China Regime Censors Seek to Quarantine Hong Kong Democratic Contagion

Democracy Demonstration HKHundreds of Thousands Demonstrate for Democracy in Hong Kong

Hong Kong DemonstrationsTourists Get a Crash Course in Peaceful Pro-Democracy Protest
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(Epoch Times) China regime fear the power of the example of protests for democracy in Hong Kong and are diligently working to block news of it from reaching mainland Chinese people.

A microblog post by a Chinese Netizen gives an idea what has the China Regine so worried:

“One can see the imperial (Chinese Communist Party) government’s dictatorship through this incident of the Hong Kong citizens peaceful disobedience” wrote Dai Zhaojun who identifies himself from Guangdong Province. “It uses violence to take democracy away from the Hong Kong people, which disappoints the Hong Kong people, the people of mainland China and the world.”

More than 195,000 have signed a White House Petition seeking the Obama Administration to support the peaceful Pro-Democracy movement and prevent a second Tiananmen massacre in Hong Kong but Obama remains silent.

HK Protests CMPMore Than 13,000 Peaceful Democracy Protesters at Chinese University
of Hong Kong –Image: China Media Project

Chinese Activist Hu Jia Finds Car Vandalized, Why the China Regime Won’t Stop Harassing Him

Hu Jia Car VandalizedChinese Human Rights Activist Hu Jia Tweeted Found his Car Vandalized This Morning, Is This Another Warning to him by the China Regime?

On the 05 January, 2008 I wrote here that Chinese authorities arrested Hu Jia at his Beijing home accusing him of “Subverting State Authority” a charge often times used against dissidents.

In August, Foreign Policy reprinted an open letter by Hu Jia to the China regime in which he described his life as a “prisoner of conscience” and being under constant surveillance by Chinese authorities, preventing most people from visiting him.

“I’m not alone. All Chinese dissidents are in prison, some are in official prisons, guarded by police that stand behind high walls and electric wires, others are in societal prisons buttressed by “stability maintenance” the name the Chinese Communist Party’s system of controlling what it sees as unstable elements and some like me, move back and forth between the two.”

In July, Radio Free Asia published a photo of Hu Jia after he reportedly was beaten up by “trained men’ (plainclothes cops) on a Beijing street.

Isn’t it ironic and quite frightening, that the annual Beijing Forum on Human Rights kicked off  this week when the China regime has such a dismal human rights record.

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Where’s the Moral Outrage by Obama & Media? Islamic Jihadists Kidnap & Torture Hundreds of Christian Girls, Cutting Off Their Breasts

Islamic Jihad Abuse(UFP) Obama and the Media are Silent: Islamic Terrorists Kidnap Hundreds of Christian Girls, Cut Off Their Breasts

H/T: Lana Wong

Outrageous: Virginia Muslim Attorney & Author Advocates Child Abuse

Child AbuseVirginia Muslim Attorney Qasim Rashid Tweets “Rules” for Child Abuse

What is Qasim Rashid’s definition of “that game, competition or sports?”

What if Rashid broke a child’s nose while engaging in the “sport” of wrestling or boxing, is that just an accident that Rashid may claim or that he was attempting to “toughen up the child” or is it child abuse?

Would deliberately tripping a child who falls down and breaks her/his leg while playing football be an accident or child abuse?

Does Islam teach that it is permissible for Muslim Men to engage in child abuse, assault and murder of family members and others?

Muslim Football Players Arrested for Assault on Christian QB

Videos: Child Abuse in Muslim Societies

Video: Child Abuse in a Mosque

What Does the ‘Religion of Peace’ Teach About Torture

What Does the ‘Religion of Peace’ Teach About Wife Beating

Muslim Man Murders his Wife, Claims “Islamic Right” to Kill Her

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Secy of State John Kerry: Global Warming Biggest Challenge the World Faces, Meanwhile…

John Kerry(IJ Review) Obama’s Secy of State John Kerry claims, starving Africa shouldn’t build more farms because it would contribute to global warming and that climate change is the biggest challenge we face right now all the while Islamic Jihadists that want to kill Americans and Israeli’s, have a different view of the world.

Son of HamasSon of Hamas Founder Mosab HassanYousef Speaking to CNN: Hamas Seeks Destruction of Israel & Global Islamic Caliphate

ISIS Human RightsISIS Jihadists View of the World: “We Don’t Care About Intl Humanitarian Laws, We Care About Sharia” –Image: Mujahid4Life@Twitter

ISIS JihadistISIS Jihadists Uses Smiling Emoticon Ranting About Crucifixions
Pole Nord@Twitter

Muslim BrotherhoodSenior Muslim Brotherhood Leadership at Protest With ISIS Flag Displayed on Stage –Image Courtesy: Patrick Poole@Twitter

Hillary Clinton and Morsi WifeFlashback: Remember when Nagla Mahmoud (wife of former Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood President Morsi) Embraced Hillary Clinton Image: Jihad Watch

China Human Rights Atty Gao Zhisheng Malnourished & Unintelligible After Imprisoned

Gao ZhishengChina Regime Imprisoned Human Rights Atty Gao Zhisheng for Zealously Representing his Persecuted Clients–How he Has Aged is Shocking !

China Human Rights Atty Gao ZhishengIn 2009 I posted this picture of Gao Zhisheng holding his son Tianyu taken before Gao’s disappearance from his home in Shanxi

(RFA Chinese) Gao’s spouse Geng He: ‘I don’t accept the CPC’s Sentencing–Its his right to return home, subsequent to his release from a China prison.

