AP Fake News! White House Confirms Trump IS NOT Mobilizing Natl Guard to Round Up Undocumented Immigrants

Lying Hillary: “My Dream is a Hemispheric Common Market With Open Trade & Open Borders”

wikileaks@Wikileaks Hillary Wants the U.S. to be More Like the European Union (EU) — Britain Recently Voted to Exit the EU to Regain its Sovereignty and Control of Its Borders — We Learn the Truth About Hillary’s Position on TPP

  • “A Nation Without Borders is Not a Nation.” -Donald Trump

China Sichuan Begins Crackdown on Illegal Aliens – Where’s the Moral Outrage & Charges of Racism by the Left?

China SichuanChina’s Crackdown on Illegal Aliens Have Begun — Where’s the Protests and Moral Outcry by the Left and Dinosaur Media Accusing Beijing of Being Racist and Xenophobic? -Image: Shanghaiist

(ECNS) Employers in China Sichuan who hire illegal aliens will be find up to 100,000 Yuan ($15,166 USD) – The campaign by police arresting illegal aliens began in May and will mainly target illegals who unlawfully enter the country, gain employment and stay in Sichuan Province.

According to Chinese law, foreigners charged with illegal entry will be fined between 1000 to 10,000 Yuan ($150 to $1500 USD) as well as possibly facing jail time from five to ten days depending on the severity of their cases — following which they will be deported and will be denied reentry back into China from one to five years.

China Sichuan Police said that individuals or agencies that assist illegal aliens to work unlawfully will be fined between 5000 to 100,000 Yuan ($758 to $15,166 USD) – Local residents have been encouraged to report illegals working in Sichuan Province to Police.

(Video) Latino Americans Make Spirited Case For Donald Trump

Latino Trump Supporter Angelo Gomez Explains
Why He’s Voting for Donald Trump

Must Watch Video: Latino Trump Supporter Verbally Destroys Anaheim City Council Member Kris Murray

What You May Not Have Known About Melania Trump

Melania TrumpFor those who claim Donald Trump is anti-immigrant, racist and xenophobic — Melania Trump is from Slovenia Sevnica and speaks 5 languages fluently according to CBS News her Native Slovenian, together with English, French, Serbian and German  -Image Courtesy: Immigrants*4*Trump

California Police Readying for Possible Protests at Trump OC Rally

Illegal Immigration California(San Diego Union-Tribune) While One Sees Illegals & Anarchists Protest Trump in Anaheim Wednesday, Remember How Much Illegal Immigration Cost California Taxpayers -Image: FAIRUS.org

News Photo the Dinosaur Media Will Never Publish & Hillary Will Never Mention

Trump and Police#BlueLivesMatter — #AllLivesMatter  -Image Courtesy: Immigrants*4*Trump

Arab Refugee Men Accused of Dozens of Sexual Assaults in Germany Cologne Over New Year’s

Obama RefugeesObama Wants to Allow 10,000 Syrian Refugees in the U.S. This Year Image Courtesy: K. Jones

(The Local Germany) Men of Arab background have been accused for sexual assaults of dozens of Women that were grabbed and attacked in Germany Cologne over New Year police reported today.

Cologne Mayor Henriette Reker called for a crisis meeting to be held on Tuesday in the wake of the attacks.

MP Steffan Bilger from Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union claimed the events in Cologne were proof Germany needed to reduce its intake of refugees. “It can’t go on like this,” he Tweeted. “Urgently needed reduction of influx, secure borders, intensifying deportations and meaningful justice.”

Is Obama paying attention?

Obama’s a Hypocrite! Denies Asylum to Chaldean Catholics Media is Silent, Where’s the Moral Outrage?

Obama HypocriteRiiight…  POTUS@WhiteHouse Says One Thing But Does Exactly
the Opposite and the Dinosaur Media is Silent

(Catholic World Report) Obama is a Hypocrite: In California 27 Iraqi Christian refugees have been refused asylum.

While the Obama Administration has approved entry of thousands of Syrian-Muslim refugees, 27 Chaldean Catholics seeking to escape violence and anti-Christian persecution in their homeland have been denied entry into the United States — The Chaldean Christians had been held at the Otay Detention Center near San Diego, many of which have family in the U.S. and were willing to take them in and to provide for their needs.

  • Had They Only Been Muslims?

According to the Los Angeles Times on Wednesday, several families of Syrian refugees have been resettled in Texas and Indiana this week even as leaders in both states vowed to step up their efforts the halt the wave of incoming refugees.

“The threats to America’s security are difficult to assess,” Texas Gov Greg Abbott said. “That is why Texas and other states are doing even more to ensure that we safeguard the security of our citizens.”

  • What Does the Obama Administration Have Against Christians?

Earlier today I wrote here that while Hillary Clinton, Democrats and the media have worked themselves up into a frenzy over Donald Trump’s recent immigration proposal however, they were all silent when the Obama Administration (State Dept) denied a visitors visa to a Dominican Nun, Sister Diana Momeka earlier this year, so that she could testify before Congress about persecuted Christians in Iraq.