No ObamaCare, Not Demanding Higher Minimum Wage — Lowe’s Debuts Customer Service Robots

Lowes Robots(WSJ) In November, Lowe’s Debuts ‘Robotic Shopping Assistants” at Orchard Supply Hardware in San Jose –Image:

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Covered California Premiums to Spike in 2015

ObamaCare LiesFlashback: Remember When Obama Claimed the ACA Would Save Families $2500 a Year?

(LA Times) Covered California today announced that ObamaCare premiums will spike 4.2% on average next year, while other consumers may experience double digit rate hikes–so much for Obama’s promise to slash health care premiums.

California Residents Surprised by Medical Bills & 60% of Americans in Smaller States Report Increase in Healthcare Costs

ObamaCare CostsObama Administration Lies to the American People About Healthcare Costs –Image: White House@Twitter

(California Healthline) A new survey by TransUnion Healthcare concludes that 62% of California residents are surprised about their out of pocket costs.

Overall, 80% wanted to receive cost estimates but unfortunately according to Payers & Providers few receive any meaningful costs estimates in advance.

Flashback: Remember when Obama/Biden claimed that your healthcare costs “will go down by as much as $2500 per year.”

Nationally in smaller states, 60% of Americans particularly those in the West are reporting an increased in  healthcare costs.

IRS Bruiser to Job Creators: Pay $100 Penalty Per Day $36,500 Year for Each Employee Dumped into ObamaCare Exchange

ObamaCare IRS

(NY Times) Many employers (job creators) thought they may be able to hold on to employees by shifting the costs of health insurance premiums to them by providing their workers with a tax-free contribution so they could buy their own health insurance wherever they may please–what could be wrong with that?

Not so fast according to the Obama Administration which has nixed this plan in a new IRS ruling that forbids employers from dumping their employees into the ObamaCare exchanges by levying a $100 a day fine ($36,500 annually) for every employee that is provided money to purchase their own health insurance–thereby raising the costs on businesses to actually maintain employment levels.

“For decades, employers have been assisting employees by reimbursing them for their health insurance premiums and out-of-pocket costs,” said Andrew Biebl, a partner in CliftonLarsonAllen, LLPAccountants based in Milwaukee. “The new federal ruling eliminates many of these arrangements by imposing an unusual punitive penalty.”

Raising the costs and regulations on American businesses does not incentivize companies to add more jobs or increase wages, according to a recent Congressional Budget Office report on ObamaCare which confirmed what many of us had already believed, that the ACA is having a tremendously negative impact on economic growth.

Besides the latest IRS regulatory burden that ObamaCare will have on economic growth and opportunity, the Natl Federation of Independent Business Research Foundation estimates the ObamaCare ‘Health Ins Tax’ will result in a further reduction in private sector employment of 152,000 to 286,000 jobs, with California being hit the hardest and a loss of between $20 to $33 Billion of economic activity by 2022

ObamaCare Health Insurance TaxObamaCare ‘Health Ins Tax’ Could Cost Up to 286,000 Jobs

When even the Federal Reserve admits that ObamaCare is hurting the economy, its long past time that it must be repealed.

Doctor Delays at VA Hosp’s in the Los Angeles Area Forces Veterans to Seek Medical Care Elsewhere

VA ScandalAmerica’s Heroes Didn’t Forget Us, Why Does the VA Forget/Neglect Them? –Image:Katy Mac & Ernie@Twitter

(LA Register) Sarah La Brada was terrified and confused after being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis 4 yrs ago–she decided to leave her position as an Army Specialist and move with her husband to live with family near Long Beach, then 7 months pregnant and out of a job.

La Brada turned to the VA Long Beach Healthcare System but learned the hospital only has one Neurologist on staff–wait times took up to a month. La Brada, exited the VA (single payer) health care system which is free, opting instead for private health care.

“I have a 21.5 month old and I want to see my little boy grow up,” said La Brada, I want to be able to play with him.”

American Heroes who use the Los Angeles & Long Beach VA Hospitals say the wait time to see their primary care physicians can be as long as 90 days, forcing some of them to line up their own health care outside the federal system.

Appointments with Specialists can take as long as 8 mos Veterans say.

Is this what Americans can expect from ObamaCare?

Yesterday I wrote here about Donald Douglass delayed treatment to remove a cancerous growth on his forehead at the Seattle VA in September 2011 which resulted in his death.

  • Navy Veteran Allen Hoffman aged 74 of Woodland Hills says that months of delays at the Los Angeles VA nearly cost him his life. In January 2013 a doctor noticed that his prostate specific antigen marker for cancer was elevated. “They ignored it and pushed around follow up appointments,” Hoffman said.

In November, Hoffman’s kidneys failed and he was rushed to the VA Emergency Dept, at that point his PSA score had skyrocketed to 700, doctors diagnosed him with prostate cancer but said that it had been caught too late and that he wan’t expected to live past June–his wife began looking at funeral/burial options.

