No ObamaCare, Not Demanding Higher Minimum Wage — Lowe’s Debuts Customer Service Robots

Lowes Robots(WSJ) In November, Lowe’s Debuts ‘Robotic Shopping Assistants” at Orchard Supply Hardware in San Jose –Image:

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ObamaCare Success??? Fewer Insured in 2014 Than 2013

ObamaCare Success...1.25 Million Fewer Insured in 2014 Than 2013 –Image: Black Tea Party

Treasury Inspector General: $67 Million Missing from ObamaCare Slush Fund

Obama Scandals2014 Midterms: Its About Obama’s Scandals Stupid –Feisty Floridian

(ATR) The IRS is unable to account for $67 Million (its your money) from an ObamaCare slush fund according to a Treasury report released today.

The “Health Insurance Reform Implementation Find” (HIRIF) was quietly tucked into the ObamaCare bill (that no one read before passing it)  in order to give the IRS money to enforce the tax hikes and provisions of the healthcare law.

ObamaCare “Family Glitch” May Adversely Affect Nearly 2 Million Americans

Family GlitchThe Family Glitch

(Washington Examiner) Nearly 2 Million Americans may be adversely affected by what’s been termed as the “Family Glitch” within ObamaCare according to a new study by the American Action Forum.

ObamaCare is supposed to offer MediCal/Medicaid coverage to anyone whose household income places them below 138% of the federal poverty level (FPL)–contingent on States agreeing to expand their programs. Those above 138% and up to 400% of FPL are eligible for tax subsidies to purchase insurance in ObamaCare exchanges assuming that no one in their family is offered  employer-sponsored health insurance–but under a recent ruling by the IRS is only required to offer health insurance to individuals.

The “Family Glitch” arises when one or both spouses are offered individual health insurance through her/his employer that is deemed to be “affordable” but their employers either do not offer family coverage or that health insurance coverage is not actually affordable.

Such families are unable to obtain federally subsidized health insurance because one or more of their family members was offered affordable employer coverage, so one faces the choice of either purchasing unaffordable coverage or go without health insurance–the study also forecasts the number affected by the “Family Glitch” will likely increase when the employer mandate goes into affect.

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HHS ObamaCare Senior Official Marilyn Tavenner: “Please Delete This Email”

Obama IRS CorruptionFlashback: Remember when President Obama accused Republicans of pursing “phony scandals” echoing a line used by then White House Press Secy Jay Carney.

(Sharyl Attkisson) An email obtained by Congress shows the top official of (ObamaCare) at HHS Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) Marilyn Tavenner instructed her agency’s top spokesman to ‘Please Delete This Email’ this instruction is particularly significant for several reasons:

(1) The email to be deleted included an exchange between key White House officials and CMS officials;

(2) The email was dated the 05 Oct 2013 five days into the disastrous launch of;

(3) Federal law requires that federal officials to retain copies (not delete) email exchanges;

(4) The document that was to be deleted was subpoenaed by Congress as well as numerous FOIA requests.

House Energy and Commerce Committee members in a letter dated 15 August asked Tavenner to explain why she instructed a colleague to ‘delete’ the email, the letter further requests details regarding other Congressional subpoenaed documents that CMS has claimed were permanently lost.

Yet another fine example of the lack of transparency, perjury and obstruction of justice by senior federal officials–fortunately the statute of limitations to prosecute survives past the the Obama administration.

ObamaCare Enrollment Numbers Steadily Falling Says Largest Health Insurers

Obama ClaimsRemember When Obama Claimed…

( After Obama took a victory lap claiming that 8 Million signed up for the ACA by mid-April, a dubious number to be sure by any logical calculations, the nation’s top insurers are now saying that the Obama Administration may want to recalibrate their “Guesstimations” of ObamaCare data to reflect a more accurate accounting.

The nations third-largest health insurer Aetna, had just 720,000 people sign up for ObamaCare as of the 20 May but at the end of June, it had but 600,000 actually paying the premiums and Aetna expect that number to fall to ‘just over 500,000′ by the end of the year.

Cigna projects its individual market customers including more than 100,000 in the ObamaCare exchanges to ‘move from 300,000  down to 280,000 in that range’ according to CEO David Cordani.

Another data point comes from the State of Washington–the only state that did not report ObamaCare sign-ups to HHS until consumers paid an initial premium. While the State of Washington had 164,062 paid enrollees as of the 23 April, by 01 June, the state reported that just 156,155 people enrolled.

The gap between the high watermark of ObamaCare sign-ups and the number of current premium paying customers reflects both those who never sent in their first monthly premium for any number of reasons, including: personal finances have been stretched, others may have got fed-up with the high-deductibles.

Regardless of the reasons, ObamaCare enrollment numbers are shrinking steadily and a far cry away from insuring those alleged 47 Million we were told were without health insurance, all of which one may never learn about from the dinosaur media which has a lot invested in the hope of Obama’s success than to report the real news of the day or from a president, much too busy vacationing in Martha’s Vineyard and hitting the links during his 28th golf outing this year than to concern himself with the mundane job that he was elected to do.

Covered California Premiums to Spike in 2015

ObamaCare LiesFlashback: Remember When Obama Claimed the ACA Would Save Families $2500 a Year?

(LA Times) Covered California today announced that ObamaCare premiums will spike 4.2% on average next year, while other consumers may experience double digit rate hikes–so much for Obama’s promise to slash health care premiums.

New IRS Form Proves That Obama Lied About Individual Mandate Surtax

Incomes TaxesFederal Income Tax Failure –Image: J. Jacobs@Twitter

(ATR) On Thursday, the IRS released a slew of new tax forms–the new draft Form 1040 shows a new ObamaCare surtax line has been created for payment of the individual mandate surtax.

ObamaCare TaxesNew IRS Draft Form 1040 Proves that Obama Repeatedly Lied About Individual Mandate Tax –Image: Elisabeth@Twitter

President Obama repeatedly:

(a) denied that the ObamaCare surtax was actually a tax;

(b) claimed that he would not raises taxes on the middle-class;

President Obama is a pathological liar.

ObamaCare Thought of the Day…

Thought of the DayGood Point –Courtesy of Debbie Ellis@Facebook

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Hobby Lobby: What Obama Won’t Tell You and Liberals Don’t Want You To Know

ObamaCare Hobby Lobby

(Daily Caller) The Obama administration has quickly converted the U.S. Supreme Ct’s Hobby Lobby decision into a campaign issue, calling on Congress to continue providing abortion-related drugs to Women who work for Catholic employers.

The chances of such a measure ever becoming law zero–the cynical opportunity to raise campaign contributions and attempt to make this a wedge issue going into the midterms–priceless but so very predictable for liberals that can’t come up with any new or original campaign ideas.

In related Hobby Lobby news that Obama Won’t Tell You and Liberals Don’t Want You to Know:

Hobby Lobby

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Facts Liberals Don’t Want You to Know: Contraceptives ‘Hobby Lobby’ Offers its Employees

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