Barrycades Back Up at WW II Memorial; Closed Except for 1st Amendment Activities???

WW II Memorial

Hmm…Except for 1st Amendment Activities??? Isn’t Anytime Americans Visit a Natl Park, Go to a Memorial, Travel To & Fro, an Exercise of Ones 1st Amendment Activities? –Image: Jordan Sekulow@Twitter

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Rediscovering Columbus Day

There are a scant few good articles on Christopher Columbus and I am the first to admit when I was asked about Columbus Day, how was I going to respond to the question of a three year old who looks up to me to know all the answers to her questions? I had to do some research today and this is what I learned.

President Obama’s Proclamation for Columbus Day–Washington Examiner

What Columbus Day Really Means –William J Connell, PhD The American Scholar

Discovering Columbus Day–National Review Online

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