Dumbing Down Of America — War on Literature: Students Tear Down Portrait of Shakespeare at Univ of Pennsylvania

Quotes From Fascists Hitler, ISIS & Marxist Stalin Appear in Pennsylvania High School Year Book

Fascist Quotes

(Daily Mail) Pennsylvania High School administrators lacked common sense and used egregious poor judgment, when it permitted quotes from Fascists Adolf Hitler, Islamic Jihadist Abu Bakr Al-baghdadi and Marxist Joseph Stalin to be published in this years Quaker Valley High School yearbook.

In a email to parents on Wednesday, Quaker Valley High School administrators ‘apologized’ for what they should have known before were “offensive” quotes published in the graduating class section of the yearbook distributed to students on Monday.

“This is a regrettable mistake, as the school district would never knowingly condone this messaging in a school-sponsored publication,” said in a statement executed by Supt Heidi Ondek and high school Principal Deborah Ricobelli — “We are aware of the emotions this has conjured in many of our students and families–for that we are very sorry.”

According to Pittsburgh Tribune-Review while the school administrators claimed to have “reviewed thoroughly” the content of the quotes, the “attributions clearly were not.”

Riiight…Sounds like double-talk.

Many comments from readers of Pittsburgh Tribune-Review evidence they are not nearly as gullible as school administrators may perceive people to be, as readers didn’t seem to be so willing to accept the high school administrators lame explanation either.

Readers Comments

Common Core: Why Occupy “INGNORANT” Democrats Can’t Spell

Spell CheckOne Can’t Make This Stuff Up — Occupy “INGNORANT” Democrats
May Want to Use Spell Check

H/T: Cartrell Gore

(Video) Former NYC Mayor Bloomberg Booed at Univ of Michigan Criticizing Colleges for Coddling Students

Former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg was booed at the Univ of Michigan for criticizing colleges for creating ‘safe spaces’ and keeping students sheltered.

“The whole purpose of college is to learn how to deal with difficult situations, not to run away from them…The fact that some university boards and administrations now bow to pressure groups and shield students from these ideas through ‘safe spaces’ ‘code words’ and ‘trigger warnings’ is in my view a terrible mistake.”

More here from Fox News

One Nation Under Allah: New York Public High School Recites ‘Pledge of Allegiance’ in Arabic

One Nation Under Allah‘Welcome to the Future Folks Unless Something Changes Radically’
Steven Crowder@Facebook

(Record Online) In an effort to celebrate ‘National Foreign Language Week’ by reading the Pledge of Allegiance in Arabic Wednesday, has polarized Pine Bush Senior High School in New York into angry factions.

Wednesday morning’s regularly scheduled announcements included an Arabic reading of the ‘Pledge of Allegiance’ according to students, the announcement was immediately greeted with catcalls and angry denunciations in classrooms throughout the school.

Following the reading, High School Principal Aaron Hopmayer, made a building wide announcement, attempting to rationalize the reading’s context and made an apology to students that were offended.

Superintendent Joan Carbone described the reading as “something that was to be good but turned out not to be.” Cabone says that shes received complaints from district residents who had family members in the War in Afghanistan and from Jewish parents who were equally outraged by the reading.

Pine Bush Senior High School is no stranger to controversy. In 2013 Jewish parents sued the school in Federal Ct accusing them of being indifferent to chronic antisemitic harassment.

More here from the Los Angeles Times

Chinese Immigrant Lily Tang Williams: ‘Common Core’ is the Communist Core I Had in China

Obama Proposes Making Community Colleges Free — Liberals are So Benevolent with Other Peoples Money

Obama Colleges(Newsweek) Obama Proposes Making 2 Year Community Colleges Free

  • Uhm, Nothing is Free, Someone has to Pay for It

China President Xi Calls for Tighter Ideological Controls and Teaching Marxism at Universities

School Children SCSecond Grade Children Hear Michelle Obama Interview During her March
Visit in China, Chengdu –Photo:
Seven Oaks Elem, Columbia, SC@Twitter

(Reuters) China regime President Xi Jinping on Monday, calls for greater ‘ideological guidance’ (propagandizing) at universities saying:

Universities have to “shoulder the burden of learning and researching the dissemination of Marxism” calling on authorities to step up the totalitarian party’s “leadership and guidance” in universities, as well as to “strengthen and improve the ideological and political work,” as the country tightens control of Western values.

Flashback: During Michelle Obama’s ‘Mooch Visit’ to China in March, she Tweeted “I am more confident than ever before in our shared future.”

Uh-Huh! — Riiight…

H/T: China Digital Times

Colorado College Professor Requires Students to Recite Anti-American ‘Pledge of Allegiance’

Anti-American PledgeDr Charles Angeletti’s Anti-American Pledge Mocks Republicans, Accuses Americans of Targeting Blacks & Communists–Image: Campus Reform

(FOX News) Should one sign-up for Prof. Charles Angeletti course on ‘American Civilization’ at Metropolitan State University (MSU) at Denver, students will be required to recite a satirical ‘Pledge of Allegiance’ what he claims is a racist, sexist, homophobic America, that targets Blacks and “Women who want abortions” in the name of Jesus:

“I pledge allegiance to and wrap myself in the flag of the United States Against Anything Un-American and to the Republicans for which it stands, two nations, under Jesus, rich against poor, with curtailed liberty and justice for all except blacks, homosexuals, women who want abortions, Communists, welfare queens, treehuggers, feminazis, illegal immigrants, children of illegal immigrants and you if you don’t watch your step.”

This pledge was distributed to Dr Angeletti’s entire class who were required to recite it.

Attempts to contact MSU President Stephen Jordan for comment have not been returned.

North Carolina Mom Shocked After Finding This Islamic Propaganda School Assignment

Islam in Schools

(The Blaze) A Mother in Union County North Carolina told WJZY TV  that her son, a freshman at Porter Ridge High School brought home a worksheet containing this Islamic propaganda.

Where is the ACLU’s outrage and their demands that religion has no place in the public classroom? I digress.

This boys homework reads like the rhetoric spewed by the Islamic State (ISIS) note that he got the answers correct.

“Our schools have been infiltrated by the enemy writes Pam Geller and no one–no teachers, principals, other public school administrators have the spine to fight back. They just lay down like lemmings, they did nothing to fight for our freedom so its no skin off their back to throw it away just as long as they’re comfortable, bloated pay and healthcare benefits are not jeopardized.”

Islam...This Is All That I Need to Know About Islam –Image: Ayat@Twitter