California Picture of the Day: Cute Little Girl With her Pet Toad at 1936 Venice Beach Pet Show

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Covered California 2016 Rate Hike 4% If You’re Lucky, Some Will Realize a 30% Increase

Covered California...Covered California Still Having Computer Issues
Says Mrs. Mochulsky and EscapadeMusic@Twitter

(IBD) ObamaCare/Covered California trumpeted the news on Monday that premiums are set to rise 4% in 2016 slightly less than last years 4.2% increase.

While avoiding the double-digit premium hikes that have been proposed in many other states, many consumers may not be so celebratory when they find out what is happening to their deductibles which are already sky high.

Particularly hardest hit are people seeking the lowest cost ‘bronze-level’ coverage. In 2016 these plans will carry a deductible of $6,000 (an increase of $1,000 from 2015) and a separate drug deductible of $500 — After the deductible is met bronze coverage will cap R/X costs at $500 mo the combined $6,500 deductible will then be 30% higher than in 2015

Covered California Executive Director Peter Lee said in a conference call that in 2016 a visit with a Specialist (with a $90 co-pay) will be allowed as part of three partly covered physician visits, left unsaid is that low income individuals facing a $6,500 deductible could easily be swamped with debt after getting limited benefits before the deductible is met. — This is perhaps ObamaCare/Covered California Achilles’ heel given that enrollment has badly lagged expectations.

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Have You Seen Me? Santa Cruz Police Seeking Information on 8 Yr Old’s Child Murderer

Madyson...(AP) Santa Cruz Police Shows Photos of Madyson Middleton Who Vanished Sunday from Tannery Arts Center Courtyard — Anyone With Information on Maddy’s Abduction Should Call 911 or (831) 420-5995

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Your Tax Dollars at Work: GI Bill Pays For Unaccredited Sex & Erotic Massage Schools

Your Tax Dollars at Work(CIR) These Unaccredited Schools are Getting GI Bill Funding
and Your Tax Dollars

  • Flashback: Remember in September 2013 when House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) said during GOP Congressional battles to cut to the growth in out of control federal spending: “The cupboard is bare, there is no more cuts to make. I think its really important for people to understand that.”


Army Deserter Bowe Bergdahl Found at California “Pot Farm” Released by Mendocino Sheriff’s Dept

Bowe Bergdahl...Army Deserter Bowe Bergdahl Found During California ‘Pot Raid’
Image Courtesy: Broken News

(FOX News) Army Deserter Bowe Bergdahl who the Obama Administration claimed served with ‘Honor & Distinction’ trading 5 Top Taliban Terrorist Commanders for him wound up in the middle of a ‘Pot Raid’ in Northern California this week.

Captain Greg Van Patten with the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Dept told FOX News on Thursday, the counties marijuana eradication team encountered Bergdahl on Tuesday while serving a search warrant on a “Pot Farm” in Redwood Valley.

When Bergdahl encountered the Sheriff’s Dept team, Van Patten said he identified himself. Law enforcement contacted the Dept of Defense which confirmed that Bergdahl was on leave and asked for the assistance in getting him back.

More here from NBC Bay Area

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Here’s the California Company that Buys/Sells Baby Parts From Planned Butcherhood

Stem Express(Breitbart) Placerville California Stem Express Buys & Sells
Aborted Baby Parts from Planned Butcherhood –Image: Monica

  • On the 22 July, Amy Otto@The Federalist reported why it is not necessary to commercially market aborted baby parts for medical researchers as ‘science have found ways to produce these cells without aborting babies.’

Only in My Beloved California: Protesters Opposed to ICE Arrested in Los Angeles

LA Protesters(LA Times) Protesters Opposed to Los Angeles County Police Agencies Cooperating with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Were Arrested on Wednesday –Image: LA News Now

Kate SteinleOn 01 July in San Francisco, an illegal immigrant from Mexico, deported five times and with a long rap sheet, admitted to murdering 32 yr old Kate Steinle from Pleasanton in a jailhouse interview.

Challenged Athletes Foundation
Performing Animal Welfare Society
in Kate Steinle’s memory.

More here on Kate Steinle from San Francisco

“The Proof of Love Is In the Works. Where Love Exists, It Works Great Things…”

Watch How Berkeley Students React to ISIS Flag and How They React to Israel Flag

“Through Prayer We Touch The Heart Of Jesus…”

Prayer“Prayer is always the beginning of peace in our world because through prayer, we touch the heart of Jesus who is our peace. His way of love opens the path to forgiveness and reconciliation–with God, with others and following His way of love means we are called top be peacemakers. We need to be working for greater understanding among peoples and greater awareness that we are all Sisters and Brothers in God’s family.” –Archbishop Jose H. Gomez, Los Angeles