Hillary Clinton’s Lasting Legacy: “What Difference at This Point Does It Make?”

Hillary Clinton Benghazi(Weekly Standard Video) Flashback Hillary Clinton: “Was it Because of a Protest or Because of Guys Out for a Walk One Night Who Decide to Kill Some Americans? What Difference at This Point Does it Make?

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California Love Story — Couple Married 67 Years Die Hours Apart Holding Hands

California CoupleFloyd & Violet Hartwig, Married for 67 Yrs Died While Holding Hands
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(OC Register) “They weren’t fancy, they were just decent people that were always committed to each other no matter the situation,” that is how Donna Scharton from Fresno, remembers her beloved parents before they passed away earlier this month.

Prior to their declining health, the Hartwig’s owned a ranch in Easton, California. According to ABC News the couple met while in grammar school and had developed a relationship upon Floyd’s return from the Navy.

The Hartwig’s that had been married for 67 years died in their home–as the two laid close to one another. Scharton and other family members pushed their beds close together as they all knew the end was near.

“I remember them kissing each other good-bye every morning. I remember my Mom called him ‘Blondie’ because he had such pretty blond hair and blue eyes,” Scharton said, holding onto warm memories of her parents.

“My Mom had dementia for the last several years and around the holidays we noticed she was going down,” Scharton said. “Then I got a call from the doctor saying, ‘Your Dad has kidney failure and he has two weeks to live.’ So we decided to put them in hospice together.”

“We could tell that my Dad was in a lot more pain,” Scharton cried, “We said, ‘Its getting close,’ so we pushed the hospital beds together as far as we could. We put their hands together and my Dad died holding my Mom’s hand. Mom was not coherent but we told her that Dad had passed away and that he was waiting for her, she died five hours later.” 

Scharton daughter Cynthia Letson remembers her Grandparents as simple people who just loved having their family beside them.

“They never asked for anything, all they ever wanted was their family and it was amazing they got that in the end,’ Letson said.

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Seth Rogen Backpedals on Idiotic Tweets Comparing ‘American Sniper’ to Nazi War Propaganda

Seth Rogan(Breitbart) ‘Seth Rogan Backpedaling on Idiotic Tweets here and here
Comparing the
$105.3 Million Eastwood Blockbuster ‘American Sniper’
to Nazi War Propaganda’ –Image:
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God Bless American Hero & Decorated Tuskegee Airman Lowell Steward, Dies in Ventura at 95

Lowell Steward(LA Times) Tuskegee Airman Lowell Steward Dies in Ventura
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In Memoriam of Pearl Harbor 73 Years Ago Today and Our Great American Heroes

Hooray It’s Veterans Day! California Honors American Heroes

It’s Veterans Day! God Bless Our American Heroes

Veterans DayRemember to “Thank” Our American Heroes –Image: Tx Laney@Twitter

God Bless Fallen American Hero Lance Corporal Sean P Neal

Lance Cpl Sean Neal(DoD) Rest in Peace — God Bless Lance Corporal Sean P Neal
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VA Attempted to Shut-Up Whistleblower, Sent Threatening Emails Attempting to Intimidate

Obama Scandal CrisisVA Crisis “Culture of Corruption Persists” –Image: Geraldo@Twitter

 (The Blaze) The Dept of Veteran Affairs last month, attempted to force one of their employees to execute a non-disclosure agreement and threatened him with disciplinary action, after the employee appeared on FOX News and criticized the ‘Veterans Administration’ for continuing to fail its mission to deliver health care to our American Heroes.

Scott Davis, a Program Specialist at the VA’s Health Eligibility Center in Atlanta and Whistleblower who had previously testified before Congress about the VA’s numerous failures.

Subsequent to Davis appearance on FOX News on the 02 September, Davis received an email just minutes later by William Lamm who asked Davis  to appear at an ‘Administrative Investigation Board’ meeting for 04 September

ScreenShot Email

Davis replied to the email the following day, that the White House Office of Special Counsel (OSC) is already investigating his Whistleblower case and said that the VA has already determined that the OSC investigation must be concluded before the VA could take any action against him.

“Therefore, I will have to decline your invitation to meet tomorrow,” Davis replied. “Mr. Lamm, I respectfully ask that you please stop contacting me about this matter.”

Subsequently, Lamm wrote back to Davis (continuing to harass him) that Davis had no choice but to attend the meeting–reminding him that refusing to testify on disciplinary matters “may be grounds for disciplinary action.”

Lamm Email

While Lamm backed off his demand later that day in an email that said the VA wants to cooperate with the OSC and that the OSC wouldn’t be able to have an Agent attend the planned hearing.

The email exchange prompted Rep Mike Coffman (R-CO) to write a letter to VA Secy Robert McDonald about the VA’s efforts to silence Davis.

“Mr Davis recently indicated to my staff that he is receiving threatening emails regarding disciplinary action against him–Davis indicated he is being harassed and investigated and that human resource officials, have demanded that he sign a document without a VA or OMB identification control number, purporting to be a Notice of Witness Obligations, Protections and Privacy.”

“Please be assured that retaliation against VA employees that have provided Whistleblower information to Congress will not be tolerated–I request a response and explanation within five working days.”

Scott Davis and Congressional Aides said that they haven’t received a response from VA Secy Robert McDonald, more than a month subsequent to Rep Coffman’s letter being sent.

Rest here from Rep Mike Coffman

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USMC Picture of the Day

USMC Pic of the DayLike Father Like Son –Image: One U.S. Marine Ret
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