By 2017 California May Have $7.2 Billion in Rainy Day Fund? Only If You Still Believe in Fairy Tales

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(LA Times) California’s finances are reportedly in a “decidedly positive” position and by the Summer of next year analysts say, the state could have $7.2 Billion socked away in a rainy day fund.

“The state is enjoying very good fiscal health right now,” said Mac Taylor the state’s top legislative analyst in an interview. “It can withstand certain negative economic situations in the future.”

Only if one is gullible to believe such gobbledygook given its current $426+ Billion in debt but for those who still do ‘Believe’ California’s Fiscal Outlook by the Legislative Analyst’s Office — I have some prime ocean front property in the Mojave Desert that I can let go cheap.

Loony Liberal Gov Jerry Brown Forecasts 170 Degree Heatwave Because of Climate Change

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Latest Climate Change Hysteria

California Gov Jerry Brown Vetoes Bill Denying Dying Patients Access to New Drugs After OK’ing Doctor-Assisted-Death

Senior CitizensSeeing the Elderly Only as a Burden is Ugly — Its a Sin
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(LifeNews) Last week, Gov Jerry Brown signed Democrat led bill into law that allows for doctor assisted death in California and this week, Brown vetoed a bill that would have allowed dying patients access to experimental drugs in an attempt to extend their lives — one knows where his priorities are.

From the Sacramento Bee story:

Less than a week after signing legislation allowing California doctors to prescribe their dying patients lethal drugs, Gov. Jerry Brown on Sunday vetoed a bill that would have let terminally ill people (to) petition pharmaceutical companies for access to experimental drugs before they are approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

The so called ‘Right-to-Try’ legislation had gained support in more than a dozen states and it sailed through the Legislature with nearly unanimous support but despite the wide latitude that Brown has given the Legislature to craft laws in recent years as he cleared his desk of hundreds of bills, the Democrat governor struck continued notes of caution.

On Saturday, Brown warned of a “precariously balanced” state budget (if one is willing to overlook California’s $425+ Billion Debt — I digress)

On Sunday, Brown vetoed not only the ‘Right-to-Try’ legislation but a bill to provide more training for child care providers and another measure focused on responses to sexual assaults at California colleges.

We see the same death-over-life pattern in Oregon which rations Medicaid so as to prevent some terminal cancer patients access to life extending chemotherapy but never rations doctor-assisted-suicide.

Good Grief — A ‘Right to Die’ but no ‘Right to Try and Live.’

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Christians & Physicians Tell Gov Jerry Brown, ‘Doctor Assisted Death’ Wrong Choice for California

One Life LALife is a Sacred Gift from God –Image: OneLife LA

(Angelus) Last week the Democrat controlled California legislature voted to allow doctors to help their patients kill themselves, ramming AB x2-15 through a special legislative session (which Gov Jerry Brown had called for to deal with MediCal financing for the poor) after it earlier this year was pulled from the legislative calendar and previously was rejected by voters in 1992 

“This is no way for our government to make policy on a life and death issue that will affect millions of individuals and families for years to come.

The people of California, especially the poor, the elderly, minorities and the disabled, deserve much better from their leaders and make no mistake, it will be these most vulnerable populations who are going to suffer from this legislation,” said Archbishop Jose Gomez in Los Angeles.

‘American College of Physicians’ President Dr. Wayne Riley, according to KPBS is asking former Jesuit Seminarian and now Gov. Jerry Brown, to veto the ‘Doctor Assisted Suicide’ bill saying that it’s unethical for doctors to participate in the intentional taking of a life.

“We acknowledge that some patients want control over the cause and timing of their death but it’s not our roll as physicians to provide that and therefore we, ethically can not participate in the medicalization of suicide,” said Dr. Riley.

In 2001 the ‘American College of Physicians & American Society of Internal Medicine’ wrote an informative and well reasoned treatise why physician-assisted suicide, raises serious ethical and other concerns and argues that legalization of ‘Doctor Assisted Death’ would undermine the patient-physician relationship and the trust necessary to sustain it.

Full Position Paper: ‘Physician Assisted Suicide’ here from ACP Online

It May Be an El Nino Winter in California — Will Climate Change Hucksters Blame This on Global Warming Too?

El Nino(NBC4 Los Angeles) A Strong El-Nino is building in the Pacific,
Rainfall Will be Welcome — Will Gov Moonbeam & Climate Change Hucksters Blame This on Global Warming Too?

