Thanks to ObamaCare Most Cancer Treatment Centers Off-Limits to Patients

Democrats 2014 ObamaCareThe Day of Reckoning for Democrats is Near
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(AP) Cancer patients relieved that their health insurance can no longer be canceled because of life-time caps are discovering that of the 23 cancer centers that are part of the Natl Comprehensive Cancer Network that only 4 of the centers are able to accept ObamaCare–less access to these cancer centers means that patients may not get the most advanced cancer treatments, including clinical trials and news drugs.

On the 03 November, the Wall Street Journal reported that California Stage-4 Cancer patient Edie Sundby, lost her health insurance coverage and access to her cancer doctors due to ObamaCare, despite the President Obama and many Democrats promise, ‘that if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor, period.”

Now cancer patients are discovering that thanks to ObamaCare, most life-saving cancer treatment centers are off limits to them too.

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VP Biden: Democrats Should be Optimistic About State of the Nation “In Spite of Who’s President”

VP Joe Biden SOTU

(CNS News) VP Joe Biden addressing the ‘House Democratic Caucus Issues Conference’ in Cambridge, Maryland on Friday told fellow Democrats,”It always surprises me when we don’t have the degree of optimism that we should about the state of the nation–in spite of who’s president.”

The ‘Affordable Car Act’


(Dgroatauthor) I got a letter from my automobile manufacturer saying that due to the ‘Affordable Car Act’ (ACA) my current vehicle had been canceled and should be mailed back to the factory, postage paid.

After a 79 hour wait to get on the ACA website, I found that having chosen and paid for my car and liked it for several years, the government decided either it was not good enough or too good for me. When I checked into it further, I discovered that the new law, affectionately called “ObamaCar” required me to drive something with child car seats installed in the rear (even though I have no children) an automatic pine-scent air distribution system (even though I hate that smell) an adjustable brake pedal that would accommodate drivers as short as Jockey’s and as tall as NBA players (even though I’m six feet) passenger room for seven (even though I never drive anyone to the polls) plastic seat covers with little nubs on them (even though I hate a cold butt in the Winter) and a built in air conditioned GPS-WiFi Bluetooth device built by the NSA and connected to their master computer that will give me driving directions to all Democratic Party office sites (even though I am a registered member of the Birthday Party whose slogan is: Let Them Eat Cake Once a Year. A state-of-the-art (the ACA website words not mine) satellite stereo that plays any kind of Polka music I want (even though I prefer Classic Rock) and an articulating high speed water jet spray arm that automatically washes the car every Tuesday at 9:00 AM (even though its still in the garage. The necessity for the device is attributed to an EPA ruling that says dirt is hazardous to the environment because it leads to ‘Global Worming’ extensive scientific testing funded by numerous government grants has finally confirmed that worms do live in dirt.)

After I put in all my personal information and promise to send as much money as possible along with two pints of blood every month to Washington, I was presented with my choices for my “Car Replacement Affordable Plan” (known by the government acronym ‘CRAP’ and privately called ‘Big Stuff’ BS by Joe Biden) Making my decision was not difficult (even though the website promised a vast array of plans) since I was presented with only four variations of the ‘Tato Nano’ (made in India) identical in every respect except color. I had to pick from “Blame the Republicans” Red, “There’s No Blue in Blue” Blue, “A New Progressive Sunrise” Yellow and the “Color of Our National Debt” Green. I would have preferred green but I discovered that the choice would not allow me to pay cash and required me to borrow the purchase price at 60% interest amortized for the length of my life (said length to be determined by the government at a later date with no requirement for advance notice) So I chose, “There’s No Blue in Blue” Blue (actually the picture was White) now I’m really confused.

My biggest disappointment with CRAP was learning it was going to cost me $65,000 and I wouldn’t be able to keep my current driver. I would be forced to choose a new driver from a list approved by the government and when I put in my zip code, I was told my driver would be Herman and he would only be available on Tuesday afternoons since he refused to drive a dirty car. I try to make solace from the knowledge that soon no one in the country will be without a car and we will have succeeded in spreading CRAP throughout the land.

God Bless America.

Oh I’m sorry. That was part of the CRAP small print. I’m not allowed to say that anymore. The government promised to email me an acceptable phrase to use in its place in the next six to ten years or if I needed it sooner, I could apply for one on the newly established website (watch the Frase) the spelling was approved by the newly appointed Lexicography Czar, who released a statement saying, that using the letters ‘ph’ when the letter “f” would work is now banned since it was fairer to the citizenry to require everyone to write fonetikally.

Obamanomics: Where Are All Them Promised Jobs? 932,000 Americans Drop Out of Labor Force

Obamanomics 2013ObamaCare is Turning Us Into a Part-Time Nation –Forbes

(Zero Hedge) Obamanomics continues to take a big and bigger toll on the nations anemic economy. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics data released yesterday, 932,000 Americans dropped out of the labor force in October to a record 91.5 Million, the third highest monthly increase in U.S. history.

Further illustrating the failures of Obamanomics on the weakening economy, the labor participation continues on its downward spiral from 63.2% in September to 62.8% today.

Flashback: Remember back in April, 2010 when VP Joe Biden claimed the economy soon would be adding 500,000 per month thanks to Obama’s stimulus.

Where are all of them promised jobs?

