Obama: ‘More People Entering Workforce’ – Reality: 94M+ Not in Labor Force, Decline of 41K

Obama Claims Americans Finding Work  — Riiight…

(WFB) Numbers Don’t Lie: 94 Million+ Americans
Not in Labor Force a Decline of 41K from January

Women Drop Out of Labor Force66,000 More Women Drop Out of Labor Force in January from December Image: Table A-1 Bureau of Labor Statistics

Obamanomics: Are You Ready for the Next Recession & Severe Market Drop?

Obamanomics EffectObamanomics Effect in 2016 –MarketWatch Graph

(MarketWatch) Another brokerage firm has used the ‘R’ word on Tuesday warning investors to wake-up to the idea that rising risks of a Recession could send the stock market over a deep cliff.

Based on current valuations, the prices of most stocks don’t appear to have factored in a recession scenario ‘hence the downside should we see a recession could be rather severe,’ RBC Capital Markets global equity team wrote in research notes to clients.

Applying a stress test to their coverage universe, using a worst case price to earnings valuations seen during the 2008-2009 recession, RBC analysts said that they believe the shares of most companies could still fall another 50% or more from current trading levels.

The concern for RBC analysts stems from the recently volatility in the stock market caused by macro weakness, softness in China and commodity market challenges. — The warning follows a note issued earlier this year at Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) to investors to “sell everything” ahead of an imminent stock crash. It had warned its clients that 2016 could be a “cataclysmic year.”

Rest here from Intl Business Times

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U.S. $19+ Trillion Debt — Remember When Obama Said Bush ‘Unpatriotic’ for Adding $4 Trillion to Natl Debt

US Debt ClockU.S. Debt Clock TodayFederal Deficit Was $10.626 Trillion
When Obama Took Office

Flashback: Remember when Sen Obama called then President Bush “Unpatriotic” for adding $4 Trillion to the Federal Deficit in 8 years

China Regime Arrests Christian Pastor After Opposing Removal of Crosses

China ChristiansFears of a Bid to ‘Silence’ Christians in China
After More Arrests –Premier

(China Change) Pastor Gu Yuese, leader minister of a Chinese govt approved sanctioned Church in Hangzhou, was arrested on the 27 January and placed in secret detention for opposing cross removal. Pastor Gu’s wife Zhou Lianmei was arrested with him but is believed to have been subsequently released. Their home was ransacked by Chinese authorities, an indication that criminal charges will be brought against him.

Last July, the Zhejiang Christian Council headed by Pastor Gu, published a strongly worded open letter opposing the campaign in the Province to tear down Church Crosses — Pastor Gu’s disappearance is believed to be in retaliation for his refusal to cooperate with the China regime.

In August, I posted a picture here of Chinese Christians Wenzhou, protesting the removal of Crosses and on the 30 December, 2014 I wrote here about other Crosses in Wenzhou, together with a Cross at a convalescent home in Hangzhou Zhejiang Province, ordered removed by China regime Marxist Thugs.

Where is the moral outrage by the Obama Administration, MSM and political candidates, of the ongoing Christian persecution in China?

ISIS Now Controls Libyan WMDs — Obama Claimed ISIS Contained in November

Libya Strategic For ISIS(ASAHRQ) ISIS Now Controls Libya Nerve Agent ‘Sarin’ Gas
Storage Facility — Libya Provides ISIS Access to Ports & Large Stash
of Weapons to Export Terrorism –Image Courtesy: The Soufan Group

Obama Claimed Before ISIS Attack in Paris That ISIS Is Contained

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How’s That Covered California Working Out This Year? Still Not So Good, Huh…

Covered California...@Liz Kofman Covered California Like the Federal ObamaCare Website Continues Having Computer Issues — Go Figure —

Covered CaliforniaGovt Bureaucracy: Covered California Hasn’t Even be Able to Correct What Should Be Easy to Change in Its System for @Caitlin Doughty

Flashback: Last March I wrote here and here about other issues with Covered California — Isn’t government bureaucracy just peachy?

