Obama’s Watch: Consumer Spending Stalls in March, No Year-to-Year Growth


(Gallup) The amount Americans reported spending each day in March averaged $87 for the month, identical to February.

Although government figures show that total retail sales, excluding motor vehicles rebounded in February after January’s anemic sales, year-over-year sales were up only 1.6% in January and 1.3% in February, the weakest retail growth figures since November, 2009

On the 04 April, I wrote here that the number of Women unemployed climbed 180,000 in March, which evidences a weakening economy, even though the Obama Administration claims according to Bloomberg Businessweek that the economy is ‘on track to strengthen’ and add more jobs in the next two years.

In February, Zero Hedge reported that the U.S. Labor participation rate fell to a 35 year low. So much for the Obama Administration’s forecast this year and next of a robust, job producing economy.

California Tax Freedom Day Is 6 Days Later This Year Than in 2013 and 10 Days Later Than in 2012

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President Obama: Why Do Men Earn More Than Women in Your Administration?

Obama Why Do Men Earn MorePresident Obama: Why Do Men Earn More?
Image: Matt Yglesias@Twitter

(NY Times) President Obama on Tuesday, will call attention to what he has said is an “embarrassment” in America, that Women earn only .77 cents for every dollar a Man earns.

Critics of the Obama Administration are eager to turn the tables on the president arguing that Obama is a hypocrite and has been paying Women less than Men in his own administration–numbers don’t lie.

On the 21 March, I wrote here that the Obama Administration has paid Women less than Men in 2011 2012 and 2013

President Obama and his Democrat allies are doing everything they can do to portray Republicans as insensitive to the concerns of Women in the hopes of capitalizing on this work/wage issue but refuse to explain, why do Women earn less than Men in the Obama Administration?

Inquiring minds want to know and are still waiting on an adequate response from the White House.

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Democrat’s War on Women: 180,000 Fewer Job Opportunities in March

Women SufferageWomen Suffrage Movement –Image: Vintage Periods

(CNS) The number of Women unemployed climbed 180,000 in March according to data released by the U.S. Dept of Labor today.

On Friday, I wrote here that President Obama and Democrat House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) oppose legislation that would restore the 40 hour work week which ObamaCare reduced to 30 hours, limiting job opportunities and sacrificing liberty for many Women.

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Virginia Democrat Rep Jim “Moron” Believes Congress is Underpaid

Congress Jack AssesDumb-O-Crat Member(s) of Congress…

(Roll Call) Rep Jim Moran (D-VA) claims that Members of Congress already being paid (more than their worth) $174,000 annually are underpaid adding, “A lot of Members can’t afford to live decently in Washington.”

The retiring Moran Moron, intends to remedy this matter, what he sees as a “gross inequality” by introducing legislation that would hike Congressional salaries.

More here from Washington Free Beacon

March Jobs Data Weaker Than Expected, Obama Vows Veto of House Bill to Restore 40 Hr Work Week

ObamaCare MathObamaCare Math –Image: Brian Cole@Twitter

(RILA) In a letter sent to Congress on Wednesday, the ‘Retail Industry Leaders Assn” called on Congress to immediately pass bipartisan legislation “Save American Workers Act” (HR 2575) to restore the historic 40 hour work week that ObamaCare killed.

Flashback: Remember when then House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) claimed that ObamaCare will create 4 Million—400,000 jobs almost immediately and death of 40 hour work week means freedom to follow your passion.

President Obama vowed to veto the legislation if it ever made it to his desk.

It should be of no surprise that March payroll data that was expected to increase 200,000+ jobs according to Zero Hedge was lower than economists anticipated.

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Using Twitter to Forecast New Applications for Jobless Benefits; First Time Unemployment Claims Spike 16,000 Last Week

What Twitter Knows About Jobless Claims

(WSJ) A significant number of people filed initial claims for unemployment benefits at least if you believe an index based off of Twitter.

Economists at the Univ of Michigan have developed a technique that scans billions of Tweets, looking for people Tweeting about job losses and then creates a prediction of the Labor Dept’s weekly report on initial filings–their prediction, 342,000 people filed new claims for jobless benefits last week.

Applications for first time unemployment benefits shot-up 16,000 last week bringing the total to 326,000 from the previous weeks ‘revised’ unemployment claims the U.S. Dept of Labor reported this morning.

On the 04 February, I wrote here an historically high number of people will be locked out of the labor force because of ObamaCare according to a study from the Congressional Budget Office, CNBC reported in February.

Did the State of Michigan Just Trigger a Constitutional Convention?

Natl Debt --Cagle CartoonsU.S. Federal Budget Deficit $17.5+ Trillion

(FOX News) Momentum is building behind what would be an unprecedented effort to amend the Constitution and balance the federal budget, in the wake of lawmakers in the State of Michigan, becoming the 34th state to exercise their rights triggering the 2/3 necessary pursuant to Article V of the Constitution of the United States.

In the wake of Michigan’s vote, Rep Duncan Hunter (R-CA) pressed House Speaker John Boehner yesterday to determine whether the states crossed the necessary threshold to begin the process of achieving a balanced budget amendment and Obama, can’t do a damn thing about it.

If 2/3 of the states have indeed called for a constitutional convention, the ball is now in Congress’ court.

The last time a successful amendment was ratified was May 1992 the 27th Amendment on Congressional pay increases.

Michelle Obama During her Mooch Visit to China: “There Were Actually Laws in America That Allowed Discrimination Against Black People Like Me”

Michelle Obama ChengduMichelle Obama Standing in Place Doing Tai-Chi Her Way in Chengdu
Image: Karson Yiu@Twitter

MIchelle Obama SichuanMichelle Obama Visits an English Class in China, Sichuan Privince
Image: Nerdy Wonka@Twitter

(Weekly Standard) Michelle Obama vacationing in China with her family at taxpayers expense today visited a school and warned students that not everything is perfect in America saying:

“There have been times in our history where we have fallen short. Many years ago, there were actually laws in America that allowed discrimination against black people like me, who are a minority in the United States but over time, ordinary citizens decided that those laws were unfair, so they held peaceful protests and marches (if Michelle O believes the Civil War was nothing more than a ‘peaceful protest and march’ I digress) they called on government officials to change those laws and they voted to elect new officials who shared their views.”

Michelle Obama in her revisionist history lesson today, failed to mention that now in America thanks in large measure of her husband, that we have adopted a new form of Slavery…

Slavery 2014That now is $17.543 Trillion

**Editor’s Note** While Michelle Obama, may have been speaking about the ‘Civil Rights’ movement, that still wasn’t a time of “peaceful protests and marches” and irregardless, Michelle Obama is in China, mooching off the American taxpayers and bashing America–again.

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