Christian Solidarity Worldwide reports today, that Gao is still being prevented from obtaining medical care despite his “broad range” of physical and mental health problems.

In March, 2009 I wrote here and here about Geng He and her two children, that fled to the United States seeking political asylum (which was subsequently granted) following years of torture and politically persecution by the China authorities, unfortunately much of the main stream media has ignored this story over the years mainly because it doesn’t fit their narrative of a so called ‘Progressive China’ instead of referring to it as a oppressive, totalitarian Communist regime.

More here China Rights Lawyer Malnourished After Prison –Yahoo News

While Obama Takes Another Vacation…ISIS Continues Its March Through Iraq and Again Threatens the United States

Obama on Vacation

While Obama Takes Another Vacation… Image: Paula Cummings

(Washington Examiner) There is one word Obama uses a lot in his arguments for tightly limiting military action in Iraq–the word is: Lid

  • “Our military is so effective that we can keep a ‘lid’ on problems wherever we are.”  Riiiight…

Obama BenghaziU.S. Ambassador to Libya Chris Stevens, Glenn Doherty, Sean Smith and Tyrone Woods Wouldn’t Agree With Obama’s “Lid” Theory–I Digress…

  • “Our military is so capable, that if we put everything we have into it we can keep a ‘lid’ on a problem for a time but for a society to function long term, the people themselves have to make decisions about how they are going to live together.” Obama said in a NY Times interview published this weekend.
  • “We’re not going to allow ourselves to be dragged back into a situation in which, while we’re there, we’re keeping a ‘lid’ on things,” Obama said in a 13 June statement.

While Obama vacationing in Martha’s Vineyard remains aloof and disengaged from the real work of being President during his 28th golf outing this year and 185th of his presidency Beitbart is reporting today, that ISIS buried 500 Yazidis alive and has taken hundreds of girls as slaves or trophies in Northern Iraq.

Likewise ISIS has just Tweeted that it has now taken over Jalawla from the Kurds on its march to Baghdad.

In July, Israel’s Homeland Security reported of the estimated 10,000 foreign fighters that have already joined the Islamic Jihadists in Syria and Iraq, 3000 hold European or Western passports–100 hold U.S. passports. What has Obama done before going on vacation again, to protect the United States from these Jihadists with U.S. passports returning to the states and engaging in acts of terrorism? 

ISIS Threats USAISIS Makes Another 9/11 Style Threat
Assad Alquds008@Twitter

How many more Americans have to die before Obama stops making speeches, attending Democratic fundraisers, golfing and does the job he was elected to do as Commander-in-Chief, taking the fight to the enemies of the United States before they attack us again?

Obama Dithers on Iraq as ISIS Jihadists Commit Human Rights Violations & Genocide

Obama Iraq Policy(Front Page) Obama Dithering on Iraq –Image: Barracuda Brigade

ISIS Jihadist Announces Marriage to 7 Yr OldISIS Jihadist Announces Marriage to Frightened 7 Yr Old Girl

ISIS Teaching Children To HateISIS Teaching Children to Hate –Image: RAED@Twitter

What Islamic Kids LearningWhat Islamic Kids Learn and Play –Image: Joy Keller@Twitter

Children Acting Out ISIS AtrocitiesChildren Learning to Act Out ISIS Atrocities –Image: Zahraa@Twitter

ISIS GenocideISIS Genocide of Christians in Iraq & Syria
Golden Eagle Patriots@Twitter

ISIS Genocide...While Some Condemn Israel in Gaza Those Same “Do-Gooders” Are Silent About ISIS Genocide –Image: Tommaso@Twitter

Captured Hamas Combat Manual Explains Benefits of Using Human Shields

Hamas Use of Human ShieldsHamas Use of Civilians as Human Shields –Image: Israel MFA

(IDF) Israel Defense Forces (IDF) operating in the Gaza Strip found a manual on “Urban Warfare” which belonged to the Shuja’iya Brigade of Hamas’s military wing the Al-Qassam Brigades–the manual explains how the civilian population can be used against IDF and reveals that Hamas knows the IDF is committed to minimizing harm to civilians.

Hamas ManualCaptured Hamas Combat Manual Explains Benefits of Human Shields

Hamas Manual...In a Portion Entitled “Limiting Use of Weapons” the Manual Explains…

The soldiers and commanders (of the IDF) must limit their use of weapons and tactics that lead to the harm and unnecessary loss of people and (destruction of) civilian facilities. It is difficult for them to get the most use out of their firearms, especially of supporting fire.

Clearly, Hamas knows the IDF will limit its use of weapons in order to avoid harming civilians including refraining from using large firepower to support infantry.

China Forced Sterilization Mother and Family Granted Refugee Status in the United States

China Forced Sterilization(RFA) Zhou Xiaoping was dragged out of her home in China, literally kicking and screaming and subsequently forcibly held down on a table and her fallopian tubes tied without anesthesia it broke her health–after she together with her husband Hu Hanmin fled China with their three children and for more than a decade on the run, the family have been granted refugee status in the United States.

On the 20 August, 2013 I wrote here that the Obama Administration approved China ‘One Child Policy’ remains one of the biggest stumbling blocks in ending the abuse of Chinese Women and the murders of millions of babies over the last 40 years.

H/T: Women’s Rights Without Frontiers@Facebook