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ObamaCare: Federal Panel Now Recommends Physicians Screen All Adults for Depression

Big Brother Task ForceBig Brother’s Task Force — Govt Overreach — @Dr. Kris Held MD

(LA Times) In a sign that the treatment of depression is shifting to the mainstream of medical care (thanks to ObamaCare) a federal panel has now ‘recommended’ that general physicians screen all adults for depression and treat those affected by mood disorders with antidepressant medications and/or refer them for psychotherapy.

For the first time the U.S. Preventative Services Task Force also advised physicians assess all pregnant and postpartum Women for signs of depression as well as seniors.

On the 20 January, Hillary Clinton Tweeted, “We need to protect and build on the Affordable Care Act…”

Good Grief, more-and-more government intrusion in peoples daily lives. Where does it end? Are the days of a limited federal government gone forever?

Flashback: Remember when, “Government is not the solution to our problems, government is the problem.” –President Ronald Reagan (1981)

Another back door approach by Big Brother to declare that much of the nation is or has been depressed at one time in their life or another, “A slippery slope with interoperable meaningful use of government sanctioned electronic medical records,” writes Dr. Kris Held via Twitter.

As China Threatens Taiwan, Hillary Clinton and Most Republican Presidential Hopefuls Are Silent

Hillary Clinton ChinaActivists Shocked That Hillary Clinton Vowed Not to Let Human Rights Concerns Hinder Cooperation with the China Regime –CDT 2009

(WSJ) Taiwan held an historic election this week, with voters giving a landslide victory to the opposition and making DPP Tsai Ing-wen its first female president. The result has major implications for China, the United States and Asia, the wealthiest and most populous region in the world but did America’s future leaders notice?

Hillary Clinton who hopes to be the first female president and boasts of engineering the U.S. pivot to Asia said nothing about Taiwan this week. Clinton highlighted the tainted water scandal in Michigan, published paeans to Obama’s leadership and Tweeted about the scourge of “mansplaining” but there was no press release congratulating Taiwan and Tsai Ing-wen and no statement from the campaign trail.

Some Republicans did better. “Taiwan’s latest election once again shows the island to be a thriving democracy,” Marco Rubio said in a statement, calling for expanded economic, political and security cooperation with “one of America’s oldest and most loyal friends in Asia.”

Ted Cruz said, Taiwanese citizens “tenacious witness to the promise of liberty is a beacon of light to their neighbors, yearning to be free. America honors our friend and ally today.”

Former Florida Gov Jeb Bush, NJ Gov Chris Christie and Ohio Gov John Kasich may share these sentiments but they didn’t say so. Donald Trump was similarly mute.

U.S. foreign policy isn’t determined solely by what candidates do or don’t say while campaigning and thank goodness for that but campaign rhetoric reflects popular priorities and the general failure to note Taiwan’s election isn’t an isolated event. It reflects a too common practice of misunderstanding Taiwan’s importance as a U.S. partner, Asian bellweather and target of China (regime) aggression.

The U.S. assesses that preparing to fight Taiwan remains the ‘primary mission’ of China’s military. Taiwan once enjoyed technological military superiority along with ‘the inherent geographic advantages of island defense’ a Pentagon report to Congress said last year but recent Chinese modernization has ‘eroded or negated many of these factors.’

China’s Communists consider Taiwan a renegade province and threaten war if the island won’t voluntarily unify with China. — China State TV last year showed a military drill in which PLA soldiers stormed a replica of Taiwan’s presidential office…the phrase ‘use force to unify Taiwan’ exploded on Chinese social-media after this weeks election of DPP Tsai Ing-wen, whose platform emphasized Taiwan’s right to democratic self-government.

The U.S. pivot to Asia sought to deter Chinese aggression but ignored Taiwan. William Stanton, the career diplomat who represented the United States in Taipei from 2009-2012 said that, ‘the biggest failure of the Obama Administration’s policy towards China has been its handling of Taiwan, including ‘the omission of any references to Taiwan in describing the U.S. policy of reorientation to Asia.’ The U.S. last month announced a modest arms sale to Taiwan but that followed an unprecedented four year hiatus.

Taiwan’s size and economy certainly don’t justify its being overlooked. It has 23 million people, as many as Australia and more than most countries in the world. Largely due to its electronic exports, its America’s 10th largest trading partner ahead of India.

