Promise Reneged: Hillary Clinton Breaks Pledge to Debate Crazy Old Socialist Bernie Sanders Ahead of California Primary

Bernie SandersSanders Accepts Donald Trump’s Offer to California Debate Ahead of 07 June Primary After Hillary Clinton Breaks Pledge

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Must Watch Video: Latino Trump Supporter Verbally Destroys Anaheim City Council Member Kris Murray

California Police Readying for Possible Protests at Trump OC Rally

Illegal Immigration California(San Diego Union-Tribune) While One Sees Illegals & Anarchists Protest Trump in Anaheim Wednesday, Remember How Much Illegal Immigration Cost California Taxpayers -Image:

(Video) Muslim Students Disrupt Pro-Israel Event at Univ of California Irvine

Campus ReformCollege Republican Student Holding ‘Blue Lives Matter’ Poster — Muslim Students Protesters Didn’t Have any Interest in Opening Up any Dialogue and Shouted Over Every Attempt to Initiate Conversation about their Grievances

(Campus Reform) An event held by a Jewish student group at the Univ of California Irvine (UC Irvine) was disrupted Wednesday by a crowd of Muslim students chanting antisemitic and anti-police slogans.

Ariana Rowlands President of the College Republicans club at UC Irvine told ‘Campus Reform’ that her group had just wrapped up its meeting on Wednesday and were gathered outside the building preparing to hang posters to advertise an upcoming appearance of Milo Yiannopoulos a Breitbart News columnist, when they heard a commotion nearby.

Wandering over to investigate the ‘College Republicans’ member encountered a large group of students holding signs and screaming in unison to protest a movie screening being held by ‘Students Supporting Israel’ – Shawn Steel a Republican Natl Committee member who was on  the UC Irvine campus to address the ‘College Republicans’ meeting posted a video on Facebook capturing a portion of the demonstration.

“Intifada, Intifada long live the Intifada,” the protesters shout at the beginning of the video following that up with a call and a response chant of “displacing people since 48 there’s nothing here to celebrate.”

They repeated their venomous chant several times before progressing to a more simple message of: “F–k the Police.”

Kevin Brum, Vice President of ‘Students Supporting Israel’ (SSI) told ‘Campus Reform’ that the demonstrators were members of the ‘Muslim Students Union’ and ‘Students for Justice in Palestine Groups’ who were apparently incensed that two former Israel Defense Forces (IDF) soldiers were planning to meet with attendees of the screening.

Police RespondingAccording to a post at SSI Facebook page police had to escort the attendees out of their planned event for their own safety when the intolerant Muslim’s violated the SSI students constitutionally protected rights to peacefully assemble, watch a film and hear from former IDF soldiers were disrupted, when the Muslim students became “aggressive, blocking exits and not allowing people to leave (the venue) as well as forcing people to run and hide in rooms, fearing for their lives.”

“They were shouting Intifada, Intifada long live the Intifada – All White people need to die and they chased a female student into another building,” SSI further reported.

In March 2011 Jihad Watch reported that the ‘Muslim Students Union’ at UC Irvine, a ‘Muslim Students Association’ affiliate which the NY Police identified the organization as an ‘incubator’ for Islamic radicalism, had been suspended by the school after members repeatedly heckled Israeli Ambassador to the U.S. Michael Oren during a speech in 2010

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Weeping Virgin Mary Statue in Fresno Home Called a Miracle

Virgin MaryWeeping Virgin Mary Statue in Fresno Home
Image Courtesy: Joe Ybarra – ABC News Fresno

(ABC News San Francisco) A statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary appears to be weeping in the home of Maria Cardenas, calling it a blessing. Tears seem to well up in her right eye, streaming down her face to her chin.

Ms. Cardenas says its beautiful the way she looks right now – every tear she said, is nothing short of a miracle, collecting the tears in a glass, Ms. Cardenas shares them with anyone who finds their way to her home.

A lot of people have come and they can’t believe it Ms. Cardenas says. “I wanted to come see for myself,” said Richard Quintana a neighbor. Quintana had just moved in across the street and was invited to take a look for the first time. “That’s amazing, it takes the words out of my mouth–like Wow, I’m so amazed,” adds Quintana.

Ms. Cardenas said I don’t understand why shes doing it but its something good adding, that the Blessed Virgin Mary statue was a Mother’s Day gift 10 yrs ago but that she didn’t start weeping until about a year and a half ago when her cousin Jessie Lopez was murdered.

Sometimes she doesn’t cry for weeks or months but when she starts Ms. Cardenas said, she will cry again.

