YouGov/Economist Poll: 65% of Americans Have Not Visited ObamaCare Website

ObamaCare RXDemocrats Wearing ObamaCare Around Their Necks
Image: One U.S. Marine Ret

(YouGov) In a new YouGov/Economist poll released on Monday, 65% of respondents surveyed ‘have not’ even attempted to visit an ObamaCare website, 31% said they have, 4% were unsure.

These results call into question the dubious 7 million ObamaCare enrollees  which the White House claims is evidence that the ACA has met its goal.

In related health care news Newsmax reported on Monday, ObamaCare patients who go to a doctor for their ‘supposedly’ free annual check-ups are finding out they may not be as ‘free’ as one was told.

“Patients are scheduling physicals because physicals are free,” Dr Randy Wexler in Columbus, OH said, “They come in and say, ‘I’ve been having headaches, my back has been bothering me and I am depressed,” that’s not part of the physical. That will trigger a co-pay.”

Wellness care on potential new health issues are viewed as ‘evaluation and monitoring’ and leads to patients having to fork out for their so called ‘free’ annual physicals.

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Health Ins Premiums Showing Their Sharpest Increases in Prices Due to ObamaCare

HHS ObamaThe Politics of Ramming It Down Your Throat –Catholic Lisa@Twitter

(FOX News) A recent survey of 148 insurance brokers shows that health insurance premiums are seeing their sharpest price increase perhaps ever and are largely due to changes mandated by ObamaCare.

For the individual insurance market seeing the sharpest increases in prices:

  • Delaware is up 100%
  • New Hampshire 90%
  • Indiana 54%
  • California 53%
  • Connecticut 45%
  • Michigan 36%

For the small group market seeing the sharpest increases in prices:

  • Washington 588%
  • Pennsylvania 66%
  • California 37%
  • Indiana 34%
  • Kentucky 30%

Flashback: Gone are the days when Obama claimed that health insurance premiums for a family would be $2,500 lower by the end of his first term, they were already actually about $3,000 higher according to The Wall Street Journal in January, 2013 a spread of $5,500 per family.

Another Obama broken promise.

More here from American Enterprise Institute

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Covered California Allegedly 3M Enrollments Are Quite Dismal When Putting Them Into Perspective

Covered California7 Out of 10 Physicians in California Boycotting ObamaCare

(Market Watch) Covered California allegedly enrolled a combined total of 3 Million consumers of these:

  • 500,000 Have Failed to Complete the Enrollment Process
  • Covered California Allegedly Fully Enrolled 1.22 Million

ObamaCare-Covered-California1.1 Million California Resident’s Previously had Health Ins But Their Policies Were Canceled Because of ObamaCare Federal Mandates

  • 1.9 Million Added to MediCal (Medicaid) Rolls

ObamaCare Will Bankrupt CaliforniaObamaCare Will Bankrupt California –Image: K Garrison@Twitter

ObamaCare we were told was designed to insure the uninsured and not just reinsure the 6.2 Million+ Americans who previously had health insurance but whose policies were canceled because they didn’t meet the federal govt mandates for insurance coverage.

Covered California allegedly 3 Million enrollments are actually quite dismal when put into perspective.

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Blue Cross/Blue Shield Assn: 15-20% Are Not Paying ObamaCare Premiums

ObamaCare Is Working...

(Natl Journal) Blue Cross & Blue Shield Assn says 15 to 20% of their new customers are not paying the first months health insurance premiums, which means they are not actually covered, despite Obama’s grandiose claims yesterday that the ACA is a huge success as some 7 Million have enrolled in ObamaCare.

This news should come as no surprise but confirms what the NY Times reported in February, that 20% of those who have supposedly ‘enrolled’ in ObamaCare failed to pay their first months premium.

Yesterday I wrote here that if one were to give President Obama the benefit of the doubt that some 7 Million actually enrolled in ObamaCare, given that there are some 316+ Million Americans living in some 115.2 Million households, the ACA is hardly a huge success story as President Obama claimed on Wednesday.

ObamaCare was to insure the previously uninsured and not reinsure the 6.2+Million Americans who previously had health insurance but whose policies were canceled because they didn’t meet the federal govt minimum standards for coverage.

