Hillary Cheers ObamaCare as Affordable — There is Nothing Affordable about the Affordable Care Act

Affordable Healthcare(WaPo) Hillary Clinton takes to Twitter cheering ObamaCare as Affordable Huh??? – Obama promised the ACA would lower premiums by $2500 for a typical family per year however even Obama’s former Medicare Chief Marilyn Tavenner who ran ObamaCare has forecast ACA premiums will rise faster next year.

As they do, young healthy people will be forced out of the ObamaCare exchanges and the only people that will be able to afford ObamaCare will be high risk patients who qualify for federal subsidies (government handouts) and without enough young healthy people  in the exchanges to pay for the less healthy and sick ones, taxpayers will be stuck with more-and-more of the costs over time – a situation that is unsustainable in the long run.

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(Video) Health Insurances Premiums are About to Rise For Those Who Pay Them

Health Ins Premiums(Catholic Online) Insurance companies are telling Obama and the American people, they must raise premiums, others are pulling out of the ObamaCare Exchanges” just this week we’ve learned that United Healthcare, the biggest health insurer in the U.S. is pulling out of most of the so called marketplaces in 2017 — this is more proof that ObamaCare, rammed down our throats by the Democrats that controlled Congress during the first two years of Obama’s presidency, haphazardly designed a system destined to fail.

Gone are the day’s of Obama’s grandiose promises that ObamaCare would drive down healthcare costs by $2500 a year — where oh where are those promised savings? I digress.

Insurance companies are complaining they cannot generate profits while treating patients–businesses often change what markets will bear and because health care is related to survival, people will pay premium costs. However without meaningful competition, regulation and government collusion, prices naturally rise to a premium cost that prices out those at the bottom and may bankrupt the middle.

Compelling the middle-class to make installments in their pending bankruptcies — Many Americans have realized there is nothing “Affordable” about the Democrat passage of the so called ‘Affordable Care Act’ – On the 10 November, I wrote here that ObamaCare deductibles were rising faster faster than premiums or wages and that a majority of the co-ops were failing and at significant cost to the taxpayers.

Hopefully the rallying call this year during the presidential race will be to repeal and replace this monstrosity called ObamaCare with health insurance which Americans can purchase across state lines (as they do life and car insurance today) which will drive competition, lowering insurance premiums and the sky-high deductibles which have resulted when government meddles in the marketplace.

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CBO Misses Its ObamaCare Projection By 24 Million People – One Can Thank the Democrats in November

CBOIn 2013 the CBO Projected that Without ObamaCare 186 Million People Would Have Private Health Insurance by 2016–160 Million Employer Based Plans and 26 Million Individual Purchased Plans

(Weekly Standard) Three years ago on the eve of ObamaCare’s implementation the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) projected that President Obama’s so called legacy achievement would result in an average of 201 million people having private health insurance in any given month in 2016

Now that 2016 is here the CBO says that just 177 million people on average will have health insurance in any given month of this year–a shortfall of 24 million people.

CBO Projection...

Based on the CBO’s own numbers it appears that ObamaCare has actually ‘reduced’ the number of people with private health insurance. The CBO now says that with ObamaCare 177 million people will be covered by private health insurance in 2016–155 million on employer based plans, 12 million purchased through the ObamaCare exchanges and 9 million on other individually purchased plans (plus a rounding error of 1 million)

In other words it would appear that a net 9 million people have lost their private health plans thanks to ObamaCare, with a net 5 million having lost employer-based plans and a net 4 million people having lost individually purchased plans.

  • One Can Thank the Democrats In November

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Chelsea Clinton: My Mom Could Use ‘Executive Action’ to Handle ObamaCare’s Crushing Costs

(Video) Chelsea Clinton: My Mom Thinks Its Important to Extend ObamaCare to Cover Illegal Immigrants

Chelsea Clinton: My Mom “thinks its so important to extend the Affordable Care Act to people who are living and working here regardless of immigration status…”

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Flashback: Bernie Sanders Praises Marxist Fidel Castro as Innovator in Healthcare & Education

Bernie Sanders Praises Marxist Cuban Dictator Fidel Castro
as an Innovator in Healthcare and Education

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Cancer Patients Snagged In ObamaCare Tangled Web

Hillary Clinton: Remember When Obama Promised that ObamaCare Would Drive Down Healthcare Costs by $2500 a Year
Where are Those Promised Savings?

