#IStandWithIsrael: Imagine Terrorists Tunnels Underneath American Streets

Imagine Hamas Tunnels in USImagine Hamas Tunnels Underneath U.S. Streets
Image: Israel Under Fire

Hamas TunnelInstead of Constructing Schools and Hospitals Hamas Built Tunnels to Launch Attacks Against Israel –Image: Martin Sampson@Twitter

Hamas Attack TunnelsMap Showing Hamas Attack Tunnels from Gaza Into Israel –IDF

(IDF) On the 17 July, the IDF around 13 Palestinian-Arabs who had infiltrated Israel through a tunnel dug from Gaza–the Jihadists were heavily armed with Rocket Propelled Grenades (RPG’s) together with assault rifles and were prepared to carry out a massacre–the IDF foiled their attack saving countless lives.

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American Hero Stands With IsraelAmerican Hero Stands With Israel –Image: Stand With Us@Twitter

Marine Prohibited from Wearing Uniform at New Hampshire H.S. Graduation Killed in Afghanistan

Latest Obama Scandal: Takes 642 Days to Track Down Benghazi Islamic Jihadist Who Wasn’t Hiding


(Washington Examiner) The Obama Administration this week, shifts its focus to the Benghazi Terrorist attack which White House Press Secy Jay Carney said was a “phony” scandal that claimed the lives of  U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens and 3 other foreign service American heroes, announcing today that one of the ringleaders Ahmed Abu Khattala, had finally been captured on Sunday in Libya by U.S. Special Forces.

The Obama Administration knew Khattala was a ringleader less than a month after the 11 September, Benghazi terrorist attack. On the 18 October, 2012 David Kirkpatrick of The NY Times published an interview with the Islamic Jihadist Terrorist Thug at a luxury hotel while sipping on strawberry frappe on the patio but it took the Obama Administration nearly two years to track the wanted Jihadist down and capture him.

What’s up with this ineptitude of the Obama Administration? Why do Democrats and the dinosaur media, keeps giving Obama a pass?

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Happy 239th Birthday U.S. Army

VA Scandal: More Than 57,000 New Patients Waiting for First Appointment at VA Facilities

VA ScienceThe Science of V.A. Medicine –Image: Anne Bayefsky@Twitter

(WaPo)  The Dept of Veteran Affairs said today that more than 57,000 new patients have waited more than 90 days for their first appointments and that about 13% of Schedulers indicated they were told to falsify appointment request dates to give the impression that wait times were shorter than they were.

On the 24 May, I wrote here that doctor delays (some as long as eight months) at VA hospitals in the Los Angeles area, forced American Heroes to seek patient care elsewhere.

VA ScandalWhat the VA Scandal Tells Us About ObamaCare –Pete602@Twitter

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Two Tennessee VA Facilities Among Longest Wait Times

Wait Times at Clarksburg West Virginia VA Averages 54 Days

Pittsburgh VA Sets Appointments for Vets on Once Secret Waiting List

Thank You D-Day Veterans

D-Day Greatest GenerationD-Day: 70 Years Later–Remembering Greatest Generation –FOX News

Ronald Reagan Normandy(The Blaze)  Reagan’s Riveting Words on D-Day’s 40th Anniversary Still Require Tissues –Image Courtesy: American President’s@Twitter

Remembering President Ronald Ronald, 10 Years Since We Said Good-Bye

Nancy ReaganNancy Reagan Takes a Moment to Remember Her Best Friend and Husband 10 Yrs Since His Death –Image: Christine O’Donnell@Twitter

Sure, the Guy at the Top of the VA Scandal Should be Fired–Obama

Fire the Guy at the TopFire the Guy at the Top –Image: TPNN

(Politico) Now comes word that Obama will meet with VA Secy Shineski this morning and the two will supposedly have a “serious conversation” about the growing VA scandal and whether the guy at the top can adequately handle the problems at the Veterans Administration?

Obama VA ScandalNearly six years into his presidency, Obama can’t seem to handle much of anything well, shouldn’t the guy at the top resign or in the alternative, Congress finally do the right thing and fire him, for the good of the country?

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Krauthammer: VA Scandal, Economy, a Crisis of Competence for Obama

With all of the Scandals (VA, Benghazi, IRS Targeting of Conservatives…) Obama’s Priority Today, ‘Sports Concussions’

Obama Sports ConcussionsObama is Sure he Suffered Concussions Brain Injury Playing Sports
Image: Caleb Howe@Twitter

(USA Today) One would think that given all of the recent scandals involving the (Veterans Administration, Benghazi, IRS Targeting of Conservatives and Tea Party groups, NSA Spying on Americans, GSA Wasteful Spending, Fast and Furious…) that a president that is truly devoted to getting to the bottom of them, would have better things to do with his time than hosting a White House ‘Sports Concussion Summit’ today with sports enthusiasts, while American Heroes are being denied care at 42 VA hospitals across the country and dying.

What about their safety concerns, Mr. Obama?

Obama at West Point: The U.S. Will Use Military Force Unilaterally When Our People are Threatened…Uhm, What About American POW Bowe Bergdahl?

Obama West PointObama Addresses Graduating Class at West Point This Morning –Image: Texas Conservatives@Twitter

(WaPo) Addressing West Point Cadets this morning, Obama claimed:

“Al-Qaeda’s leadership on the border region between Pakistan and Afghanistan  has been decimated and Osama bin-Laden is no more…Here’s my bottom line, America must always lead on the world stage—let me repeat a principle I put forward at the the outset of my presidency. The United States will use military force, unilaterally if necessary, when our core interests demand it, when our people are threatened…”

Uhm, Mr Obama: What have you done then to rescue American POW Alleged Deserter Sgt Bowe Bergdahl captured by Islamic Jihadists during your watch in Afghanistan?  Don’t you consider Sgt Bergdahl’s life threatened?

**Update** Since this article, Bowe Bergdahl has been accused of desertion from the U.S. Army and may face criminal prosecution.