ABC Action News Fresno watched as one of the tears fell, they reported that it was oily and smelled like roses, immediately another tear was observed building up.

“We’ve had Priest’s from all over to look at her and all they say, it’s a miracle.”

At this house, the Blessed Virgin Mary weeps or so it seems for anyone to see, not just the faithful.

“We’re not hiding her but at the same time,” said the Caretaker, “we don’t want anything to happen to her.”

More here from ABC 30 Action News Fresno

California Primary 07 June — Make AMERICA Great Again!

Censorship: Twitter Shuts Down Pro-Second Amendment California Ad Campaign

Censorship(Daily Caller)  Twitter has censored, putting an end to a Pro-Second Amendment ad campaign aimed at gathering signatures for a petition against an initiative to require background checks on ammunition purchases in California — the Coalition for Civil Liberties ran the advertisement (seen above) for two weeks before Twitter pulled the ad.

The ad campaign has reached over 118,000 people on Twitter & Facebook before Twiter shut it down without explanation.

As I’ve written previously about the China regime Internet police: ‘Free speech is essential in the pursuit of learning, every idea or thought is not an avenue of incitement…’

California Child Dies at the Hands of a Negligent Social Welfare Agency – Why We Need St. Teresa Benedicta & St John Bosco Homes For Kids

California Child Abuse
(Sky News)
Eight Yr Old Gabriel Fernandez Died from Multiple Injuries
Including a Fractured Skull, Broken Ribs and Burns Over his Body According to Prosecutors

So Sad…a terrible tragedy which should have been prevented…

On the 21 November, I wrote here about a 4 yr old girl who was victimized by the hands of her foster parents, with wounds covering nearly every part of her little body after prolonged physical torture – it was revealed that the Santa Clara Dept of Social Services in charge of protecting the child had done little to follow up on multiple previous allegations of abuse against her guardians.

Unfortunately for these little victims of child abuse and neglect by the hands of predators in charge of their welfare the problems are not isolated and I cited other examples of children left to die. One would think that over burdened state and county social service agencies would be seeking out alternatives to their system which has failed children and there would be a moral outcry by the public but as is often the case–nothing changes and the cycles of abuse and violence continue.

In February we at St.Teresa Benedicta and St. John Bosco exchanged mails with officials in the City of San Francisco, hoping to coordinate and work with them in our efforts to construct “Homes For Kids” in the Bay Area which would help alleviate an overburdened system there but unfortunately bureaucracy dictates policy and nothing much changes.

In March we communicated with Catholic Charities of Los Angeles Inc following an article written by Monsignor Gregory Cox posted on their Facebook page virtually citing many of the same statistics that we had cited here in November and at St. Teresa Benedicta and St. John Bosco unfortunately for little Gabriel Fernandez that may have been saved and children like him, our correspondence fell on deaf ear.

Before there is another news story about the next Gabriel Fernandez, abused and tortured by the hands of his or her care-givers, we need St. Teresa Benedicta and St. John Bosco “Homes For Kids” to be constructed across the country.

Our St. Teresa Benedicta and St. John Bosco “Homes For Kids” will be a very special place for children, many of whom may never have known a clean, safe caring and loving environment, free from fear and want, where many children for the very first time in their young lives have a real place to call home.

  • What Can You Do to Help Save the Life of a Child?
    Will You Help? Please Contact Us:

St Teresa Benedicta and St John Bosco@Facebook

St Teresa Benedicta@Twitter

Good Grief Another Obamajam — Streets to Avoid Thursday & Friday

Obamajam AlertObama Returns to L.A. and Will Create More Traffic Nightmares -Image Courtesy: David Ryu

(LA Times) Campaigner-in-Chief Obama returns to Los Angeles to attend yet another DNC fundraiser, Thursday’s event is a $33,400 a couple party at the home of Walt Disney Studio Chairman Alan Horn and his wife Cindy, before Obama heads to San Francisco for a $33,400 a plate DNC dinner at the home of Billionaire Gordon and Ann Getty

  • What was that Socialist-Democrat Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton
    said about Republican Fat-Cats? — I digress.

Obamajam Alert Streets to Avoid

23 More Days Until California Tax Freedom Day – Keep Electing Democrats

Tax Freedom Day 2016(Tax Foundation) California Tax Freedom Day Arrives on the 30th April
(4th Latest Nationally) to Pay Ones Total Tax Bill This Year

How Has Tax Freedom Day Changed Over Time?

  • In 1900 Americans paid only 5.9% of their income in taxes, that year Tax Freedom Day arrived on the 22nd January — a century later Americans were paying 33% of their income in taxes.

What Taxes We Pay?

What We Pay

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