Dow Closes at Record High For 9th Straight Session Longest Record Streak Since 1987

Trump Rally Continues

9th Straight Record High -Image Courtesy: Market Watch

VIA:Market Watch

Why California Will NEVER Secede

Democrat Liberal-Progressive Wannabe Socialists Utopia Out of Control Spending — California DEBT
and CalPERS $1.4 TRILLION in Unfunded Liabilities

CalExit — Riiight… ROFLOL!!!

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Trump Rally Continued Thursday – 6th Straight Record Close

I Love Winning! Trump Rally Continues

(MarketWatch) Stocks New Records for Third Session in a Row -Image: Charlie Bilello

Stock Market Closes at a New Record High — Trump Rally Rolls On

Its About Time to Dump the Export-Import Bank

Why Not Cut Overly Burdensome Fed Regs and Guarantee Loans to New Small Cap American Companies Wanting to Organize New Start-Up Domestic Commuter Airlines Operating in Smaller Markets?

 VIA: Americans For Limited Government

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Delta Airlines Pushes for Export-Import Bank Reform

Dump the Export-Import Bank -CATO (2002)

Trump Rally Continues – NASDAQ Closes at Record High

Stocks Up Nearly 1,700 Points Since Election Day – Video Flashback: Remember When Dallas Mavs CEO Mark Cuban Said Market Would Tank If Trump Wins

(FOX Business) Dow Races Past 20,000 in Reinvigorated Trump Rally

Video Flashback: Remember when Dallas Mavericks CEO Mark Cuban said
Markets would Tank @5:43 if Donald Trump Wins Election

Trump Rally Continues — DOW Makes History

DOW Making History — Market Opens Above 20,000 First Time Ever – FOX Business

Trump Rally Continues

(FOX Business) Markets Rally — Dow Within Striking Distance of 20,000
S&P and NASDAQ Both Close at Record Highs