Crickets Chirping…

Senator John McCain’s Constituents Erupt at Townhall Over Push For Military Action in Syria

Arizona ProtestersProtesters in Arizona Rally Against Military Action in Syria at RINO Senator John McCain’s Townhall in Tuscon on Thursday
KVOA News 4 Tuscon/Twitter

Obama's Endorsed Syrian Freedom FightersObama Endorsed Al-Qaeda in Syria “Freedom Fighter” That We’re Being Asked to Support, Committing War Crimes, Executing Syrian Soldiers While on Their Knees –Carl Quance/Twitter

(Business Insider) A number of Arizina RINO Senator John McCain’s Constituents displayed signs against proposed U.S. military action in Syria, as McCain spoke at a townhall meeting at the Burton Barr Central Library on Thursday in Phoenix.

The townhall meeting was supposed to host a variety of topics but instead became a platform on the subject of Obama’s endorsed support of Al-Qaeda’s Islamic Jihad Terrorist Thugs in Syria.

In related news, U.N. Secy General Ban Ki-moon warned Obama that ‘punitive’ military action taken against Syria would be illegal without Security Council approval or a sound case for self-defense.

The leader of the Syrian Greek Catholic Church in a message to Obama is reported to have said, if the United States were to launch an attack on the country, it would be “a criminal act” and would reap more victims as Islamic extremists  continue to flow into Syria.

Flashback: Joe Biden claimed during last years Presidential Campaign that Mitt Romney would take America to War  With Syria.

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Obama Admin Tweets Biden With Camel as They Push to Give Muslim Brotherhood Another Chance

Guess What Day It IsObama Administration Tweets Joe Biden With Camel as Egyptian Military Cracks Down on Muslim Brotherhood –Image: Breitbart

(Daily Caller) The Obama Administration today pushed multiple statements today to give the Islamic Fascist Muslim Brotherhood another chance, calling for elections in Egypt as the country’s military cracked-down on Muslim Brotherhood supporters, that have unleashed their fury on Christians according to Asia News attacking 7 Catholic churches together with 15 Coptic-Orthodox and one Protestant Churches in Cairo.

The news was announced by Father Rafic Greich a spokesman for the Egyptian Catholic Church who underlined the fact that the Western Media has remained silent about the attacks on Christians.

More here from Jihad Watch

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Democrats Have Hillary Clinton ‘Coming & Going’

U.S. President Obama greets U.S. Secretary of State Clinton prior to the president's address about health care reform to a joint session of Congress on Capitol Hill in Washington

(Washington Examiner) Hilliary Clinton is the Democrat voters most and least wanted candidate for President in 2016 according to a new Rasmussen Reports poll released this morning.

63% of likely Democrat voters would choose Clinton if the 2016 Democratic primary were being held today; VP Joe Biden came in a distant second with 12% support–several other prominent Democrats muster 5% or less support.

When asked which candidate would least like to see get their parties nomination, Democrats group Clinton, Biden, Cuomo and former Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa together with 15% to 17% in opposition.

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Clinton Fatigue–Will the Constant Drama Sink her 2016 Hopes?

Xi Jinping Must Address During California Trip China ‘One Child Policy’ and Damages to Women

China Mother's Leave Messages....Chinese Mother’s Leave Messages on Photos of Young Boys that Have Been Taken From Them by the China Regime –Richard Jones/SCMP

(SCMP) China regime’s ‘One Child Policy’ has produced hundreds of millions of victims–newborns murdered every day–the late term babies forcibly aborted and the thousands of young Women whose lives will be forever changed.

Public anger fueled over the criminal China regime ‘One Child Policy’ in June, 2012 when a graphic photo of 25 year old Feng Jianmei was beaten, abducted and her baby was forcibly aborted during the 7th month of her pregnancy.

In another case, the news and the  graphic image of a 9 month old dead baby forcibly aborted alive is seen in a bucket in the delivery room in March, 2012

Besides forced abortions by the China regime’s criminal central planning authorities, a great many Women have been harmed, resulting in damages as a result of ‘contraceptive operations’ between 1980 to 2009 some 286 million Women have been fitted with birth control devices, investigators and experts have found that many of these Women have suffered from various side-effects as a result of the unnecessary procedures.

Beijing and the Obama Administration have defended the ‘One Child Policy’ as being a vital step in preventing a rapid expansion of population that could lead to  food and resource shortages.

On the 19 June, 2012 I posted here an outline of babies forcibly aborted by the China regime between 1971-2009

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Woman 6 Mo Pregnant Dies in Hubei Province After Forced Abortion

NJ Congressman Chris Smith Details Human Rights Abuses in China

VP Joe Biden Tells Religious Leaders to Preach About ‘Gun Control’ From the Pulpit

Joe Biden“Happily Married” VP Biden Got Frisky With Biker Chick In Sept 2012 Image: –The Right Scoop–

(Catholic Vote) On Monday, VP Joe Biden met with a group of religious leaders to talk about gun control–during their two-and-a-half-hour meeting, Biden told those in attendance to instruct their congregations to support the Obama Administration gun control initiatives because that’s “the moral thing to do.”

Huh? Biden doesn’t have any authority to be speaking about ‘morality’ and instructing religious leaders to discuss political issues to their parishioners, given his unfaithfulness to the teachings of the Catholic church on abortion and the sanctity of human life.

Sheriff Joe Biden Spends $1 Million+ of Taxpayers Money for Hotels in London & Paris

VP Joe Biden London Hotel Bill

(Weekly Standard) While Americans tighten their belts, putting off family vacations and eating out as often a result of an anemic economy, recent ObamaCare tax hikes together with payroll tax hikes that went into effect on the first of the year, Americans should be outraged that the guardian of the taxpayers money Sheriff Joe Biden had the audacity to spend waste $459,338.65 of taxpayers money to pay for his and Biden’s entourage stay at the Hyatt Regency London and subsequently $585,000.50 during his one night stay in Paris last month.