Given the news that some 20% (or 1.4 Million) of the 7 Million Americans which Obama claims enrolled in the ACA may not have actually even made their first month’s ObamaCare payment, the so called “success” of President Obama’s signature legislative achievement is dubious at best and most likely seriously in jeopardy of failure.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, ObamaCare Leaves Your Constituent in Las Vegas Owing $407,000

Harry Reid Calls Millions of Americans LiarsSenate Majority Leader Reid (D-NV) Called ObamaCare Victims Liars
Image Courtesy: Bill Murphy@Twitter

(Las Vegas Review Journal) Senator Harry Reid, your constituent Larry Basich paid his ObamaCare/Nevada Health Link insurance premium in November but as of the 25 February, it still isn’t clear who is covering Basich medical bills?

Basich, a retired civil engineer had triple by-pass surgery on the 03 January and now is left with $407,000 in medical bills for care he received in January and February.

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HHS Cheers 5M ObamaCare “Enrollees” But Who Have Paid? More Americans Going Uninsured

ObamaCare-CancellationsMore Americans Going Uninsured Since ObamaCare

(FOX Business) Two weeks before ObamaCare open-enrollment deadline ends, today the Dept of Health & Human Services cheered that 5 million allegedly have signed up for govt managed health care.

The Dept of Health & Human Services counts ‘enrollees’ as anyone who has selected a plan on either the federal or state(s) ObamaCare exchange, not those who have actually paid their first month health insurance premium.

On the 10 March, NBC News Los Angeles reported that 15% of those who have “enrolled” in ‘Covered California’ have not made even their first month’s premium payment.

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Can’t Make this Stuff Up: ObamaCare Bracket Page Doesn’t Work

ObamaCare Will Increase Costs of Employer Sponsored Insurance

ObamaCare Economic Footprint

(Forbes)  The Next Show to Drop: ObamaCare Will Increase the Costs of Employer Sponsored Insurance –Cartoon Image: AGIM Corp@Twitter

OFA Where's all the peopleOFA Stockton@Twitter Soliciting “Covered California” Chit-Chatting Um…Where’s All the People?
Doesn’t Appear to be Any Interest in ObamaCare

More Americans Going Uninsured Since ObamaCare

ObamaCare CancellationsObamaCare Cancellations as of January
FOX News/Washington Free Beacon@Twitter

(Weekly Standard) Yesterday the Obama Administration released the latest ObamaCare enrollment numbers of 1,146,071 in January (1,788,000 in December) while the White House touts these numbers as evidence of ObamaCare’s success, it fails to take into account, the more than 6 Million insurance policies that were canceled because of the health care law or how many people have actually paid their first month’s premium?

Why is the Obama Administration being so secretive?

More here Still No One Knows How Many Have Actually Paid –Breitbart Will Go Dark for 2.5 Days Beginning Saturday

ObamaCare Casualty: ‘Daughters of Charity’ Catholic Hospitals For Sale

St Vincent Medical CenterSt Vincent Medical Center Los Angeles

(California Catholic) Faced with rapidly changes in the health care system resulting from ObamaCare, cuts in reimbursement and an uncertain economy, Daughters of Charity Health System which includes six hospitals spanning from the San Francisco Bay area to Los Angeles announced this week it was putting its hospitals up for sale.

Daughters of Charity Health System in California have a rich history beginning in 1852 founding a hospital and orphanage in San Francisco, serving the sick and those who live in poverty.

‘Daughters of Charity’ have 8,000 associates and physicians that it employs, their futures remain uncertain.

U.S. Falls Out of the Top 10 Most Economically Free Countries in the World

Index of Economic Freedom

(WSJ) China, Honk Kong ranks (No 1) the United States falls to (No 12) in the ’2014 Index of Economic Freedom’ released today by the Heritage Foundation/The Foundry which points out, the U.S. has declined six places since Obama took office nearly 5 years ago.

Economic Freedom

On the 12 January, 2012 Open reported that the steady decline of the United States economic freedom could easily be attributed to the implementation of ObamaCare, together with its burdensome over regulations and costs.