Today Is National Vietnam War Veterans Day — God Bless Our American Heroes!

Thank You President Trump — God Bless Our American Heroes!

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Ford Motor Co Focuses on U.S. Jobs With $1.2 Billion Investment in Three Auto Plants

(Watch) Chairman Nunes House Intelligence Committee Confirms Trump Transition Team was Under Surveillance, These Dems Knew It & Lied About It

Democrats Want to Deflect and Keep Talking About Alleged Russian Shenanigans

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(Watch) Ladies on “The View” Had No Problem When Marian Robinson Moved Into the Obama White House

(Watch) “I Love You So Much” SCOTUS Nominee Judge Gorsuch Pauses Opening Remarks to Give Wife a Hug

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Religion of Peace Strikes Again! France Father & Son Throats Slit On Paris Street

Its About Time For Liberals & Socialist Bernie Sanders to Step Up and Pay Their Fair Share

“You Leftists Out There Need to Step Up on Your Taxes” –@CarrieLovesAmerica

Morally Reprehensible! Rapper Bow Wow Threatens to Pimp Melania Trump

MSNBC Host Rachel Maddow Unlawfully Obtains and Broadcasts Portions of Donald Trump’s 2005 Tax Returns

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What? U.S. Treasury Secy Mnuchin Calls for Congress to Raise the Federal Debt Limit