Liz Cheney: Obama is More Dedicated to Golfing Than He is To Defending the Nation

Hamas is ISIS...Hamas is ISIS — ISIS is Hamas

Hamas in a Single TweetHamas Ideology in a Single Tweet –Image: Israel PM Bibi Netanyahu

ISIS Threatens USAISIS Threat: #AmessagefromISIStoUS –Image: Tasnem Soliman@Twitter

Obama's Golfing(NY Daily News) The vacationing Commander-in-Chief, after promising a relentless hunt for the terrorist butchers of  U.S. Journalist James Foley teed-off on a Martha’s Vineyard golf course just a short time later. 

Former Deputy Assistant Secy of State Liz Cheney said, “Obama is more dedicated to golfing than he is to defending the nation.”

French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said of the vacationing Obama, “I know in Western countries this is a vacation period but when people are dying you must return from vacation.”

Former CIA Officer Bob Baer on Thursday said that he hasn’t any doubt that ISIS Sleeper Cells are already planted on U.S. soil Newsmax reports and another ISIS Jihadist hinted this to be true according to Reuters over the past few months, adding that ISIS is planning something for the West–and that attack could take place through ‘Sleeper Cells” in both Europe and the United States.

Today, Obama remains on vacation in Martha’s Vineyard hiding baffling even the media of his deepening isolation.

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Montana Dems Replace Plagiarist Sen John Walsh With Socialist Amanda Curtis in U.S. Senate Race

Socialist Amanda CurtisMontana Democrats Choose Socialist Amanda Curtis in U.S. Senate Race

(Free Beacon) Montana Democrats are banking their hopes on long shot Democrat-Socialist Amanda Curtis to replace disgraced U.S. Senator John Walsh in November’s election but their choice may even be too extreme for Liberal Democrats given her radical past.

Montana Democrat Amanda CurtisMeet Montana Democrats Rising Star Amanda Curtis (Left) in a Photo She May Wish Would Be Forgotten –Image: Lachlan Markay@Twitter

The National Review writes Montana Democrats Select an…Unusual Candidate for Senate adding a video: Meet Amanda Curtis that better illustrates her rather peculiar ideas “on Christians, anarchy, the fact that Montanans will turn into ‘Frankenstein’ without Medicaid expansion and so on–Heck of a pick Montana Democrats.”

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California Democrat Controlled Legislature Mandate Students Study About Obama

Obama GolfingAs of Friday, 15 August Obama was Out on his 32nd Round of Golf This Year, the 189th of his Presidency –White House Dossier

(Independent Institute) You know that you’re in my Beloved State of California when its now mandated that public school children study about the ‘significance’ of the election of Barack Obama.

Say It Ain’t So Bozo Joe!

VP Joe Biden...Say It Ain’t So Joe –Image: Washington Free Beacon@Twitter

“When I was a child, I talked like a child, thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I gave up childish ways.”
1 Corinthians 13:11 (RSVCE)

ROFLOL at CNN Headline: Clinton Dances Between Loyalty & Self Interest

Obama Kissing HillaryObama Kisses Hillary Clinton After Delivering his SOTUS in 2012 –Photo Gallery: Obama & Clinton Hugging & Smooching History Via The Wire

(CNN) Clinton Dances Between Loyalty and Self Interest

Transparency: No Press Allowed at Obama/Clinton’s Big Hug Summit

Who Are the Biggest Political Spenders in the 2014 Elections? They’re Not the Koch Bros

2014 ElectionsThese Are the Top 3 Biggest Political Spenders in the 2014 Elections?
Soquel Creek

Flashback: Remember in January, when Democrat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid claimed the Koch Bros were trying to “buy the country.”

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ObamaCare Enrollment Numbers Steadily Falling Says Largest Health Insurers

Obama ClaimsRemember When Obama Claimed…

( After Obama took a victory lap claiming that 8 Million signed up for the ACA by mid-April, a dubious number to be sure by any logical calculations, the nation’s top insurers are now saying that the Obama Administration may want to recalibrate their “Guesstimations” of ObamaCare data to reflect a more accurate accounting.

The nations third-largest health insurer Aetna, had just 720,000 people sign up for ObamaCare as of the 20 May but at the end of June, it had but 600,000 actually paying the premiums and Aetna expect that number to fall to ‘just over 500,000′ by the end of the year.

Cigna projects its individual market customers including more than 100,000 in the ObamaCare exchanges to ‘move from 300,000  down to 280,000 in that range’ according to CEO David Cordani.

Another data point comes from the State of Washington–the only state that did not report ObamaCare sign-ups to HHS until consumers paid an initial premium. While the State of Washington had 164,062 paid enrollees as of the 23 April, by 01 June, the state reported that just 156,155 people enrolled.

The gap between the high watermark of ObamaCare sign-ups and the number of current premium paying customers reflects both those who never sent in their first monthly premium for any number of reasons, including: personal finances have been stretched, others may have got fed-up with the high-deductibles.

Regardless of the reasons, ObamaCare enrollment numbers are shrinking steadily and a far cry away from insuring those alleged 47 Million we were told were without health insurance, all of which one may never learn about from the dinosaur media which has a lot invested in the hope of Obama’s success than to report the real news of the day or from a president, much too busy vacationing in Martha’s Vineyard and hitting the links during his 28th golf outing this year than to concern himself with the mundane job that he was elected to do.

Democrat Wisconsin Assemblyman Dressed in Confederate Uniform is Confronted by Black Conservative Republican Woman

Sparse Group, Lots of Empty Chairs & Tables @OFA_OC (Orange County) California Meeting

OFA Meeting...Lots of Empty Chairs at Last Friday’s OFA Orange County, California Meeting –Images: i_AM_theChange@Twitter

OFA MeetingOFA Orange County, California Attendees Look Bored

Where’s the Moral Outrage Over Liberal Democrat Activist Kathy Groob @ElectWomen Racist Anti-Asian Tweet?

Kathy Groob Racist TweetLiberal Democrat Feminist Activist Kathy Groob Racist Deleted Tweet

Kathy Groob RacismKathy Groob’s @Elect Women Website Ironically Supports Women Candidates as Long as One Is Not Asian –Image: Sooper Mexican

(RedState) Democrats and the dinosaur media remain silent regarding Kathy Groob’s racist deleted Tweet about former Secy of Labor Elaine Chow–fortunately Twitter is forever.

Kathy Groob @Elect Women on the 30 July, endorsed Emerge California  expansion into Southern California–Are Liberals so desperate that they are unwilling to disassociate themselves with racists?