(Watch) Vice President Mike Pence Full Address at CPAC 2017

(Video) FLOTUS Melania Trump Leads Overflowing Crowd in “The Lord’s Prayer” at MAGA Rally in Florida

Very Happy Birthday, Mr. President!

Ronald Reagan (06 February, 1911 — 05 June, 2004)

What an Awesome, Magnificent Day – God Bless America!

What a Spectacular Event  -Image Courtesy: Eric Trump

Awesome Crowd — Memorable Day  -Image Courtesy: Hispanics For Trump

Full House at Stunning, Elegant Presidential Freedom Ball  -Image Courtesy: Immigrants*4*Trump

Wonderful Photo of First Family  -Image Courtesy: Deplorable For Trump

Our Beautiful First Family  -Image Courtesy: Students for Trump

Tens of Thousands Celebrate “Make America Great Again” Concert & Fireworks at Lincoln Memorial

Spectacular Fireworks at ‘Make America Great Again’ Trump Pre-Inauguration Celebration
Image Courtesy: WLJA ABC7 News Washington

Awesome “USA” Fireworks Display Lights Up Sky -Image Courtesy: Nevada Tea Party

Stunning Fireworks Display at Lincoln Memorial on Thursday -Image Courtesy: Miss Lizzy NJ

“I Teared Up at Inaugural Celebration– When ‘Battle Hymn of the Republic was Sung”
Images Courtesy: Just Sayin’

Excellent Choice! President-Elect Donald Trump Names Breitbart Steve Bannon, White House Senior Counselor

Final 2016 Electoral College Map – How Donald Trump Won in a Virtual Landslide

donald-trump-landslideImpressive Victory — Images Courtesy: The American First and Immigrants For Trump

New CNN Poll of Likely Voters: Trump 45% – Clinton 43%

New USC/Los Angeles Times Daily Tracking Poll — Trump 45.1% to Hillary 42.3%

Women’s Suffrage & The 19th Amendment – What Hillary and Democrats Would Rather You Forget

HRCRepublicans & Women’s Rights – What Hillary Clinton,
Democrats and the MSM Would Rather You Forget

VIA: The American Spectator

19th Amendment19th Amendment 1
19th Amendment 2