(Audio) CBS News Anchor John Dickerson: Press Ruined Its Reputation On Its Own

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AP Fake News! White House Confirms Trump IS NOT Mobilizing Natl Guard to Round Up Undocumented Immigrants

(Video) President-Elect Trump Calls Out CNN For Running “Fake News” BuzzFeed Story During Press Conference

Clinton News Network Democrat Political Minions –Image Courtesy: Josh Cornett

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Tweet Of The Day


Using Fake News Argument To Silence Opposing Views

washington-times-photoLiberals Just Can’t Abide Competing Points of View

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The End Is Near

cartoon-of-the-day2016 Election Finish — A.F. Branco Cartoons

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Obama: “Gotta Have Them Ribs and P*ssy Too!” – Where’s the Media Firestorm and Moral Outrage?

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Women’s Suffrage & The 19th Amendment – What Hillary and Democrats Would Rather You Forget

HRCRepublicans & Women’s Rights – What Hillary Clinton,
Democrats and the MSM Would Rather You Forget

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19th Amendment19th Amendment 1
19th Amendment 2

More Than Half the People Outside Govt Meeting with Secy of State Clinton Donated Money to her Family Foundation

What Difference Does It Make(AP) More Than Half of the People Granted an Audience with Secy of State Hillary Clinton Gave Paid a Minimum of $100K to her Family Foundation

Media Bias! In Your Face Partisan

Media BiasMore Evidence the Media is Now in Your Face Partisan -Thanks: Darleen

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