Crazy Old Socialist Bernie Sanders Claims Social Security Fiscally Solvent – Only If You Believe in Fairies & Unicorns

Bernie SandersLoony Liberal Lefty Bernie Sanders Delusion

SSA DeficitsSocial Security Deficit was $79.7 Billion in 2014
and Projected to be $337 Billion by 2032 –Heritage Foundation

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Hillarynomics: Forget About Good Paying Jobs, Putting Food on the Table, Clothing and Paying the Bills

Hillary ClintonHillary Clinton — Fighting For Us???
Dignity and a Sense of Purpose Doesn’t Pay the Bills or Put Food on the Table

Flashback: Remember in 2014 When Hillary said that
Corporations & Businesses Don’t Create Jobs

Hillary Cheers Obama’s Legacy, Calls It Progress – Economy Anemic & Productivity Growth Slowing

Hillary Clinton ObamaHillary Clinton Cheers Obama’s Progress??? What Progress???

(Business Insider) From 2011-2015 the government’s official labor productivity measure shows only a 0.4% annual growth in output per hour of work. That is the lowest for a 5 yr span since 1977-1982 and far below the 2.3% average since the 1950s — Productivity has flattened and without fast rising productivity growth, one is not going to get fast rising living standards.

ProductivityThis Is Easily the Scariest Chart About the U.S. Economy.
What Going On? -James Pethokoukis/American Enterprise Institute

In related anemic economic news, on Friday, the Dept of Commerce reported home-ownership rates fell to the 3rd lowest on record while also reporting last week, the nation’s anemic economy is stalling, growing at a mere 0.5% annually, the slowest pace in two years.

On the 01 April, I wrote here that 93.4 Million Americans were out of the labor force in March and manufacturing jobs declined by 29,000 from a month earlier according to data released by the Dept of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics.

(Video) Hillary Clinton Flip-Flops on Coal — Now Wants Coal to be Continued Sold & Mined

(Weekly Standard) Hillary Clinton has a very complicated opinion about coal in March, I wrote here she proudly declared that, “We are going to put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business…move away from all fossil fuels.”

Now (when its politically expedient, I digress) Clinton says she wants to see coal “continued to be sold and continued to be mined.”

Which is it???

Obama Legacy — Foreign Policy Doldrums

Obama Chaos(CNN) Iraq Green Zone & Parliament Stormed by Protesters Following Shiite Cleric’s Speech — Video Flashback: Remember When Obama said: ‘We’re Leaving Behind a Sovereign, Stable and Self Reliant Iraq’

Homeownership Rate Falls to 3rd Lowest on Record – Hillary Cheers Obamanomics

Hillary Clinton Cheers ObamanomicsHillary Cheers Obamanomics

(MarketWatch) The rate that Americans own their own homes fell in the first quarter to the third lowest on record and indication that worsening finances as well as changing preferences since the great recession are altering behavior.

Homeownership RatesThe U.S. Dept of Commerce reported that the homeownership rate fell to 63.6% in the first quarter marking the third lowest figure since the 63.5% low in the second quarter 2015 — the homeownership rate was 67.8% in the quarter when the U.S. entered recession.

On Thursday I wrote here that the U.S. Dept of Commerce GDP report shows the nation’s economy growing at just an anemic 0.5% the slowest pace in two years.

(Video) Dems Would Like Americans to Believe African-American Women Don’t Support Donald Trump – Decide For Yourself

Diamond and Silk Celebrate Donald Trump’s 5 State Win on Tuesday
They Have a Message for Ted Cruz, John Kasich and Supporters

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GDP Report Shows Economy Growing Slowest Pace in 2 Years — Hillary Cheers Obamanomics Calls It Progress

Hillary Obamanomics(Business Week) GDP Report Shows Economy Grew in 1st Qtr at Slowest Pace in 2 Yrs – Business Investment Weakest Since Great Recession — Hillary Clinton Cheers Obamanomics Calls it Progress.

GDPAccording to the U.S. Dept of Commerce GDP report shows the economy stalling, slowing to just 0.5% annual growth during the 1st quarter — the U.S. economy had grown at an anemic 1.4% – 2% – 3.9% and 0.6% in the previous four quarters.

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Hypocrite! Hillary Champion for Equal Pay??? — Why Did Hillary Clinton While in the Senate Pay Women Just 72% of What Men Made?

Hillary Equal PayHypocrite: Hillary Clinton  Doesn’t Want Americans to Remember
While in the Senate she Paid Women Just 72% of What she Paid to Men