(Watch) Berkeley Professor Says That Everyone Supporting Donald Trump May Be a Nazi

California Is $457 Billion+ In Debt — Illegal Aliens Cost California Taxpayers $30.3 Billion Annually

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USA TODAY Holly Epstein Ojalvo Questions Free Speech at Public Universities – When Was the First Amendment Repealed?

Democrat Jon Ossoff Falls Short of Winning Georgia Special Election Despite Raising $8.2M Mainly From California Liberals

(Videos) Freedom Rally in Berkeley Saturday, 15 April

“This is the Craziness us Libertarians, Conservatives and Republicans
in the Bay Area Have to Deal With.” –Lana Wong@Facebook

Censorship: San Francisco Restricts Free Speech on Public Transit

When Was the First Amendment Repealed???

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California Students Better Learn That Nothing is Free, Someone Has to Pay For It

(Video) Those Who Shut Their Ears to the Cry of the Poor Will Themselves Call Out and Not Be Answered -Proverbs 21:13

Illegal Immigrant Who Had Been Deported 5 Times to Mexico Kills Young Mother in Los Angeles Car Crash

VIA: KTLA Los Angeles

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Freedom of Speech is Dead in Berkeley – Communists, Anarchists & Liberal Leftists Clash with Trump Supporters on Saturday