(Watch) Donald Trump Invites Supporter On Stage at MAGA Rally in Melbourne, Florida

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(Video) FLOTUS Melania Trump Leads Overflowing Crowd in “The Lord’s Prayer” at MAGA Rally in Florida

(Audio) CBS News Anchor John Dickerson: Press Ruined Its Reputation On Its Own

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AP Fake News! White House Confirms Trump IS NOT Mobilizing Natl Guard to Round Up Undocumented Immigrants

Trump Rally Continued Thursday – 6th Straight Record Close

I Love Winning! Trump Rally Continues

(MarketWatch) Stocks New Records for Third Session in a Row -Image: Charlie Bilello

Muslim Journalist, Author & Professor: I Feel Safer in the U.S. Than I Do in Any Muslim Country

Chinese Propaganda: New York Times Publishes Major FAKE NEWS Story

Fake News: New York Times Promotes Chinese Propaganda in an article published 09 February, Donald Trump Denies that he Endorsed the “One China Policy” Marxist Totalitarianism in Taiwan

German Police Arrest Syrian ISIS Suspect Accused of Rape

Stock Market Closes at a New Record High — Trump Rally Rolls On