Why Did Obama Praise Muslim Cleric at the U.N. Who Backed Fatwa on Killing American Heroes?

Obama at the UNDid Obama Support the Fatwa of Killing American Heroes Too?

(Free Beacon) Hmm? If Obama is as patriotic as he hopes to convince others that he is, why did he praise a Muslim Cleric during his U.N. Speech who backed Fatwa on Killing American heroes?

Inquiring minds want to know?

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U.S. Marine Corps Prayer

USMC PrayerA Prayer for Our American Heroes –Courtesy: Rachel@Twitter

Remembering/Never Forgetting 9/11 — God Bless America

Remembering 911Remembering/Never Forgetting 9/11
LCDR Montel Williams U.S. Navy (Ret)

WTC VictimsRemembering 9/11 Victims — May God Have Mercy on Their Souls
Joel Courtney@Twitter

Obama at American Legion Natl Convention in Charlotte, NC Is Pretty Muted

Obama BS ProtectorThis May Be Part of the Reason, ROFLOL –Image: Casey Janis@Twitter

Heart Warming Story of the Day from Iraq

Major General Harold Greene Killed-in-Action, Laid to Rest Today at Arlington Natl Cemetery

Coffin Maj Gen Harold GreenFlag Draped Coffin of Major General Harold Greene Arrives at Arlington Natl Cemetery –Image: JJGreen@Twitter

General Harold Green FuneralMajor General Harold Greene Funeral Today at Arlington Natl Cemetery Image: Xinhua9@Twitter

Gen Harold Green FuneralMourning Major General Harold Greene –Image: Oahts@Twitter

Harold Green FuneralGod Bless Major General Harold Greene–Image: Politico@Twitter

Obama spoke today from Martha’s Vineyard about Ferguson, MO Teenager Michael Brown and earlier this week, ‘The Obama’s’ were expeditious to release a statement following the death of Robin Williams but the Commander-in-Chief, just couldn’t find the time to interrupt his vacation to say a thing about Major General Harold Greene, laid to rest today at Arlington Natl Cemetery.

Outrageous–Obama’s silence remains revealing and deafening.

Hundreds Attend Memorial Service in Visalia, California for American Hero PFC Keith Williams

PFC Keith WilliamsRIP American Hero PFC Keith Williams Killed-in-Action Afghanistan

(Stars and Strpies) Standing above the flag draped casket of her 19 yr old Godson PFC Keith Williams, Rebecca Mueller tearfully removed her sweater and turned to show a sea of hundreds her long red cape.

Mueller knew that PFC Williams would be watching his weekend memorial service and she wanted to do something for him, proudly displaying her long red cape, met with applause, laughter and tears as she proclaimed the Visalia Hero, “You’re my Superman.”

According to the LA Times PFC Williams and another soldier, Staff Sgt Benjamin Prange of Hickman, Nebraska were killed-in-action in Afghanistan, Kandahar Province in July, when their vehicle struck a roadside bomb.

“As soon as I saw the Chaplain, I knew it, I knew my Son was gone,” Frank Williams a retired Navy veteran told the Visalia Times-Delta. “We had just sent him a care package with jerky and some snacks. He loved getting that stuff. He was such a fun-loving person who enjoyed life.”

Williams sister Chelesa Sestini told the Fresno Bee, that her brother loved his country and wanted to help protect it, even if it meant risking his life.”

RIP American Hero PFC Keith Williams,
May God Forever Bless Your Family & Friends

You’re Invited To An Evening For Israel-American Hero Max Steinberg

An Evening for Max Steinberg(Jewish Journal) You Are Invited to An Evening for
Israel-American Hero Max Steinberg

H/T: Israel Consulate Los Angeles@Facebook

Major General Harold Greene Killed-in-Action, Obama’s Silence is Revealing and Deafening

Maj Gen Harold GreeneRIP Major General Harold Greene –Image: Jeff Gauvin@Twitter

Major Gen Harold GreeneMaj Gen Harold Greene Arrives at Dover AFB –Image: NBC7 San Diego

(WaPo) Obama remains silent—the Commander-in-Chief has said nothing about the incident in Afghanistan which claimed the life of Major General Harold Greene–Obama’s made several public appearances Wednesday, including at the U.S. — Africa Leaders Summit, he didn’t address the issue in any of them.

Obama’s silence is revealing and deafening.

#IStandWithIsrael: Imagine Terrorists Tunnels Underneath American Streets

Imagine Hamas Tunnels in USImagine Hamas Tunnels Underneath U.S. Streets
Image: Israel Under Fire

Hamas TunnelInstead of Constructing Schools and Hospitals Hamas Built Tunnels to Launch Attacks Against Israel –Image: Martin Sampson@Twitter

Hamas Attack TunnelsMap Showing Hamas Attack Tunnels from Gaza Into Israel –IDF

(IDF) On the 17 July, the IDF around 13 Palestinian-Arabs who had infiltrated Israel through a tunnel dug from Gaza–the Jihadists were heavily armed with Rocket Propelled Grenades (RPG’s) together with assault rifles and were prepared to carry out a massacre–the IDF foiled their attack saving countless lives.

**How You May Help Support Israel**

Buy Israel GoodsBuy Israeli Goods –Supporting Israel Around the World

American Hero Stands With IsraelAmerican Hero Stands With Israel –Image: Stand With Us@Twitter