Obama Urges Women to ‘Press for Fairness’ — Record 56,131,000 Women Not in Labor Force

Jobless(The Herald) Obama Watch: Urges Women in Charlotte, NC  to Press for
Fairness —
Record 56,131,000 Women Nor in Labor Force
Image: Ashley Gruber & Lan Cantrell

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Busted! IRS Files $70,000 Tax Lien Against Lying Hypocrite MSNBC Host Melissa Harris-Perry

Melissa Harris Perry(Winston Salem Journal) IRS Files $70,000 Tax Lien Against
Democrat MSNBC Host Melissa Harris-Perry for Not Paying Her Fair Share

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Chelsea Clinton: Mother Should be Elected President ‘Its Important for Symbolic Reasons’

Chelsea Clinton(Weasel Zippers) Chelsea Clinton says Its Important to Elect her Mother President for ‘Symbolic Reasons’ (Good Grief)
Image Courtesy:
Linda Maria Lovison

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Dear Hillary Clinton: When Will You be Releasing Your Senior Honors Thesis ‘Of the Alinsky Model’?

#NerdSquad Activates: Friendly Iowans Offer to Help Hillary Clinton Find Those Missing Emails

Hillary Clinton...(Twitchy) #NerdSquad Activates: Friendly Iowans Offer to Help Hillary
Find those Missing Emails –Image Courtesy: Stone Zone@Twitter

Hillary Clinton Champion of Women’s Rights??? Remember When Hillary Said ‘Money is More Important Than Human Rights in China’

Chinese Activists(NY Times) These 5 Chinese Female Activists face Up to 5 Yrs in Prison for ‘Provoking Instability’ They Planned a Public Awareness Campaign Against Sexual Harassment on Public Transportation –Image: CNN

Hillary Clinton’s Lasting Legacy: “What Difference at This Point Does It Make?”

Hillary Clinton Benghazi(Weekly Standard Video) Flashback Hillary Clinton: “Was it Because of a Protest or Because of Guys Out for a Walk One Night Who Decide to Kill Some Americans? What Difference at This Point Does it Make?

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ISIS Stones Gay Man in Syria, Where’s the Left and LGBT? Its Not Christians Committing Genocide

ISIS Stones to Death Gay Man(IBT) ISIS Jihadists Stone to Death Man in Western Syria for Being Gay
Image Courtesy: On the Right@Twitter

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Is the NY Times Fair, Bias or Racist in Coverage of Republican Presidential Candidate Ted Cruz?

NY Times BiasIs the NY Times Fair, Bias or Racist? –Image: BCP@Twitter

NY Times February 2007 When Sen. Obama Enters Race for President:

“Speaking smoothly and comfortably, Mr. Obama offered a generational call to arms, portraying his campaign less as a candidacy and more as a movement.”

NY Times March, 2015 When Sen Ted Cruz Enters Race for President:

“Mr. Cruz’s tenure in Washington has been marked by accusations of demagogy. He sometimes deploys the soaring dictation of a preacher while stalking out uncompromising and rigid conservative positions, often playing the role of a political flamethrower.”

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Where’s the Moral Outrage by Feminists & Dems? Proposed Iranian Laws are Setback for Women

Islamic Women...Islam #1 Abuser of Women & Children Worldwide -Image: Salt & Light

(VOA) Proposed new laws in Obama’s peace-partner Islamic Fascist Iran, would restrict Women’s access to contraceptives and jobs, according to a new report issued this month by Amnesty International.

The human rights watchdog has expressed alarm by two bills moving through Iran’s parliament (which the Obama Administration and Hillary Clinton have been silent about, I digress) that aim to arrest the rouge regimes plunging birth rate and declining population–which would make Iranian Women, little more than baby-making factories.

“The Iranian authorities are trying to, first of all, ban voluntary female sterilization, which is interestingly the second most common method of birth-control in Iran after pills,” said Raha Bahreini, Amnesty Intl Iran’s researcher. “They are also restricting access to information about sexual reproductive health and specifically methods of contraception.”

The new laws would also ban vasectomies.

Such restrictions could have far-reaching consequences for Iranian Women, Bahreini said.

Amnesty Intl also said a second proposed law would entrench sexual discrimination of Women by giving priority for job vacancies to Men and to Women who already have children–Young Women without children would be at the bottom of the pile.

“That means Women will be further excluded from the labor market in Iran…Also it tries to make divorce more difficult to obtain. Women already face lots of obstacles in getting divorced and they do not have equal divorce rights as Men, said Bahreini.

Iran’s objective is to combat a declining and aging population but the policies would incur additional short-term economic pain, according to Shereen Hussein, a demographer and senior researcher fellow at King’s College London.