Remember the Guy Who Couldn’t Visit the Southern Border Because He’s “Not Interested in Photo-Ops”

“Crazy Nancy” Pelosi Meltdown, Charges Across House Floor During Debate on Border Funding Bill

Crazy Nancy(TPNN) “Crazy Nancy” Pelosi  (D-CA) Goes Berserk on House Floor Tries to Chase Down Rep Tom Marino on Friday –Image: Jane Bossy@Twitter

Crazy Nancy Pelosi...“Crazy Nancy” Pelosi (D-CA) Chases House Republican Across
House Floor –Image:
Chuck Nellis@Twitter

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When Dems Controlled House They Did Nothing to Solve Border Crisis

Nancy Pelosi: “Let Us Not Turn Away From Jesus’ Children” But Abortion Is A-OK

Baby Jesus...Nancy Pelosi’s Convoluted Reasoning of Holy Scripture
RINO Buster@Twitter

(Life News) Democrat Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, has this uncanny ability to cite scriptures (or parts thereof) that she agrees with but when it comes to abortion, she’ll choose to ignore what the Holy Scriptures and Catholic Church has to say on the subject.

As Red State points out, Nancy Pelosi in response to the mass influx of immigrant children illegal entering the southern border of the United States claims:

  • “Baby Jesus was a refugee from violence, let us not turn away from His children.”
  • “Immigration reform is a manifestation of us living the Gospel,” because of “what the bible tells us about the dignity and worth of every person.”
  • “What would we do if Moses had not been accepted by the Pharaoh’s family–We would not have the 10 Commandments for starters.”

Those who have bothered to read the Holy Scriptures know that Jesus was not a refugee, never sinned and more importantly was God in human form, conceived by the power of the Holy Spirit and born of the virgin Mother–Mary was returning to Bethlehem with Joseph for the census. Like 2:1-7

Red State Points Out Nancy Pelosi’s Hypocrisy:

The inconsistencies of Pelosi’s statements are obvious, at least to those who have bothered to read the Holy Scriptures, one knows that: (a) Jesus was not a refugee; (b) Moses was one of a few boys who lived when the King of Egypt ordered that all newborn boys be killed; (c) Baby Jesus and Moses would likely not exist in the U.S. today if the infanticide policies Nancy Pelosi and the Obama Administration  were legal then.

Nancy Pelosi’s own words and Congressional voting record belie the statements that shes made on the sacredness of human life.

The Archdiocese of San Francisco in 2011 openly criticized Nancy Pelosi’s views on abortion and Church teaching when life begins as “disgraceful, incompetent and incredible.”

“The Church has always taught that human life deserves respect from its very beginning and that procured abortion is a grave moral evil, ” according to the United States Conference on Catholic Bishops.

If Democrat House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi really wanted to show the world that we’re a nation that respects the innate worth and dignity of every human life–not just those who have crossed our southern border, she would respect all human life which includes the unborn and denounce the abortion industry in the United States.

Pelosi’s words are however empty, her actions are condemning of those who do not meet her standard of ‘worthy’–the barbarism of the thousands of babies aborted annually is not sufficiently convenient for Pelosi to muster enough energy to care.

Feds Offer $6,000+ Tax Free to Become Foster Parent for Immigrant Kids

California Immigration

(  This ad appeared in the local ‘Murrieta Penny Saver’ claims to be searching for prospective foster parents for unaccompanied immigrant kids offering up to $6045 tax free.

When Ben contacted the Crittenton (California) Services and Foster Family Agency it was discovered that those willing to take in a child under 16 yrs of age one may receive $854 per month–for those taking in a child over 16 yrs of age the total is $1,008.00 and should one have a 5 bedro0om house and can somehow manage to take in 6 children, one may receive reimbursement of $6,054 per month tax free.

Where’s this money been hiding in the federal coffers?

Flashback: Remember last September, when House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) claimed: “The cupboard is bare, there is no more cuts (in the federal budget) to make. I think its really important that people understand that.”

With so much money already seemingly to be available for housing unaccompanied immigrant kids entering the United States, why is it that Obama asked Congress for an additional $3.78 Billion to deal with the crisis at the Southern border?

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Senate Democrat Majority Leader Harry Reid: “The Border is Secure” What’s he Been Smokin?

Harry Reid Immigration(FOX News) On Tuesday, Senate Democrat Majority Leader Harry Reid claimed, “The border is secure.” What’s he been smokin?
Rep Scott Perry@Twitter

Too Funny: White House Petition to Allow Unaccompanied Central America Children to Move-In With “The Obama’s”

White House PetitionHave you signed this White House Petition? How Will the Obama Administration Respond? 

H/T: Bluegrass Pundit

Obama No Time to Visit Southern Border Because Not Interested in Photo-Ops?

Obama Photo OpPresident Obama Snacks on Texas BBQ While Texas Gov Rick Perry and FOX News Sean Hannity Tour Texas Border Who is Really Out of Touch? Image: Fox & Friends First

Last Thursday 10 July I wrote here that Obama said that the reason he was not going to visit the Southern Border was because he’s not interested in photo-ops.


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H/T: Constantine Soriao

Obama No Time to Visit the Southern Border–Books 15 Day Vacation at Martha’s Vineyard

Obama Vacation

(FOX News) President Obama has no time to visit the Southern border where a humanitarian crisis unfolds however the White House has confirmed this week, “The Obama’s” will return to Martha’s Vineyard for a two week vacation from Saturday, 09 August to Sunday, 24 August

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(Photo Gallery) Obama No Time to Visit Southern Border Because “Not Interested in Photo-Ops”

Obama BilliardsObama No Time to Visit Texas Border –Image: The Tea Party@Twitter

(Free Beacon) CNN’s John King and NY Times Jonathan Martin mocked Obama for claiming the reason behind not visiting the Southern Border was because he’s not interested in photo-ops.

Obama Beer woth Colorado GovObama Has Beer With Democrat Colorado Gov John Hickenhopper
on Tuesday in Denver –Image: WSJ

Obama ColoradoObama No Time to Visit Southern Border But Has Time for Photo-Op With a Guy in a Gorilla Suit in Colorado –Image: Infidel in Texas@Twitter

Obama Meets a Man in a Horse HeadObama No Time to Visit Southern Border But Has Time to Go on a Photo-Op Walk in Denver, Meets Man Wearing Horse Head

Republicans May Have a Lot to Lose with Latino Voters If They Don’t Educate Americans What’s in the Pork Filled ‘Immigration Reform’ Bill

Latino Voters

In a new survey conducted by the George Soros funded liberal Centers for American Progress and Latino Decisions it finds that Republicans allegedly have a lot to win or lose when it comes to the so called Senate passed 1,181 page bi-partisan Immigration Reform Nevada casino, cronyism, pork laden amnesty bill that neither Democrats or the Dinosaur Media will ever tell you about and in all likelihood skewed poll results of respondents who may not have known what is actually in the legislation?

Read about it and weep:

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