Layoffs Beginning at Clinton Foundation

(Daily Caller) Draining the Swamp: Heads are Finally Beginning to Roll
Clinton Foundation to Layoff Dozens of Staffers

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IHop Retweets Hillary Clinton’s Campaign “Garbage”

Democrats Failed ‘Coup Attempt’

It’s Official! The Fat Lady Sang

WikiLeaks Associate Says “Disgusted” Democrat Leaked Clinton Campaign Emails

Democrats & the MSM Want You To Believe It Was a Conspiracy -Thanks Vigilant Veteran

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Video Flashback: Dallas Mavericks Owner Mark Cuban Claimed Markets Would Tank If Trump Won

Post Election Rally Continues — Images Courtesy: FOXBusiness

Fear Mongering: Hillary Clinton Enthusiast & Dallas Mavericks Owner Mark Cuban Predicted Markets Would Tank @5:43 if Donald Trump Won the Election

Democrats & Hillary Clinton Spend Twice as Much as Trump in Failed Presidential Bid

Hypocrite Hillary: Do As I Say Not As I Do

Hypocrites! Democrats & Progressives Claim They Care So Much For the Poor Then Waste Money On Recounts

filing-costs-for-recountHypocrites: If Democrats & Progressives Really Cared So Much for the Poor, Imagine How Many People Could Be Helped if They Would Put Their Money Where Their Mouths Are -Image: Zero Hedge



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Sour Grapes — Team Clinton to Take Part in Wisconsin Recount