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Trump and Police#BlueLivesMatter — #AllLivesMatter  -Image Courtesy: Immigrants*4*Trump

Arab Refugee Men Accused of Dozens of Sexual Assaults in Germany Cologne Over New Year’s

Obama RefugeesObama Wants to Allow 10,000 Syrian Refugees in the U.S. This Year Image Courtesy: K. Jones

(The Local Germany) Men of Arab background have been accused for sexual assaults of dozens of Women that were grabbed and attacked in Germany Cologne over New Year police reported today.

Cologne Mayor Henriette Reker called for a crisis meeting to be held on Tuesday in the wake of the attacks.

MP Steffan Bilger from Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union claimed the events in Cologne were proof Germany needed to reduce its intake of refugees. “It can’t go on like this,” he Tweeted. “Urgently needed reduction of influx, secure borders, intensifying deportations and meaningful justice.”

Is Obama paying attention?

Obama’s a Hypocrite! Denies Asylum to Chaldean Catholics Media is Silent, Where’s the Moral Outrage?

Obama HypocriteRiiight…  POTUS@WhiteHouse Says One Thing But Does Exactly
the Opposite and the Dinosaur Media is Silent

(Catholic World Report) Obama is a Hypocrite: In California 27 Iraqi Christian refugees have been refused asylum.

While the Obama Administration has approved entry of thousands of Syrian-Muslim refugees, 27 Chaldean Catholics seeking to escape violence and anti-Christian persecution in their homeland have been denied entry into the United States — The Chaldean Christians had been held at the Otay Detention Center near San Diego, many of which have family in the U.S. and were willing to take them in and to provide for their needs.

  • Had They Only Been Muslims?

According to the Los Angeles Times on Wednesday, several families of Syrian refugees have been resettled in Texas and Indiana this week even as leaders in both states vowed to step up their efforts the halt the wave of incoming refugees.

“The threats to America’s security are difficult to assess,” Texas Gov Greg Abbott said. “That is why Texas and other states are doing even more to ensure that we safeguard the security of our citizens.”

  • What Does the Obama Administration Have Against Christians?

Earlier today I wrote here that while Hillary Clinton, Democrats and the media have worked themselves up into a frenzy over Donald Trump’s recent immigration proposal however, they were all silent when the Obama Administration (State Dept) denied a visitors visa to a Dominican Nun, Sister Diana Momeka earlier this year, so that she could testify before Congress about persecuted Christians in Iraq.

Democrats Have Conniption Fit Over Trump, Were Silent When Obama Denied Visa to Dominican Nun

Hillary Clinton Tweet
@HillaryClinton Twitter:
Donald Trump’s call for a ‘temporary halt’ to Muslim immigrants traveling to the U.S. reports the Boston Globe “until our country’s representatives can figure out what’s going on,” is outrageous “reprehensible, prejudiced and divisive.”

Why then wasn’t Hillary Clinton, Democrats and the Dinosaur Media, morally outraged and claiming the Obama Administration’s denial of a visitors visa to the U.S. for Dominican Nun, Sister Diana Momeka in order to appear before Congress earlier this year and testify on persecuted Christians in Iraq, reprehensible and prejudicial?

Why the selective outrage? What’s up with the double standard?

Today Christians Celebrate Feast of St. Frances Xavier Cabrini, Patron Saint of Immigrants

St Francis Xavier CabriniSt. Frances Xavier Cabrini (1850-1917)
St. Paul Street Evangelization

(CNA) Born in Italy Lombardy, Frances from a young age longed to be a missionary in China but God had other plans for her.

Orphaned as a child, Frances joined the ‘Sisters of the Sacred Heart’ taking the name ‘Xavier’ in honor of St. Francis Xavier the great missionary to Asia.

At the advice of Pope Leo XIII who told Frances, “Not to the East but to the West,” Frances refocused her attention on the United States, accepting an invitation from Archbishop Corrigan of New York

Frances would come to the U.S. and spent nearly 30 yrs, traveling back-and-forth across the Atlantic, overcoming her fear of the water according to American Catholic but never her fear of drowning. Frances would during her lifetime establish 67 institutions, these would include: Orphanages, Hospitals, Convents and Schools for the often marginalized Italian immigrants.

During Frances’ lifetime she would became a naturalized U.S. Citizen in 1909 — Less than decade later, Frances would pass away just three days before Christmas 1917 in Chicago — On this date in 1938 Frances was Beatified by Pope Pius XI and in 1946 was Canonized by Pope Pius XII and according to SQPN St. Frances Xavier Cabrini, became the first United States Citizen ever to be Canonized. 

More here from EWTN

Rick Wells@Facebook: Racist, Intolerant, Xenophobia, Which Christians & Conservatives Must Condemn

Rick Wells FBRick Wells@Facebook — Racist, Insulting & Sinful Post

What a disgusting and bigoted portrayal Rick Wells@Twitter that all Latinos are gang members and thugs. — FYI: My BFF is an accomplished, talented, hardworking, immigrant, Latina-American, Christian Woman and is nothing as portrayed in the above xenophobic and outrageous Facebook post.

On the 28 April, 2010 I wrote here ‘Few things are as bad in the United States as racism but both political parties (some members of) are coming across as intolerant bigots, hurling racial insults and anti-immigrant intolerant rhetoric at one another, stirring up racial strife, anger and hatred in America.’

When is this going to end? How insulting is Rick Wells@Facebook post to Christian Conservatives@Twitter (#CCOT) Top Conservatives@Twitter (#TCOT) and #TeaParty Conservatives which he claims affiliations with.

Its long overdue for Christians and those who call themselves ‘Christian Conservatives’ to denounce this sort of intolerant, hateful, bigoted and hurtful speech as harmful to America but likewise sinful and must not be encouraged but must be publicly condemned.

