Human Rights Activists Petition Obama to Stop Suppressing U.S. Ally Taiwan

White House Petition(RFA Chinese) Human Rights Activists Petition the White House
to Stop Suppressing Taiwan and her National Flag 

Flashback: In 2008 then presidential candidate Sen Barack Obama promised his Marxist counterparts before and after the election that he would continue to support the ‘One China Policy’ of totalitarianism for U.S. ally Taiwan.

Hong Kong Freedom Revolution Activist Su Changlan Imprisoned, Denied Legal Counsel

Su ChanglanSu Changlan, China Guangdong Human Rights Activist
Image Courtesy:
Ed Connelly@Twitter

(RFA) Chen Dequan says that his wife Su Changlan arrested in October and formally charged in December on the trumped up charges of ‘incitement to subvert state authority’ by the China regime following her support of Hong Kong’s Umbrella Revolution now says that she has been denied legal counsel and family visits.

On the 19 November, ‘Women Rights in China’ reported that Su was arrested by the Nanhai Public Safety Bureau accused of ‘provocation’ her lawyer Liu Xiaoyuan has been refused permission to see her twice.

“They told me that it would be ‘inappropriate’ to release the details of the case–I wanted them to make public her state of health but they refused,” said Chen, who had made a formal request for information from the China regime and police on Su’s case.

Su’s lawyer Liu told ‘Radio Free Asia’ that Chen and the rest of the family are naturally are anxious to discover whether Su has been forced to make a confession and they are also concerned about her state of health.

On the 29 December, I wrote here about Han Ying, who has also been taken away by China regime after she publicly supported ‘Hong Kong’s Freedom Revolution’ authorities and charged with ‘picking quarrels and provoking trouble’ and has been detained  at Beijing’s Fengtai Detention Center.

On the 13 January, South China Morning Post reported ‘Umbrella Revolution’ organizers in Hong Kong, plan a new march for freedom and democracy on the 01 February, 50,000 people are expected to participate.

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China Regime Shutters 50 Websites & Social Media Accounts in Ongoing Purge of Internet Freedom

Virtual ChainsVirtual Chains — China Regime Control of Internet  –Image: CMP

(China Digital Times) China regime has shuttered 50 websites and social media accounts for violations ranging from the alleged (often made up charge of) ‘spreading pornography’ to ‘publishing political news without a permit’ according to CCP Internet Police — the Cyber Administration of China (CAC) on Tuesday.

China is pursing a crackdown on what it deems to be unwanted material online, critics say, the increasing restrictions further limit free-speech by the one party Communist state.

According to Reuters last year Xinhua News said that CAC had closed nearly 1.8 million accounts on social networking and instant messaging services since launching its anti-porn campaign–In 2014, China authorities received nearly 11 million reports of what was described as ‘harmful information’ and in November, authorities called for tighter controls on the Internet to preserve stability.

On the 30 September, I wrote here that China’s Internet Police were working overtime to block news of Hong Kong’s ‘Freedom Revolution’ from reaching mainland China.

China Netizen Dai Zhaojun who identified himself from Guangdong Province commented in a Freeweibo posting why the Communist regime was so worried, “One can see the Imperial CCP governments dictatorship through this incident of the Hong Kong’s citizens peaceful disobedience–it uses violence to take Democracy away from the Hong Kong people, the people of mainland China and the world.’

In 2009 subsequent to the China regime’s announcement that it was cracking down on major websites and search engines Google and Baidu, together with blocking access to ABC News Blog claiming of course its because they ‘spread pornography’ and other material that corrupt young minds, I wrote here:

‘Free speech is essential in the pursuit of learning, every idea or thought is not an avenue of incitement, censorship only results in the pursuit of finding cracks in the Great Firewall of China.’

Its been said, ‘the more things change, the more the stay the same.’

Progress, free speech, 21st century Internet freedom, Democracy and universal suffrage are definitely not a friend to the archaic China regime.

Hong Kong ‘Umbrella Revolution’ Student Leader Joshua Wong, Criticizes Authorities in Court

Joshua WongHong Kong ‘Freedom Movement’ Student Leader Joshua Wong
Slams Authorities in Court –
Deutsce Welle (Chinese)

(Daily Mail) Joshua Wong, the teenage face of Hong Kong’s ‘Freedom Movement’ slammed authorities Thursday in a Court appearance linked to mass pro-Democracy demonstrations which had brought parts of the city to a standstill.

Wong was one of 29 activists in Court for a preliminary hearing on possible criminal contempt charges in November–China pledged that voters can elect the next Hong Kong chief executive in 2017 but says that only 2 or 3 candidates can run for the office and must be approved by the China regime.

China authorities have called the ‘Freedom Movement’ demonstrations illegal and police vowed to target the so called “principle instigators” in an ongoing witch-hunt–Obama assured China President Xi Jinping, the U.S. had no involvement in promoting freedom and democracy in Hong Kong.

On the 29 December, I wrote here about Han Ying, who has been arrested and imprisoned in China for advocating support of Hong Kong’s Freedom Revolution.

