The Loss of Shame! Obama Exploits Charleston Tragedy For Political Purposes

Obama CharlestonObama Thursday Exploited Charleston Massacre for Political Purposes: “At some point we as a country will have to reckon with the fact that this type of violence doesn’t happen in other advanced countries.”

Huh??? — Evil Exists Worldwide

  • This Week in China: A cancer patient pours gasoline over a physician and sets him on fire at No. 1 Hospital Guangxi Medical Univ in Nanning — This was the 12th violent attack against physicians in China during the last 20 days. –China Daily

Hong Kong Freedom Movement ‘Umbrella Festival’ Art Exhibit Opens

Umbrella Festival OpensIts Just the Beginning: Original Art from Hong Kong Freedom Movement Umbrella Revolution –Image: XXX Gallery@Facebook

Umbrella FestivalUmbrella Festival 2015

More here Umbrella Festival@Facebook

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June 4 Vigil Especially Important This Year –RTHK

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A Look Back 7 Yrs Ago Today: Remembering the Devastating 2008 China Sichuan Earthquake

Beichuan HS MemorialVisitors Pay Respects at a Memorial in Front of Beichuan High School

SichuanAnother View of Memorial in Beichuan County
Image: LiuYangliqin@Twitter

Beichuan Middle School RuinsBeichuan Middle School Ruins in 2014 on 6th Anniversary –Image: CCTV

JiaJia Yiquin Photos of Herself Today and 7 Yrs Ago When she Survived the Devastating 8.0 Earthquake but Lost her Daughter –Images:

YaoYao Ruoqun Photos of Herself  7 Yrs Ago when she Survived Wenchuan Earthquake and Today — Lost 10 Family Members in the 2008

(RFA) Hundreds of parents of children who died in collapsed school buildings in the massive 8.0 Sichuan Earthquake, gathered to lay wreaths today on the 7th anniversary of the disaster which killed more than 80,000 people many of them children.

  • On the 05 Feb 2010 I archived here links to many of my articles subsequent to the devastating Sichuan Quake.

Around 200 parents gathered today at the former site of Juyuan High School in Sichuan Province Duijiangyan City to pay their respects.

“We are still at the scene and there are quite a lot of people here today…We are burning paper money (for the souls of the dead) and setting off firecrackers (to ward of evil spirits) We are using small white flowers as a mourning tribute for our children and we are getting ready to play some funeral music for the kids,” Zhou Xingrong said.

Family members and friends said that the scene was more peaceful today than in previous years, when Police clashed with grieving parents, dragging them away from similar sites.

“Today more than 200 people have gathered at the old site of the Juyuan High School to lay wreaths and we let off a few firecrackers,” Wu Xianjie, one of the million made homeless in the earthquake said.

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7 Yrs After 2008 Sichuan Quake Survivors Look Back What They Lost

‘Remembering Their Names’ Ai Weiwei Remembers Sichuan Children

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A Bit of Math Reveals China Regime Horrifying Organ Transplant Secret

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China Tells U.S. Not To Interfere in Its Domestic Affairs — Beijing has Nothing to Worry About

Obama ChinaIn February, An Ingenuous ‘Chairman Obama’ told
‘We Should Welcome China’s Peaceful Rise’
–Image: Kaifu Lee/CMP

(Xinhua) On Tuesday, the China regime (once again) urged the U.S. not to interfere in Hong Kong affairs and to honor its commitment on China-U.S. relations.

Beijing has nothing to worry about…

Flashback: In November I wrote here that Obama assured China regime Dictator Xi Jinping, that the U.S. had ‘no involvement’ in promoting Democracy or supporting Hong Kong students ‘Umbrella Revolution’ freedom movement.

In related news, remember when Hillary Clinton said that money is more important than Human Rights in China.

Hillary Clinton Champion of Women’s Rights??? Remember When Hillary Said ‘Money is More Important Than Human Rights in China’

Chinese Activists(NY Times) These 5 Chinese Female Activists face Up to 5 Yrs in Prison for ‘Provoking Instability’ They Planned a Public Awareness Campaign Against Sexual Harassment on Public Transportation –Image: CNN

China Authorities Arrest Two Catholic Priests in Heilongjiang Province After Celebrating Mass

Chinese ChristiansChinese Christians Were Forced to Celebrate Christmas in Secret
Image Courtesy: George Chen@Twitter

(Asia News) China authorities arrested two Priests Fr. Shaoyun Quan and Fr. Jianyou Cao in the City of Mudanjiang, Heilongjiang Province just after they celebrated Mass, the Priests were taken to an unknown location.

