Life Is a Sacred Gift From God

Defend LifeIs There Anything More Precious Than a Human Life?
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  • IPrayToEndAbortion “A great prayer for life is urgently needed, a prayer that will rise up throughout the world.”
    Pope Saint John Paul II

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Today Christians Honor Blessed Junipero Serra, Soon to be Canonized & First Saint of California

Blessed Junipero Serra

Blessed Junipero Serra (1713-1784)
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(Angelus) Just after Canonizing the first Saint of Sri Lanka St. Joseph Vaz, Pope Francis announced that he would also be Canonizing the first Saint of California–Blessed Junipero Serra.

“We are grateful to our Holy Father Pope Francis for this gift to California and the America’s,” said Archbishop Jose Gomez of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, in a January statement — “Its wonderful  to think that this new Saint once walked the road that is now the Hollywood Fwy and called it El Camino Real: The King’s Highway.”

Blessed Junipero Serra was born on Spain’s island of Mallorca according to Franciscan Media and entered the Franciscan Order, taking the name of St. Francis’ childlike companion  Brother Juniper. Until he was 35, he spent most of his time in the classroom, first as a student of theology and then following his Ordination as a professor.

Suddenly he gave this all up and followed his yearning that had begun years before when he had heard about the missionary work of St. Francis Solanus in South America — Fr. Junipero’s desire was to evangelize the native people of Mexico and California according to NCRegister and he established the first 9 of California’s 21 Missions, used to teach American Indians Catholicism and learn new skills such as growing crops and raising livestock that would help improve their standard of living.

Dubbed ‘The evangelizer of the West in the United States,” by Pope Francis, Blessed Serra was most known for his zeal and determination, both physically and spiritually.

Blessed Junipero Serra missionary motto has been described as, “Never turn back.” According to several reports, once Fr. Junipero landed on Mexico’s shores with his companions, he insisted on walking the more than 200 miles to Mexico City. During this trek, Fr. Junipero suffered an infected insect sting on his leg that would affect him for the rest of his life. — Fr. Juniper’s fierce determination, also led him to baptize more than 6,000 people and confirm another 5,000

Fr. Junipero reputation as a ‘Great Evangelizer’ of his time is on par with several other Saints Canonized by Pope Francis, including the recent St. Joseph Vaz of Sri Lanka, St. Peter Faber of France, St. Jose Anchieta of Brazil, together with St. Francois de Laval and St. Marie of the Incarnation of Canada.

According to Gregory Orfalea, author of Journey to the Sun: Junipero Serra’s Dream and the Founding of California, “evangelization is one of the several things Blessed Junipero and Pope Francis have in common.

“Serra talked about how Faith seemed to have dried up in (Spain) Mallorca,” Orfalea said in an email interview. “The Native Americans surely resurrected it. So evangelizing for both Pope Francis and Padre Serra was a two-way street of redemption.”

Similarly, both Pope Francis and Blessed Junipero Serra, experienced success in the academic world but preferred to be in the streets serving the poor, Orfalea said. They also came from similar backgrounds in religious orders.

“I sometimes think (Pope) Francis is a Franciscan Jesuit and (Junipero) Serra a Jesuit Franciscan,” Orfalea said.

Pope Francis has waived the customary requirement of a second miracle in the Canonization cause of Blessed Junipero Serra. — Beatified by Pope Saint John Paul II in 1988, Blessed Junipero Serra’s first miracle was the inexplicable cure of a dying Nun with kidney failure in St. Louis in the 1960s — Pope Francis announced that the Canonization of Blessed Junipero Serra will take place during the Holy Father’s visit to the United States in September.

Stop California SB 128 — The Suicide Bill

Stop SB 128‘Let Us Pray For the Strength to Defend Human Rights
and Work for Justice” –
Stop SB 128
Archbishop Jose Gomez, Los Angeles@Twiiter

Real Death With Dignity Is Not the End of Life Option Act
Stop SB 128

Family of 75 Year Old Beheaded and Blind Inglewood Man, Pleads For Help to Find His Killer

Robrt Hollis(LA Times) Everyday 75 year old Robert Hollis walked the courtyard of the Villa Glen apartment complex in Inglewood using a decorative wooden cane to navigate the path that he could not see before him.

