Flashback: Remember Republicans 2010 Pledge To America to Repeal & Replace ObamaCare

House Freedom Caucus Member Say They Have Votes to Block ObamaCare Lite

(Watch) “I Love You So Much” SCOTUS Nominee Judge Gorsuch Pauses Opening Remarks to Give Wife a Hug

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(Watch) Dana Loesch on FOX Business Explain her Opposition to ObamaCare Lite

ObamaCare Lite — Cartoons Courtesy: Townhall.com

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CATO Institute Opposes Republican’s ObamaCare Lite

Republican Individual Mandate: Anyone Going Without Govt Mandated Health Insurance for Two Months Would be Assessed a 30% (TAX) Surcharge Penalty


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(Watch) How Direct Primary Care Works Better Between Physicians and Patients, Cutting Out Govt Bureaucrats and Ins Co’s Lowers Costs, Increases Quality of Care

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Are Fickle House Republicans Already Caving on Repealing & Replacing ObamaCare?

What Will President Trump Give or Take?
Has Mr. Trump Caved on Defunding All of Planned Butcherhood?

Where in the 123 Page House GOP Bill Does it Allow One to Purchase Health Insurance Across State Lines, Permanently Eliminates the Cadillac Tax, Individual Mandate and Insurance Company Subsidies?

If a 26 Year Old is an “Adult” Why is the Govt Mandating
They Can Stay on Their Families Health Insurance?

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) Conservatives Won’t Accept ObamaCare Lite


(Watch) Vice President Mike Pence Full Address at CPAC 2017

(Video) FLOTUS Melania Trump Leads Overflowing Crowd in “The Lord’s Prayer” at MAGA Rally in Florida

Very Happy Birthday, Mr. President!

Ronald Reagan (06 February, 1911 — 05 June, 2004)

What an Awesome, Magnificent Day – God Bless America!

What a Spectacular Event  -Image Courtesy: Eric Trump

Awesome Crowd — Memorable Day  -Image Courtesy: Hispanics For Trump

Full House at Stunning, Elegant Presidential Freedom Ball  -Image Courtesy: Immigrants*4*Trump

Wonderful Photo of First Family  -Image Courtesy: Deplorable For Trump

Our Beautiful First Family  -Image Courtesy: Students for Trump