Bozo Joe Biden at Harvard University Lists China as Part of North America

VP Joe Biden at HarvardBozo Joe at Harvard University Kennedy School of Govt –Image: WGBH

(Want China Times) VP Joe Biden mistakenly described China as part of North America last week at Harvard University.

After stating that North America is “literally–not figuratively  the epicenter of energy in the world today,” Biden went on to explain that “North America will account–meaning Mexico, China and Canada, for two-thirds of the growth of global energy supply over the next 20 years.”

Likewise while at Harvard University Biden claimed that Americans ‘face no existential threat’ from terrorism, to our way of life and national security.

I’m thinking that the family of 26 yr old Indiana Aid Worker Peter Kassig who ISIS Jihadist have threatened to behead next, likely do not agree with ‘Bozo Joe’s’ threat assessment.

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VP Biden: Americans ‘Face No Existential Threat’ From Terrorism — Tell That to the Families of Americans Beheaded by ISIS Jihadists

ISIS Threatens AmericanISIS Posted This Picture of Indiana Native Peter Kassig, Next to be Beheaded –Image: WTHR TV Indianapolis@Twitter

(The Hill) VP Joe Biden this week speaking on foreign policy at Harvard University claimed that Americans “face no existential threat” from terrorism.

“Let me say again. We face no existential threat–none to our way of life or our ultimate security.”

Tell that to the parents and family of Peter Kassig or to the Woman beheaded last week by Oklahoma Jihadist Alton Nolan, aka Jah’Keem Yisrael.

Say It Ain’t So Bozo Joe!

VP Joe Biden...Say It Ain’t So Joe –Image: Washington Free Beacon@Twitter

“When I was a child, I talked like a child, thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I gave up childish ways.”
1 Corinthians 13:11 (RSVCE)

California Residents Surprised by Medical Bills & 60% of Americans in Smaller States Report Increase in Healthcare Costs

ObamaCare CostsObama Administration Lies to the American People About Healthcare Costs –Image: White House@Twitter

(California Healthline) A new survey by TransUnion Healthcare concludes that 62% of California residents are surprised about their out of pocket costs.

Overall, 80% wanted to receive cost estimates but unfortunately according to Payers & Providers few receive any meaningful costs estimates in advance.

Flashback: Remember when Obama/Biden claimed that your healthcare costs “will go down by as much as $2500 per year.”

Nationally in smaller states, 60% of Americans particularly those in the West are reporting an increased in  healthcare costs.

As Iraq is Overrun by Islamic Jihadists, What Will Happen to the Weapons, 11 Million+ Rounds of Ammo and Missiles the U.S. Delivered This Year?

Biden Iraq AccomplishmentFlashback: In 2010 VP Joe Biden Declared that Iraq “One of the Great Achievements of this Administration” –Image Courtesy: Cam Kirmser

(The Blaze)  As the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad makes contingency plans on evacuating Americans out of Iraq, following the surprise attack by ISIS Islamic Jihadists and the seizure of two major Iraqi cities this week, which sent Iraqi forces fleeing, what has happened to the more than eleven million rounds of ammunition, thousands of machine guns, M16 and M4 weapons and more than 100 Hellfire missiles that the United States has delivered to Iraq this year?

Have they been seized by Islamic Jihadists? Will they be used against Americans and Israel?

The speed and ease with which well armed and well trained ISIS Jihadists took over Mosul and Tikrit, have raised doubts about the ability of American intelligence agencies to know when/where ISIS Jihadists may strike next, says and raises questions about whether the Tens of Billions of dollars spent annually monitoring hot spots such as Iraq, Benghazi and elsewhere, is paying off and what else U.S. Spooks may be missing?

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Columbus, Ohio 10 Year Old Boy Suspended from School For Behaving Like VP Joe Biden

Joe Biden Finger GunWhat VP Joe Biden Did Is a ‘No-No’ in Ohio
Totti Truman@Twitter

(FOX News) In March, a Columbus, Ohio public school indoctrination center principal, suspended 10 year old Nathan Entingh for pretending his fingers were a gun and pointing it at another student

According to the Columbus Dispatch Devonshire Principal Patricia Price ‘warned’ students about making pretend guns.

Columbus City Schools spokesman  Jeff Warner said, “The kids were told, If you don’t stop this kind of stuff, there would be consequences–Its just been escalating.”

Ohio Democrat State Senator Charleta Tavares weighed in on the controversy according to saying, “The bigger issue is that we need more behavior health counseling at school so we can look at the root cause why this child is acting out and being disruptive.”

I’m wondering if Ohio Democrat State Senator Tavares, penned off a letter to VP Joe Biden, expressing her loony liberal anti-pretending gun sentiments to him, recommending mental health counseling and behavioral modification?

Messrs Obama & Biden: Scientists Link Selfies to Narcissism, Addiction and Mental Illness

Obama Biden SelfieObama Administration Tweets Selfie This Evening

(Intl Business Times) The growing trend of taking smartphone selfies is linked to a mental health condition, that focuses on a persons obsession with looks.

