Team Obama Vows Justice for ‘Cecil the Lion’ and ‘Panned Butcherhood’ but Silent on Illegals Charged with Murders in California & Ohio

Obama Vows Justice for LionSimba-lism –Cartoon: Branco/Legal Insurrection

(Breitbart) Obama Administration vows justice for ‘Cecil the Lion’ that practically no one ever heard of in Zimbabwe together with ‘Planned Butcherhood’ but they continue to remain silent on Illegal Immigrants charged with the murders of Kathryn Steinle in California earlier this month and an Ohio Woman this week.

Planned Butcherhood: Here’s a Stomach, Kidney, Heart — It’s a Baby

We’re Worth More Than the Sum of Our Parts — Conception Until Natural Death

We Are Worth More... “Every Life is a Whole New World” — Respect Life Los Angeles
Image Courtesy:
Heartbeat Intl@Facebook

  • IPrayToEndAbortion “A great prayer of life is urgently needed, a prayer that will rise up throughout the world.”
    Pope Saint John Paul II

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Censorship: Planned Butcherhood Sends Letters to TV Stations Demands They Stop Airing Videos

Obama’s Dept of Justice to Investigate ‘Center for Medical Progress’ Sting of Planned Butcherhood

Planned Parenthood...(NC Register) Obama’s Dept of Justice to Investigate
‘Center for Medical Progress’ Sting of Planned Butcherhood
Image: Barracuda Brigade

In the Movie Trailer Minions Seek Out Most Evil People – It Looks Like They Found Them in Planned Butcherhood

Planned ButcherhoodBaby Parts for Sale @Planned Butcherhood
Soquel by the Creek

Children are a Heritage of the Lord — Grandchildren are the Crown of the Aged

Even the Smallest Person....Every Life is a Whole New World –Respect Life Los Angeles

  • IPrayToEndAbortion “A great prayer of life is urgently needed, a prayer that will rise up throughout the world.”
    Pope Saint John Paul II

Here’s the California Company that Buys/Sells Baby Parts From Planned Butcherhood

Stem Express(Breitbart) Placerville California Stem Express Buys & Sells
Aborted Baby Parts from Planned Butcherhood –Image: Monica

  • On the 22 July, Amy Otto@The Federalist reported why it is not necessary to commercially market aborted baby parts for medical researchers as ‘science have found ways to produce these cells without aborting babies.’

China Shanghai Doctor & Grandfather Suspected of Murdering Newborn With Cleft Lip

Abandoned NewbornIn May, Baby With Cleft Lip Was Abandoned, Burned and Buried Alive
8 Days in China Guangxi, Somehow Managed to Survive –Shanghaiist

(SCMP) Police in China Shanghai have arrested a man and a doctor on suspicion of murdering a newborn boy that had a cleft lip–the man who was the infants Grandfather and a physician have been accused of injecting the baby with a high dose of  ‘potassium chloride’ on the 15 July killing him.

Ji Hui, a Deputy Chief at Chongming No. 2 Peoples Hospital was quoted by the ‘Oriental Morning Post’ as saying that family members had been told by doctors the cleft lip could have been fixed with proper treatment.

On the 07 June, 2013 I wrote here about and abandoned baby in China that was discovered with ants crawling all over her face in Zhengzhou, Henan Province — On the 12 December, 2011 I wrote here about Xiao Ling who had been abandoned and sent to an orphanage in Zhongshan, Guangdong Province by his parents when he was just 1.50 yrs old after they discovered he was a HIV carrier.

  • As I’ve written before and am reiterating — We’ll always welcome
    and have room for any unwanted child from China into our home.
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China Regime War on Human Rights Lawyers Biggest Since Cultural Revolution

China Human Rights LawyerChina Human Rights Lawyer Rong Sheng Missing –CHRLCG

China Human Rights AttyChina Human Rights Lawyer Tang Tianhao Missing –CHRLCG

PRC Detained LawyersChina Regime Mass Suppression of Lawyers Reveals True Nature
of Dictator Xi Jiping ‘Rule By Law’ –HRIC

(NY Times) More than 200 Chinese lawyers and associates have been detained by authorities, some being paraded on television (forced) to make humiliating confessions or portrayed as ‘rabble-rousing thugs’ — A blast of commentaries in China state media have accused them of subversion and swindlers.

In what lawyers are calling the most withering political assault on their profession in decades, the China regime is mounting a broad crackdown on ‘Human Rights Lawyers’ alleging they have exploited contentious cases to enrich themselves and attack the Chinese Communist Party.

The beleaguered lawyers say the China government real goal is to discredit and dismantle the “rights defense” movement, a small but audacious group of people who have used the law and public pressure to defend clients in a system stacked against them.

On Wednesday, Hong Kong Free Press reported that detained lawyers are at risk of torture by the China regime. Teng Biao, a human rights lawyer and visiting scholar at Harvard and New York Universities said that he had been “abducted, locked up and tortured,” by security forces before.

In an Op-Ed published in the ‘Washington Post’ Teng said, ‘This is the biggest crackdown on lawyers in China since the legal system was reestablished in 1980 after the cultural revolution.

It is also just part of the purge that President Xi Jinping has carried out against civil society since he came to power in late 2012. Those hit by this comprehensive suppression have included political dissidents, nongovernmental organizations, government petitioners, underground Churches, Internet users, news organizations and universities.

More than 1,500 (human) rights defenders have been arrested or thrown in jail including well known lawyers Xu Zhiyong, Pu Zhiqiang and Tang Jingling,” who was arrested at his Guangzhou home in 2014 ahead of the 25th anniversary of the Tiananmen protests.

China regime hasn’t been a disappointment to Democrats.

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Detained China Atty Pu Zhiqiang Denied Legal Counsel Wife Says –CDT