It’s peaceful transition from authoritarianism to democracy starting in the 1980s should be a model for the world, Chinese leaders and their boosters in the West sometime speak of a ‘Beijing model’ challenging the liberal-democratic ‘Washington consensus’ but Taiwan’s election showed how poor China looks in comparison.

China imprisons female human rights activists, lawyers and journalists; Taiwan has a female president-elect. Chinese citizens go to jail for asking their leaders to disclose personal assets; Taiwan president-elect Tsai Ing-wen asset disclosure was barely even noticed. — The Chinese doctor who became a national hero for curbing the 2003 SARS outbreak Jiang Yanyong, was soon detained for discussing the Tiananmen Square Massacre; Taiwan’s SARS hero Dr. Chen Chien-jen is now vice president-elect.

Then there is Hong Kong, where Beijing ‘promised’ to respect civil liberties and thereby create a model for Taiwan to come under its sovereignty. With Beijing’s promise of democracy now broken and mainland China agents accused of abducting government critics off Hong Kong streets, its no wonder, Taiwanese back politicians who pledge to preserve their distance from Beijing.

Studying a map reveals other aspects of Taiwan’s importance. Taiwan sits at the center of the Western Pacific’s ‘first island chain’ which stretches from Indonesia in the south to Japan in the north, bounding China’s coast and limiting Beijing’s ability to threaten the open ocean militarily. China’s control of Taiwan would mean that Chinese submarines based on the island’s east coast, with free access up and down the Pacific.

U.S. allies such as Japan consider Taiwan essential to their own security. The erosion of U.S. attention to Taiwan–and certainly the abandonment of Taiwan that some American scholars propose, could shatter U.S. alliances in Asia, which grave regional security consequences such as Japan and South Korea going nuclear.

So the election of Tsai Ing-wen, would be a good moment for Taiwan to regain American’s attention. China’s attempts to bully Taipei’s new government economically, diplomatically or militarily may soon force the U.S. to pay great attention to some crisis but that only underscores the issue’s importance now. Something for presidential hopefuls to consider as they traverse Iowa and New Hampshire.

Iran General to United States: “See You On the Battlefield” Suckers

John Kerry Iean DealThe Ink is Barely Dry on the Iran Deal Which @JohnKerry/Obama Administration Got Snookered Into, Falling for It Hook, Line and Sinker

(Daily Caller) The Deputy Chief of Staff for Iran’s military said the country’s response to new U.S. missile sanctions will come “on the real battlefield.”

Brig General Masoud Jazayeri, said on Tuesday, that diplomatic relations will not hinder Iran’s resolute and relentless military advances and that the Islamic (Fascist) Republic is ready to build up its defenses.

“Upgrading the country’s defense and missile equipment is among the Armed Forces priorities and its process will not stop for even a moment,” said Jazayeri according to Iran’s Press TV

The Obama Administration has defended the recent $150 Billion in sanctions relief given to Islamic Fascist Iran as part of the nuclear sell out together with an additional $1.7 Billion payment to the regime which “ends up being a very good deal for taxpayers,” said White House Press Secy Josh Earnest — In 1979 following the Islamic Revolution, the U.S. kept a $400 Million payment from Iran for military equipment which the U.S. refused to deliver after 52 Americans were held hostage by the regime for 444 days and not released until the day of President Reagan’s first inauguration.

Earnest said that Iran previously wanted $8 Billion in interest payments as a condition to the release of 5 American hostages but ‘settled for’ just $1.7 Billion — Iran snookered the American negotiators.

ISIS Destroys Oldest Catholic Monastery in Iraq — Obama Claimed ISIS is Contained

(SF Gate) The oldest Catholic Monastery in Iraq has been reduced to a pile of rubble yet another victim of ISIS relentless destruction of places that it considers heretical.

Flashback: On the 09 April, 2015 I posted pictures here of ISIS destruction of Churches in Iraq and Syria — On the 25 July, 2014 I posted pictures here of ISIS destruction of the Prophet Jonah’s Tomb.

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ISIS Holds About 3,500 Slaves in Iraq Mostly Women & Children