Christian Genocide in the Middle East, Where’s the Moral Outrage by Obama & the Liberal Left?

Christian GenocideChristian Genocide –Image: Ken Gardner@Twitter

Christian Genocide...A Century Ago What’s Now Turkey was 25% Christian Now its 99% Muslim-Christian Genocide Happening Again in Middle East -Rorate Caeli

For the First Time in 2000 YearsAfter 2000 Years Christians Were Forced to Leave Iraq Mosul
Image: Precept Ministries@Facebook

(Independent)  The Vicar of the Anglican Church in Iraq has warned the end for Christians in the country  appears “very near” as he appealed for help after the deadline set by Islamic Jihadists has come-and-gone for Christians to Convert or Die—for those Christians that did not comply with the 19 July decree, ISIS Jihadists said “there is nothing to give them but the sword.” Things are very desperate–people are disappearing.

Mosul Archbishop Amei Nona who has become a refugee himself when ISIS Jihadists took over the city three weeks ago says, “My diocese no longer exists, ISIS have taken it from me,” with approximately about 10,000 members of the diocese are now on the run. “I don’t know whether they will ever be able to return to Mosul,” Archbishop Nona said.

More here ‘Mosul Archbishop: My Diocese No Longer Exists’ –CNA

Rep Frank Wolf (R-VA) Slams Obama Ignoring Christian Genocide in Iraq

Obama Wants Repeal of Iraq War Authorization So U.S. Can’t Engage ISIS

Purged by ISIS, Iraq Christians Appeal to the World for Help –FOX News

(Video) Muslims Behead 50 People–Place Their Heads on Poles –Shoebat

ISIS Now Aggressively  Pursuing Christians in Nineveh –Catholic Online

Hamas Used Kids to Build Terrorist Tunnels Resulting in 160 Children Deaths

Hamas Terror TunnelsHamas Used Materials Israel Transferred to Help Gaza to Construct Terrorist Tunnels –Image: IDF

(Tablet) Hamas used child labor to construct terrorist tunnels used to attack Israel–at least 160 Palestinian children were killed according to a 2012 Institute for Palestinian Studies report detailing Gaza’s tunnel phenomenon.

Iran’s Grand Islamic Wizard Ali-Khamenei Lives ‘High on the Hog’ While Poverty and Human Rights Violations Rampant

What If Christians Demanded that Muslims Convert or Die? Where’s the Moral Outrage by Obama & the Left?

Islamic Ethnic Cleansing of Christians in Iraq(The Guardian) Islamic Ethnic Cleansing of Christian in Iraq
Joni Versity@Twitter

Deja VuDaja Vu –Image: Color Me Red@Twitter

Why Will the U.S. Give the Islamic Fascist Iranian Regime Another $2.8 Billion for Agreeing to Continue Talking?

John Kerry Iran TalksSecy of State John Kerry at Islamic Fascist Iran Nuke Talks

Save American Pastor SaeedIranian Regime Continues to Hold American Pastor Saeed Hostage –ACLJ

Iran Brutalizes Dog OwnerIran Ordered This 70 Yr Old Man Jailed for 4 Months to Receive 70 Lashes for Walking his Dog on the Street –Image: Speak Up For The Voiceless

(Free Beacon) The United States will give to Islamic Fascist Iran another $2.8 Billion over the next several months in exchange for agreeing to extend nuclear talks until late November–the Obama Administration has already returned to Iran $4.2 Billion in unfrozen oil assets during the past six months.

Why is it that the Obama Administration is paying Iran to “negotiate” when instead: (a) they should be demanding that the Iranian regime release American Pastor Saeed Abedini from Iranian prison for establishing a church and orphanage; (b) demanding that Iran stop exporting weapons, rockets and training to Hamas Jihadists in Gaza used to indiscriminately bomb Israel civilians?

Hamas & Islamic Apologists are Hoping the Media is Lazy Enough Not to Report the Use of Children as Human Shields

Did You Know: NRA Was Founded to Protect Freed Slaves from the KKK Which Democrats Supported

Black Conservatives(YouTube Video) Did You Know: The NRA was Founded to Protect Freed Slaves from the KKK which Democrats supported and advocated.

H/T: Lana Wong

Too Funny: White House Petition to Allow Unaccompanied Central America Children to Move-In With “The Obama’s”

White House PetitionHave you signed this White House Petition? How Will the Obama Administration Respond? 

H/T: Bluegrass Pundit

Clinton Foundation Receives Major Funding from Hamas Donor Qatar & Brunei’s Islamic Law Govt

Hillary Clinton Hamas(Free Beacon) The Clinton Foundation & Hamas Share a Key Donor the Qatar Government –Image: Kate Scanlon@Twitter

Flashback: In May, FOX News reported that the Clinton Foundation received Millions in contributions from the Brunei Islamic law government.

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Obama No Time to Visit the Southern Border–Books 15 Day Vacation at Martha’s Vineyard

Obama Vacation

(FOX News) President Obama has no time to visit the Southern border where a humanitarian crisis unfolds however the White House has confirmed this week, “The Obama’s” will return to Martha’s Vineyard for a two week vacation from Saturday, 09 August to Sunday, 24 August

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