Obama’s Watch: Catastrophic Economics and What Post-Ferguson Racial Politics Have in Common

Wages and HoursWages & Payroll Hours at Anemic Pace

(WSJ) Americans are waiting for a raise, wages have been stagnant since the recession, squeezed family budgets and contributed to the dissatisfaction with the economy–average hourly earnings in the private sector have risen just 2% in October from a year ago, in line with the sluggish trend of the past 5 years and barely exceeding the inflation rate–cost of living.

On the 07 November, I wrote here the U.S. Labor Participation Rate held steady at an historic 36 year low of 62.8% according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Black Unemployment remains at double-digit highs of 10.9% nearly double the national average now six years into Obama’s failed presidency.

The Obama Administration has attempted to divert Americans attention away from their catastrophic economic policies by playing the race card, dividing Americans against themselves and never has this been more clear, since the post-Ferguson Grand Jury decision.

How Israel Can Help Solve California’s Water Crisis

Israel 21C(Israel21C) How Israel Can Solve California’s Water Crisis

  • Flashback: On the 15 May, I wrote here if not for California’s wacky environmentalists policies and want for more crippling regulations that are now driving away business investment and opportunity, legislators in Sacramento could have helped out everyone had they invested in the future years ago by constructing life-saving desalination plants along the coastline such as Israel’s Sorek Desalination Plant that provides 26,000 cubic meters or 7 million gallons of clean portable water every hour to over 1.5 million people.

U.S. Budget Deficit Now $18 Trillion+

Obama’s EPA Proposes Extreme Air Quality Standards

Cost of EPA RegsCost of EPA Regs: 336,000 Mfg Jobs in One Year –Heritage Foundation

(Daily Signal) The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has just released its proposed new standard on ground level ozone which allegedly is a component of smog–every 5 yrs, the EPA is required by law to review and if appropriate release these standards.

In 2008 the EPA issued an ozone standard of 75 parts per billion (ppb) the new standard proposed by the EPA would decrease that level to 65 to 70 ppb though the EPA is considering an even lower standard of 60 ppb.

The National Association of Manufacturers has said a 60 ppb would be the costliest regulation in U.S. history according to a new study conducted by NERA Economic Consultants which reveals that the new EPA ozone regulation from the Obama Administration may cost $270 Billion annually and place millions of more good paying American jobs at risk.

On the 13 November, 2013 I wrote here thanks to Obama’s EPA and California’s disastrous environmental regulations which resulted in the closure of San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant and the loss of nearly 1,000 jobs, air pollution actually increased by as much as 35% together with wholesale electrical prices.

The Columbus Dispatch reported in June, 2011 that because of Obama’s proposed EPA clean air rules they would be scuttling 11 coal burning power plants, costing 600 jobs and consumers would face an increase in electricity costs ranging from 10 to 15% over the subsequent 5 years.

In another example of Obama’s EPA over-regulation in July 2010 the EPA announced that it would be cracking down on farm dust.

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Unemployment Rate Dips to 5.8% One in Five Jobs Created in Food Service Industry — Labor Participation Rate 62.8%

Hillary Clinton EconomyDemocrat Economics 101

(FOX Business) The jobless rate dipped to 5.8% with news that the  economy added 214,000 jobs in October–well below Economists expectations of 231,000 jobs–1 in 5 new jobs created in October were in the food service industry according to Zero Hedge with wages remaining unimpressively flat. 

U.S. Labor Participation rate holds steady at an historic 36 year low of 62.8% according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics–Black unemployment remains at double digit highs of 10.9% nearly double the national average, now 6 years into the Obama presidency.

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California Highest Number & Percentage of Welfare Recipients in the Country–Continue to Reelect Democrats for Prosperity

California Welfare CasesCalifornia Highest Number & Percentage of Welfare Recipients
in the United States –Image Courtesy:
Soquel by the Creek@Twitter

Obama’s Watch: Economic Confidence Index -10

No ObamaCare, Not Demanding Higher Minimum Wage — Lowe’s Debuts Customer Service Robots

Lowes Robots(WSJ) In November, Lowe’s Debuts ‘Robotic Shopping Assistants” at Orchard Supply Hardware in San Jose –Image:  Phys.org

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Black Chicago Activist: My Life Has Been Hurt by Democrats…The Hell With His Minimum Wage Raise, We Don’t Have Any Jobs

Black Chicago Activist(Legal Insurrection Video) Black Chicago Activist: “The Hell With His (Obama’s) Minimum Wage Raise, We Don’t Have Any Jobs”

(Video) Hillary Clinton: Corporations & Businesses Don’t Create Jobs