Now Anti-Democrat California Gov Jerry Brown Posters Turn Up Around Los Angeles

Jerry Brown Poster(Breitbart) Posters Mocking Gov Jerry Brown Show-Up
Around Los Angeles –Images Courtesy:
Jery Brown Poster VeniceGov Jerry Brown Poster in Venice Beach

Jerry Brown Poster...Gov Jerry Brown Poster in Front of the Hollywood Bowl

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California Highest Poverty Rate in the Country — Continue to Reelect Democrats for Prosperity

California Halloween(SacBee) Census Bureau: California Still Has Highest Poverty Rate in the Country — Continue to Reelect Democrats For Prosperity

California Gov Jerry Brown Solves Another Non-Existent Problem

Confederate Flag

(KFI AM 640) Gov Jerry Brown signed legislation today prohibiting state agencies from selling or displaying Confederate flags–when has one seen that happen anytime recently?

H/T: Soquel by the Creek

California Economic Recovery? General Mills to Close 67 Yr Old Lodi Plant, Eliminating 430 Jobs–Reelect Gov Jerry Brown

General Mills Lodi Plant(WSJ) General Mills will close its 67 year old Lodi, California plant eliminating 430 more jobs in a struggling economy–in August, California reported 1,563 new jobless claims, the states unemployment rate remained unchanged at 7.4% higher than 43 other states and the national average.

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California 7.4% Jobless Rate Higher Than 43 Other States: Reelect Gov Jerry Brown

Gov Jerry Brown’s Hypocrisy on Crony Capitalism is Showing Through Again

Cronyism(LA Weekly) This is How One Defines Crony Capitalism
Soquel Creek

California Unions Paid Millions to Raise Taxes Resulting in Negative Economic Consequences

California Prop 30Thanks California Prop 30 Supporters for Making the State #1 in Taxes
Soquel by the Creek@Twitter

On Wednesday I wrote here that Gov Jerry Brown’s tax hike had negative economic consequences and is a contributing factor why California is ranked as the worst state for business in 2014

California’s Comeback Miracle Turns Out to Be a Mirage — Gov Brown’s Tax Hike Has Negative Economic Consequences

California Ranks Very Poorly in Services for School Children With Disabilities

A special kind of classChildren Are All Special –Image: A Special Kind of Class

(LA Times) In another special distinction which California owns, the state ranks in the bottom rung of states and territories in the academic achievement of children with disabilities, according to new federal rankings released today.

In the bottom group together with California are: Delaware, Texas, the Bureau of Indian Education, the U.S. Virgin Islands and the District of Columbia.

On the 22 June, I wrote here that Gov Jerry Brown and State Lawmakers are due to receive a pay hike we’re told for their dubious job performance, all the while the state budget deficit swells out of control, the state is ranked as the worst state in the nation to do business according to an annual survey of CEO’s across the country and now we also learn that ‘special needs’ children would be better off to receive their education in practically any state other than California.

So Sad!

California Spending Millions of Taxpayers Money to Build Eco-Unfriendly ‘Green Car’ Charging Stations

California Elec CarsCalifornia Investing Wasting Millions to Build Hundreds of
EV Charging Station Locations –The Climate Group

(UPI) Woops…Electric cars despite their alleged ‘Green Credentials’ are among the environmentally dirtiest transportation options a U.S. researcher says.

Writing in the IEEE Spectrum researcher Ozzie Zehner says electric cars lead to hidden environmental and health damages and are likely more harmful than gasoline cars and other transportation options.

Now what are the Loony Liberal Environmentalists going to do?