New IRS Form Proves That Obama Lied About Individual Mandate Surtax

Incomes TaxesFederal Income Tax Failure –Image: J. Jacobs@Twitter

(ATR) On Thursday, the IRS released a slew of new tax forms–the new draft Form 1040 shows a new ObamaCare surtax line has been created for payment of the individual mandate surtax.

ObamaCare TaxesNew IRS Draft Form 1040 Proves that Obama Repeatedly Lied About Individual Mandate Tax –Image: Elisabeth@Twitter

President Obama repeatedly:

(a) denied that the ObamaCare surtax was actually a tax;

(b) claimed that he would not raises taxes on the middle-class;

President Obama is a pathological liar.

ObamaCare Thought of the Day…

Thought of the DayGood Point –Courtesy of Debbie Ellis@Facebook

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Hobby Lobby: What Obama Won’t Tell You and Liberals Don’t Want You To Know

ObamaCare Hobby Lobby

(Daily Caller) The Obama administration has quickly converted the U.S. Supreme Ct’s Hobby Lobby decision into a campaign issue, calling on Congress to continue providing abortion-related drugs to Women who work for Catholic employers.

The chances of such a measure ever becoming law zero–the cynical opportunity to raise campaign contributions and attempt to make this a wedge issue going into the midterms–priceless but so very predictable for liberals that can’t come up with any new or original campaign ideas.

In related Hobby Lobby news that Obama Won’t Tell You and Liberals Don’t Want You to Know:

Hobby Lobby

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Facts Liberals Don’t Want You to Know: Contraceptives ‘Hobby Lobby’ Offers its Employees

H/T: The Daily Signal

The Five Men to Thank This Week

Hobby Lobby DecisionHobby Lobby, 1st Amendment -v- ObamaCare -Image: The Economist

(CNA)  On Monday, in a 5-4 vote the Supreme Court said that closely held corporations can not be required to provide contraception coverage to their employees which they determine to be objectionable based on the religious beliefs–definitely is a victory for Christian principles and that all five of these votes came entirely by Men speaks volumes about the (so called) ‘War on Women’ which our country is currently embroiled.

Yesterday’s decision reminds us that Women’s health–and by this I mean more than merely contraceptive coverage–is not just a Woman’s issue. Yesterday’s decision affects both Women and Men because procreation necessarily involves Women and Men and because conscience protection is not gender specific nor is it a partisan issue.

The Truth Is: We gave up mutual responsibility for procreation long ago when we praised the birth-control pill for giving Women a ‘new found freedom’ and power over their fertility, when we wildly accepted, nay, promoted sex outside of marriage, when we made abortion about ‘a Women’s right to choose’ we surrendered something quite difficult to get back–shared responsibility for what our bodies are made to do when we have sex namely, to create life.

Even though it takes two to make a baby, we have given Men the ability to opt out of parental responsibility if they choose. The forms of contraception covered by ObamaCare, all depend necessarily on the Woman’s faithful use of these devices not the Man’s. Male condoms are not covered by ObamaCare also not covered are methods that both beget appreciation for the wonder that is the female reproductive system and require mutual responsibility like natural family planning or other fertility awareness methods…

Full article here by Jennifer Manning, Catholic Womanhood

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California Residents Surprised by Medical Bills & 60% of Americans in Smaller States Report Increase in Healthcare Costs

ObamaCare CostsObama Administration Lies to the American People About Healthcare Costs –Image: White House@Twitter

(California Healthline) A new survey by TransUnion Healthcare concludes that 62% of California residents are surprised about their out of pocket costs.

Overall, 80% wanted to receive cost estimates but unfortunately according to Payers & Providers few receive any meaningful costs estimates in advance.

Flashback: Remember when Obama/Biden claimed that your healthcare costs “will go down by as much as $2500 per year.”

Nationally in smaller states, 60% of Americans particularly those in the West are reporting an increased in  healthcare costs.

ObamaCare Enrollment Disappointing With Just 3.78 Million Newly Insured, Remember When Initial Goal Was to Insure 47 Million

ObamaCare RealitiesObamaCare Realities…

(Daily Signal) In April, Obama claimed the ACA had met its goal of 7 Million sign-ups and costs were lower than expected, however these claims were quickly cast in doubt when rhetoric was confronted with facts which left one scratching their heads, does Obama even know what the facts are or just says whatever is written on his teleprompter?

