Westboro Baptist Racists “Thank God” for Murders at Overland Park Jewish Community Center

Westboro RacistsOutrageous: Westboro Racists “Thank God” for Murders at JCC

(Times of Israel) Westboro antisemitic extremists, announced on Sunday that it will be sending its members out to demonstrate at the funerals of three people murdered in yesterday’s attack at a Jewish Community Center in Kansas City.

In 2008 following the catastrophic China Sichuan earthquake which resulted in the deaths of more than 19,000 children and again in 2011 the Westboro racists were running ads, thanking whatever ‘god’ they worship for the tragic deaths of Chinese.

In Moore, Oklahoma when the Westboro Baptist Church showed up to picket the funerals that left 24 dead (seven of which were children) following devastating tornado’s CBS News reported that local residents there would have none of it and were ready for them, 8 minutes into Westboro’s planned 30 minute protest, some counter demonstrators crossed the street to confront the Westboro racists–the police held back residents as the bigots ran like scared rabbits abandoning their demonstration.

Congressional Republicans Fear Obama Will Allow Totalitarian Regime to Seize Control of Internet

Obama Cedes Control of InternetObama Cedes Control Over the Internet to Globalists –Forbes
Image Courtesy:
Alex Jones@Twitter

(Natl Journal)   An Obama Administration plan to give up control of the Internet to globalists, may open the door to a takeover by an authoritarian regime, Republican lawmakers said today.

If Russia or the China regime would gain new influence over the management created here in the United States, they could begin censoring content or blocking websites that they determine to be objectionable.

“Make no mistake, threats to openness and freedom of the Internet are real,” said Rep Greg Walden (R-OR) Chairman of the House Energy & Commerce Committee, which held a hearing on the issue today. “Leaders such as Vladimir Putin, have explicitly announced their desire to gain control of the Internet.”

Walden and other Republican lawmakers are pushing a bill that would block the transfer of authority until the Govt Accountability Office can study the issue. Dozens of Senators led by John Thune (R-SD) and Marco Rubio (R-FL) sent a letter to the Obama Administration today, demanding more answers about their plan.

China Parents Abandoning Their Children at Guangzhou Baby Hatch

China Parents Abandoning ChildrenChina Parents Abandoning Their Children at Guangzhou ‘Baby Safety Island’ in February –Images: ifeng.com (Chinese)

Chinese Parents Abandoning ChildrenBadly Malnourished, Sick Child

China Child Being Abandoned

Chinese Child Being AbandonedWomen Carrying Children Into Baby Hatch

Chinese Child AbandonedThis Is The Last Good-Bye…

China Children Being AbandonedLittle Boy Attempts to Open the Door Into the Baby Hatch, Looks Back at his Mommy Knelling on the Ground Passed Out for a Moment

On the 07 July, 2013 I wrote here that we’ll always welcome and have room for any unwanted child from China in our home.

“Children are a heritage from the Lord.” –Psalms 127:3

More here in English from China Smack

H/T: Human Rights In China

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Michelle Obama’s Trip to China a Big Disappointment For Women’s Rights

Michelle Obama Sichuan ProvinceMichelle Obama Exploited by China Regime in Propaganda Stunt to Peddle Illusion of Thriving and Contented Tibetan Culture
Andy Wong/Tibet Truth

(Life News) Michelle Obama is now concluding her week long trip to China with her Mother and two daughters.

As Michelle O was treating herself to the best the China Regime has to offer, hundreds of millions of Women are suffering at the hands of the brutal, totalitarian regime–the Obama Administration said that the First Lady, would not be addressing human rights at all.

While Michelle Obama has positioned herself as an Intl Women’s leader, she could have done so much good if she had been willing to use her position to advance Women’s rights in a nation that tramples on them–previous First Ladies have used their position to speak out for human rights in this totalitarian regime.

China Forced Abortion9 Mo Infant Forcibly Aborted by Obama Approved China “One Child Policy” Central Planning Authorities –Asian Conservatives

On the 11 June, 2012 I wrote here about 25 yr old Feng Jianmei, who was beaten, abducted and forced to abort her 7 month old baby.

