How Many Neglected Children May Have Benefited Had Bernie Sanders & Other Candidates Not Wasted Millions Chasing Votes?

Millions on Campaigns(Time) Crazy Old Socialist Bernie Sanders spent wasted $2.2 Million on ads just in California in his losing campaign — Ever wonder how many children may have benefited had St. Teresa Benedicta and St. John Bosco were the recipient of just 1% of all the money candidates wasted chasing votes?

8 Yr Old
Flashback: On the 09 April I wrote here California 8 Yr old boy dies at the hands of negligent social welfare agency — this is why we need St. Teresa Benedicta and St. John Bosco ‘Homes For Kids’

California Democrat Primary: Hillary Loses 755,545 Votes From 2008 – Bernie Taking Fight to Convention

Hillary Received 2,608,184 Votes in the 2008 California Democrat Primary Compared to 1,852,639 Votes on Tuesday as the Democrat Frontrunner Struggled to Put Away Crazy Old Vermont Socialist Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders Concedes Nothing – Addresses Excited Crowd Taking Fight to Convention

H/T: The American Mirror

Every Life Is A Beautiful Gift From God – Conception Until Natural Death

Life Is BeautifulLook For the Beautiful – God Given Human Dignity in Everyone –Respect Life Los Angeles

Archbishop Jose Gomez(The Tidings News) Fundamental Injustices In Our Society

” Friends: Any approach that essentially tolerates abortion and euthanasia or puts these issues on par with others, not only betrays the beautiful vision of the Church’s social teaching but also weakens the credibility┬á of the Church’s witness in our society.” –Archbishop Jose Gomez@Facebook

Keep It Classy Liberals: Bernie Sanders & Hillary Clinton Supporters in San Jose, Riot, Burn American Flag, Trash Vendor’s Tent, Pelt Trump Supporters With Eggs

California One of the Heaviest Taxed States in the Country – Lawmakers Push to Confiscate More Money from Job Creators

CA LawmakersCalifornia Already Heavily TaxedLiberals Push to Confiscate
Even More Money from Job Creators

Flashback: On the 05 April, I wrote here that California Human and Business Capital Exodus Widens — California has one of the Worst Business Tax Climates (only NY and NJ are worse) in the Nation.

Losers Tag Vietnam War Memorial in Venice

Vandals Tag

(CBS Los Angeles) Vandals defaced, tagging a memorial in Venice to the 2,273 Vietnam War Heroes that were counted as prisoners or listed as missing-in-action.

“It’s a desecration, I mean its very simple. There’s no sort of other way around it,” said George Francisco, VP of Venice Chamber of Commerce who also runs nonprofit Veterans Foundation Inc

In March, Francisco, helped to bring a replica of the ‘Vietnam Veterans Memorial’ to Venice Beach, his father was a combat veteran during the Vietnam era and helped to organize the effort.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Dept is investigating the matter since the mural is painted onto a Metropolitan Transit Authority building, no arrests have yet been made.

More here from the L.A. Times

Covered California Chief Receives Huge Pay Hike in 2015 — ObamaCare Premiums Expected to Rise 8%

Covered California(Via: L.A. Times)

Covered California...

  • Earlier this month Kaiser Health News reports that Covered California exchange projects that ObamaCare premiums may rise on average 8% next year — the projected rate increase in California included in the exchange’s annual proposed budget — which are evidently on the rise in order to pay bureaucrats inflated salaries and huge bonuses.

Flashback: Remember Obama’s Grandiose Promises Made how Govt Managed Healthcare was Going to Lower Premiums and be the Greatest Thing since Sliced Bread

Promise Reneged: Hillary Clinton Breaks Pledge to Debate Crazy Old Socialist Bernie Sanders Ahead of California Primary

Bernie SandersSanders Accepts Donald Trump’s Offer to California Debate Ahead of 07 June Primary After Hillary Clinton Breaks Pledge

More here Clinton Breaks a California Promise -San Francisco Chronicle

Must Watch Video: Latino Trump Supporter Verbally Destroys Anaheim City Council Member Kris Murray

California Police Readying for Possible Protests at Trump OC Rally

Illegal Immigration California(San Diego Union-Tribune) While One Sees Illegals & Anarchists Protest Trump in Anaheim Wednesday, Remember How Much Illegal Immigration Cost California Taxpayers -Image: