Democrat Hypocrisy: Ted Kennedy Asked USSR to Intervene in 1984 Election to Defeat Reagan

Democrat Hypocrisy is Astounding But Not at All Surprising – Thanks: Gateway Pundit

VIA: Forbes

H/T: Cristina Laila

Greg Gutfeld Show Newest Sponsor Victima – New Drug of Choice for Liberal Snowflakes

Muslim Journalist, Author & Professor: I Feel Safer in the U.S. Than I Do in Any Muslim Country

Labyrinthine Practices

So Muddled… -Cartoon: Chip

Rep Maxine Waters: Trump Needs to be Impeached Because Putin Is Continuing to Advance Into Korea???

Eww… Casey Anthony Comes Out of Hiding to Protest Trump in Florida

(Video) Nancy Pelosi Tells Adopted Young Pro-Life Woman That Moms Should Have the Choice to Abort

Nancy Pelosi Makes Convoluted Pro-Death Argument on Abortion Rights

Democrats Professing Horror Over Trump’s Travel Ban Were Fine With It When Obama Was President

In 2015 Obama Denied Asylum to 27 Chaldean Catholics, Where Was the Moral Outrage by the Liberal Left?

(Washington Times) In 2011 Obama Put a 6 Month Hold on All Iraqi Refugees Seeking to Enter the U.S.

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