Propaganda: China Regime Treats U.N. Envoy on Human Rights to Reception

China Regime Treats U.N. Envoy on Human Rights to Special Reception

Flashback: On the 22 August I republished here an Open Letter by ‘Chinese Human Rights Defenders’ about the worsening human rights conditions in China — In April I wrote here that the China regime collectively sentenced 6 Human Rights Defenders to 20.5 yrs in prison.

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China Sichuan Begins Crackdown on Illegal Aliens – Where’s the Moral Outrage & Charges of Racism by the Left?

China SichuanChina’s Crackdown on Illegal Aliens Have Begun — Where’s the Protests and Moral Outcry by the Left and Dinosaur Media Accusing Beijing of Being Racist and Xenophobic? -Image: Shanghaiist

(ECNS) Employers in China Sichuan who hire illegal aliens will be find up to 100,000 Yuan ($15,166 USD) – The campaign by police arresting illegal aliens began in May and will mainly target illegals who unlawfully enter the country, gain employment and stay in Sichuan Province.

According to Chinese law, foreigners charged with illegal entry will be fined between 1000 to 10,000 Yuan ($150 to $1500 USD) as well as possibly facing jail time from five to ten days depending on the severity of their cases — following which they will be deported and will be denied reentry back into China from one to five years.

China Sichuan Police said that individuals or agencies that assist illegal aliens to work unlawfully will be fined between 5000 to 100,000 Yuan ($758 to $15,166 USD) – Local residents have been encouraged to report illegals working in Sichuan Province to Police.

ISIS Praises Orlando Jihadist Thug — Claims to Be Sending Soldiers to U.S. Israel, Rome & China

ISIS Twitter Account Praising Islamic Jihadist Terrorist Thugs

ISIS Claims to Be Sending Jihadists to U.S.

Crazy Old Socialist Bernie Sanders Wrong Again — China Regime Imprisons More People Than U.S.

Bernie SandersCrazy Old Socialist Bernie Sanders Propaganda

Bernie Sanders...(WPB/ICPR) Wrong Again — China Regime Imprisoned at Least 2.3 Million People in 2015

 On the 01 June, I wrote here that China regime was detaining human rights activists ahead of the 27 anniversary of the 04 June Tiananmen Massacre

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China Regime Detains Human Rights Activists Ahead of Tiananmen Massacre Commemoration

(HKFP) At least three activist (pictured here) have been arrested  in Beijing ahead of the 27th anniversary of the 04 June, 1989 Tiananmen Massacre commemoration meeting that took place in the home of Human Rights activist Zhao Changqing

According to Chinese Human Rights Activist Liu Xuehong she was video chatting with Xu Caihong, when authorities showed up at Xu’s home at 1:30 AM Liu said the call was cut off and she couldn’t reach Xu subsequently — Likewise Zhao Changqing, Zhang Baocheng were also ‘detained’ (arrested) about 7:00 AM Tuesday, according to Zhou Fengsuo, co-founder of ‘Humanitarian China’ based in San Francisco

Zhao was recently released from prison and is a survivor of the 1989 Tiananmen Massacre – Zhang is a member of the ‘New Citizen Movement’ a Civil Rights organization in China — Zhou told HKFP that “it’s hard to predict (what the China Regime might do) because Zhao Changqing in particular is a veteran and he was release  not to long ago but this can be very serious for him and Zhang Baocheng.”

Chinese Human Rights Activists Praying“This is their basic right, they (were) just having a private meeting…likely a Bible study. They were praying together, just a private event in Zhao Changqing’s home,” Zhou has called for the release of the three.

The China Regime has been cracking down on activities related to the 27th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square Massacre.

According to the NY Times on Monday, Fu Hailu was recently arrested by authorities in Chengdu, Sichuan Province on Sunday, for ‘inciting subversion of state power’ for sharing photos of liquor bottles labeled to mark the day that soldiers squashed pro-democracy activities at Tiananmen Square, nearly three decades ago.

Tiananmen Commemoration BeverageFu’s wife Liu Tianyan said by phone on Monday, that she wasn’t sure whether her husband even had anything to do with the images posted displaying the two liquor bottles, featuring an iconic image of public defiance of the armed 1989 Tiananmen Square uprising.

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A Look Back 8 Years Ago Today – Remembering the Victims & Survivors of the Catastrophic Sichuan Earthquake

Sichuan QuakeRemembering the Devastating 8.0 Wenchuan Earthquake That Claimed the Lives of More than 80,000 People — 19,000 of Them Children
Image Courtesy: Wang George

8th anniversary Sichuan QuakePaying Respects to the Victims of the Sichuan Earthquake
Image Courtesy: Sovereign Chen

Wall Of NamesWall Of Names of Schoolchildren that Were Killed in the Wenchuan Earthquake
Image Courtesy: Ian Boyden

Moment of QuakeMoment of Wenchuan Earthquake – Clock Stops in Home at 2:28 PM Killing 70,000+ People and Leaving 17,923 Missing -Image Courtesy: China Daily

Temple RuinsTemple Ruins (Photo Gallery) Images Courtesy:

Wenchuan Rebar — Courtesy: Ai Weiwei Studio

  • On the 05 February, 2010 I archived here links to many of my articles subsequent to the catastrophic Sichuan quake.

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