Nine Christians Murdered, Catholic Priest and Parishioners Kidnapped by ISIS Thugs in the Philippines

(Watch) Holocaust Denying PA Mahmoud Abbas Openly Lied to Trump About Wanting Peace With Israel

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(Watch) Palestinian Authority Rejects Trump’s Call to “Drive Out” Support of Islamic Terrorism

Fatah Official Glorifies Abu Jihad – Planned Islamic Jihad Terrorist Attacks – 125 Murdered

Related: In Final Hours Obama Admin Sent Palestinian Authority $221 Million of Tax Dollars – AP

Contrary To Evidence ABC News Chief Analyst Claims Muslim Persecution Bigger Problem Than Christian Persecution

(Video/Photo Gallery) Christianity Under Attack: ISIS Palm Sunday Bombings in Egypt Claims 44 Lives, 100+ Injured

@47 Seconds Christians Celebrating Palm Sunday Moments Before Deadly Bombing

(Reuters) Palm Sunday Bombings of Egypt
Coptic Christian Churches Kills 44

Religion of Peace Strikes Again…


God Have Mercy!


Pray For Persecuted Christians!


Graphic Warning: Syrian Gas Attack Was “An Affront to Humanity” — President Trump’s Decisive Action Was the Right Thing To Do

Ghastly — Despicable!

Syrian Chemical Gas Massacre was “An Affront to Humanity” -President Trump

ISIS in Syria Kills 250 Christian Children Kneading Them to Death in Bakery Machines & Baked Men in Ovens

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More Than 1 Million Migrant Refugees are in the Pipeline in Libya Waiting to Cross Into Europe

NOTE: They Are All Men, Where Are The Women???


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(Watch) Its Discover Islam Week — I’ll Pass!

Enough Said!!!


(Watch) Welcome to the Netherlands – Young Dutch Muslims Message to Christians: Convert or Die