LAPD Motorcycle Officer Christopher Cortijo, Dies From Injuries After Saturday Crash


(FOX News Los Angeles) LAPD Motorcycle Officer Christopher Cortijo, struck by an SUV, allegedly driven by an impaired driver on Saturday passed away on Wednesday from his injuries.

Officer Cortijo was a 26 yr police veteran and just days before the accident he was named “Valley Motor Officer of the Quarter” a commendation given for all-around performance in the field, Cortijo also twice was named LAPD Officer of the Year–Cortijo served in the U.S. Marine Corps before joining the Los Angeles Police Department.

LAPD Capt Maureen Ryan Tweeted “Thank you for all your hard work and dedication tou will be greatly missed RIP Brother. Our thoughts & prayers remain with your family.”

More here from the L.A. Times

When Was the U.S. Military Disarmed?

Bill ClintonWhen Did Military Bases Become “Gun Free Zones” –Image: Bob@Twitter

(Breitbart) Its hasn’t always been the case that only Military Police could carry firearms on military installations–a mere 21 years ago, according to The Washington Times Bill Clinton made military bases “gun free zones” effectively disarming potential victims and not criminals.

One can thank blame President Clinton that our American Heroes could not return fire in 2009 when Islamic Jihadist Nidal Hassan murdered 13 soldiers and wounded  32 others at Ft Hood and todays shooting which left 4 dead and 14 injured.

More here on Wednesday’s Ft Hood Shooting –FOX News

Intolerant Atheists Demand This 91 Yr Old Peace Cross WW I War Memorial in Maryland Be Removed

WW I MemorialJordan Sekulow, Exec Director of American Center for Law & Justice Visits the Circa 1923 WW I Memorial in Maryland

(FOX News) Stephen Lowe of The American Humanist Association claims this 40 foot tall 91 year old Bladensburg Peace Cross War Memorial dedicated on 13 July, 1923 by the American Legion to commemorate the 49 men of Prince George’s County that died in WW I is so upsetting whenever he passes it for it somehow represents the state endorsement of Christianity.


The WW I memorial was initially erected on private property according to The Washington Post but as traffic intensified in the area, the State of Maryland which owns the nearby public roads, encircled the monument, redesigned the intersection and the WW I Memorial was transferred to the park and planning commission in 1960

Petition to Save the Historical Bladensburg Peace Cross War Memorial

Is Obama Diminishing the Dignity of the Office of the Presidency?

BHOObama Talks With Zach Galifianakis Between Two Ferns
Image: Market Watch

(Breitbart) With 3 Americans missing from Malaysia Airlines #370 which appears more and more likely to be a terrorist attack together with the ongoing crisis with American and British ally Ukraine, the deaths of 4 American heroes in Benghazi and more dismal economic news being reported–labor force participation rate hits record low for young people, it would seem that Obama, would more important things to do with his time than making an appearance on a satirical “Funny or Die” video with Zach Galifianakis championing ObamaCare.

If ObamaCare is really the greatest thing since sliced bread and working as good as Obama claims, then why is it that the percentage of uninsured (which we were told ObamaCare was to help) is nearly the same as when Obama took office?

Inquiring minds want to know.

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Happy 205th Birthday President Abraham Lincoln

Happy 69 Anniversary George H.W. & Barbara Bush

George & Barbara BushHappy 69th Anniversary President & Mrs George H.W. Bush
Image: Conservative Women Rock@Facebook

Ahhh…A Picture Speaks Volumes at Christmas

Christmas Blessing

Sometimes a picture tells the whole story. This photo from ‘Houston National’ was shared with with Wreaths Across America showing Hunter missing his Daddy.

H/T: Constantine Soriao

“Today Is a Day That Will Live In Infamy” Remembering Pearl Harbor 72 Years Later

Veterans Day 2013 God Bless Our American Heroes

Remember U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens and the American Heroes of Benghazi

US Ambassador Christopher StevensRemember U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens
Image: I Am The Tea Party

Flashback: Remember when Secy of State Hillary Clinton testified before Congress about the Benghazi Terrorist Attack on the American Consulate and said, “What difference at this point does it make?” Regarding the murders of Christopher Stevens and three other American Heroes.