A Look Back 8 Years Ago Today – Remembering the Victims & Survivors of the Catastrophic Sichuan Earthquake

Sichuan QuakeRemembering the Devastating 8.0 Wenchuan Earthquake That Claimed the Lives of More than 80,000 People — 19,000 of Them Children
Image Courtesy: Wang George

8th anniversary Sichuan QuakePaying Respects to the Victims of the Sichuan Earthquake
Image Courtesy: Sovereign Chen

Wall Of NamesWall Of Names of Schoolchildren that Were Killed in the Wenchuan Earthquake
Image Courtesy: Ian Boyden

Moment of QuakeMoment of Wenchuan Earthquake – Clock Stops in Home at 2:28 PM Killing 70,000+ People and Leaving 17,923 Missing -Image Courtesy: China Daily

Temple RuinsTemple Ruins (Photo Gallery) Images Courtesy: Sina.com

Wenchuan Rebar — Courtesy: Ai Weiwei Studio

  • On the 05 February, 2010 I archived here links to many of my articles subsequent to the catastrophic Sichuan quake.

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Chinese Human Rights Activists Demonstrate On Behalf of Persecuted Christians at White House

Today Six China Human Rights Defenders Collectively Received 20.5 Years in Prison for Exercising Rights to Free Speech, Assembly & Association

China Human Rights DefendersFlashback: On the 16 November the Obama Administration Tweeted that the China Regime is, “Peaceful, Stable, Prosperous & a Responsible Player in International Affairs.”


China HRD
Occup HK

Buddihst Monk

More here from China Human Rights Defenders@Twitter

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Hong Kong Turning Blind Eye as Beijing ‘Chips Away’ at Rights & Freedoms -HKFP

HSBC Denies Bank Accounts for Hong Kong Democracy Activist Joshua Wong -RFA

China Journalist Jia Jia Disappears from Beijing Airport Following Open Letter to Xi Jinping

Jia Jia(Amnesty Intl) Prominent China Beijing Journalist and Columnist Jia Jia went missing while at the Beijing airport about to board a flight to Hong Kong this week.

Friends fear that his disappearance may be related to an open letter published online on the 04 March, calling for China regime President Xi Jinping to resign, the letter has subsequently been removed by China censors.

The Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) said in a statement Thursday, that they are “deeply concerned by Chinese Journalist Jia Jia’s disappearance.”

Shortly before Jia’s disappearance he had informed friends that he believed police were looking for him in relation to the open letter first published at Canyu — Wen Yunchao a New York based Blogger and friend of Jia told CPJ, Jia said that police had gone to the homes of several of his relatives asking them about Jia’s involvement in the publication of the letter.

More here from Apple Daily and here from RFA (Chinese)

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H/T: William Nee

China Oppression of Human Rights Lawyers and Activists Continues – Accused of Abusing Legal Process

HKHong Kong Organizations March to Liaison Office in Protest Urging China Regime
to Release Arrested Human Rights Defenders -Image:
RFA Chinese

(HRIC) Throughout the mass crackdown on Human Rights lawyers and defenders, China regime authorities have abused the legal process and have viciously attacked individuals and professional organizations, yet courageous individuals are continuing to speak out and countering the onslaught of official propaganda.

On the 02 January I wrote here about 23 Journalists and 84 Netizens/Bloggers arrested or imprisoned in China — On the 24 September, I wrote here about China regime crackdown on lawyers and human rights defenders.

Radio Free Asia reported on Friday, the relatives and defense lawyers of 19 Human Rights lawyers currently facing subversion charges have written to Beijing calling for an independent inquiry into breaches of legal process in handling their cases.

“The relevant authorities have brought charges such as ‘incitement to subvert state power’ against them in situations where there has been no breach of the law,” the letter signed by more than 140 lawyers and relatives.

China regime has prevented them from seeing their lawyers and family members the letter stated.

