(Video) Kate Smith “God Bless America”

Kate Smith had Hope, Faith & Pride in Our Blessed Nation – May We Pray & Once Again Look To God to Bless America

Lib Rag Media Matters Criticizes Mom of Benghazi Hero Sean Smith at RNC But Says Nothing Why Ferguson Thug Mike Brown’s Mom Will Speak at DNC

MMLiberal Rag Media Matters & NBC Despicable Criticism of Pat Smith,
Mother of American Hero Sean Smith Address at RNC

ISIS Disrespects U.S. Army Capt Antonio Brown, Identified as a Victim of Orlando Nightclub Massacre

ISIS Pictures Army Reserve CaptDisrespectful: This is how ISIS has pictured U.S. Army Capt. Antonio Davon Brown who served in the military for nearly a decade according to The Washington Free Beacon

Capt. Brown was identified as one of the 49 victims when the Orlando ISIS Jihadist opened fire inside the popular Pulse nightclub early Sunday morning. – Details are continuing to emerge about the Islamic Terrorist Thug who pledged allegiance to ISIS in a 911 call during the rampage.

More here from the U.S. Dept of Defense

Remembering D-Day – God Bless The Greatest Generation

US Air ForceGod Bless Our American Heroes -Image Courtesy: U.S. Air Force

Paul RyanWe Will Never Forget the Greatest Generation -Image: Rep. Paul Ryan

Reagan'sNever Forget D-Day – Freedom Isn’t Free -Image: Dr. Lee Vliet, M.D.

(Video) Shameful: Clinton’s Spare a Few Crumbs for Our Veterans

Hypocrite Hillary Clinton: Do As I Say, Not as I Do

H/T: Catholic Online

Happy Memorial Day 2016 – God Bless America!

Land of the FreeVery Happy Memorial Day — Cartoons Courtesy: Townhall.com

Losers Tag Vietnam War Memorial in Venice

Vandals Tag

(CBS Los Angeles) Vandals defaced, tagging a memorial in Venice to the 2,273 Vietnam War Heroes that were counted as prisoners or listed as missing-in-action.

“It’s a desecration, I mean its very simple. There’s no sort of other way around it,” said George Francisco, VP of Venice Chamber of Commerce who also runs nonprofit Veterans Foundation Inc

In March, Francisco, helped to bring a replica of the ‘Vietnam Veterans Memorial’ to Venice Beach, his father was a combat veteran during the Vietnam era and helped to organize the effort.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Dept is investigating the matter since the mural is painted onto a Metropolitan Transit Authority building, no arrests have yet been made.

More here from the L.A. Times

Happy Armed Forces Day!

Armed Forces DayToday We Salute All Our American Heroes Who Served Honorably — Happy Armed Forces Day  -Image Courtesy: U.S. Coast Guard

(Video) Hillary Clinton Touts Foreign Policy Experience — Remember Benghazi? 3.5 Years Later, It Still Makes a Huge Difference Hillary

Hillary ClintonHillary Clinton Remember Benghazi — “…What Difference at This Point Does It Make”
After 4 American Heroes Were Killed

Nearly 3.5 Years Later — It Still Makes a Huge Difference Hillary

American Heroes Sacrificed Their Lives to Capture Jihadists Now Obama Wants to Bring Them Here – NIMBY!

Obama GITMOSo Islamic Jihadists Will Now Love Americans? — Gitmo Didn’t Imprison Muslim Terrorists Before they Murdered Nearly 3000 on 9/11

(Breitbart) During a recent radio interview, former Gitmo Commander Col Michael Bumgarner slammed Obama for throwing national security out the window, adding that “he has no reservations about what he is doing — national security means nothing to him.”

  • What parallel universe does Obama live?