“He who says he is in the light and hates his brother is in the darkness still. He who loves his brother abides in the light and in it there is no cause for stumbling but he who hates his brother is in the darkness and walks in the darkness and does not know where he is going because the darkness has blinded his eyes.” —1 John 2:9-11 (RSVCE)

Gen. John Allen: ISIS Jihadists Could Infiltrate Syrian Refugees Coming to U.S.

ISIS RefugeesISIS Jihadists At Large Infiltrate U.S. –Image: Adina Kutnicki

(ABC7 Los Angeles) The United States should be wary of the potential for ISIS operatives to infiltrate the flow of refugees into the West said Gen. John Allen, (USMC Ret) Obama’s ‘Special Envoy for the Global Coalition to Counter ISIS.’

“I think we should watch it. We should be conscious of the potential that ‘Daesh’ (ISIS) may attempt to embed agents within that population,” Gen. Allen said in an interview with Martha Raddatz, ABC News Chief Global Affairs Correspondent — Gen Allen added that he’s confident that the FBI and DHS will work, “very, very hard to prevent them from getting into the country.”

According to a September 2005 study by Janice Kephart, of 94 foreign-born terrorists who operated in the U.S. before and post-9/11:

  • About 2/3 had committed immigration fraud–many of them multiple acts of immigration violations;
  • In 17 instances terrorists claimed to lack the proper immigration documents and applied for political asylum;
  • Fraud was used not only to gain entry into the U.S. but to remain (embedded) in the country.

The Obama Administration announced this week that it wants to increase the number of Syrian Refugees it allows into the United States from 1,500 so far this year to roughly 10,000 in FY 2016 which begins next month.

Update: On Birthright Citizenship and Donald Trump’s Children — An Apology

Trump Children

(Adobo Chronicles) At least three (some may argue four) of Donald Trump’s five children are ‘Anchor Babies’ and could face deportation by ICE under Trump’s own immigration proposal. — Wrong!

While it is true, Mr. Trump’s first wife Ivana was born what’s now the Czech Republic, was living in Canada until at least 1976 and did not become a U.S. Citizen until 1988 and that: Donald Trump, Jr was born in 1977 Ivanka was born in 1981 and Eric was born in 1984

It is clear upon further investigation, that my initial premise questioning whether or not Mr. Trump is the biological father of the three Trump children was wrong and I’m sorry.

I should not have made the claims that I had without more evidence to support it and for this I apologize.

Mr. Trump is the biological father of the three Trump children mentioned herein and as a result thereof I apologize for suggesting otherwise without more evidence than I had to support my initial claim.

As to Trump’s position on ‘anchor babies’ I find it to be constitutionally flawed as I have earlier written and again here. Trump can not support the position that he makes in law or fact.

As for, Donald Trump, Jr together with his siblings Ivanka and Eric, they are in-fact American born citizens just as certain as Sen. Ted Cruz is and is eligible to seek the presidency as Neal Katyal and Paul Clement argued in a well reasoned and sound legal treatise at 128 Harvard Law Review F. 161

Regardless of my erroneous argument earlier made here, Donald Trump’s ‘immigration proposal’ challenging the Constitutionality of birthright citizenship of babies born to ‘undocumented (or as some would prefer illegal) immigrant’ mothers remains seriously flawed pursuant to the 14th Amendment and 117 years of legal precedent established by U.S. -v- Wong Kim Ark 169 U.S. 649 (1898)

In 2010 I argued here when the State of Arizona was attempting to deny birthright citizenship to babies born of undocumented immigrant mothers, Arizona has:

“…reopened century old wounds, resurrecting prejudice, bigotry and hatred of others–was immorally shameful” and violative of the Constitution.

In 2012 the U.S. Supreme Ct in the matter of Arizona -v- United States, Case No. 11-182 declared Arizona statute ‘S.B. 1070’ unconstitutional.

Dear Mr. Trump: Should Mexico Not Pay for the Border Wall, How Much Will It Cost Taxpayers?

U.S. Debt ClockPresent Day: U.S Federal Debt –U.S. Debt Clock

(Newsmax) Completing construction of the ‘Great Wall of Mexico’ to discourage illegal immigration along our Southern border would cost Billions, though experts disagree how many.

With an $18.373 Trillion mushrooming federal debt how does Trump realistically propose to pay for the border fence should Mexico, despite Trump’s ‘great negotiating skills’ refuse to do so?

The federal government starting in the 1990s built one section of a double and triple layered fence–near San Diego, then between passage of the 2006 law and January, 2013 the Feds erected 651 miles (exact length appears to be in dispute) of mostly single layer fencing across our Southern border which cost taxpayers some $2.4 Billion

The ‘Dept of Homeland Security’ has reportedly said that different types of fencing have been put up along sections of the Southern border according to the Washington Examiner this week. In total, some 352 miles have a fence at a cost of over $7 Million a mile, at that rate a full fence would cost at least $11.7 Billion (a wall would cost considerably more) not to mention all of the additional ongoing outlays which would include: lighting, more checkpoints, cameras, vehicle barriers, airport style metal detectors and personnel costs for a total cost of how much?

These are fair questions for voters and for Mr. Trump to provide answers to. While one may be willing to give Mr. Trump, the benefit of the doubt to his response nearly 5 months out before the first GOP primary ballots are cast next year that he’ll “build a great wall” this however, is not an answer that voters (taxpayers) should be willing to accept without more clear and concise answers.

One may be assured if Republicans and Tea Party Conservatives don’t demand answers from Mr. Trump going into 2016 that Democrats and Independents most certainly will.

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