(Watch) Welcome to the Netherlands – Young Dutch Muslims Message to Christians: Convert or Die

Bethel University Faculty: Bible Compels Us To Use Inclusive Language

Every word of God proves true, He is a shield to those who take refuge in Him. Do not add to His Words, lest he rebuke you and you be found a liar.  Proverbs 30:5-6

VIA: Campus Reform

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(Video) Those Who Shut Their Ears to the Cry of the Poor Will Themselves Call Out and Not Be Answered -Proverbs 21:13

(Video) FLOTUS Melania Trump Leads Overflowing Crowd in “The Lord’s Prayer” at MAGA Rally in Florida

Residents of Tonga Reportedly Amazed at Miraculous Apparition of the Virgin Mary in the Clouds

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Judge Gorsuch Was Confirmed Unanimously to the 10th U.S. Circuit Ct of Appeals in 2006

Democrats Professing Horror Over Trump’s Travel Ban Were Fine With It When Obama Was President

In 2015 Obama Denied Asylum to 27 Chaldean Catholics, Where Was the Moral Outrage by the Liberal Left?

(Washington Times) In 2011 Obama Put a 6 Month Hold on All Iraqi Refugees Seeking to Enter the U.S.

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500,000 Marched For Life in Washington Friday, Mourning the Deaths of 57 Million Babies

March For Life 2017 Drew as Many as 500,000 Peaceful Pro-Lifers
Mourning the Deaths of 57 Million Babies  -Image Courtesy: VudatNation

Not a Single Sign Displaying Anything Vulgar or Obscene -Image: Life News.com

This Years Annual ‘March For Life’ Brought People From Across the Country -Image Courtesy: The Daily Signal

March For Life Invocation – Cardinal Timothy Dolan

An Inspiration Of Time With God For Today

Praise the Lord all you nations. Extol Him all you peoples.
For great is His love toward us and the faithfulness of the Lord endures forever.
Praise the Lord. Psalm 117  Image Courtesy: Archbishop Jose Gomez

Go into all the world and preach the Gospel to all creation.

Whoever believes and is baptized will be saved but whoever does not believe will be condemned. Mark 16:15-16

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