Boko Haram Islamic Rapist Thugs Suspected of Kidnapping 172 Nigerian Women & Children

Boko Haram(Reuters) ‘Islamic Rapists Are at It Again’ in Nigeria
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Anne Bayefsky@Twitter

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ISIS Publishes Penal Code Says Blasphemy, Adultery, Sodomy, LGBT Punishable by Death

ISIS Penal CodeISIS Publishes Its Penal Code –Image: Prophet’s Khilafah@Twitter

ISIS ProhibitionISIS Prohibition: Carrying Out Lashing on 3 Men for Drinking Alcohol
Image: Anbaari/Islamic State

 (WFB) Islamic State (ISIS) has published its own penal code which harshly penalizes actions such as sodomy, blasphemy, apostasy and theft with punishments including execution, crucifixion, lashing and the severing of limbs among other penalties.

ISIS issued the document this week that was titled “Clarification the Huded” as a ‘warning and a reminder to people living under its rule’ that any behavior not in accordance with strict Islamic ‘Sharia Law’ will be cruelly punished.

Following are the Crimes Appearing in the ISIS Document Along
with their Respective Punishments:

  • Blasphemy Against Allah: Death
  • Blasphemy Against the Prophet Mohamed: Death
  • Blasphemy Against Islam: Death
  • Adultery: Stoning until death in case the adulterer was married and 100 lashes and exile if he or she was unmarried
  • Sodomy/LGBT: Death for the person committing the act as well as for the one receiving it.
  • Theft: Cutting off the hand.
  • Drinking Alcohol: 80 Lashes
  • Slandering: 80 Lashes
  • Spying for the Unbelievers: Death
  • Apostasy: Death

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Apparently Only Some #BlackLivesMatter Others, Not As Much @GosnellMovie

Dr Kermit GosnellFlashback: Remember Dr Kermit Gosnell –”Apparently Only Some Black Lives Matter, Others Not So Much.” Gosnell Movie Image: Chris@Twitter

Christian Persecution Sweeps Across China

ISIS Thugs Behead 4 Christian Children in Iraq Who Refused to Deny Jesus and Convert to Islam

ISIS GenocideISIS Jihadist’s Behead 4 Christian Children in Iraq for Refusing to
Deny Jesus and Convert to Islam –Image:

(Mirror Online)  ISIS Jihadist’s beheaded 4 Christian children in Iraq for refusing to convert to Islam.

Fr. Andrew White says the executions took place in a Christian enclave close to Baghdad which has recently been overrun by ISIS.

In November Obama claimed on CBS ‘Face the Nation’ CNN reports that the U.S. air campaign against ISIS is ‘very effective, degrading the militants and slowing their advance.’

Speaking to the Orthodox Christian Network Fr. White said: Islamic State turned up and said to the children, you say the words that you will follow Islam.

The children all under 15 yrs of age said, ‘No, we love Jesus…’

The ISIS Thugs subsequently chopped all their heads off. How do you respond to that? You just cry.

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#Pray2EndAbortion — Twitterstorm 1:00 PM EST 12 December, 2014

Pope Francis Urges Muslim Leaders to Condemn Violence in Name of Islam, Seeks More International Assistance for Refugees

ISIS Justifies War With....(MEMRI Video)  Islamic State (ISIS) Justifies Its War With Yazidis
Calling On Them to Convert to Islam Before Killing Them

(Vatican News) During Pope Francis apostolic trip to Turkey this past week, the Pontiff urged Muslim leaders worldwide to condemn violence in the name of Islam–Appealing for more international assistance for the thousands of refugees from nearby Iraq and Syria who have taken refugee in Turkey.

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Where’s the Moral Outrage? #BlackBabiesLivesMatterToo

One Must Help Mothers With Down Syndrome Babies Facing Abortion

Down Syndrome

( You’ve probably heard the statistic before that as many as 90% of unborn children diagnosed with ‘Down Syndrome’ become victims of abortion. This is partly due to the fact that Mothers of such unborn babies face enormous pressure to have an abortion.

Whether the pressure comes from a physician, family or society, it has resulted in the destruction of people simply because they are somewhat different from everyone else.

Gerard Nadal, a pro-Life Geneticist, is taking it upon himself to do something about this–he is collecting stories from Women and parents facing such pressure so that pro-Life can push back against it.

Rest here from Gerard Nadal

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China Regime to Mfg’s: Don’t Make Hong Kong Yellow Umbrellas & Yellow Ribbons

Umbrella Revolution‘Freedom Revolution’ T-Shirt Designed by Hong Kong Golden Brother On Sale Buy it Here: –Image: Pai Lui@Twitter

(CDT) The following censorship instructions, issued to the media by China regime government authorities have been leaked and distributed online:

“Mainland manufacturers must not produce Hong Kong umbrellas, yellow ribbons or items related to Lion Rock–including postcards, T-shirts, rain gear and all other related patterns or goods.”

PraugePrague Commemorated 25th Anniversary of ‘Velvet Revolution’
Image: Shao Jiang@Twitter

Mongkok Shop Supporting Umbrella RevolutionMongkok Snack Shop Supporting #Umbrella Revolution
Image: Christopher DeWolf@Twitter

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Congressional Bill Calls for Monitoring HK Umbrella Revolution –SCMP