GDP Report Shows Economy Growing Slowest Pace in 2 Years — Hillary Cheers Obamanomics Calls It Progress

Hillary Obamanomics(Business Week) GDP Report Shows Economy Grew in 1st Qtr at Slowest Pace in 2 Yrs – Business Investment Weakest Since Great Recession — Hillary Clinton Cheers Obamanomics Calls it Progress.

GDPAccording to the U.S. Dept of Commerce GDP report shows the economy stalling, slowing to just 0.5% annual growth during the 1st quarter — the U.S. economy had grown at an anemic 1.4% – 2% – 3.9% and 0.6% in the previous four quarters.

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Bernie Sanders Rejection of Capitalism – Venezuela is Feeling the Bern, Murder Capitol of the World & Hyperinflation

Bernie SandersBernie Sanders Rejects Free Market Capitalism

Isn’t Socialism Just Lovely?

More here Venezuela is Feeling the Bern – Murder Capitol of the World & Hyperinflation

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Play This New Video Game & Land a Job

Play This Game Win a JobEmployers Use Mobile Games to Recruit New Employees

(MarketWatch) Last Fall Barclays, the British multinational banking and financial services company began testing a new tool for attracting potential young job applicants — a mobile video game.

More than 4500 mostly college seniors have played the Barclay’s version of Stockfuse a free-stock trading game that uses real time Market data–about 8% have applied for positions at the international bank and so far, 17 have landed a job.

Such apps aim to shed light how a potential candidate may perform in a job based on how they perform a game. With Stockfuse  for example, what securities a player invests in and the returns achieved typically provide plenty of data for consideration. Games from other developers range from solving mazes to managing a sushi restaurant.

Depending on the game app, developers build a detailed analysis of a players abilities and share them an interested employer. An evaluation may tag a person as a potential leader for demonstrating tenacity or dismiss another persons ability for making ‘snap decisions’ and showing poor judgment.

Some games take just a few minutes while others can go on indefinitely, with players resuming wherever they left off each time they log in.

Play Your Own Game

More here ‘Play This Game and Win a Job’  -Wall Street Journal

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23 More Days Until California Tax Freedom Day – Keep Electing Democrats

Tax Freedom Day 2016(Tax Foundation) California Tax Freedom Day Arrives on the 30th April
(4th Latest Nationally) to Pay Ones Total Tax Bill This Year

How Has Tax Freedom Day Changed Over Time?

  • In 1900 Americans paid only 5.9% of their income in taxes, that year Tax Freedom Day arrived on the 22nd January — a century later Americans were paying 33% of their income in taxes.

What Taxes We Pay?

What We Pay

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California Human & Business Capital Exodus Continues, Just Ask U-Haul

California Texas Trade GapU-Haul Rates Show Demand for Moving Vans Exiting California for Texas
are Much Higher than Vans Heading West –Investors Business Daily

Business TaxesCalifornia Ranks 48 (Only NY and NJ are Worse) as One of the Top Ten
Worst State’s for Business Taxes –Tax Foundation

California Sales TaxesCalifornia Ranks 1st in the Highest State & Local Income Tax in the Country –Tax Foundation

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San Francisco Based McKesson Corp Takes 1000 New Jobs to Texas -Dallas Morning News

Poverty Rate Jumps Among California Seniors -Sacramento Bee

Obamanomics: 93,482,000 Not in Labor Force — 29,000 Manufacturing Jobs Lost in March

29,000 Mfg Jobs Lost29,000 Manufacturing Jobs Were Lost in March According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics

(WFB) There were 93,482,000 Americans not in the labor force in March, a decline of 206,000 from last month according to data released this morning from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) those not in the labor force represent individuals who do not have a job and did not actively seek one during the past month.

While 215,000 jobs were added overall according to (BLS) manufacturing jobs declined by 29,000 a staggering number considering the 18,000 jobs lost in February, reports Industry Week representing a 16 month manufacturing job recession.

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Hillary Clinton, If Money Was the Solution In Curbing America’s Woes, We Should Have the Most Crime Free, Educated Society In the World

Hillary Clinton EducationHillary Clinton Doesn’t Seem to Realize That Federal Spending For Education Has Risen Year-After Year — How Much is Enough? Are the American Taxpayers Getting Their Monies Worth?

Spending EducationFederal Funding for Title I Which Provides Grants to Help Disadvantaged Children Rose from Under
$3 Billion in 1980 to More than $7 Billion in 2000 and Nearly $14 Billion in 2005
U.S. Dept of Education

U.S. Education Spending Compared to the WorldUnited States Spends More Per Student Than 17 Other Nations
U.S. Dept of Education

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Hillary Clinton Admits “We’re Gonna Put a Lot of Coal Miners and Coal Companies Out of Business…Move Away From ALL Other Fossil Fuels”

Hillary Clinton Tweet@Hillary Clinton Will Tweet Anything When Its Politically Convenient 

(Daily Caller) At a CNN Democrat Townhall Event in Columbus, Ohio over the weekend, Hillary Clinton told the crowd that her energy policies are “gonna put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business.”

Hillary Clinton went on to say how the government (taxpayers) have to invest in “clean, renewable energy. We’re gonna make it clear that we don’t want those people–those people labored in mines for generations, losing their health, often losing their lives to turn on our lights and power our factories. Now we’ve got to move away from coal  and all other fossil fuels but I don’t want to move away from the people who did the best they could to produce the energy we relied on.”

Huh??? That’s talking from both sides of her mouth.

When did it become the American Taxpayers business to pick winners and losers and choose which industries to “invest in” (favor with taxpayers money) and which to bankrupt?

Zero Hedge: Some Folks are Peddling Fiction, For Everyone Else There’s This Reality

Zero Hedge(Zero Hedge) No child (or student, poor person, grandchild, debt-holder, healthy person, retiree, African-American, family, homeowner or renter) left behind untouched.

Now that’s an (Obama) legacy.

Living the Obamanomics Dream: Additional 14.3+ Million U.S. Born Americans Not in Labor Force – Sports Authority Files for Bankruptcy

Obamanomics Living the Dream(CIS) 54.979 Million Americans Ages 16-65 Not Working in 2015 Compared to 40.677 Million Americans Not Working in 2000

Sports Authority Files for Bankruptcy
Hires Liquidators, To Close 140 Stores (6 in California)
Two Distribution Centers –L.A. Times