Fr. Quan the Parish Priest and his Deputy Fr. Cao, serve underground Church communities–under existing laws, religious activities outside the control of the China regime are illegal and anyone involved in such activities are subject to arrest.

Flashback: Remember in February, when naive and ignorant or self delusional Obama is when he told ‘We should welcome China’s peaceful rise, partly from just an ethical perspective.”

In my article on Obama’s interview, I cited numerous examples and a gallery of pictures of just how phantasm Obama is when it comes to the China regime.

Last year I wrote here that China authorities in Wenzhou removed a cross from atop ‘Salvation Church’ and according to Reuters reportedly dismantled a cross at a convalescent a week in Zhejiang Province just before Christmas in a growing crackdown on Christianity that the totalitarian Marxist regime fears.

Related: Zhejiang Court Sentences 8 Christians from Sanjiang Church

China Regime Arrests 10 Jiangsu Church Members for ‘Illegal Gathering’

Christian Pastor Gets 1 Yr Prison Sentence in Battle Over Crosses –NYT

Obama Bypasses Congress Again, Goes to the United Nations With Global Warming Initiative

Obama Global Warming(Daily Caller) Obama Once Again Bypasses Congress and Goes to
the UN with Global Warming Initiative Which he Claims
the China Regime is Onboard –Image Courtesy: Rick Swift@Twitter

Flashback: On the 26 January, I wrote here under Obama’s tendentious deal with the China regime, the Obama Administration has pledged the U.S. will cut CO2 emissions by 26-28% from 2005 levels by 2025 (hurting business, killing jobs and raising costs for consumers) while China gets a pass for the next 15 years until 2030 to reduce its CO2 emissions.

In November China Daily wrote that ‘Obama does not have the political capacity and resources to solve issues–he is powerless to solve the structural problems in the United States. Obama has not helped his country secure more global resources…Obama may not accomplish any outstanding achievements in his remaining two years in office because he chose the wrong strategies from the very beginning of his tenure.’

That about sums it up accurately.

China Universities Urged to Adhere to Socialism and Cautions About the Dangers of Western Ideals

China Raising the Wall Again‘Why is Uncle Raising the Wall Again? Silly Child Of Course Its
to Make Us Safer.” –Image Courtesy: Paopaonet@Twitter

(Xinhua) Liu Yunshan, a Standing Committee member of the Political Bureau of the China Communist Party on Saturday, urged the country’s universities to improve education of socialism on campus–Earlier this month, China regime media cautioned about the dangers of Western ideals.

Flashback: In December I wrote here that subsequent to Michelle Obama’s ‘Mooch Trip’ to China promoting student educational exchanges China regime President Xi Jinping, called for greater ‘ideological guidance’ (propagandizing) of students at universities saying:

Universities have to “shoulder the burden of learning and researching the dissemination of Marxism” calling on authorities to step up the totalitarian party’s ‘leadership and guidance’ in universities as well as to ‘strengthen and improve the ideological and political work’ as the country tightens control of Western values.

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Islamic Jihadists Hack to Death China Tagharchi Police Commander and his Family in Xinjiang

Made in IslamReligion of Peace — Made in Islam

(RFA) Authorities in Northwestern China, Xinjiang have shot dead 7 Uyghur Muslim Jihadists who hacked to death a Tagharchi police commander, two members of his family and a security guard.

China authorities have been investigating the 08 March, Islamic Jihadist attack which killed 40 yr old Fang Kezheng, his wife, her uncle and a security guard.

“That evening Fang Kezheng, his wife, daughter and his wife’s uncle were returning home from a restaurant…as they walked toward their car parked in front of the former armed forces department they were suddenly attacked on the road,” said Turap Emet, Police Chief in Shache Yarkand County.

According to Emet, the Jihadist Thugs surprised Fang who was in uniform but didn’t have time to react or draw his weapon.

“Four of the seven attackers slashed Fang killing him while the other three, chased after his wife and her uncle and hacked them to death. For some reason, they spared his daughter but they killed (Security Guard) Batur Memet, who had run toward the scene of the attack to assist Fang’s family.”

According to Emet, Police arrived on the scene within 10 minutes and engaged the Islamic Jihadists and killed them.

Last week, China authorities shot and killed four Muslim Uyghurs, that had carried out a knife attack on a group of Han Chinese outside the popular ‘Chess Room’ casino in Xinjiang.

In related news, ISIS recruiting leaflets have been discovered in Hong Kong, to carry out Jihadist attacks in China Xinjiang.

ISIS Flyer

The ISIS flyers show 10 veiled Islamic woman holding an ISIS flag in the caption accompanying the picture it tells women that they are dressed incorrectly and should emulate the Women wearing burkas in the photo.

More here from Want China Times

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