Nine Christians Murdered, Catholic Priest and Parishioners Kidnapped by ISIS Thugs in the Philippines

Contrary To Evidence ABC News Chief Analyst Claims Muslim Persecution Bigger Problem Than Christian Persecution

Children’s Hospital Admissions For Suicidal Thoughts or Actions Double Past Ten Years

(Study Finds) Suicide Related Cases Increasingly Common in Children’s Hospitals

Read the Full Report here by American Academy of Pediatrics

More Older Couples Are “Shacking Up”

(NY Times) The Number of People that Cohabit With an Unmarried Partner
Jumped 75% Over Past 10 Yrs -Image Courtesy: USCCB

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Beautiful “Ave-Maria” Luciano Pavarotti

Beloved Favorite — Enjoy, God Bless!


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“Stay With Me” During Holy Thursday Mass 2008

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(Video/Photo Gallery) Christianity Under Attack: ISIS Palm Sunday Bombings in Egypt Claims 44 Lives, 100+ Injured

@47 Seconds Christians Celebrating Palm Sunday Moments Before Deadly Bombing

(Reuters) Palm Sunday Bombings of Egypt
Coptic Christian Churches Kills 44

Religion of Peace Strikes Again…


God Have Mercy!


Pray For Persecuted Christians!


UCLA Professor Smears Donald Trump & Mike Pence as “Arrogant Christians in the White House”

President Trump & Vice President Mike Pence at CEO Townhall –White House Photo

VIA: Washington Examiner

Read Full Article Here…


ISIS in Syria Kills 250 Christian Children Kneading Them to Death in Bakery Machines & Baked Men in Ovens

VIA: Catholic Online

More here from the Daily Mail

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(Watch) Beautiful “Ave Maria”

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