Obama: ‘More People Entering Workforce’ – Reality: 94M+ Not in Labor Force, Decline of 41K

Obama Claims Americans Finding Work  — Riiight…

(WFB) Numbers Don’t Lie: 94 Million+ Americans
Not in Labor Force a Decline of 41K from January

Women Drop Out of Labor Force66,000 More Women Drop Out of Labor Force in January from December Image: Table A-1 Bureau of Labor Statistics

Obamanomics: Are You Ready for the Next Recession & Severe Market Drop?

Obamanomics EffectObamanomics Effect in 2016 –MarketWatch Graph

(MarketWatch) Another brokerage firm has used the ‘R’ word on Tuesday warning investors to wake-up to the idea that rising risks of a Recession could send the stock market over a deep cliff.

Based on current valuations, the prices of most stocks don’t appear to have factored in a recession scenario ‘hence the downside should we see a recession could be rather severe,’ RBC Capital Markets global equity team wrote in research notes to clients.

Applying a stress test to their coverage universe, using a worst case price to earnings valuations seen during the 2008-2009 recession, RBC analysts said that they believe the shares of most companies could still fall another 50% or more from current trading levels.

The concern for RBC analysts stems from the recently volatility in the stock market caused by macro weakness, softness in China and commodity market challenges. — The warning follows a note issued earlier this year at Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) to investors to “sell everything” ahead of an imminent stock crash. It had warned its clients that 2016 could be a “cataclysmic year.”

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U.S. $19+ Trillion Debt — Remember When Obama Said Bush ‘Unpatriotic’ for Adding $4 Trillion to Natl Debt

US Debt ClockU.S. Debt Clock TodayFederal Deficit Was $10.626 Trillion
When Obama Took Office

Flashback: Remember when Sen Obama called then President Bush “Unpatriotic” for adding $4 Trillion to the Federal Deficit in 8 years

How’s That Covered California Working Out This Year? Still Not So Good, Huh…

Covered California...@Liz Kofman Covered California Like the Federal ObamaCare Website Continues Having Computer Issues — Go Figure —

Covered CaliforniaGovt Bureaucracy: Covered California Hasn’t Even be Able to Correct What Should Be Easy to Change in Its System for @Caitlin Doughty

Flashback: Last March I wrote here and here about other issues with Covered California — Isn’t government bureaucracy just peachy?

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The Wonders of Bernie Sanders Socialism — Venezuela Inflation to Surpass 700% This Year

Bernie Sanders Socialist(AP) IMF Forecast: Venezuela Inflation to be 720% This Year
@Bernie Sanders Democrat-Socialist Redistribution of Wealth Will Do for the U.S. — Remember When It Was “The Economy Stupid.”

Obama’s Watch: Stock Market Suffers Worst Start of the Year Since the Great Depression

DowDJIA Average Index -CNN Money

(The Times) The start of 2016 has been the worst for financial markets since the onset of the ‘Great Depression’ — Investors seeking safe havens have turned to Gold, sparking a 2% recovery in its price to $1094 an ounce.

The stock market rout is starting to become very expensive, destroying $2.3 Trillion in wealth from the market’s top last year according to the USA Today and $1.5 Trillion in net wealth just this year. 

On Tuesday, Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton tweeted praise of Obamanomics as, “Seven years of progress. We need to build on it–not go backwards,” despite the grim economic news of 94 million Americans jobless, falling wages, labor force participation rate at an anemic 62.6% and 45 million Americans on food stamps.

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When Obama Economic Fantasyland is Introduced to Reality

Obamanomics...Obama’s Fantasyland

(USA Today) Obama embellishes his record on jobs…the net gain since he’s taken office is actually just under 9.3 million — what Obama didn’t spell out during his SOTU lecture is that more than 4 million jobs were lost during the first 13 months of his presidency and he ignored losses of state and local government jobs as well.

Likewise, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics over Obama’s entire time in office the U.S. has lost 230,000 mfg jobs dropping from 12,561,000 jobs in January, 2009 to 12,331,000 in December, 2015

On the 08 January, I wrote here that 94 million+ Americans are not in the labor force, labor force participation rate is just 62.6% continuing a trend unseen since the Carter Administration; Average hourly wages fell last month.

In related news according to Forbes today, Walmart has announced that its shutting 269 stores, its first mass closings affecting some 16,000 workers.

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Obama’s Watch: California Democrat Congressman Rep Becerra Claims $8.25 Trillion+ in New Deficit Spending is a Cut

Dem DopeLiberal Loony Congressional Democrat @Rep Becerra Claims $8.254 Trillion in New Deficit Spending During Obama’s Watch is a Cut

US Debt ClockU.S. Debt Clock TodayFederal Deficit Was $10.626 Trillion
When Obama Took Office

Hillary Clinton Praises Obamanomics — Bill Clinton Unseals Damning Indictment of Obamanomics

Hillary Clinton Obamanomics@Hillary Clinton Illogical

(National Review) Bill Clinton flew to New Hampshire and unsealed a damning indictment against Obamanomics — Campaigning in Exeter, Bill Clinton told Granite State voters on Monday, “I think the election is about restoring broadly shared prosperity, rebuilding the middle class, giving kids the American Dream back.”

The Congressional Joint Economic Committee (JEC) has detailed this devastation. “The Obama recovery has failed hardworking Americans,” JEC Analyst Jeff Schlagenhauf reported last month. “On economic growth, private-sector job creation and income growth, the Obama recovery ranks far below average.”

Yesterday I wrote here the U.S. Dept of Labor reported on Friday, the labor force participation rate is 62.6% improving by just 0.1% from November, barely above the 62.4% level during the Carter Administration in 1977 — 94 Million Americans remain out of the labor force, wages declined in December and Black unemployment is 8.3% nearly double that of Caucasians.

More here from CNS News

Obamanomics: 94 Million+ Americans Not in Labor Force, Wages Decline – Bernie Sanders Blames Campaign Finance System

Bernie SandersLoony Liberal Democrat Socialist @SenBernieSanders Illogical

Labor Participation Rate(Breitbart) Actual Reason: 94 Million+ Americans Not in Labor Force — Labor Force Participation Improves by Just 0.1% Over November Continues Trend Unseen Since the 1970s — Avg Hourly Wages Fell in December

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