Obama at Odds With 80% of Americans, Dept of Defense & State of California on Ebola Quarantine

Ebola California(LA Times) California Issues Ebola Quarantine Policy

(CNN) A 21 day quarantine for all military personnel serving in Ebola ravaged West Africa was approved by Secy of Defense Chuck Hagel on Wednesday,

This new policy creates a separate set of rules for the military than the Obama Administration and CDC has pushed for civilian workers returning from West Africa aid trips, creating a lot of anxiety with 80% of Americans that believe there should be a mandatory quarantine for anyone returning to the U.S. from West Africa until it is certain they don’t have Ebola.

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God Bless Fallen American Hero Lance Corporal Sean P Neal

Lance Cpl Sean Neal(DoD) Rest in Peace — God Bless Lance Corporal Sean P Neal
Tom Maloney@Twitter

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Accused California Cop Killer Luis Enrique Monroy Illegal Immigrant, Twice Deported

Sacramento Cop KillerSuspect in the Murders Two California Sheriff’s Deputies Was Twice
Deported –Image Courtesy:
Fire Andrea Mitchell

(LA Times) U.S. Immigration officials said today, that Luis Enrique Monroy, accused of murdering Sacramento Sheriff’s Deputy Danny Oliver and Placer County Sheriff’s Detective Michael David Davis, Jr  on Friday, is a convicted drug dealer who was twice deported from the United States in 1997 and 2001

Monroy’s wife Janelle Marquez Monroy, allegedly accompanied her spouse for much of Friday’s 6 hour rampage through Sacramento and Placer Counties, has also been arrested and charged with attempted murder and carjacking.

California Highest Poverty Rate in the Country — Continue to Reelect Democrats for Prosperity

California Halloween(SacBee) Census Bureau: California Still Has Highest Poverty Rate in the Country — Continue to Reelect Democrats For Prosperity

Gwyneth Paltrow Embarrassingly Fawns Over Obama at Democratic Fundraiser in Brentwood

Paltrow Fawns Over ObamaPaltrow Embarrassingly Fawns Over Obama at Democratic Fundraiser
Image: Caleb Howe@Twitter

(Red State) Obama in California for the 25th time on a 3 day fundraising swoop (tying up traffic and messing up peoples schedules, I digress) amid global crises, Thursday at the home of Gwyneth Paltrow in Brentwood for a swanky $15,000 per plate dinner–Paltrow unable to contain her emotions when introducing Obama, according to the Hollywood Reporter embarrassingly gushed over him saying:

“You’re so handsome, that I can’t speak properly.”

Subsequently according to The Blaze a White House pool report added that  said that it would be wonderful if we were able to give this man all of the power that he needs to pass the things that he needs to pass.

Today Obama carrying his pen and phone, will by Executive Order confiscate half of the ‘Angeles Natl Forest’ and declare it a national monument.

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You’re Invited to the Los Angeles Archdiocese Celebration of Cultures Mass

You’re Invited to the Faith & Government Forum, Saturday 04 October, Garden Grove, California

California Gov Jerry Brown Solves Another Non-Existent Problem

Confederate Flag

(KFI AM 640) Gov Jerry Brown signed legislation today prohibiting state agencies from selling or displaying Confederate flags–when has one seen that happen anytime recently?

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California Economic Recovery? General Mills to Close 67 Yr Old Lodi Plant, Eliminating 430 Jobs–Reelect Gov Jerry Brown

General Mills Lodi Plant(WSJ) General Mills will close its 67 year old Lodi, California plant eliminating 430 more jobs in a struggling economy–in August, California reported 1,563 new jobless claims, the states unemployment rate remained unchanged at 7.4% higher than 43 other states and the national average.

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California 7.4% Jobless Rate Higher Than 43 Other States: Reelect Gov Jerry Brown