McDonald’s Protesters Demand $15 Hour, Why Not $20? Maybe $50? Why Not a Cool $100 Per Hour?

McDonalds...McDonald’s Protesters Demand $15 Per Hour –Image: Demos@Twitter

(Chicago Tribune) After marching to McDonald’s headquarters today, 10 protesters from a crowd of more than 1,000 were allowed on McDonald’s property to deliver a petition–calling for a $15 per hour wages for the company’s front line workers.

“We want a fair share,” workers protesters and agitators chanted.

What is fairness? What maybe is ‘fair’ for you isn’t ‘fair’ for me? Maybe McDonald’s workers should be just happy to have a job?

When government mandates a ‘minimum wage’ then businesses make adjustments to pay for the added costs writes CATO Institute such as reducing hiring, cutting employee work hours, reducing benefits and charging higher prices. Some policymakers believe that companies simply absorb the costs of minimum wage increases through reduced profits…

  • If $15 per hour is a so called ‘living wage’ why not $20 per hour?
    Better yet, maybe $50 per hour or why not a cool $100.00 per hour?

Say Hello to Your ReplacementMcDonald’s Former Workers: No ObamaCare, No Protesting,
No Overtime, No Work Slow Downs, No Vacations…
Image: Krispy Konservative

Flashback: On the 28 October I wrote here that Lowe’s debuts its ‘Robotic Shopping Assistants’ at its Orchard Supply Hardware store in San Jose — No ObamaCare, Not Demanding Higher Wages, No Work Stoppages, No Sick Leave, No Missed Days…

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Obama: Private Sector Doing Fine; Climate Change Natl Security Threat — 109 Million+ Americans Receiving Food Assistance

Obamanomics...(WFB) The taxpayers spent $100 Million providing food assistance last year to 109,930,000 Americans, up from 47,102,780 just 2.50 yrs ago or from 45,794,474 in 2011

  • Flashback: Remember when Obama claimed the private sector is doing fine.

On Wednesday, President Obama told Coast Guard Academy graduates “that climate change constitutes a serious threat to global security, an immediate risk to our national security…”

Riiight… If one is so naive and self-delusional to forget about ISIS committing genocide against Christians, the U.S. labor participation rate is an anemic 62.8% and the federal deficit is $18.234 Trillion+ up from $6.991 Trillion when Obama first took office.

Democrats Don’t Get It: California Ranks Worst State for Business & Highest Poverty Rate

California PovertySo Sad! My Beloved ‘Deep Blue’ State of California Worst State for Business, Highest Personal Income Tax & Poverty Rate in the Nation
Image Courtesy:
Soquel by the Creek

(LA Times) For the first time in nearly a year, gas prices have spiked to over $4.00 a gallon in Southern California thanks to the state’s various gas blends, want for more-and-more new laws and burdensome regulations preventing the recovery and sale of and abundance of natural resources together with Sacramento’s new .76 climate change tax that went into effective the first of the year.

  • Keep Voting for and Electing Democrats: “Insanity is doing something
    over and over again and expecting different results.” –Albert Einstein

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So Very Sad! My Beloved State of California Ranks as Worst State for Business Again in 2015

California Republic(Chief Executive.Net) California Ranks Dead Last for Second Year in a Row as Worst State for Business — Texas (No.1) and Florida (No.2) Remain in Top Spots for Business in 2015 –Image: Sooper Mexican

Flashback: On the 13 May, 2014 I wrote here California, New York and Illinois, continue to rank among the three worst states for business with virtually no change from the previous year.

Obama Urges Women to ‘Press for Fairness’ — Record 56,131,000 Women Not in Labor Force

Jobless(The Herald) Obama Watch: Urges Women in Charlotte, NC  to Press for
Fairness —
Record 56,131,000 Women Nor in Labor Force
Image: Ashley Gruber & Lan Cantrell

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California Tax Freedom Day is 3 Days Later This Year — Keep Electing Democrats

Tax Freedom Day 2015Have You Hugged a Democrat Today? There are Still 16 More Days Until ‘California Tax Freedom Day’ Finally Arrives –Image: OC Political

(Tax Foundation) In 2014 California Tax Freedom Day was on 30 April, how many more years will it take until one must work half the year just to pay their taxes?

  • Flashback: According to UT San Diego Just 10 Years Ago, ‘California Tax Freedom Day 2005′ Arrived on the 20 April

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Adam Baldwin Takes On Obama’s Funny Math

Thanks to ObamaCare That Raise You Want, You May Not Want

Covered California(The Blaze) Thanks to ObamaCare That Pay Raise You Want May Have
Negative Consequences to Some Taxpayers –Image:
Soquel by the Creek

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Pacific Ocean Water, Water Everywhere: California Faces More Water Restrictions & Big Water Rate Hikes Proposed Due to Drought

California DroughtCalifornia ‘Sign of the Times’ –Image: Waterguy559@Twitter

(Fox News Los Angeles) California Water Cops have OKd more restrictions on lawn watering and are adding new limits on water use by businesses as the drought persists.

The State Water Resources Control Board voted unanimously Tuesday, to extend and expand its emergency drought regs–California residents can not turn their sprinklers on everyday under the new rules, customers must ask for water at restaurants and be given an opportunity to decline fresh sheets and towels at hotels–violators face up to $500 a day in fines but its up to local water Cops to enforce the rules.

Earlier this month,the San Jose Mercury News reported that three of the largest Bay Area water agencies — the Santa Clara Water Valley District, East Bay Municipal Water District and the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission, that serve some 5.8 million people are considering water rate hikes by as much as 30% this year because they are selling a lot less water as customers are conserving due to the drought.

California water regulators get one coming and going. Should one waste water, they’re subject to fines and should one conserve too much water, they face increased costs due to their conservation.

Last year I wrote here here and here if not for California’s wacky environmentalist policies and want for more overly burdensome and crippling regulations that are driving away business investment and opportunity, legislators in Sacramento over the years, could have invested resources wisely for the future by constructing life-saving desalination plants along the coastline such as Israel’s Sorek Desalination Plant that provides 26,000 cubic meters or 7 million gallons of clean portable water every hour to over 1.5 million people.

While Santa Barbara has finally seen the light and ‘may’ modernize and finally reactivate the Charles E. Meyer Desalination Facility after being mothballed for the past 23 years, much more can be done to utilize the vast natural resources abundant and readily available but unfortunately, still under utilized.

Obama Vetoes Keystone Jobs Bill as Labor Participation Rate is an Anemic 62.9%

Cartoonist Gary Varvel: Blocking Keystone XL Jobs(FOX News) President Obama today followed through with his threat to veto bipartisan legislation authorizing the Keystone XL-Pipeline and the 42,000+ new ‘private sector’ shovel ready infrastructure jobs which Obama’s own State Dept said in 2014 that would be created nationwide, not to mention the thousands of residual jobs in other sectors that would have been created, together with the permanent jobs that would be necessary to maintain the pipeline.

It should be noted, that Obama’s veto of thousands of good paying jobs comes at a time when the U.S. labor participation rate fell to a 36 year low of 62.7% in December, 2014 improving just slightly to 62.9% in January and when U.S. homeownership rates hit a 20 year low of 64% according to the latest data from the U.S. Census Bureau.

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