According to Psychiatrist David Veal, “Two out of three of all patients who come to see me with Body dysmorphic disorder since the rise of camera phones, have a compulsion to repeatedly take and post selfies on social media sites.”

“Cognitive behavioral therapy is used to help a patient to recognize the reasons for his or her compulsive behavior and then learn how to moderate it,” Dr Veal told the Sunday Mirror.

More here from Yahoo News U.K.

H/T: Washington Free Beacon

Thanks to ObamaCare Most Cancer Treatment Centers Off-Limits to Patients

Democrats 2014 ObamaCareThe Day of Reckoning for Democrats is Near
Image: Michael Nothem@Twitter

(AP) Cancer patients relieved that their health insurance can no longer be canceled because of life-time caps are discovering that of the 23 cancer centers that are part of the Natl Comprehensive Cancer Network that only 4 of the centers are able to accept ObamaCare–less access to these cancer centers means that patients may not get the most advanced cancer treatments, including clinical trials and news drugs.

On the 03 November, the Wall Street Journal reported that California Stage-4 Cancer patient Edie Sundby, lost her health insurance coverage and access to her cancer doctors due to ObamaCare, despite the President Obama and many Democrats promise, ‘that if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor, period.”

Now cancer patients are discovering that thanks to ObamaCare, most life-saving cancer treatment centers are off limits to them too.

Joe Biden ObamaCareTwitter @The Democrats Lie

H/T: The Heritage Foundation

VP Biden: Democrats Should be Optimistic About State of the Nation “In Spite of Who’s President”

VP Joe Biden SOTU

(CNS News) VP Joe Biden addressing the ‘House Democratic Caucus Issues Conference’ in Cambridge, Maryland on Friday told fellow Democrats,”It always surprises me when we don’t have the degree of optimism that we should about the state of the nation–in spite of who’s president.”

The ‘Affordable Car Act’


(Dgroatauthor) I got a letter from my automobile manufacturer saying that due to the ‘Affordable Car Act’ (ACA) my current vehicle had been canceled and should be mailed back to the factory, postage paid.

After a 79 hour wait to get on the ACA website, I found that having chosen and paid for my car and liked it for several years, the government decided either it was not good enough or too good for me. When I checked into it further, I discovered that the new law, affectionately called “ObamaCar” required me to drive something with child car seats installed in the rear (even though I have no children) an automatic pine-scent air distribution system (even though I hate that smell) an adjustable brake pedal that would accommodate drivers as short as Jockey’s and as tall as NBA players (even though I’m six feet) passenger room for seven (even though I never drive anyone to the polls) plastic seat covers with little nubs on them (even though I hate a cold butt in the Winter) and a built in air conditioned GPS-WiFi Bluetooth device built by the NSA and connected to their master computer that will give me driving directions to all Democratic Party office sites (even though I am a registered member of the Birthday Party whose slogan is: Let Them Eat Cake Once a Year. A state-of-the-art (the ACA website words not mine) satellite stereo that plays any kind of Polka music I want (even though I prefer Classic Rock) and an articulating high speed water jet spray arm that automatically washes the car every Tuesday at 9:00 AM (even though its still in the garage. The necessity for the device is attributed to an EPA ruling that says dirt is hazardous to the environment because it leads to ‘Global Worming’ extensive scientific testing funded by numerous government grants has finally confirmed that worms do live in dirt.)

After I put in all my personal information and promise to send as much money as possible along with two pints of blood every month to Washington, I was presented with my choices for my “Car Replacement Affordable Plan” (known by the government acronym ‘CRAP’ and privately called ‘Big Stuff’ BS by Joe Biden) Making my decision was not difficult (even though the website promised a vast array of plans) since I was presented with only four variations of the ‘Tato Nano’ (made in India) identical in every respect except color. I had to pick from “Blame the Republicans” Red, “There’s No Blue in Blue” Blue, “A New Progressive Sunrise” Yellow and the “Color of Our National Debt” Green. I would have preferred green but I discovered that the choice would not allow me to pay cash and required me to borrow the purchase price at 60% interest amortized for the length of my life (said length to be determined by the government at a later date with no requirement for advance notice) So I chose, “There’s No Blue in Blue” Blue (actually the picture was White) now I’m really confused.

My biggest disappointment with CRAP was learning it was going to cost me $65,000 and I wouldn’t be able to keep my current driver. I would be forced to choose a new driver from a list approved by the government and when I put in my zip code, I was told my driver would be Herman and he would only be available on Tuesday afternoons since he refused to drive a dirty car. I try to make solace from the knowledge that soon no one in the country will be without a car and we will have succeeded in spreading CRAP throughout the land.

God Bless America.

Oh I’m sorry. That was part of the CRAP small print. I’m not allowed to say that anymore. The government promised to email me an acceptable phrase to use in its place in the next six to ten years or if I needed it sooner, I could apply for one on the newly established website (watch the Frase) the spelling was approved by the newly appointed Lexicography Czar, who released a statement saying, that using the letters ‘ph’ when the letter “f” would work is now banned since it was fairer to the citizenry to require everyone to write fonetikally.