Many however in the dinosaur media were just willing to accept the selectively released Obama Administration talking points, despite the White House often times providing inaccurate or incomplete information about

47-Million-UninsuredFlashback: Remember back in 2007 when Democrats led by then House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and New York Sen Hillary Clinton were pushing the notion that we needed universal single payer health care (what subsequently dwarfed into the ObamaCare maze a few years later) to insure the allegedly 47 Million uninsured.

Subsequently in July 2009 Obama using the Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton data, reiterated those same talking points in a nationally televised press conference, claiming that there are 47 Million Americans without health insurance.

This now begs the question of how is it that ObamaCare is working so well when so many fewer having signed up for health insurance than those 47 Million Americans that Democrats claimed were without health insurance and would run to become insured if only government would make health insurance available to all?

Last week, Democrats on the House Oversight and Govt Reform Committee released a fact sheet using data from 13 insurance companies and claimed actual initial health exchange enrollments exceeded insurance company projections by 4% or 3,785,753

“This result was achieved despite significant challenges with federal and state websites,” Rep Elijah Cummings (D-MD) said.

Obama’s claims of 7 or is it 8 Million newly insured or the House Democrats claims of 3.78 Million newly insured remains far short of their initial stated goal.

Which leaves one asking: What is ObamaCare success, when Democrats keep moving the goal posts?

Despite a $419,680,325,000+ Deficit, California Democrats Plan to Go on a Spending Spree

California Debt ClockIn August 2012 California’s Debt Per-Person was $10,350 Today, California’s Debt Per-Person is $11,058 and Growing by the Minute

(Sac Bee) As Billions of dollars flow into State of California coffers, the money is burning a hole in the pockets of Democrat lawmakers, who just can’t wait to go on a new spending spree.

Uhm, I have a suggestion–Maybe it would be a good idea to pay down California’s $419,680,325,000+ rapidly expanding deficit, together with making-up for the $31 Billion shortfall discovered following a recent audit and set aside funds to finance ‘Covered California’ $78 Million deficit forecast for next year?

VA Scandal: More Than 57,000 New Patients Waiting for First Appointment at VA Facilities

VA ScienceThe Science of V.A. Medicine –Image: Anne Bayefsky@Twitter

(WaPo)  The Dept of Veteran Affairs said today that more than 57,000 new patients have waited more than 90 days for their first appointments and that about 13% of Schedulers indicated they were told to falsify appointment request dates to give the impression that wait times were shorter than they were.

On the 24 May, I wrote here that doctor delays (some as long as eight months) at VA hospitals in the Los Angeles area, forced American Heroes to seek patient care elsewhere.

VA ScandalWhat the VA Scandal Tells Us About ObamaCare –Pete602@Twitter

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Two Tennessee VA Facilities Among Longest Wait Times

Wait Times at Clarksburg West Virginia VA Averages 54 Days

Pittsburgh VA Sets Appointments for Vets on Once Secret Waiting List

CBO Subsequent to ObamaCare Changes, Says it Can Not Forecast ACA Impact on Deficit

ObamaCare LieGotta Love It When ‘Team Obama’ Puts Their Lies in Writing
Image: PolitiBunny@Twitter

(The Fiscal Times)  One of the Obama Administration and Democrats major selling points of the new health care law was that “ObamaCare is projected to cut the national deficit by over $200 Billion during its first 10 years and over $1 Trillion over the next two decades…” however not according to the Congressional Budget Office.

In a little noticed footnote first reported this week by Roll Call updating estimates of the effects of insurance coverage provisions of the law, the agency headed by Douglas Elmendorf acknowledged, that neither the CBO nor the Joint Committee on Taxation (JCT) could determine precisely how scores of provisions–would impact on longterm government spending.

“CBO and JCT can no longer determine how the provisions of the ACA that are not related to the expansion of health insurance coverage have affected their projections of direct spending and revenues,” the CBO wrote. “The provisions that expanded coverage established entirely new programs or components of programs…Isolating the incremental effects of those provisions on previously existing programs and revenues four years after enactment of the ACA is not possible.”

As the Roll Call story noted, the CBO based its original estimates of long-term deficit reduction on the assumption that ObamaCare which included Medicare cuts and numerous new taxes would be implemented as written, that was before a blizzard of Obama Administration changes and delays in deadlines of the implementation of the health care law.

What Democrat/Progressives & MSM Won’t Tell You About the Dubious ObamaCare Enrollment Data