(AP) Walt Whitlow a self-employed remodeling contractor from Texas was receiving treatments for cancer when he received an unwelcome surprise–his ObamaCare subsidy got slashed which now meant that his ObamaCare premium quadrupled and his deductible went from $900 to $4,600

Hundreds of thousands of people are losing their ObamaCare subsidies and/or even their healthcare coverage, when they get tangled in a web of paperwork problems about income, citizenship and taxes.

Don’t you just love more-and-more government bureaucracy — Hillary Clinton and Socialist Bernie Sanders want to expand government for all. Good Grief…

Some people are dealing with serious illnesses like cancer. Ana Grando was scheduled for breast reconstruction surgery when she was notified that her ObamaCare coverage would be cancelled because of questions about her legal immigration status. — Legal Aids was able to get that matter cleared up but Grando’s ObamaCare financial subsidy was suspended.

Lynn Herrin became irritated when she received a bill from the IRS for $700 after they determined she received to large of an ObamaCare subsidy — One of about 2 Million Americans who received bills from the IRS of an average of $860 to repay ObamaCare subsidies.

Since Herrin was already having difficulty finding a doctor that would even accept ObamaCare she cancelled the health insurance plan. Subsequent to her diagnoses of oral and neck cancer, her medical costs depleted the families life savings of about $70,000 for cancer treatments.

The Fed’s have confirmed ObamaCare has terminated some 470,000 people that had enrolled in the ACA last year because of unresolved issues involving documentation, immigration status and citizenship.

When there are documentation issues the Fed’s claim, consumers have about 3 months to straighten out the snafu. (When has anyone been able to straighten out anything with federal bureaucrats in three months?)

Walt Whitlow, the Texas cancer patient said that he was blindsided. Whitlow requested that Healthcare.gov contact him by mail, he only found out that his ObamaCare subsidy was slashed when his doctor’s office called his family. Not only was he now on the hook for the full unsubsidized premium costs but now he was facing far higher co-pays and a $4600 deductible too.

“It kind of blew my mind,” said Whitlow, he said that he submitted bank statements to prove his income but apparently that was not sufficient.

Grando a legal immigrant from Brazil, lives with her daughter in North Carolina and under ObamaCare legal immigrants are entitled to obtain healthcare coverage but the paperwork battle first over her immigration status and then over her income was “a huge stress” she said. The family spent ‘hours’ on the phone with bureaucrats from Healthcare.gov as Grando was preparing for her breast reconstruction surgery.

Isn’t government managed healthcare just peachy?

More here from Latino Fox

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Bernie Sanders Democratic Socialism Means Coercion

Bernie Sanders Socialism@Bernie Sanders “The Problem with Socialism is That Eventually
You Run Out of Other Peoples Money.” -Margaret Thatcher

(Washington Times) Do you know what Socialism is? Hillary Clinton struggled to find an answer when recently asked. — Socialism is a system which the government owns or controls the means of production and allocates resources and rewards.

Sen. Bernie Sanders proudly proclaims himself a ‘democratic socialist’ and many in the Democratic Party seem to have no problem with it and in fact, are embracing him and his ideas. Listening to all of this, one gets the feeling that for a significant portion of the population, history began in the year 2000 — Where have been the great Socialist success stories? Much of the worlds population greatly suffered under various forms of socialism in the 20th century. Not one of the various socialist models proved to be a success.

There was the Communist variety of Socialism in the former Soviet Union, Eastern Europe, China and Cambodia, which resulted in tens of millions of deaths from starvation and the gulags. There was the Nationalist Socialist (Nazi) model in Germany and Italy, which like the Communist version, resulted in tens of millions of deaths. Somewhat more benign but still coercive versions of Socialism were prevalent in India, many places in Africa and South America, all resulted in economic stagnation–because productive effort was separated from reward. The two most Socialist countries today are North Korea and Cuba–both very poor and repressive. The average Cuban government worker has a monthly wage which is less than what the average American worker makes in an hour.

It is true that every country has some Socialist enterprises at the federal, state or local levels. For instance, the U.S. government owns Amtrak and the City of Flint, Michigan owns its water department. Arguably, both would do much better in private hands. France has many more government owned enterprises than neighboring Switzerland. Even France is still basically a capitalistic free-market economy but with far less freedom and prosperity than Switzerland.