On Monday, South China Morning Post reported that the China regime hit back at the United States on human rights, making frivolous claims that Washington has done everything from promoting ISIS to being a racist plutocracy.

Jerome A. Cohen, Professor of Law at New York University School of Law, on the 08 February, published comments from China Human Rights Attorney Chen Yu-Jie following her experience with China authorities rejection of her lawyer-client conference in recent cases related to the oppression of lawyers and other human rights advocates.

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Hillary Clinton Selective Amnesia Regarding Human Rights in China

Hillary Clinton China@Hillary Clinton Evolving Human Rights Policy Positions Regarding China – Tweets One Thing, Says Another

Amnesty Intl and a pro-Tibet group voiced shock after U.S. Secy of State Hillary Clinton vowed not to let human rights concerns hinder cooperation with the China regime.

“Our pressing on those issues can’t interfere on the global economic crisis, the global climate change crisis and security crisis,” CNN reported Hillary Clinton told reporters in Seoul just before leaving for Beijing.

A Little Too Late! China Bans Left Behind Children Younger Than 16 From Living Alone

China Left Behind Children

(Caixin) Beijing has reportedly now banned the more than 61 Million ‘Left Behind Children’ from living alone, issuing a ‘directive’ in February that detailed measures intended to protect children abandoned, when their parents go off to work in larger cities.

Kindergarten’s, schools, medical facilities, village committee’s and government run agencies at the community level are responsible for identifying children who are not adequately cared for and for reporting problems to the police, Beijing ordered.

The deaths of four children (a 14 yr old boy and his three sisters ages 10, 8 and 5) that committed suicide last June whose migrant-worker parents abandoned for more than a year, focused attention on the ‘left behind children’ — a suicide note left by the children said death was “my dream” Bijie Police said the children died by drinking pesticide.

In 2011 I wrote here about 1.5 yr old Xiao Ling abandoned by his parents after it was discovered that he was an HIV carrier, the toddler imprisoned behind bars was left to live in isolation at a Guangdong Province orphanage; In 2012 I wrote here about an abandoned baby girl (less than a day old) that was discovered in Anshan, with her throat slashed; In 2013 I wrote here about an abandoned baby girl that was discovered with ants crawling all over her face in Zhengzhou, Henan Province and in 2014 I wrote here about China parents abandoning their children at a ‘Baby Hatch’ in Guangzhou, many malnourished and sick.

In 2014 according to the ‘All China Women’s Federation’ CCTV reported China has long been aware of the more than 61 million (1 in 5 children) abandoned children (that figure represented a more than 150% increase from 2010) — Migrant workers choose to leave their children behind because of a shortage of income, difficulties in finding suitable schools and busy work schedules that result in their children having no one to care for them.

China’s latest brainstorm to care for the millions of abandoned children, Beijing has ordered that parents who fail to provide their children with proper care (a very subjective term) will be deprived of their parental rights and their children will be put into the care of peasant relatives (some living as they have 40 yrs ago) or foster parents.

One can only hope the children would be placed in better conditions than these children I wrote about here in 2014 during Michelle Obama and her daughters vacation to China or the 80 orphan children in Shanxi Province that I wrote here about and pictured families living in squalor on less than $2.00 a day.

As I have written here previously, we’ll always welcome any unwanted child from China into our home or in the alternative, we’d very much like to build St. Teresa Benedicta and St. John Bosco “Homes for Kids” in China with the cooperation of Beijing, the Catholic Church and Christians.

Chinese Cartoonist Skewers Communist Rulers From Afar

Ma and Xi Jiping 习马会(PRI) Cartoonist Badiucao Shows Taiwan Ma Ying-jeou
and China Regime President Xi Jinping in a Romantic Embrace

Despite the roadblocks of being forced to live in exile (born in Shanghai, currently based in Australia) Badiucao hopes that his cartoons can challenge the authority of the Chinese Communist Party. “I want to use my cartoons to deliver a message: As individuals, we can still have our voice.”

