California Love Story — Couple Married 67 Years Die Hours Apart Holding Hands

California CoupleFloyd & Violet Hartwig, Married for 67 Yrs Died While Holding Hands
NY Post@Twitter

(OC Register) “They weren’t fancy, they were just decent people that were always committed to each other no matter the situation,” that is how Donna Scharton from Fresno, remembers her beloved parents before they passed away earlier this month.

Prior to their declining health, the Hartwig’s owned a ranch in Easton, California. According to ABC News the couple met while in grammar school and had developed a relationship upon Floyd’s return from the Navy.

The Hartwig’s that had been married for 67 years died in their home–as the two laid close to one another. Scharton and other family members pushed their beds close together as they all knew the end was near.

“I remember them kissing each other good-bye every morning. I remember my Mom called him ‘Blondie’ because he had such pretty blond hair and blue eyes,” Scharton said, holding onto warm memories of her parents.

“My Mom had dementia for the last several years and around the holidays we noticed she was going down,” Scharton said. “Then I got a call from the doctor saying, ‘Your Dad has kidney failure and he has two weeks to live.’ So we decided to put them in hospice together.”

“We could tell that my Dad was in a lot more pain,” Scharton cried, “We said, ‘Its getting close,’ so we pushed the hospital beds together as far as we could. We put their hands together and my Dad died holding my Mom’s hand. Mom was not coherent but we told her that Dad had passed away and that he was waiting for her, she died five hours later.” 

Scharton daughter Cynthia Letson remembers her Grandparents as simple people who just loved having their family beside them.

“They never asked for anything, all they ever wanted was their family and it was amazing they got that in the end,’ Letson said.

Full article here from ABC News

Despicable! Sacramento Idiot Displays Swastikas on his Home, Neighbors Outraged

Nazi SwastikaSacramento Man Displays Swastika’s on his Home
Image: NBC Los Angeles

(KTNV News) Sacramento residents and lawmakers are outraged because of Swastikas that have been displayed on a house which local authorities have received complaints.

“How do I explain this to my little one?” Robbie Rose who lives nearby resident told KCRA3 News Sacramento “I am all freedom of speech but this is just too much.”

KCRA3 News, attempted to ask the resident behind the display what is meant by it but he refused to comment.

“There is no more potent symbol of hatred than the swastika–It is a symbol of murder and genocide,” said Barry Broad who is likewise appalled at the display.

Anti-Defamation League (ADL) Central Pacific Regional Director Seth Byrsk denounced the display saying, “Such a gratuitous  and offensive display of swastikas–to make a political point is repugnant and highly inappropriate. It demeans the suffering experienced by the victims of the Holocaust and insults all those who were targeted by Nazi bigotry.”

More here from ADL San Francisco

It Was an Awesome Day at the 116th Chinatown Los Angeles Golden Dragon Parade

We’re Looking Forward to the Los Angeles Chinese New Year Festival 12:00 PM to 8:00 PM Saturday

California Deep in Debt & Considering New Taxes, Wastes $540,000 for New Cars for Lawmakers

Ethics LessonEthics 101 for California State Lawmakers –Cartoon: Cal Watchdog

(LA Times) The State of California purchased some $540,000 worth of new Ford Fusion Hybrids and other vehicles for Members of the State Senate to replace vehicles that have as little as 12,400 miles on them over the past 18 months–some were purchased shortly before nearly 40 Senate staffers were laid-off because of a budget shortfall.

“The excesses and absurdities never seem to end with government,” said Lew Uhler, President of the California based Natl Tax Limitation Committee.

According to KCRA Sacramento the state’s Dept of General Services defended the purchases of the cars–eight of which cost nearly $24,000 each.

At a time when the State of California is $423,781,900,000.00+ in Debt and Democrats in Sacramento have proposed a new user fee tax to confiscate another $1.8 Billion from residents and consumers alike, what will it take for voters to revolt and recall Democrat state lawmakers in charge of the public purse?

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116th Golden Dragon Parade, Saturday, 21st February — A Los Angeles Tradition

California Already With the Nations Highest Gas Taxes, Democrat Proposes New Road User Fee

California Gas TaxesCalifornia Gas Taxes Already Highest in the Country Now Democrat
Assembly Speaker Wants to Gouge Consumers Even More
Image: CA Political Review

(LA Times) California Democrat Assembly Speaker Toni Atkins proposed on Wednesday a new user fee tax, to confiscate an additional $1.8 Billion annually from Consumers called a ‘Road User Charge’ tacked on to residents insurance bills or registration fees to allegedly pay for roadway maintenance.

Flashback: Remember in 2014 when an audit of California’s books revealed in excess of $31 Billion in accounting irregularities–Now Democrats want even more money. When is enough, enough? Can Democrats insatiable appetite to seize other peoples money be ever satisfied?

California already ranked by 500 of the top CEO’s in the country as the worst state to do business mainly because of the state’s high taxes and oppressive regulatory regime, Democrats in Sacramento are not going to make it any easier to attract new companies, business development and opportunity, by taking even more money from Consumers already overly burdened by the highest personal income taxes and gas taxes in the country.

So Again, Why Do Democrats Claim Republicans are Racist and Mainly Old White Men?

Latino VotersDon’t Be Fooled by Democrats & the Dinosaur Media Narrative

(Buzz Feed) Despite the constant drum beat of Democrats, Progressives and their favorite Dinosaur Media news readers, that Asian-Americans and Latinos are reliable Democrat voters, one may want to reconsider this old and tired narrative heading into 2016

In the State of California, more than 90 Latino Republicans have been elected to office in just the last two years and in November, Asian-American Republican Women dominated Orange County races, with three candidates elected to state offices and two to the County Board of Supervisors.

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Southern California Weather Alert: Light Rain Expected — MSM Silent, Typical NYC Media Bias

California Weather WarningCalifornia Weather Warning –Image: Jennifer@Twitter

One Can Empathize with Those People Impacted by the 2015 Blizzard Along the East Coast — It’s Been Sprinkling Lightly in Los Angeles

RainmeggedonRainmegeddon Strikes Southern California
Image Courtesy:
Rick Dickert@KTTV/FOX 11 L.A.

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Have You Seen Comet Lovejoy? Better See It Soon, It Will Be 8,000 Yrs Before Your Next Chance

Comet Lovejoy(LA Times) Have You Seen Comet Lovejoy? Should You Miss it
in January, It Won’t Return for 8,000 Years

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