(Watch) Common Sense — Neil Cavuto to the MSM: It’s Time To Get Over Yourselves

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Fact Check AP News Disinformation! – Supreme Ct Nominee Gorsuch: “We Have To Accept Criticism With Some Humility.”

(Watch) The Sneaky Part of ObamaCare the Dinosaur Media & Democrats Will Never Tell You

It’s Been Nearly 7 Weeks Since Donald Trump’s Inauguration — NBC Los Angeles Thinks This is a News Story

Good Grief NBC Los Angeles Fake News! Its Time to Get a Life

This is the Actual Crowd Size of Trump’s Inauguration 46 Days Ago
Image Courtesy: Shirley Marie Bradby

(Audio) CBS News Anchor John Dickerson: Press Ruined Its Reputation On Its Own

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AP Fake News! White House Confirms Trump IS NOT Mobilizing Natl Guard to Round Up Undocumented Immigrants

(Video) President-Elect Trump Calls Out CNN For Running “Fake News” BuzzFeed Story During Press Conference

Clinton News Network Democrat Political Minions –Image Courtesy: Josh Cornett

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Tweet Of The Day


Using Fake News Argument To Silence Opposing Views

washington-times-photoLiberals Just Can’t Abide Competing Points of View

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The End Is Near

cartoon-of-the-day2016 Election Finish — A.F. Branco Cartoons

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