China Digital Times has recently published an eBook ‘Watching Big Brother’ a collection of Badiucao cartoons

Happy Spring Festival Hong Kong – Authorities Clash With People 1st Day Lunar New Year

White HouseFlashback: Remember When the Obama Administration
Naively Tweeted This
-or- When Obama Claimed:
“We Should Welcome China’s Peaceful Rise…”

FishBallRevolutionEvents Unfolding in Hong Kong While Much of the World
Isn’t Paying Attention –Courtesy: Fabian Eberhard@Twitter

Hong Kong FishBallRevolutionChina Regime Sends in the Storm Troopers Clashing with
Hong Kong Residents on Chinese New Year –Poppie@Twitter

China Authorities Fire ShotsChina Authorities Indiscriminately Fire Shots
Into the Crowd in Hong Kong –McSNSD@Twitter

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Today Christians Celebrate the Feast of Pope Blessed Pius IX

Blessed Pope Pius IXPope Blessed Pius IX (1792-1878) Image: St. Paul Street Evangelization

(Vatcan) Born in Italy Senigallia the the 9th child of Gerolamo Feretti and Caterina Solazzi local nobles, he was Baptized on the day of his birth and given the name Giovanni Maria — Giovanni was a frail child physically challenged with epilepsy but nevertheless of very lively intelligence, his childhood was marked by an intense religious life.

Giovanni was educated at the Piarist College in Italy Volterra according to SQPN from 1802-1809 when he moved to Rome for more intensive education, in 1812 his epilepsy forced him to interrupt his studies — In 1814 Giovanni entered the Roman Seminary to study Theology for the next four year at which time his epilepsy went into remission. On the 10 April, 1819 Giovanni was Ordained into the Priesthood in Rome. Conscious of his Noble rank according to the Vatican Fr. Giovanni committed himself to avoiding a prelatial career in order to remain only at the service of the Church.

Fr. Giovanni celebrated his first Mass in the Church of St. Anne of the Carpenters at the Tata Giovanni Institute, of which he was named Rector, remaining there until 1823 — Fr. Giovanni was immediately recognized as assiduous in prayer, the ministry of the Word, in celebration of the Liturgy, in the Confessional and above all in his daily life in service to the humblest and needy. Fr. Giovanni admirably united the active and contemplative life, ready for Pastoral needs but always interiorly recollected, with strong Eucharist — Marian devotion and fidelity to daily meditation and the examination of conscience.

In 1823 Fr. Giovanni left the Tata Giovanni Institute to serve the Apostolic Nuncio in Chile — Fr. Giovanni remained there until 1825 when he was elected President of St. Michael’s Hospice, a grand but complex institution in need of effective reforms. Two years later, he was consecrated Archbishop of Italy Spoleto, in 1839 he was made a Cardinal by Pope Gregory XVI and then in 1846 was elected Pope and took the name Pius IX

Pope Pius IX had a difficult Pontificate according to the Vatican but precisely because of that he became a great Pope. Thoroughly aware of being the ‘Vicar of Christ’ and responsible for the rights of God and of the Church, he was clear, simple and consistent, combining firmness and understanding, fidelity and openness. — Pope Pius IX was the last Pope to hold temporal authority, he would grant amnesty for political prisoners. — Celebrated the First Vatican Council from 1869-1870, he would create 123 Cardinals and gained a reputation for being patriotic and a reforming Pope.

In 1856 Pope Pius approved the plan for railways in the Papal states, inaugurating the first section between Rome and Civitavecchia — In 1857 he visited the Pal states and was welcomed everywhere with rejoicing. Pope Pius IX would send Missionaries to the North Pole, India, Burma, China and Japan during his Papacy.

On this date in 1878 the the longest Pontificate in history ended with the death of Pope Pius IX, he was Beatified in 2000 by Pope St. John Paul II