA Screeners? The 2001 law creating the ‘Transportation Security Administration’ (TSA) gave airports the right to opt out of the TSA program in favor of ‘Private Screeners’ subsequent to a 2 yr period.

Now with DHS funding on-hold and with a TSA (that everyone loves to hate) having humiliated travelers ever since they’ve been in existence, made children cry, trampled on the 4th Amendment–never forgetting the $30 Million of taxpayers dollars it wasted on ‘Puffers’ that didn’t work together with the roaming HCV Mobile Full Body XXX Scanners that government bureaucrats spent money on, that may without a warrant look into your home, other structures and underneath your clothing.

So what if the DHS runs out of funds (which would effectively defund the TSA) would this be such a bad thing or instead be an unanticipated victory for the Constitution?

ISIS Beheads 21 Christians in Libya, In Statement Calls on Muslims Everywhere to Kill Christians

Obama Compares Christianity to ISISObama Compares ISIS to Christians at Natl Prayer Breakfast
Cartoon Image: Markeece Young@Twitter

(ANSAmed) Twenty one Egyptian Christians kidnapped by ISIS Jihadists in Libya around New Years Day are feared dead, after Twitter accounts linked to the ‘Islamic State’ (ISIS) have announced they have been slaughtered.

There has been no official confirmation by the Egyptian government but Egyptian media believe the news to be reliable, as two pictures were being shown from the same Twitter account, which appears to evidence, ‘the Islamic State carrying out the executions of Coptic (Christian) prisoners in the Province of Tripoli.

According to Shoebat.com ISIS Jihadists took 21 Christians to the beach and beheaded all of them, subsequently releasing a statement in its magazine that Muslims everywhere must kill Coptic Christians wherever they are found.

The 21 Coptic Christians were reportedly abducted in the Libyan City of Sirte in two separate instances. According to FOX News seven of the Christians were kidnapped on the 31 December and the other fourteen were abducted on the 03 January, according to Egyptian Foreign Ministry spokesman Badr Abdel Atty.

On the 03 January, I wrote here that according to the LA Times Christians have specifically been singled out as targets of ISIS, they include a Coptic couple and their daughters who were murdered in December, when an unidentified gunman burst into their home in City of Serte, about 220 miles southwest of Libya Tripoli.

Obama Omits “Jews” as Religious Minority That ISIS Targets in War Resolution Sent to Congress

ISIS HolocaustISIS Threatens 21st Century Holocaust Against Jews
Image: Fractalhedge

(CNN) Coincidence??? Obama omits “Jews” as religious minority group that ISIS targets in ‘Limited/Cut-n-Run’ War Resolution sent to Congress this week.

This of course comes on the heels of Obama’s interview with Vox.com claiming the ISIS Jihadist that attacked a Jewish market in Paris in January, was just one of those “violent vicious zealots who behead people or randomly shoot a bunch of folks in a deli in Paris.”

Flashback: Remember in October, when the Obama Administration ‘urged restraint and calm’ of the Israel government following the cold-blooded Islamic Jihadist vehicular terrorist attack in Jerusalem, which claimed the life of 3 month old American Chaya Braun, riding in her stroller.