Where California’s Homeless Children are Forgotten — Why We Need St Teresa Benedicta & St John Bosco Homes For Kids

Homeless Children(HuffPo) @AMJ_AlexJohnson Hiding in the Shadows: Don’t Forget About California’s Homeless Children –Image: Lisa Fritzinger

“We have grown accustomed to these images in communities across the country. We have often times become complacent in our response or our lack thereof. From Los Angeles to New York City, cities and states are grappling with ways to address the surge in homeless populations…Approximately 2.5 million children experienced homelessness in this country in 2013 according to data from the U.S. Dept of Education this represents 1 in every 30 children, an historic high.

The crisis of child homelessness is often hidden. While some families with children are sleeping on sidewalks, in cars or in shelters, millions of homeless children are invisible ‘doubled up’ with families on the couch of a friend or hopping from motel-to-motel each week.

In California 86% of homeless students reported sharing the housing of others out of necessity during the 2012-2013 school year.”

This is why we need St. Teresa Benedicta and St. John Bosco “Homes For Kids” across the country today.

Our St. Teresa Benedicta and St. John Bosco “Homes For Kids” will be a very special place for children, many of whom may never have known a clean, safe, caring and loving environment, free from fear and want, where many children will for the first time in their young lives have a real place to call home.

On the 21 November, I wrote here throughout the country, we want to construct St. Teresa Benedicta and St. John Bosco “Homes For Kids” that upon completion, we will be donating them to area Archdioceses or Catholic organizations that will manage, staff and administer them but unfortunately, we can not begin such an undertaking of this new mission project without the assistance, networking and help from Christians, from communities throughout the country that wish to have new homes constructed for our most vulnerable young Americans.

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Obama Administration Claims China Regime “Peaceful, Stable & Responsible…”

Human Life Is a Sacred Gift From God

Pray To End AbortionPray To End Abortion and California Doctor Assisted Death
Image Courtesy: Sr. Veronica Paul@Twitter

  • IPrayToEndAbortion “A great prayer of life is urgently needed, a prayer that will rise up throughout the world.”
    Pope Saint John Paul II

The Shocking Way American Taxpayers are Supporting Christian Persecution in Pakistan

It’s Your Money…  Image Courtesy: —California Network

H/T: Catholic Online@Twitter

China Regime End of One Child Policy Will Not End Forced Abortions or Gendercide

China Two Child PolicyEvery Human Life is a Sacred Gift from God — #PrayToEndAbortion Image: The Tidings News — Archdiocese Los Angeles

“Characterizing this latest modification ‘abandoning’ the one child policy is misleading. China two child policy will not end any of the human rights abuses caused by the one child policy, including forced abortions, involuntary sterilizations or the sex-selective abortion of baby girls.” –Women’s Rights Without Frontiers

On the 23 July, I wrote here China Shanghai physician and a grandparent, abandoned, burned and buried alive a child with a ‘cleft-lip’ — What is the value of a human life to some families in China?

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End of One-Child Policy Not Enough to Protect Human Rights –HKFP

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China Human Rights Lawyer Li Heping’s Daughter Wishing her Detained Dad Happy Birthday

“Dad When are You Coming Back?”

On the 14 September, I wrote here that China regime mass crackdown on Human Rights lawyers continued ahead of Obama-Xi Jinping summit in Washington.

More here from China Human Rights Lawyers Concern Group

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Thought For Today

Pope Francis‘Behold, Children are a Gift (Heritage) of the Lord’ —Psalm 127:3
Image: American Catholic@Twitter

The Telegraph Video: China Regime Dismal Human Rights Record in 60 Seconds

California Gov Jerry Brown Vetoes Bill Denying Dying Patients Access to New Drugs After OK’ing Doctor-Assisted-Death

Senior CitizensSeeing the Elderly Only as a Burden is Ugly — Its a Sin
Respect Life Los Angeles

(LifeNews) Last week, Gov Jerry Brown signed Democrat led bill into law that allows for doctor assisted death in California and this week, Brown vetoed a bill that would have allowed dying patients access to experimental drugs in an attempt to extend their lives — one knows where his priorities are.

From the Sacramento Bee story:

Less than a week after signing legislation allowing California doctors to prescribe their dying patients lethal drugs, Gov. Jerry Brown on Sunday vetoed a bill that would have let terminally ill people (to) petition pharmaceutical companies for access to experimental drugs before they are approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

The so called ‘Right-to-Try’ legislation had gained support in more than a dozen states and it sailed through the Legislature with nearly unanimous support but despite the wide latitude that Brown has given the Legislature to craft laws in recent years as he cleared his desk of hundreds of bills, the Democrat governor struck continued notes of caution.

On Saturday, Brown warned of a “precariously balanced” state budget (if one is willing to overlook California’s $425+ Billion Debt — I digress)

On Sunday, Brown vetoed not only the ‘Right-to-Try’ legislation but a bill to provide more training for child care providers and another measure focused on responses to sexual assaults at California colleges.

We see the same death-over-life pattern in Oregon which rations Medicaid so as to prevent some terminal cancer patients access to life extending chemotherapy but never rations doctor-assisted-suicide.

Good Grief — A ‘Right to Die’ but no ‘Right to Try and Live.’

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ISIS Now in Sweden Targeting Christians ‘Convert to Islam or Die’

ISIS SwedenISIS Graffiti Painted on Swedish Stores Threatening Christians
‘Convert or Die’ –Image: DNSE

(AINA) Assyrian Christians in Sweden Gothenburg, are being threatened with messages linked to the Islamic State.

Swedish daily news ‘Dagens Nyhter’ reports that ISIS symbols and other graffiti were founded painted on two stores owned by Assyrian Christians on Tuesday. — Along with the ISIS logo ‘The Caliphate is Here’ — ‘Convert or Die’ and the Arabic letter ‘N’ (short for Nazarene) were also painted on the walls of the Le Pain Francois bakery and the next door Pizzeria.

“I felt a sudden chill down my spine, its terribly painful, we feel threatened,” said Markus Samuelson who own La Pain Francois. “Our family fled Turkey for Sweden in the 1970s What we’re exposed to, reminds us of the stories we were told as children. Its very real and threatening–we’re terrified.”

ISIS symbols were also found painted on homes belonging to Christians by ISIS Thugs in Mosul when it was captured a year ago.

On the 09 April I wrote here featuring pictures of ISIS in Iraq Mosul, destroying Churches and on the 29 December, here pictures of a Church in Syria that ISIS destroyed.

Last week ISIS released a video showing three Assyrian Christians being killed in Syria, the Jihadists have threatened to massacre 180 more if ransoms are not paid.

More here ISIS to Execute 180 Christians –NRO

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