Madonna at Women’s March Drops F-Bombs & Threatens to Blow-Up the White House

Inciting Domestic Terrorism: Madonna Claims Radical #WomensMarch is a “Revolution of Love…Hallmark of Revolution” Drops F-Bombs to Cheering Crowd, Threatens to “Blow-Up the White House” @4:29

Whatever Happened to the First Children Being Off Limits?

While This Sleazy Tweet has Been Taken Down and SNL Writer @KatieMaryRich Deleted her Twitter Account, Where’s the Outrage from the So Called Ever So Tolerant, Morally Superior Left?

VIA: Washington Times

Loony Liberal Lefties Protesting To Protest

Good Point Amy Mek

Loony Lib Lefty Your Point Is??? #WomensMarch Washington –Image: Sahil Kapur

“What policies are these Morons at #WomensMarch protesting exactly?
What’s Trump proposed that they oppose? Such herd stupidity is without equal.” –Pamela Geller

More Idiots Protesting to Protest – Libs Seem to Have a Little Too Much Time on Their Hands
Image: BuzzFeed News

Disgraceful -Image Courtesy: FOX News

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(Video) Disrespectful! Watch Sen Elizabeth Warren Refuses to Shake Hands With Secy of Education Designee Betsy DeVos

Nearly 50 Democrat Cry Babies Boycotting Trump’s Inauguration

(AP) Nearly 50 Whiny House Democrats Say They’re Boycotting Trump’s Inauguration

Trump Jobs Boom Continues Before Inauguration Day – How Are These Democrats Working Out For You?

Some of the Many Companies Now Committed to Expansion, Creating Good Paying Jobs
in the U.S. Since Election Day  -Images Courtesy: FOX News

(VIA: Breitbart)

(Video) GAO: Federal Deficit Unsustainable

U.S. Debt Clock Today

  • Video Flashback: Remember When Obama Claimed that Bush was “Unpatriotic”
    for Adding $4 Trillion to the National Debt During his Watch.

During Obama’s Watch the Federal Debt Nearly Doubled From $10.9 Trillion in March, 2009

Liberal Loony Lefty Agitators Being Paid $2500 to Protest at Trump’s Inauguration

Demand Protest Ad on Offers Radical Libtards $2500 to Protest Trump’s Inauguration

Demand Protest promotes its as a “Radical” movement for hire to groups that
“When you need the appearance of outrage we are able to deliver it.”

Bogus Outrage: Democrats Are Having a Hissy Fit Over Trump’s Tweets Seeking Democrat Rep John Lewis’ Help To Clean Up Inner Cities

Islamic Fascist Iran Calls U.S. Its Enemy — Obama Administration OKs Last Gift of 130 Tons of Uranium to Tehran

Obama Sells Out U.S. & Israel Security in Final Days OKs 130 Tons of Uranium to Iran


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