China Human Rights Atty Gao Zhisheng Malnourished & Unintelligible After Imprisoned

Gao ZhishengChina Regime Imprisoned Human Rights Atty Gao Zhisheng for Zealously Representing his Persecuted Clients–How he Has Aged is Shocking !

China Human Rights Atty Gao ZhishengIn 2009 I posted this picture of Gao Zhisheng holding his son Tianyu taken before Gao’s disappearance from his home in Shanxi

(RFA Chinese) Gao’s spouse Geng He: ‘I don’t accept the CPC’s Sentencing–Its his right to return home, subsequent to his release from a China prison.

Christian Solidarity Worldwide reports today, that Gao is still being prevented from obtaining medical care despite his “broad range” of physical and mental health problems.

In March, 2009 I wrote here and here about Geng He and her two children, that fled to the United States seeking political asylum (which was subsequently granted) following years of torture and politically persecution by the China authorities, unfortunately much of the main stream media has ignored this story over the years mainly because it doesn’t fit their narrative of a so called ‘Progressive China’ instead of referring to it as a oppressive, totalitarian Communist regime.

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Where’s the Moral Outrage Following the Murder of USC Chinese Grad Student Ji Xinran?

Family of Chinese Grad Student Murdered in L.A.Grief Stricken Family of USC Chinese Grad Student Ji Xinran Murdered Last Month in Los Angeles –Image: L.A. Times@Twitter

(The Nanfang) Four Hispanic teenage thugs charged in the grizzly murder of 24 yr old USC Grad Student Ji Xinran from China, plead ‘Not Guilty’ according to the L.A. Times Tuesday in Los Angeles and are being held without bond.

The four Hispanic teenage suspects are accused of beating Ji Xinran to death with a baseball bat as he was walking home in July, from a study group.

In April, 2012 I wrote here about the cold blooded murders of two Chinese USC Grad Students Ming Qu and Ying Wu and asked, When will the Rev’s Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, head to Los Angeles to protest and demand justice for the two Chinese Grad students?

Where’s the moral outrage when Black or Hispanic Thugs murder Chinese students? When will the race baiting so called Civil Rights champions of the left, demand that we have a ‘conversation in this country’ about Black and Hispanic Thugs targeting Chinese immigrant students?

China Authorities Kill 59 Islamic Jihadists Following Terrorist Attack in Xinjiang Province

Terrorism is the Enemy of All MankindChina Anti-Terrorism Poster: Terrorism is All Mankind’s Enemy
Images Courtesy: Quartz

Crime to Assist Terrorist Flee Country“Helping Terrorists Flee Country is Crime”

(iCross China) China authorities killed 59 Islamic Terrorist Thugs and arrested 215 others subsequent to a terrorist attack earlier this week in Northwest China’s Shache County, Xinjiang Province–Police confiscated long knives, axes as well as the terrorists banners that hailed “holy war.”

The mastermind behind the Islamic Jihad Terrorist attack was identified as Nuramat Sawut from Elixku Township who had close connections with East Turkestan Islamic Movement (ETIM)–Sawut had been spreading Islamic extremism with audio and video materials since 2013

Since the beginning of the Islamic holy month of Ramadan,  ETIM had multiple meetings in remote places, during which time they prepared weapons and made plans for the attack.

In March, China Daily published an article criticizing the Obama Administration of having a “two faced stance on terrorism” for its reluctance to call Islamic terrorism what it is.

China Forced Sterilization Mother and Family Granted Refugee Status in the United States

China Forced Sterilization(RFA) Zhou Xiaoping was dragged out of her home in China, literally kicking and screaming and subsequently forcibly held down on a table and her fallopian tubes tied without anesthesia it broke her health–after she together with her husband Hu Hanmin fled China with their three children and for more than a decade on the run, the family have been granted refugee status in the United States.

On the 20 August, 2013 I wrote here that the Obama Administration approved China ‘One Child Policy’ remains one of the biggest stumbling blocks in ending the abuse of Chinese Women and the murders of millions of babies over the last 40 years.

H/T: Women’s Rights Without Frontiers@Facebook

Grace Charity Foundation Double Trail Run/Walk Fundraiser

Grace CharityGrace Charity Double Trail Run/Walk Fundraiser

Grace Charity Foundation since 1994 has helped poor mountainous children in remote areas of China Guangxi, Yunnan,  Jiangxi, Shannxi and  Guizhou Provinces.

On the 07 October, 2010 I wrote here that a generous donation of new shoes for children at Grace Charity Xiuwen County, Guiyang was made with photos of the children holding their shoe boxes.

More here about Grace Charity Foundation

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Obama Administration: ‘Substantially Improved the Tranquility of the Global Community’

U.S. Public Education Mediocrity: Worldwide, American Teenagers 9th in Financial Literacy

China Shanghai(WSJ) China Shanghai Teenagers World’s Most Financially Literate
U.S. Teenagers 9th in the World

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Hong Kong Residents Participation in ‘Unofficial Election’ Draws Beijing Anger

Hong KongHundreds of Thousands in Hong Kong Voted in ‘Unofficial Election’
that Drew Beijing Ire –Image: BBC  (Chinese)

Hong Kong Pro -Democracy VoteHong Kong Pro-Democracy Vote Hit by Severe Cyberattacks –WSJ Asia

(NY Times)  Hundreds of thousands of Hong Kong residents did something on Friday that no one in Mainland China ever do, they participated in a free vote over their political future.

The China regime promptly denounced the entire election process calling it “illegal and invalid,” and “an outright challenge to the basic law” that provides for the city’s foundation.

On the 11 June, I wrote here that the China regime warned Hong Kong residents that there are limits to their autonomy and it should adhere strictly to the rules established by totalitarian Marxist Beijing for the maintenance of good public order.

One must very much admire Hong Kong residents pro-democracy tenacity and activism.

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China Regime Warns Hong Kong Over Autonomy

China Hong KongChina Wants to Silence Speech in Hong Kong as Thousands Commemorated 25th Anniversary of the Tiananmen Massacre 04 June  Image BBC

(Reuters) China regime warned Hong Kong on Tuesday, that there are limits to its autonomy and it should adhere strictly to the rules established by totalitarian Marxist Beijing for the maintenance of ‘good’  public order.

On the 04 June, Chinese Human Rights activist Chen Guangcheng speaking exclusively to France 24 News said the China regime fears a new ‘Tiananmen’ style movement adding that, democracy is inevitable in China, warning that if the regime continues to use violence, it could provoke a violent and bloody revolution.

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China Oppose Inclusion in UN Debate Human Rights & Rule of Law

China Regime Now Targeting Lawyers’ Lawyers –RFA

China Regime Decries Call to Name D.C. Street After Chinese Human Rights Activist Liu XiaoBo

Liu Xiao-Bo Address Change

(Reuters) China regime today criticized a group of Congressional Members calling on Washington, to name a street near the Chinese Embassy, after imprisoned human rights activist Liu XiaoBo calling it a “provocation” and “ignorant.”

On the 08 December, 2008 the Chinese regime arrested prominent human rights activist Liu XiaoBo after he co-authored Charter 08 a 2008 manuscript which was signed by hundreds of Chinese citizens calling for Democratic reforms in China and an end to Chinese Communism one party rule.

In 2009 I wrote here that Chinese authorities launched a huge crackdown on signatories of “Charter 08″  which had been hailed as the most significant act of public dissent against the China regime since the Tiananmen Square pro-democracy protests that were crushed nearly 25 years ago next month.

More here from ‘Go Petition’ Free Liu XiaoBo