Life is Sacred, A Priceless Gift From God

One 1 Life Los Angeles 2016 Invites You To Celebrate the Beauty & Dignity of Human Life

OneLife LA PosterYou’re Invited to Join Thousands Declaring a Commitment to Valuing Human Life Saturday, 23 January —One 1 Life Los Angeles

One Life LA 2016Ying and I are Looking Forward to One 1 Life LA 2016 Speakers

For More Information: One 1 Life LA

One 1 Life LA 2016@Facebook

San Francisco 49ers Support “Natl Breast Cancer Awareness Month” With ‘A Crucial Catch’ Campaign

Disgraceful: Statue of New Canonized St. Junipero Serra, Father of California Missions Vandalized

St JuniperoStatue of U.S. First Hispanic Saint Junipero Serra,
Father of California Missions
Vandalized — Image: ABC7 San Francisco

(CNS News) Just days after Pope Francis Canonized Saint Junipero Serra a statue honoring the 18th century Franciscan Missionary and other property at the Carmel Mission where St. Junipero Serra is buried were vandalized.

Hoodlums damaged statues, grave sites and signs, together with pouring green and white paint on doors — written ‘Saint of Genocide’ was written on a headstone, green paint was splashed on St. Junipero Serra’s toppled statue and other headstones were splashed with dark red paint according to Carmel Police investigating the criminal damages.

On the 01 July I wrote here that Saint Juniperro Serra dubbed the ‘Evangelizer of the West’ by Pope Francis, established the first 9 of California’s 21 Missions.

A Facebook post by the ‘Carmel Mission’ asked prayers for the vandals, urging that “the people who did this take responsibility for their actions on this sacred property and that they seek reconciliation.”

Today Christians Celebrate the Canonization of Saint Junipero Serra, Father of California Missions

Flashback: Remember When Obama Claimed U.S. ‘One of the Largest Muslim Countries in the World’

Pope Francis Enroute to MassHundreds of Thousands of People Greet Pope Francis Arrival for Mass
in Washington, DC –Image: Washingtonian

  • Flashback: Remember in 2009 when Obama claimed that the U.S. is ‘One of the Largest Muslim Countries in the World.’ — Riiight…

Pope Francis WashingtonPope Francis Greeted by Hundreds of Thousands
that Lined the Streets in Washington on Wednesday –Image: CNN

Pope FrancisPope Francis Welcomed by Hundreds of Thousands on Wednesday
in Washington, DC –Image: Guardian

Pope Francis Meets LA Girl5 Yr Old Los Angeles Girl Breaks Security Line Hand Delivers Shirt
and Letter to Pope Francis Asking his Help for U.S. Immigrants
Image: FOX News Latino

More here from NBC Los Angeles

UN Nuclear Watchdog: Iran is Self-Inspecting Parchin Suspected Nuke Site

Barbara BoxerIs Sen Barbara Boxer (D-CA)@Twitter Just Really Gullible or Naive?

(NY Times) The Director of the Intl Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has conceded that Iran not the IAEA are doing their own self-inspections under the supposed ‘watchful eye of surveillance devices’ at the Parchin suspected nuclear weapons site–Iran has turned over samples to the nuclear watchdog.

Sen. Boxer, how is this the ‘most stringent inspection’ and how pray tell can one be sure that the ‘samples’ collected are actually from the nuclear weapons site and not from some other clean, uncontaminated site?

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Iran Increases Funding to Hezbollah & Hamas in Wake of Nuke Deal

Christians & Physicians Tell Gov Jerry Brown, ‘Doctor Assisted Death’ Wrong Choice for California

One Life LALife is a Sacred Gift from God –Image: OneLife LA

(Angelus) Last week the Democrat controlled California legislature voted to allow doctors to help their patients kill themselves, ramming AB x2-15 through a special legislative session (which Gov Jerry Brown had called for to deal with MediCal financing for the poor) after it earlier this year was pulled from the legislative calendar and previously was rejected by voters in 1992 

“This is no way for our government to make policy on a life and death issue that will affect millions of individuals and families for years to come.

The people of California, especially the poor, the elderly, minorities and the disabled, deserve much better from their leaders and make no mistake, it will be these most vulnerable populations who are going to suffer from this legislation,” said Archbishop Jose Gomez in Los Angeles.

‘American College of Physicians’ President Dr. Wayne Riley, according to KPBS is asking former Jesuit Seminarian and now Gov. Jerry Brown, to veto the ‘Doctor Assisted Suicide’ bill saying that it’s unethical for doctors to participate in the intentional taking of a life.

“We acknowledge that some patients want control over the cause and timing of their death but it’s not our roll as physicians to provide that and therefore we, ethically can not participate in the medicalization of suicide,” said Dr. Riley.

In 2001 the ‘American College of Physicians & American Society of Internal Medicine’ wrote an informative and well reasoned treatise why physician-assisted suicide, raises serious ethical and other concerns and argues that legalization of ‘Doctor Assisted Death’ would undermine the patient-physician relationship and the trust necessary to sustain it.

Full Position Paper: ‘Physician Assisted Suicide’ here from ACP Online

How 4 Yr Old Brody, Did his Part to Help California Firefighters

Child PrayingPraying for California Firefighters –ABC7 San Francisco@Twitter

(ABC7@Facebook) After 4 yr old Brody saw the devastation from the ‘Valley Fire’ on TV his Mother said he ran to put on last years Halloween costume to pray for the Firefighters

H/T: Rare

Thank You God for Your Many Blessings and For the Rain Today in California

Los Angeles(LA Times) “God gives rain upon the earth and sends waters
upon the fields.” —Job 5:10

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