Sacrilege! Hillary Says Christians Must Change Their Pro-Life Beliefs

  • What Does the Holy Scriptures Teach About Hillary’s Opinion:

Do not be conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewing of your minds so that you may discern what is the will of God–what is good and acceptable and perfect. Romans 12:2

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Hypocrite Hillary – What Kind of Democrat Roots for an Economic Crash That Cost Millions of People Their Homes for a Quick Profit? Elizabeth Warren

Hillary TweetHillary Clinton Why Are You Appearing With Sen Elizabeth Warren Who Done Exactly What You Claim Donald Trump Did???

Flashback: On the 27 May, 2015 the National Review reported that Liberal Darling Sen. Elizabeth Warren ‘Took Advantage of People’s Misfortunes to Make a Quick Profit’

Natl Review Elizabeth Warren

DNC Philadelphia Implodes – ‘Hillary The Inevitable’ in Trouble – Marxists Rally for Bernie

Bernie SupportersMarxist Revolutionary Communist Party “” Demonstrate for Bernie Sanders in Philadelphia -Image: Dr Lynn Anderson

Bernie Sanders SupporterChaos Erupts at DNC — Bernie Supporter ‘Stop Hillary’ -Image: Majorie Haun

DNC WallFearful Dems ‘Build a Wall’ to Keep Out DNC Loyalists -Image: The Patriot

Dems Wave Hamas PA FlagDemocrats Wave Hamas/PA Flags at DNC Philadelphia -Image: Squirrel Hound

No American FlagsSpeaks Volumes About Democrats -Thanks Nikki Bennington

DNC PhillyAnother View — No American Flags Visible at DNC –Villi Wilson

Senior Moment: Hillary’s Revisionist History – Only If One Forgets 2008

HillaryIf Hillary Clinton is This Confused Now With Short Term Memory Lapses

  • Flashback: Remember When the 2008 ‘Inevitable’ Democrat Presidential Candidate Lost to a First Term Illinois Sen Obama

Embarrassing! Hillary Cheers Democrat VP Candidate Sen Tim Kaine’s Very Thin, No Nothing Resume

TimThat’s It @Hillary Clinton??? How Does This Very Thin, No Nothing Resume In Anyway Qualify Tim Kaine to be Vice President?

9 Months of Terrorism in Israel — Lying Hillary Claims Truce Exists Between Hamas/PA & Israel

Disgraceful – Try to Keep It Classy Democrats!

Liberals ClevelandDespicable — Where’s the Moral Outrage by Hillary & Democrats?
Image Courtesy: Amy Mek

Wouldn’t It Be Awesome If Americans Had as Much Pride in ‘Old Glory’ as Israel Does In Her Flag

VIA: Jerusalem Post


Keep It Classy Liberals…

IntoleranceHillary Clinton and Other Liberals Claim That Conservatives & Republicans
are Xenophobic & Intolerant — Riiight…

H/T: Sara@Twitter

When One Can’t Run On Their Own Record — Another Petty, Narrow Minded Hillary Tweet

Hillary TweetWhy Can’t Hillary Run On Her Own Record?

Latinos Hispanics For Trump25,000+ LIKES Latinos/Hispanics For Trump@Facebook
Evidence How Misinformed Hillary Is