Hillary Clinton: Lets Talk About Your Involvement in the Whitewater Corporation Bankruptcy

Hillary Clinton DebtHillary Clinton the U.S. is $19.269 Trillion+ in Debt
What Have You Done to Erase Our Debt Crisis?

Natl DebtU.S. Debt Clock Today

  • Flashback: Lets talk about your involvement in the Whitewater Corp Bankruptcy and Cover-up, together with you and Bill’s complicity with illegal loans, corruption in Arkansas at Madison Guaranty Savings & Loan and 451 missing documents related to the alleged criminal conspiracy.

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Common Core: Why Occupy “INGNORANT” Democrats Can’t Spell

Spell CheckOne Can’t Make This Stuff Up — Occupy “INGNORANT” Democrats
May Want to Use Spell Check

H/T: Cartrell Gore

Egypt Air #804: Trump is Correct — Flashback: Remember When Hillary Clinton & Bernie Sanders Claimed ‘Climate Change’ is Our Biggest Threat

Donald TrumpGOP Presidential Candidate Donald Trump is Correct — Democrats are Soft on Terrorism

Flashback: On Monday, Socialist/Democrat Bernie Sanders Tweeted calling for the release of convicted FALN Communist Terrorist Oscar Lopez Riveria & both Loony Liberal Lefties Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton claim that ‘Climate Change’ is the Biggest Threat Facing Our Nation and the World.

Soft On Crime: Bernie Sanders Calls for Release of Convicted FALN Communist Terrorist

Bernie SandersSoft on Crime: Bernie Sanders Calls for Release of Convicted FALN Communist Terrorist Whose Served Less than Half of his Prison Sentence

(NY Times) Oscar Lopez Rivera was convicted in Chicago in 1981 of numerous charges including weapons violations and conspiracy to transport explosives with the intent to destroy government property, he was sentenced to 70 years in prison — Lopez Rivera refused to renounce terrorism and turned down President Clinton’s 1999 offer of clemency.

Quid Pro Quo: Bill Clinton Denies Breaking Any Laws – CGI Gave Money to For Profit Company Owned by Clinton Friends

(WSJ) $2 Million Commitment Arranged by the Non-Profit ‘Clinton Global Initiative’ (CGI) in 2010 Went to a For-Profit Company Owned by Friends of the Clinton’s

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Most West VA Dem’s Will Dump Hillary in November – Hillary Talks About UFO’s & ET

WVA Voters(CBS News) Trump & Sanders Pick-Up Delegates in Tuesday’s Primaries
Most West VA Democrats will Dump Hillary in November

Protesters Storm Into Chicago Hedge Fund Headquarters Demand Rich (Job Creators) Pay Their Fair Share – What Is Fair?

Chicago Protesters(Fox Business) Protesters Storm Into Chicago Hedge Fund Headquarters Blocking Doorways & DemandingĀ  the Rich (Job Creators) Pay More in Taxes
Image Courtesy: Tyler LaRiviere

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Venezuelan’s ‘Feeling the Bern’ Catastrophe is the Normal, Hyperinflation, Murder & Food Shortages

Venezuela(WSJ) 15 Yrs of Venezuela Political Revolution – Inflation Hit 180% in 2015 Little Food is Available and What There Is People Can’t Afford It -Image Courtesy: Fernando Ramirez

Flashback: On the 24 April, I posted a video here how Venezuelan’s who have rejected Capitalism like Bernie Sanders are ‘Feeling the Bern’ in the Murder Capitol of the World

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U.S. $19.2 Trillion+ in Debt — Crazy Old Socialist Bernie Sanders Proposes Taxpayer Funded Elections

Crazy Old Socialist Bernie Sanders Claims Social Security Fiscally Solvent – Only If You Believe in Fairies & Unicorns

Bernie SandersLoony Liberal Lefty Bernie Sanders Delusion

SSA DeficitsSocial Security Deficit was $79.7 Billion in 2014
and Projected to be $337 Billion by 2032 –Heritage Foundation

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