Why does Socialism always fail and why will Bernie Sanders’ schemes and to a lesser extent Hillary’s ObamaCare version also fail? Under a capitalist free-market system, the business person seeks to produce goods and services that the consumer wants at the lowest possible cost-which includes having the smallest and most productive work force possible–in order to maximize profits. Under the Socialist model, the political leaders decide what the consumers should have (which is often very different from what they want or need) Productivity and innovation are given short shift, needless workers are hired and few are fired. In almost all cases, costs soon overrun revenues and the losses are made up by even higher taxes or more debt–eventually causing an economic collapse. As economic stagnation increases, the citizens become more restless and either throw off the yoke of government through ballot box, as was done in 1979 in the United Kingdom with the election of Margaret Thatcher, or the protesters are imprisoned until often a bloody revolt occurs.

Now back to Bernie Sanders who has proposed “Medicare for all” as one of his many schemes. Professor Gerald Friedman of the University of Massachusetts, Dept of Economics has examined the Sanders plan (and has no political ax to grind) he estimates it would cost $40.9 Trillion between 2017-2026 Hospitals and doctors would be forced to take huge cuts, driving many out of the medical profession, reducing innovation and standards in health care. Patients would be forced to wait in long queues. It would be like the present failed Veterans Administration health system for all.

Back in 2002 Joshua Muravchik wrote a classic book on the history of Socialism. Heaven on Earth: The Rise and Fall of Socialism (available at Amazon.com) Perhaps it is time for the political class, including the commentators, to go back and read it and realize again that the next time the Socialists will not get it right because the model is fatally flawed.

What is most disturbing is the idea that America–and its unique success as a nation, was built around individual liberty and opportunity, not collective coercion. All too many no longer understand what the American Founders were trying to and largely did achieve.

The young people who support Bernie Sanders and even Hillary Clinton, seem to be generally ignorant of why America worked. Many do not want the government to restrict unfettered abortions or their right to smoke pot but seem to be oblivious that Socialism and big government makes everyone into an economic slave. Many workers in the Soviet Union as is true of North Korea and Cuba today, could not even choose their own profession, or what town or apartment block they lived in. Such restrictions are the logical and necessary outcomes of Socialism, unless it is thrown off before it reaches that stage.

Those in the news media who have an opportunity to quiz the presidential candidates, would do the citizens a great favor if they could discern what the candidates really know about the Constitution and the arguments made in the Federalist Papers.

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How’s That Covered California Working Out This Year? Still Not So Good, Huh…

Covered California...@Liz Kofman Covered California Like the Federal ObamaCare Website Continues Having Computer Issues — Go Figure —

Covered CaliforniaGovt Bureaucracy: Covered California Hasn’t Even be Able to Correct What Should Be Easy to Change in Its System for @Caitlin Doughty

Flashback: Last March I wrote here and here about other issues with Covered California — Isn’t government bureaucracy just peachy?

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ObamaCare: Federal Panel Now Recommends Physicians Screen All Adults for Depression

Big Brother Task ForceBig Brother’s Task Force — Govt Overreach — @Dr. Kris Held MD

(LA Times) In a sign that the treatment of depression is shifting to the mainstream of medical care (thanks to ObamaCare) a federal panel has now ‘recommended’ that general physicians screen all adults for depression and treat those affected by mood disorders with antidepressant medications and/or refer them for psychotherapy.

For the first time the U.S. Preventative Services Task Force also advised physicians assess all pregnant and postpartum Women for signs of depression as well as seniors.

On the 20 January, Hillary Clinton Tweeted, “We need to protect and build on the Affordable Care Act…”

Good Grief, more-and-more government intrusion in peoples daily lives. Where does it end? Are the days of a limited federal government gone forever?

Flashback: Remember when, “Government is not the solution to our problems, government is the problem.” –President Ronald Reagan (1981)

Another back door approach by Big Brother to declare that much of the nation is or has been depressed at one time in their life or another, “A slippery slope with interoperable meaningful use of government sanctioned electronic medical records,” writes Dr. Kris Held via Twitter.

Majority of Americans Oppose ObamaCare – Democrats Argue Who Can Expand It More

Hillary and Sanders ObamaCare(BenefitsPro) Two Peas in a Pod: @Bernie Sanders & @Hillary Clinton Argue Who Can Expand ObamaCare Fastest Despite Continued Opposition by a Majority of Americans

ObamaCare RCP Avg(RCP) Majority of Americans Continue to Oppose ObamaCare

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