Religion of Peace: Mob in Afghanistan Storm Police Station and Lynch Newlywed Couple in Honor Killing

(Video) Milo Yiannopoulos Smacks Down Muslim Fanaticism While Exposing Its Hatred of Gays, Women & America

German Police Arrest Syrian ISIS Suspect Accused of Rape

ISIS Unleashes Female Jihadis Biting Brigade Armed With Metal Jaws Tearing Women to Death

(Video) Nancy Pelosi Tells Adopted Young Pro-Life Woman That Moms Should Have the Choice to Abort

Nancy Pelosi Makes Convoluted Pro-Death Argument on Abortion Rights

Remember When Islamic Misogynist Starbucks Banned Women From Its Stores in Saudi Arabia

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500,000 Marched For Life in Washington Friday, Mourning the Deaths of 57 Million Babies

March For Life 2017 Drew as Many as 500,000 Peaceful Pro-Lifers
Mourning the Deaths of 57 Million Babies  -Image Courtesy: VudatNation

Not a Single Sign Displaying Anything Vulgar or Obscene -Image: Life

This Years Annual ‘March For Life’ Brought People From Across the Country -Image Courtesy: The Daily Signal

March For Life Invocation – Cardinal Timothy Dolan

From Addiction, Homelessness to the Priesthood, One Man’s Amazing Journey

Trump Rescinds Obama’s 2009 Executive Order Funding of Foreign Abortions

President Trump Reinstates Pro-Life Policy Preventing U.S. Tax Dollars Being Used
to Fund Abortion Groups Worldwide -White House Photo


According to LifeSite News “the Mexico City policy first instituted by President Reagan in 1984 restricts U.S. overseas funding to groups that offer or aggressively promote abortions. Since Reagan, it has been successfully implemented by Republican presidents and repealed by Democrat presidents.”

Obama overturned the Mexico City policy on this date in 2009 — one of his first presidential acts.

Just 5 More Days Until Women’s March For Life on Washington

Supporting the Rights of Women & Children – Will You Participate and Be a Voice for the Voiceless?