Unemployment Rate Drops to 4.6% — Record 95,055,000 Not In Labor Force, Labor Participation Rate Drops in November

So Much For Obama’s ‘Paris Agreement’

obama-paris-agreementObama is in Denial Just How Irrelevant his Presidency is On the World’s Stage

(Mirror) Experts in Two Cities Have Warned Those Experiencing Discomfort Such as Sore Eyes, a Cough or a Sore Throat are Advised to Consider Reducing Their Activity, Especially Outdoors

Obama’s Last Minute EPA Rules Push Regulatory Costs Past $1Trillion – $3,080 Per Person

epa-cartoonObama Still Has 50 Days Left in Office To Impose Even More Nuttier Govt Regulations

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Ohio State University Islamic Jihadist Identified as Somali Refugee Abdul Razak Ali-Artan Granted Permanent Residency in 2014 – Thanks Obama!

(RT News) Islamic Jihad Terrorist Thug Abdul Razak Ali Artan Came to the U.S. in 2014 as a Refugee and was Granted Permanent Residency — Thanks Obama.

osu-jihadistIn 25 August issue of the OSU Lantern Abdul Razak Ali Artan, complained about the lack of Muslim prayer rooms at OSU and claimed that people misjudge him unfairly because he’s a Muslim and prays five times a day to the false prophet Allah

Iran’s Grand Islamic Wizard Khamenei: Wah, Wah, Wah…

khameneiPresident-Elect Donald Trump has Threatened to Rip Up Obama’s Iran Deal Which Was Never Ratified by the Senate — Obama Remains in a State of Denial

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Too Funny — Cartoon of the Day

(Video) ObamaCare: Democrats Still Must Think We’re Too Stupid to Know What’s Good For Us

Obama’s Legacy: Record Budget Deficit & Taxes

us-debt-clockU.S. Debt Clock Today



Obama Had the Audacity to Call President George W. Bush “Unpatriotic” for Adding $4 Trillion to Budget Deficit During his Watch — During Obama’s Watch the Federal Deficit Nearly Doubled from $11 Trillion to Just Under $20 Trillion

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(Video) “Bill Clinton is a Rapist” Protesters Crash Obama Speech

Demonstrators Blow ‘Rape Whistles’ as Hillary Clinton Supporter Yells Profanity

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Obamanomics: See The “Extraordinary Progress” Hillary Clinton Wants Voters To Remember On Election Day

hrc-tweetHillary Clinton Calls This “Extraordinary Progress” — I’m Thinking This Oregon Family and Many Other Americans Would Call It Something Else –Via: Deplorable Toni

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