Religion of Peace Strikes Again! At Least Two Confirmed Dead After Jihadist Mowed Down Pedestrians on Westminster Bridge

(Daily Mail) 2 Dead, a Dozen Hurt Some Catastrophic Injuries – Jihadist Knifeman Stabbed Parliament Police Officer -Images Courtesy: House of Mouse & WSJ

Libtard Progressives, Democrat-Socialists and Communists Never Learn Who the Real Threats are From and Those Determined to Kill Them -Thanks: Jim Mannarino

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Breaking News: Team Clinton Met With the Russians

Collusion??? -Image Courtesy: Political Insider

VIA: Washington Times

Breaking News! Sen Minority Leader Chucky Schumer Caught Meeting Russian President Putin, DoJ Should Immediately Launch an Investigation About Foreign Influence in Our Elections

@SenSchumer is Such a Hypocrite!


Congratulations Jeff Sessions Our New Pro-Life Attorney General

Jeff Sessions Easily Confirmed By the U.S. Senate -Image Courtesy: C-SPAN

Roll Call — How the U.S. Senate Voted –Courtesy: NY Times

Fidel Castro Dead at 90 — Good Riddance

fidel-castro-tweet(AP) Cuban Dictator Raul Castro Announces Death of his Brother Fidel Casto

  • More Images of the Real Cuba from Alicia Dede
    the MSM Never Publishes

ISIS Claims Responsibility For Saturday’s Minnesota Shopping Mall Stabbing Attack

Hillary Clinton Believes I’m Part of the “Basket of Deplorables”

Desperate: Hillary Clinton Claims I’m Part of the “Basket of Deplorables”
Because she Believes I’m Racist, Sexist, Homophobic, Etc…


ISIS Calls For New Attacks In the West, All Non-Muslims “Legitimate Targets”

Two Nuns Found Murdered at Their Mississippi Home

Nuns MurderedSister Paula Merrill & Sister Margaret Held Had Been Working Together in Mississippi as Nurse Practitioners for 30 Years  -Image: Sisters of Charity/NY Daily News

VIA: Catholic News Agency


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What Is Wrong With Hillary, Shes Barely Able to Get Up Steps?

Reuters HRCOh My…  Image Courtesy: Reuters/Thanks: Linda Suhler Ph.D