China Arrested 23 Journalists, 84 Netizens in 2015: Reporters Without Borders Press Freedom Report

China RegimeChina Fell Again in 2015 Reporters Without Borders (RSF)
Global Press Freedom Index

(RFA) China regime held 23 Journalists and 84 Bloggers/Netizens behind bars in 2015 as the country fell yet another place in the Global Press Freedom Index — The majority of the online writers detained or imprisoned in 2015 were either Tibetan Bloggers or Reporters for the Sichuan province based rights group ‘Tianwang’ RSF said in its year end report.

On the 09 December, I wrote here that China is ranked last among countries included in the Freedom House 2015 Freedom on the Net report published in October. Globally the report warned Internet freedom has declined for the 5th year running.

  • Flashback: Remember in 2009 when then Secy of State Hillary Clinton said that money and climate change are more important than human rights in China.

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Naive! No Hillary, the United States Does Not Want to Emulate The Great Firewall of China

Hillary China
Naively Believes that China Regime Investment
in its Great Firewall will Somehow Benefit Chinese Citizens

(CDT) China regime is ranked last among the countries included in Freedom House 2015 Freedom on the Net report published in October — Globally the report warns Internet freedom has declined for the 5th year running. The practice of requiring companies to participate in ‘censorship’ is well established in China and is spreading elsewhere, while privacy, anonymity and encryption are under broad attack.

Flashback: Following Obama’s November 2014 trip to the APEC Summit in Beijing and his call for free and open Internet (which was about the same time China state media said that “Obama does not have the political capacity and resources to solve issues, he is powerless to solve the structural problems in the United States. Obama has not helped his country secure more global resources…” I digress)

China Digital Times reported that China issued a directive to all media forbidding then to report on Obama’s appeal.

Read the full report here Freedom on the Net 2015 — Freedom House

Censorship: Planned Butcherhood Sends Letters to TV Stations Demands They Stop Airing Videos

Some People Actually Believe What This ISIS Apologist, Misogynist #AnjemChoudary Has To Say

Anjem ChoudaryThere Are Some “People Actually Believe This (Misogynist, ISIS Apologist @AnjemChoudary Spewing 7th Century Gibberish) Barbaric Ideology”

Saudi’s Host U.N. Human Rights Summit While Blogger Imprisoned For Insulting Islam to Be Flogged

Saudi Arabia

(The Independent) Saudi Arabia hypocrites host UN backed Human Rights summit while Blogger Raif Badawi imprisoned and sentenced to 10 years according to Amnesty Intl will receive 1000 lashes for insulting Islam.

In 2014 Badawi was found guilty by a Saudi court for insulting ‘Islamic values’ by promoting liberal thought and ‘going beyond the realm of obedience’ in 2012 by suggesting the kingdom should become more democratic.

Flashback: On the 02 June, the Natl Review reported that the ‘Clinton Foundation’ accepted millions of dollars in donations from the Saudi kingdom together with lavish gifts to Hillary Clinton from the late King Abdullah while she was Secy of State.

More here from CBC News Montreal

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Secy of State John Kerry Calls For International Laws & Restrictions to Make Internet Work Properly

Obama Admin Internet(Weekly Standard) Secy of State John Kerry Calls for Intl Oversight
of the Internet So That Govt Can Make It Work Better Censor Content
Image: Young Conservatives

In February Obama Told “We Should Welcome China’s Peaceful Rise” Meanwhile…

Overzealous China Regime Education Officials May Ban All Foreign Books, Literature Scholar Fears

China Censorship...

China Censorship
David Mulroney@Twitter

(SCMP) A Chinese literature scholar fears overzealous China regime education officials could ban all foreign textbooks following a call by the Education Minister (Yuan Guiren) for tougher ideological controls.

“Once the top official speaks, local officials in charge of implementing his directives often get carried away” trying to impress their superiors. This could lead them to implement a blanket ban on all foreign textbooks, said Wang Benchao, Dean of Southwest Univ School of Literature on Wednesday.

Yuan also reportedly told universities to free classrooms from remarks that ‘defame the rule of the Communist Party, smear Socialism,’ or violate the China regime’s so called constitutional liberties and laws.

In December I wrote here that subsequent to Michelle Obama’s ‘Mooch Trip’ to China promoting student educational exchanges, China President Xi Jinping called for greater ‘ideological guidance’ (propagandizing) students at universities saying:

Universities have to “shoulder the burden of learning and researching the dissemination of Marxism” calling on authorities to step up the totalitarian party’s ‘leadership and guidance’ in universities as well as to ‘strengthen and improve the ideological and political work’ as the country tighten control of Western values.

Flashback: Following Obama’s trip in November to the APEC Summit in Beijing and his call for a free and open Internet, China Digital Times reported the China regime issued a directive to all media forbidding them to report on Obama’s appeal.

Wang Benchao said it wasn’t realistic for universities to scrutinize every utterance an instructor made, “If we recorded all classes or asked students to file complaints, about defamatory speech, teachers wound not dare to say anything but the words printed in textbooks.”

Famed NY Times Atty Floyd Abrams, Criticizes Newspaper for Not Printing ‘Charlie Hedbo’ Cartoons

NY Times Editorial‘This Gem Buried on the ‘Letters to the Editor’ Page of the NY Times by
Atty Floyd Abrams Who Defended the
NY Times & Judith Miller in the
CIA Leak Investigation Case’ –Courtesy:
Larry Buchanan@Twitter

(Weekly Standard) Atty Floyd Abrams is the Author of: “Friend of the Court: On the Front Lines with the First Amendment” and “Speaking Freely: Trials of the First Amendment”

China Regime Shutters 50 Websites & Social Media Accounts in Ongoing Purge of Internet Freedom

Virtual ChainsVirtual Chains — China Regime Control of Internet  –Image: CMP

(China Digital Times) China regime has shuttered 50 websites and social media accounts for violations ranging from the alleged (often made up charge of) ‘spreading pornography’ to ‘publishing political news without a permit’ according to CCP Internet Police — the Cyber Administration of China (CAC) on Tuesday.

China is pursing a crackdown on what it deems to be unwanted material online, critics say, the increasing restrictions further limit free-speech by the one party Communist state.

According to Reuters last year Xinhua News said that CAC had closed nearly 1.8 million accounts on social networking and instant messaging services since launching its anti-porn campaign–In 2014, China authorities received nearly 11 million reports of what was described as ‘harmful information’ and in November, authorities called for tighter controls on the Internet to preserve stability.

On the 30 September, I wrote here that China’s Internet Police were working overtime to block news of Hong Kong’s ‘Freedom Revolution’ from reaching mainland China.

China Netizen Dai Zhaojun who identified himself from Guangdong Province commented in a Freeweibo posting why the Communist regime was so worried, “One can see the Imperial CCP governments dictatorship through this incident of the Hong Kong’s citizens peaceful disobedience–it uses violence to take Democracy away from the Hong Kong people, the people of mainland China and the world.’

In 2009 subsequent to the China regime’s announcement that it was cracking down on major websites and search engines Google and Baidu, together with blocking access to ABC News Blog claiming of course its because they ‘spread pornography’ and other material that corrupt young minds, I wrote here:

‘Free speech is essential in the pursuit of learning, every idea or thought is not an avenue of incitement, censorship only results in the pursuit of finding cracks in the Great Firewall of China.’

Its been said, ‘the more things change, the more the stay the same.’

Progress, free speech, 21st century Internet freedom, Democracy and universal suffrage are definitely not a friend to the archaic China regime.