Hypocrite: Hillary Clinton Demands $15 Minimum Wage — Pays Interns NOTHING!

Hillary Cheers Obamanomics: $19.285T Debt – Only 38,000 Jobs Created in May; Record 94,708,000 Americans Out of Work

Hillary EconProgress Hillary What Progress?

US Debt ClockU.S. Federal Debt Today

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics in May only 38,000 jobs were created – Record 94,708,000 Americans were not in the Labor force – 1.6 Million fewer Americans than one year ago – Labor Force participation rate fell to 62.6% near a 38 year low.

Hillary Clinton Calls This “Progress”  — Good Grief

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Obama Credits Himself for Anemic May Jobs Report, Calls It Progress

Obama Cheers Anemic May Jobs Report During Saturday Radio Address

Not In Labor ForceOnly 38,000 Jobs were Created in MayRecord 94.3+ Million Americans Were Not in the Labor Force in May – 1.6 Million+ Fewer Americans than One Year Ago

Labor Force Participation RateLabor Force Participation Rate Falls to 62.6% — Near Its 38 Year Low according to CNS News — When President Obama took office, 80,529,000 Americans were not participating in the labor force, since then 14,179,000 Americans have left the workforce, some retiring, other because they’ve given up looking for work — Obama calls this progress.

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U.S. Service Sector Growth Slows in May –WSJ

Obama Fables: Almost Doubling the Natl Debt to $19.2 Trillion+ But Saying Otherwise

DeficitsSelf Delusion: Why Does Obama Continue to LIE, LIE & LIE
About Our Exploding Federal Deficit?

US Debt ClockU.S. Debt Clock Today — $19.278 Trillion+

Obama Had the Audacity to Call Bush “Unpatriotic” for Adding $4 Trillion to the National Debt — What is it Called for Nearly Doubling the Debt – Treasonous?

CNN: Donald Trump Created Some 34,000 Private Sector Jobs, How Many has Hillary Created?

Hillary ClintonSo What? Hillary, What’s Wrong with Profit?
Where Do You Think Private Sector Jobs Come From?

  • According to CNN in 2015, Donald Trump created some 34,000 private sector jobs, made a profit and expanded his business — How Many Private Sector Jobs has Hillary Created?

California One of the Heaviest Taxed States in the Country – Lawmakers Push to Confiscate More Money from Job Creators

CA LawmakersCalifornia Already Heavily TaxedLiberals Push to Confiscate
Even More Money from Job Creators

Flashback: On the 05 April, I wrote here that California Human and Business Capital Exodus Widens — California has one of the Worst Business Tax Climates (only NY and NJ are worse) in the Nation.

Coming to America: No ObamaCare, No $15 Minimum Wage, No Complaining…

Obama’s Watch: Hillary Calls It Progress — Majority of Americans Say ‘Direction of Country’ Is On the Wrong Track

Hillary ClintonHillary Clinton is Out of Touch

Direction of CountryAccording to Real Clear Politics Rolling Averages of Natl Polling Data — Nearly 2/3 of Americans Surveyed Say Obama’s Watch is a Failure and We’re on the Wrong Track

FYI: Hillary Clinton, Liberal Darling Sen Elizabeth Warren ‘Profited Off People Losing Their Homes’ Flipping Houses

Hungry Venezuelan’s ‘Feeling the Bern’ Hunting Pets & Pigeons As Food Runs Out

Venezuela(Reuters) Socialist Venezuelan’s ‘Feeling the Bern’ Looters Target Chicken, Flour and Underwear Amid Worsening Shortages -Image: @Deb Always Trump

Flashback: On the 22 January, I wrote here the Intl Monetary Fund forecast that oil rich Socialist Venezuela is anticipating 720% inflation this year.

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