The family of Hollis found last week beheaded is pleading for the public’s help in finding their father’s murderer(s) — Hollis legally blind and lived alone, was a church going man who sang in the choir, his family says they can’t imagine why anyone would want to murder him, especially in such a barbaric manner.

“He was a kind and generous spirit who was a husband, father, grandfather and great-grandfather,” ABC 7 L.A. reports. “Robert lived his life as a sign artist and gospel singer, his voice touched many and his spirit motivated more,” Hollis’ family said in a statement.

Police say, they don’t believe that robbery was a motive because Hollis was found wearing all of his jewelry and nothing appeared to be missing from his apartment.

More here from CBS News Los Angeles

Blessed Virgin Mary Statue Beheaded Outside of Palm Springs Catholic Church

Virgin Mary Beheaded...

(KESQ) The ‘Blessed Virgin Mary’ statue at Our Lady of Solitude Catholic Church in Palm Springs was beheaded and the statue of Jesus was defaced late Wednesday night according to local Police.

Parish Secy Lupita Jaquez said both statutes are located outside the Church and the desecration’s were discovered early Thursday morning.

Jaquez said this isn’t the first time the Church has been vandalized. A month ago, two plaster statues in the Church courtyard were smashed and a year ago, someone tagged the Parish doors with graffiti.

According to Palm Spring Police, damages are estimated at about $2,000 — Palm Springs Police urge anyone that saw anything suspicious should call them at: (760) 323-8116 or Crime Stoppers at: (760) 341-7867

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Take Me Out to the Ballgame: Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim ‘Catholic Night’ Saturday, 27 June

Obama’s So Sadden About the Charleston Massacre To Interrupt His Fundraising Today in Los Angeles

Obamajam(LA Daily News Where ObamaJam Will Affect Already Congested Traffic
Today in Los Angeles  –Image Courtesy: Meghan McCarty@Twitter

California Democrat Legislature Pass $117.5B Spending Bill While $1 Trillion Unfunded Pension Liabilities Looms, Calls It Responsible

California Obesity...California Budget Deficit $426,757,000,000+ Per Person $11,133
California Debt Clock

(OC Register) California Democrat controlled legislature passes a $117.5 Billion spending plan calling it responsible.

  • Assembly Speaker Toni Atkins D-San Diego said: “Our state is on a firm financial footing and that stability gives us an opportunity which has been rare in recent years.”

Huh??? With a ballooning $426 Billion+ Deficit and $1 Trillion in Unfunded Pension Liabilities what ‘firm financial footing’ is Democrat Assembly Speaker Atkins referring?

LeBron James: “I’m the Best Player in the World.” — Golden State Defeats Cleveland Cavaliers 105-97 Wins 2015 NBA Finals

Labron James(LA Times) Arrogant, Narcissist LeBron James: “I’m the Best Player
in the World”  –Image: Jessica Chasmar@Twitter

  • Riiight… Golden State Warriors Defeat LeBron James’ Cleveland Cavaliers 105-97 to Clinch 2015 NBA Title

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Democrats Don’t Get It: California Ranks Worst State for Business & Highest Poverty Rate

California PovertySo Sad! My Beloved ‘Deep Blue’ State of California Worst State for Business, Highest Personal Income Tax & Poverty Rate in the Nation
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Soquel by the Creek

(LA Times) For the first time in nearly a year, gas prices have spiked to over $4.00 a gallon in Southern California thanks to the state’s various gas blends, want for more-and-more new laws and burdensome regulations preventing the recovery and sale of and abundance of natural resources together with Sacramento’s new .76 climate change tax that went into effective the first of the year.

  • Keep Voting for and Electing Democrats: “Insanity is doing something
    over and over again and expecting different results.” –Albert Einstein

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