ObamaCare Lite Would Allow Illegals to Obtain Health Insurance and Tax Credits

Thank You @House Freedom Caucus For Supporting Conservative Principles

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(Watch) Illegal Immigrants Charged in Rape of Maryland High School Student

Illegal Immigrant Who Had Been Deported 5 Times to Mexico Kills Young Mother in Los Angeles Car Crash

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Nancy Pelosi Wants to Give All Illegals a “Pathway to Citizenship” Maybe She’d Like These Two MS-13 Thugs to Move-In With Her?

Maybe Nancy Pelosi Would Like to Have These Two MS-13 Thugs Move In With Her?

Illegals! MS-13 Gang Members Smile and Wave at Cameras During Texas Court Hearing on Satanic Murders

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AP Fake News! White House Confirms Trump IS NOT Mobilizing Natl Guard to Round Up Undocumented Immigrants

Lying Hillary: “My Dream is a Hemispheric Common Market With Open Trade & Open Borders”

wikileaks@Wikileaks Hillary Wants the U.S. to be More Like the European Union (EU) — Britain Recently Voted to Exit the EU to Regain its Sovereignty and Control of Its Borders — We Learn the Truth About Hillary’s Position on TPP

  • “A Nation Without Borders is Not a Nation.” -Donald Trump

China Sichuan Begins Crackdown on Illegal Aliens – Where’s the Moral Outrage & Charges of Racism by the Left?

China SichuanChina’s Crackdown on Illegal Aliens Have Begun — Where’s the Protests and Moral Outcry by the Left and Dinosaur Media Accusing Beijing of Being Racist and Xenophobic? -Image: Shanghaiist

(ECNS) Employers in China Sichuan who hire illegal aliens will be find up to 100,000 Yuan ($15,166 USD) – The campaign by police arresting illegal aliens began in May and will mainly target illegals who unlawfully enter the country, gain employment and stay in Sichuan Province.

According to Chinese law, foreigners charged with illegal entry will be fined between 1000 to 10,000 Yuan ($150 to $1500 USD) as well as possibly facing jail time from five to ten days depending on the severity of their cases — following which they will be deported and will be denied reentry back into China from one to five years.

China Sichuan Police said that individuals or agencies that assist illegal aliens to work unlawfully will be fined between 5000 to 100,000 Yuan ($758 to $15,166 USD) – Local residents have been encouraged to report illegals working in Sichuan Province to Police.

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