Nancy Reagan Funeral Livestream Friday 11 March, 10:30 AM – 1:00 PM

Nancy Reagan FuneralThe Reagan Foundation has partnered with FOX News
to provide a livestream of First Lady Nancy Reagan’s funeral
on Friday 11 March, from 10:30 AM – 1:00 PM

The Livestream May Be Accessed@

Live Coverage of Donald Trump’s Campaign Rally in Mobile, Alabama Now on Fox Business

What a Peculiar Time for the First Republican Presidential Primary Debate?

FOX News GOP DebateMaybe Its Just Me But Isn’t 5:00 PM EDT/2:00 PM PDT
a Rather Peculiar Time for the
Fox News/Facebook Republican Presidential Primary Debate from Cleveland, Ohio? — Doesn’t Anyone Work Anymore? –Image: FOX & Friends

Obama & DNC Alarmed — Just 5% of Millennials View MSNBC as Most Trustworthy News Source

MSNBC Brian Williams(WFB) Just 5% of Millennials View MSNBC as Most Trustworthy News

Which Fox News Program Inspired the Charleston Mass Murderer To Do This?

Charleston Shooter(Daily Caller) Bill Maher Says Conservative Media Inspired the
Charleston Mass Murderer — Question: Is It Time Now to Ban Those
Supposedly Racist ‘Golds Gym’ Shirts Too?
I Think For Myself@Twitter

Greta Van Susteren Nails Obama for Pathetic, Lame Tweet After 2 Ferguson Cops Ambushed

Obama Tweets Ferguson(Fox News/Greta Van Susteren) Really??? Two Cops are Ambushed in Ferguson, Missouri and the Best Obama Can Do is Tweet? Less Than 140 Characters Doesn’t Cut it For a Leader

The One and Only Greg Gutfeld to Leave ‘Red Eye’ to Host New One Hour Fox News Weekend Program

Greg Gutfeld(Variety) Fox News has Announced Greg Gutfeld Will Be Departing
‘Red Eye’ Friday to Host New One Hour Primetime Weekend Program
Best Wishes Greg –Image: Five Fan PS@Twitter

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Fr. Jonathan Morris Discusses ‘Christianphobia’ — The Fear or Hatred of Christians in America

UK Islamic Jihad Apologist Imam Anjem Choudary: Free Speech For Me, Not For Thee

Anjem Choudary TweetsAnjem Choudary@Twitter ” Tweets from a Free, Democratic and Secular Country, Wanting Good Things for Himself, Just Not for You”
Lolo Gray@Twitter

  • Imam Choudary Defends France Terrorist Attack in USA Today “People Know the Consequences — Why Did France Allow the Tabloid to Provoke Muslims?”

I’m Glad That We Don’t Have DISH Network