  •  Don Rico of Huntington Beach served in the Navy from 1957 to 1960 and volunteers at the VA Long Beach directing patients around the sprawling hospital complex but he like La Brada, also goes elsewhere for his own health care. “The wait to see your primary care doctor–the standard is 90 days,” said Rico. “That’s the general, I don’t know what it would be if I had a specialty situation…I’m covered off site, I see my own doctor.”
  • Mike Escarcido a Vietnam era Marine from Huntington Beach is being treated for glaucoma, diabetes and PTSD at the Long Beach VA, he said getting an appointment at a specialty clinic can take up to 8 months. “It takes so long to be seen—7 to 8 months down the line…You need to be seen with more frequency than every 6 months,” Escarcido said.

VA Scandal Isn't About Money

As soon as this latest Obama scandal broke Democrats and many of the Liberal Lefty dinosaur media blamed Republicans for budget shortfalls as the reason for the delays in treatment at the Veterans Administration.

Sen Jay Rockefeller, D-West Virgina, argued that the main cause of the delay is money, “If the VA doesn’t have enough doctors to see these patients, then these problems are a result of a lack of funding.”

NBC News Jim Miklaszewski argued the same point on Sunday’s ‘Meet the Press’ saying, “You have a VA that is overwhelmed and under-resourced…There’s just not enough money right now in the federal government to fix it.”

“That may sound good and it would seem to make sense,” writes Investors Business Daily “but its far from true.”

The VA’s budget has been exploding even as the number of Veterans, steadily declines–from 2000 to 2013 outlays nearly tripled while the population of Veterans declined by 4.3 million.

When is Obama finally going to put on some big boy pants and begin accepting responsibility for his failures?

How much longer will the dinosaur media continue to run cover for Obama before they finally do their job and expose the malfeasance and lack of accountability of Obama and his administration?

ObamaCare May Pick Your Doctor Too, How Is That Govt Mandated Health Care Working Out For You?

ObamaCare AMAEveryone Remembers Obama’s “Lie of the Year”

(HT Health/AP) Some consumers who bought health insurance under ObamaCare are experiencing ‘buyers remorse’ after realizing their longtime physicians are not accepting the new health care plans.

Before ObamaCare took effect, experts warned that narrow networks could impact patients access to health care especially in cheaper plans. Now with insurance cards in hand, consumers are finding their access limited across all price ranges–sometimes even after they were told their plan would include their current doctor.

Surprise–Surprise…As expected, one ObamaCare Lie after another.

Flashback Remember this Zinger: Obama claimed that health insurance premiums for a family would be $2500 lower by the end of his first term but according to the Wall Street Journal they were actually $3000 higher by January, 2013 or a spread of $5500 for a family.

On the 28 March, I wrote here thanks to ObamaCare, most cancer treatment centers are off limits too but there is a ‘silver lining’ in all of this should one believe what Rep Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) claims:

Nancy Pelosi Waiting HoursHow Many Friends Have You Ever Made Waiting in an Emergency Dept?

Veteran Affairs Secy Eric Shineski Tells Second ‘Biggest Whopper’ of the Year

VA LincolnVeterans Administration Shame –Image: Joseph M Ryan@Twitter

(FOX News) Veteran Affairs Secy Eric Shineski, appeared before the Senate Veteran Affairs Committee on Thursday and told a ‘big whopper’ with a straight face, that the VA health care system is “a good system.”

While Politifact has already deemed Obama’s infamous “if you like your health care plan, you can keep it,” the ‘Lie of the Year’ Shineski’s statement yesterday ranks a close and unfortunate second.

VA ObamaCareGovt Managed VA Health Care Can’t Get It Right After Sooo Many Years of Practice–One Must Wonder, How Bad Govt Will Now Screw Up ObamaCare for 310+ Million Americans

ObamaCare Thought of the Day

Shocking Video: ObamaCare Contractor Pays Workers TO DO NOTHING–Sit at Computers and Press Refresh

ObamaCare Employees

(Gateway Pundit) Employees at Serco Group in Wentzville, Missouri (outside St Louis) told reporters this week that they are being paid to do nothing.

Seroc Group being paid by the federal government (taxpayers) to process ObamaCare paper applications, say they are just sitting at their desks most of the day.

“There are some weeks that a data entry person would not process an application…They’re told to sit at their computers and hit the refresh button every 10 minutes.”

Serco Group holds itself out as a leading provider of professional technology and management services focused on the federal government.

Watch the video from St Louis

Virginia First State to Release ObamaCare 2015 Premium Rate Proposals

Team Obama Health Care PledgeTeam Obama Pledged: If You Like Your Health Care You Can Keep It and Promised to Lower Annual Health Insurance Premiums by $2500.00

(WSJ) Virginia residents will realize increased health insurance premiums next year ranging from 3.3% to 14.9% according to filings from the first state to release information on ObamaCare rate hikes.

The premium proposals were submitted to Virginia’s state insurance department for official approval and made public today–each health care plan expects to increase their prices in 2015 past nominal increases for inflation.

Care First Blue Choice which offers health insurance coverage to 32,000 customers has proposed the sharpest increase in premiums of 14.9%

Its likely that younger and healthier consumers will be hit with the largest  premium increases due to ObamaCare’s rule banning insurers from charging higher premiums to typically older and sicker customers who use more health care services.

More here from The Daily Caller

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