Censorship: Planned Butcherhood Sends Letters to TV Stations Demands They Stop Airing Videos

Your Tax Dollars at Work: GI Bill Pays For Unaccredited Sex & Erotic Massage Schools

Your Tax Dollars at Work(CIR) These Unaccredited Schools are Getting GI Bill Funding
and Your Tax Dollars

  • Flashback: Remember in September 2013 when House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) said during GOP Congressional battles to cut to the growth in out of control federal spending: “The cupboard is bare, there is no more cuts to make. I think its really important for people to understand that.”


China Regime War on Human Rights Lawyers Biggest Since Cultural Revolution

China Human Rights LawyerChina Human Rights Lawyer Rong Sheng Missing –CHRLCG

China Human Rights AttyChina Human Rights Lawyer Tang Tianhao Missing –CHRLCG

PRC Detained LawyersChina Regime Mass Suppression of Lawyers Reveals True Nature
of Dictator Xi Jiping ‘Rule By Law’ –HRIC

(NY Times) More than 200 Chinese lawyers and associates have been detained by authorities, some being paraded on television (forced) to make humiliating confessions or portrayed as ‘rabble-rousing thugs’ — A blast of commentaries in China state media have accused them of subversion and swindlers.

In what lawyers are calling the most withering political assault on their profession in decades, the China regime is mounting a broad crackdown on ‘Human Rights Lawyers’ alleging they have exploited contentious cases to enrich themselves and attack the Chinese Communist Party.

The beleaguered lawyers say the China government real goal is to discredit and dismantle the “rights defense” movement, a small but audacious group of people who have used the law and public pressure to defend clients in a system stacked against them.

On Wednesday, Hong Kong Free Press reported that detained lawyers are at risk of torture by the China regime. Teng Biao, a human rights lawyer and visiting scholar at Harvard and New York Universities said that he had been “abducted, locked up and tortured,” by security forces before.

In an Op-Ed published in the ‘Washington Post’ Teng said, ‘This is the biggest crackdown on lawyers in China since the legal system was reestablished in 1980 after the cultural revolution.

It is also just part of the purge that President Xi Jinping has carried out against civil society since he came to power in late 2012. Those hit by this comprehensive suppression have included political dissidents, nongovernmental organizations, government petitioners, underground Churches, Internet users, news organizations and universities.

More than 1,500 (human) rights defenders have been arrested or thrown in jail including well known lawyers Xu Zhiyong, Pu Zhiqiang and Tang Jingling,” who was arrested at his Guangzhou home in 2014 ahead of the 25th anniversary of the Tiananmen protests.

China regime hasn’t been a disappointment to Democrats.

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Detained China Atty Pu Zhiqiang Denied Legal Counsel Wife Says –CDT

Thousands Turn Out for NYC Stop Iran Rally — Democrats, Do You Hear Americans Now?

Stop Iran Rally(Breitbart Live Video) ‘Stop Iran Rally Took Over Times Square
Image Courtesy: Jonathan Margukis

Jewish Lives MatterBarack Hussein Obama, Hillary Clinton & Congressional Democrats:
Jewish Lives Matter –Image Courtesy: Anne Bayefsky

Stop Iran Rally NYCThousands Protest Obama’s Nuke Deal with Islamic Fascist Iran
Image Courtesy: Jacob Kornbluh

Stop Iran Rally NYC...Thousands in NY Times Square Say:
‘Remember 9/11 — Remember Islamic Terror –
Stop Iran Now!
Image Courtesy: Anne Bayefsky

ISIS Thug Who Murdered 4 Marines in Chattanooga Ranted He’s a “National Security” Threat

Chattanooga GunmanISIS Jihadist Thug Calls Himself a ‘Natl Security’ Threat
Image: daa3sh1/

Chattanooga Gunman...ISIS Praises Chattanooga Jihadist Thug Calls Muhammad Yusuf Abdulazeez “Shahadah of Our Fervent Brother — Mujahid”
Abu Ramzi Ashami

Liberals Insist This Is Just a Glob of Tissue — Planned Parenthood Sells Human Organs Ripped From Aborted Babies

Planned Parenthood Trafficking Human Organs Ripped From Aborted Babies

Planned Parenthood Uses Partial Birth Aborted Babies to Sell Fetal Body Parts

Obama Planned Parenthood‘It Turns Out Nazi Joesef Mengele Was an Underachiever Compared to
Democrat and Republican Congressional Ghouls Funding
Planned Parenthood’  –

  • (Video) Planned Parenthood Sells Parts of Partial Birth Aborted Babies to Supply Intact Body Parts

Flashback: Remember in 2009 when Democrat Hillary Clinton
Praised Racist ‘Planned Parenthood’ Founder Margaret Sanger’s
Courage, Tenacity and Vision

H/T: Esmeralda Kiczek

ISIS Threatens NYC & Statute of Liberty — Remember When Hillary Said America Must ‘Empathize’ With Our Enemies

ISIS Beheads Statute of LibertyISIS Threatens NYC & Statute of Liberty
Image: Hanafi Muhaajir@Twitter

Obama’s Latest ISIS Strategy: Defeat Them By Better Ideas & Harnessing Power of Our Values

Obama ISIS Strategy(ABC News) Obama’s Latest Strategy to Defeat ISIS is to Harness the ‘Power of Our Values’ — Tell That to the 74 Children Executed by ISIS for Crimes Such as Refusing to Fast During Ramadan –Image: Lori Hendry