Obama Remains Silent: Hong Kong Police Arrest Teenage Girl for Making a Chalk Drawing at ‘Freedom Movement’ Site

HK Freedom MovementChalk Art Drawing of Two Flowers Around Taped Yellow Umbrella
(Symbol of Hong Kong Umbrella Revolution) Resulted in Arrest
of 14 Year Old Girl –Image:
Isabella Lo@Twitter

(Sinosphere/NYTimes) The arrest and detention of a 14 year old Hong Kong girl who was sent to a reeducation children’s home for drawing on ‘Lennon Wall’ has brought accusations that authorities are using misusing child protection laws to intimidate young pro-Democracy activists together with their families. 

On the 23 December, Hong Kong Police arrested the 14 yr old girl on suspicion of drawing chalk flowers on ‘Lennon Wall’ that became widely known with posting of messages during the 79 day pro-Democracy rallies when  protesters peacefully occupied key highways and intersections.

Yesterday according to Radio Free Asia a Hong Kong Judge released the 14 yr old who had become known as ‘Chalk Girl’ by Netizens from custody with strict conditions.

The Obama Administration continues to say nothing about the human rights abuses by the China regime against pro-Democracy activists such as Han Ying who was recently detained and arrested by authorities on trumped up charges of ‘picking quarrels and provoking troubles.’

On the 11 November, I wrote here that Obama at the recent AIPAC Summit assured China President Xi Jinping, that the United States had ‘no involvement’ in promoting Democracy or supporting Hong Kong’s ‘Umbrella Revolution’ Freedom Movement — No surprises here.

Christian Persecution: China Zhejiang Province Authorities Remove Another Cross

Cross China

China Authorities in Wenzhou Use a Crane to Remove a Cross atop ‘Salvation Church’ in August –Image: NYT/Sinosphere

(Reuters) China authorities dismantled a Cross in a Christian convalescent home a week before Christmas an employee reported this week–the latest example of a growing crackdown on Christianity the totalitarian Marxist regime fears.

Men dressed in in plain clothes removed the Cross that was atop of the nursing home in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province on the 19 December, said Gao Huifang an employee of the facility.

On the 16 December, I wrote here about the growing persecution of Christians by the China regime.

Christian Activists say the latest incident is part of a campaign targeting Churches throughout Zhejiang Province, which is known for its Christian population–As of the 12 December, there had been 400+ Churches receiving ‘Orders’ for removal of Crosses.

More here from China Aid

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China Police on Christmas Day Stop Woman from Sharing the Gospel

China President Xi Calls for Tighter Ideological Controls and Teaching Marxism at Universities

School Children SCSecond Grade Children Hear Michelle Obama Interview During her March
Visit in China, Chengdu –Photo:
Seven Oaks Elem, Columbia, SC@Twitter

(Reuters) China regime President Xi Jinping on Monday, calls for greater ‘ideological guidance’ (propagandizing) at universities saying:

Universities have to “shoulder the burden of learning and researching the dissemination of Marxism” calling on authorities to step up the totalitarian party’s “leadership and guidance” in universities, as well as to “strengthen and improve the ideological and political work,” as the country tightens control of Western values.

Flashback: During Michelle Obama’s ‘Mooch Visit’ to China in March, she Tweeted “I am more confident than ever before in our shared future.”

Uh-Huh! — Riiight…

H/T: China Digital Times

Happy Birthday Han Ying, Hong Kong ‘Freedom Movement’ Activist Imprisoned in China

Han Ying(Patrick Poon@Twitter) Today is Han Ying’s birthday shes was one of those who took part in a meal in Beijing on 29 September and held up placards in support of Hong Kong’s Freedom Revolution — On the 01 October, Han was taken away by Chinese authorities and subsequently formally arrested on the trumped up charges of ‘picking quarrels and provoking troubles’ a charge which I wrote about here is often times used against dissidents.

Han is currently being detained at Beijing’s Fengtai Detention Center.

More here on Han Ying from Chinese Human Rights Defenders

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Christian Persecution Sweeps Across China

Obama Was Duped, China Regime Tricks the U.S. Into ‘Greenhouse Gases’ Pledge

Obama was DupedObama Was Played For a Fool and OFA California Is a Sucker
OFA California@Twitter

(BBC News China) China and the United States “agreed” to set limits on ‘Greenhouse Gas Emissions’ earlier this month at the APEC Summit in Beijing or did they?

Noting this this was the first time both countries have reached an agreement on a world issue, the Chinese edition of the Global Times praised the existence of a China-U.S. joint leadership but the papers subtly hints that China will not make any dramatic cuts despite pressure by the U.S. and Europe adding:

“Its is the basic right of the people to pursue a moderately comfortable life and improve their living standards. We need to balance many factors and move on step by step.”

Echoing similar views, a commentary in the China regime state run Beijing Times welcomes the shared responsibility of tackling emissions but also reminds readers of the ‘differences’ that still exist between the two countries adding:

The U.S. and other industrialized countries need to shoulder more responsibility–and that “It is unfair to highlight (China’s) emission level of recent years…It is also unfair that developing countries have to sacrifice their development to deal with climate change.”

“While the climate agreement has been widely praised in the U.S. as a significant breakthrough,” writes China Digital Times “Chinese media response has been relatively muted.” 

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