California $428+ Billion in Crushing Debt Proposes $30 Million 101 Fwy Wildlife Crossing Plan

CA DebtCalifornia Debt Clock

(LA Daily News) California with $428+ Billion in Debt ($11,183 per person) and $1 Trillion in unfunded Govt pension liabilities proposes wasting $30 Million to construct a 200 Ft 101 Fwy wildlife footbridge.

Keep voting Democrat for prosperity bankruptcy.

Stop California Democrats Push of AB X2-15 Real Death With Dignity Is Not End of Life Option Act

Respect LifeWe Can Learn So Much From the Elderly –Respect Life Los Angeles

“It is deeply troubling that some in the California Assembly are trying to push through doctor assisted suicide in a special session. Please contact your legislator here immediately and tell them this is no way to treat a complex issue of life and death. Urge them to vote NO on AB x2-15” — Archbishop Jose Gomez, Los Angeles

California Dems Fix Non-Existent Problem, Pass Equal Pay Law — Its Been Federal Law Since 1963

Equal Pay Act 1963President John F. Kennedy Signed Into Law
‘The Equal Pay Act of 1963’ –Image: Pinterest

(LA Biz) California Democrat controlled legislature bans employers from paying different wages based on gender for substantially the same work, heads to Governor’s desk. — Has been federal law for the past 52 years.

UCLA Study Finds Many ‘Hidden Poor’ Among California Senior Population

California Governor Jerry Brown adjusts his earpiece during a news conference at Memoria y Tolerancia museum in Mexico CityGov Moonbeam, How’s he Working Out for You?
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(KPCC) More than 770,000 Seniors in California are not making enough to get by but are not considered poor enough by the Obama Administration, according to a UCLA health policy study challenging the definition of poverty in America.

According to the study brief released on Monday by the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research, about 340,000 California residents 65 or older are considered poor based on the Federal Poverty Level which makes them eligible for public assistance programs but in an analysis of 2009-2011 U.S. Census data the researchers concluded about 772,000 more Seniors in California could use help but are not considered ‘poor enough’ Imelda Padilla-Frausto, a graduate student researcher at the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research and lead author of the study said Monday.

“They don’t have enough income to meet a minimally decent standard of living,” — the ‘hidden poor’ made more than the 2011 poverty level which was $10,890 a year for someone living alone but their annual income was less than $23,364–the amount a Senior need to make ends meet according to the Elder Index which estimates the cost of living county-by-county raking into consideration how much one spends on housing, medical care, food and transportation.

Padilla-Frausto said the federal-poverty level is too rigid to measure whether people need assistance because it sets an across the board guideline (standard) no matter how expensive one state or area may be compared with the rest of the country.

The UCLA study found more single Seniors among the ‘hidden poor’ in rural areas such as Nevada, Plumas and Sierra Counties in Northern California–Imperial County has the highest percentage in the state. More than 40% of its elderly residents are living just above the federal poverty line but below the California Elder Index.

Grandparents raising their grandchildren and Seniors who have adult children living with them are more likely to be among the ‘hidden poor’ according to the UCLA study.

California Auditor: Most State Entities Vulnerable to IT Security Breach

CA Personal DataCalifornia Personal Data at Risk –Image: CalWatchdog

(AllGov) Although California is a prime-target for computer data breaches, only 4 out of 77 state entities responding to surveys from the California State Auditor, indicated that they were in full compliance with security standards.

They were crummy at “information and asset risk management, information security incident management and technology recovery.” The audit warned that their vulnerabilities could prevent them from performing day-to-day operations which could jeopardize public health, wealth and safety.

The Auditor laid blame at the feet of the California Dept of Technology — Not only is the department not addressing these deficiencies, “until our audit, it was not aware that many reporting entities had not complied with its requirements.”

Forty one of the entities surveyed by the Auditor had told the technology department they were 100% compliant with security standards. As it turns out only 4 were. — The Auditor’s emphasizes that important private data could include medical, tax and other sensitive information, like Social Security numbers.

In June, the federal ‘Office of Personal Management’ announced a major hack that exposed personal information of about 20 million current and former federal employees and job applicants.

According to California Auditor Elaine  Howle, “Given the size of California’s economy and the value of its information, if unauthorized parties were to gain access to this information, the costs both to the state and to the individuals involved could be enormous.”

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