Islamic Fascist Iran Khamenei Claims Was “God’s Deed” For Its Humiliation of American Hostages

Khameni Violating Geneva ConventionIran’s Grand Islamic Wizard @Khamenei Credits “God’s Deed”
For Violating ‘Geneva Convention’ and Humiliating American Troops
It Took Hostage and Held Captive

Khamenei on Violating Geneva ConventionDisgraceful: @Khamenei Supposedly is a New Friend & Peace Partner
to Obama & Kerry —  Riiight…

Benghazi 2.0: American Special Forces Trapped in Firefight in Afghanistan, Don’t They Remember Obama Declared War Over?

Obama Second AmendmentObama Praised his Efforts to Take Away Our 2nd Amendment Rights While Americans are Dying to Defend Freedom in Afghanistan

(RT News) Taliban Jihadists in Afghanistan kill one American , two Special Forces members wounded after Obama Administration claimed Taliban was not a terrorist group a year ago and declared the war was over.

In Honor of Pearl Harbor Day 2015

Today We Honor Our American Heroes That Have Served — One Nation Under God

Veterans DayGod Bless Our American Heroes -Image Courtesy: Military@Twitter

Iran Invites World to Combat ‘Extremism & Violence’ What About Its Own Human Rights Violations?

Iran RouhaniRouhani@Twitter Calls for Joint Plan to Combat Extremism & Violence Uhm, What About Iran’s Persistent Human Rights Violations:

More here from Clarion Project: Human Rights Iran — Factsheet

How 4 Yr Old Brody, Did his Part to Help California Firefighters

Child PrayingPraying for California Firefighters –ABC7 San Francisco@Twitter

(ABC7@Facebook) After 4 yr old Brody saw the devastation from the ‘Valley Fire’ on TV his Mother said he ran to put on last years Halloween costume to pray for the Firefighters

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Remembering/Never Forget 9-11 — God Bless America!

Iran’s Fascist Dictator Khamenei: Muslims Have Aversion to Zionist Regime Israel — USA Masterminded Al-Qaeda & ISIS

Khamenei TweetsA Leopard Doesn’t Change his Spots –Image Courtesy: Arsen Ostrovsky

(Tasnim) Iran’s Grand Islamic Wizard Khamenei on Saturday said:

“Muslims have an aversion to the Zionist regime of Israel…In cooperation with ill-suited individuals in a number of Islamic governments, the arrogant powers have masterminded religious wars and created criminal organizations such as Al-Qaeda and Daesh (ISIS) in order to draw the Islamic nations away from (the battle against) the Zionist regime (Israel).”

  • Remember These 9/11 Victims — According to Ayatollah Khamenei
    They’re Fictional and Al-Qaeda & ISIS are Imaginary
    Image Courtesy: Library of Congress

September 11 Victims

H/T: Breitbart

Flashback: Remember When VP Joe Biden Claimed ‘We Face No Existential Threat’ From Terrorism

Marines Killed ChattanoogaGod Bless Our Beloved American Heroes Murdered in the
Chattanooga Terrorist Attack on Thursday –Image Breitbart

Riiight… — How confident are you now with that Nuke deal the Obama Administration cut with Islamic Fascist Iran this week?

Gun Free Zones Provide a False Sense of Security and Get Innocent Americans Killed

Gun Free ZoneGun Free Zones Get People Killed –Image: Gunservatively