As the mother of two daughters, Michelle O one would think she would have spoken out against forced abortions under the China regime “One Child Policy” but that would of course took courage for her to be at odds with the Obama Administration policy of supporting this coercive human rights violation, that have resulted in the murders of millions of babies over the last 40+ years, atrocities against Women and families on-going by the China regime.

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China Police Beat and Detain Activists During Michelle Obama’s Trip –RFA

Michelle Obama During her Mooch Visit to China: “There Were Actually Laws in America That Allowed Discrimination Against Black People Like Me”

Michelle Obama ChengduMichelle Obama Standing in Place Doing Tai-Chi Her Way in Chengdu
Image: Karson Yiu@Twitter

MIchelle Obama SichuanMichelle Obama Visits an English Class in China, Sichuan Privince
Image: Nerdy Wonka@Twitter

(Weekly Standard) Michelle Obama vacationing in China with her family at taxpayers expense today visited a school and warned students that not everything is perfect in America saying:

“There have been times in our history where we have fallen short. Many years ago, there were actually laws in America that allowed discrimination against black people like me, who are a minority in the United States but over time, ordinary citizens decided that those laws were unfair, so they held peaceful protests and marches (if Michelle O believes the Civil War was nothing more than a ‘peaceful protest and march’ I digress) they called on government officials to change those laws and they voted to elect new officials who shared their views.”

Michelle Obama in her revisionist history lesson today, failed to mention that now in America thanks in large measure of her husband, that we have adopted a new form of Slavery…

Slavery 2014That now is $17.543 Trillion

**Editor’s Note** While Michelle Obama, may have been speaking about the ‘Civil Rights’ movement, that still wasn’t a time of “peaceful protests and marches” and irregardless, Michelle Obama is in China, mooching off the American taxpayers and bashing America–again.

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Michelle Obama, Did You Know That China Authorities Assaulted a Man Ahead of Your Visit to Terra-Cotta

During Michelle Obama’s “Mooch Visit” to China…

Michelle Obama & Daughters Great WallMichelle O & Daughters at Great Wall of China –Image: Aol@Twitter

Michelle Obama...After Visiting ‘Great Wall’ Michelle O Toboggans –Image Nerdy Wonka

Michelle Obama Peking UnivMichelle Obama Touts Free of Speech, Press & Internet During China Visit White House Press Were Corps Banned –Image: Tibetan Review@Twitter

(The Hill) Michelle Obama today, stressed the value of education and student exchanges at a roundtable with Chinese educators, parents and students at the U.S. Embassy in Beijing, adding that “I am here to learn and listen.”


What Michelle O and Daughters Will Not “Learn” About the China Regime if They Stay on the Govt Approved Tour

Education in ChinaClassroom in Poor Jiangxi Province –Image: Lily Kuo@Twitter

China Childhood School  AbuseKindergarten Teacher Smiling as She Abuses a Child in a Classroom
Image: Global Voices

Li Mother of 80 OrphansLi Yanping Mother of 80 Orphans in Shanxi Province Image: CCTV

Mrs Gao Living on Less Than $2.00Mrs Gao (Below Ctr) is Just One of the 362 Million People in China Living On Less Than $2.00 a Day –All Girls Allowed@Twitter

China ShantytownChina Shantytown –Image: Pedro de Costa@Twitter

China HousingChina Housing for the Poor, Sick & Disabled –Image: Sue Rose@Twitter

China Senior Citizen PovertyChina Senior Citizen Poverty in Harsh Desert Conditions
Image: Annie Wei@Beijing Cream

Tibetian Political PrisonerTibetan Political Prisoner Released in Very Poor Health After Being Imprisoned in China –Image: Snow Lions@Twitter

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Tibetan Monk Dies After Being Severely Beaten in Detention

China Premier Claims Will Target Corruption No Matter How High

In China, Brutality Yields Confessions of Graft

Lies, Lies and More Lies in Michelle O’s Coming Out Party in China

Michelle Obama in China Promoting Student Exchanges, Images China Don’t Want You To See

While Michelle Obama Stays in China at $8,350 Per Night, 3.400 Square Foot Presidential Suite…

Michelle Obama Arrives in China But Human Rights Abuses Not on Her Agenda