Priorities: Obama Appoints ‘Political Hack’ Ebola Czar and then Goes Golfing With ESPN Host

Obama Watch Appoints Ebola Czar: ‘We Weren’t Looking for Ebola Expert’

Ebola Czar(Rare) Obama Administration on New Ebola Czar: “What we were looking for was not an Ebola expert but rather an implementation expert.”
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Hong Kong Police Thugs Pepper Spray and Brutally Beat ‘Freedom Movement’ Student Activist — Obama Continues to Say Nothing

HK Democracy MovementHong Kong Police Raided ‘Umbrella Movement’ Pro Democracy Camp Only to Find Thousands of Determined Students –Image: Nadira Lamrad

HK Student Injured by PoliceHong Kong Police Brutalized “Freedom Movement” Student Wednesday
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(SCMP) 21 year old “Alex” a Hong Kong student has accused  Police of beating him with fists and batons, subsequently pepper spraying him straight into his eyes, temporarily blinding him Wednesday night during the continuing freedom demonstrations.

Alex was among 45 people arrested by Hong Kong Police Thugs–later saying that he was “scared and angry at the moment but now overwhelmed with sadness and extreme disappointment at the Police force.” 

As Hong Kong’s mass ‘Freedom Movement’ continues, the China regime has detained dozens of mainland residents openly supporting the movement for universal suffrage rights activists while Obama continues to say nothing on behalf of the pro-Democracy students.

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Oh No! 3rd Health Care Worker Exposed to Ebola Travels, Boarding a Cruise Ship Now in Quarantine

Ebola -- Ebama(NY Times) Adding a new disturbing and troubling dimension to the search for Americans exposed to Ebola, the U.S. State Dept said today that another health care worker of Texas Presbyterian Hospital traveled out of Dallas and boarded a cruise ship with a companion on Sunday the 12 October in Galveston, Texas

This latest health care worker who shouldn’t be traveling, is only identified as a Lab Supervisor according to the LA Times and is now being isolated aboard a Carnival Cruise Ship near Belize, which has been denied permission to dock to prevent the possible further spread of the communicable disease which the World Health Organization announced this week has a 70% mortality rate.

What if Obama had issued a travel ban to foreign nationals wanting to come to the United States from Ebola ravaged West Africa as some 30 other nations have already done?

The 26 year old Liberian man Thomas Duncan who died from the infectious disease last week, wouldn’t have arrived into the United States contaminating and cross contaminating potentially hundreds of Americans with the deadly Ebola virus which has already killed thousands.

More here from Breitbart News

Obama Administration/CDC Regarding Ebola Crisis: “We Know How to Control Ebola” — Huh?

Travel Ban(Real Clear Politics) Dr Ben Carson: ‘We Should Have Designated Location for Ebola Patients–Travel Ban Makes Imminent Sense’
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Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Director Dr Tom Frieden, appearing before a Congressional Committee Thursday according to FOX News in response to questioning about putting a travel ban into place from those countries in West Africa to the United States:

Frieden: The CDC knows “how to control Ebola” using “tried and true measures. ” That the government will “consider any options” to protect Americans however Frieden, continued to argue against a travel ban, over his apparent desire to “protect fledgling economies.”


There is no inherent right of foreign nationals to travel into the United States.

Had Obama done his duty to protect Americans and imposed a travel ban from West Africa before the 26 year old Liberian man Thomas Duncan traveled into D/FW Airport Texas, in all probability the Ebola virus would not have arrived into the United States, infecting two Texas nurses with the deadly disease which according to the LA Times has a 70% mortality rate and which the World Health Organization warns that Ebola cases could skyrocket in weeks.

Who knows how many others have now been exposed in Texas and Ohio where 29 year old nurse Amber Vinson recently traveled and while exhibiting Ebola symptoms, boarded a Frontier Airlines flight from Cleveland, Ohio this week potential contaminating and cross contaminating hundreds of unsuspected Americans.

When is the Obama Administration going to do their first duty to protect Americans by imposing a travel ban from those West Africa countries in which the Ebola virus has already killed thousands, instead of worrying about ‘protecting the fledgling economies’ of other nations?

Obama Grinch: New Federal Regulations Target ‘Hazardous’ Christmas Lights

Obama GrinchWhy Does the ‘Obama Grinch’ Want to Steal Christmas?
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(The Hill) Christmas lights and other seasonal holiday decorations are the target of new federal regulations as the holiday’s approach.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission has proposed new requirements this week requiring that lighting sculptures from reindeer and Santa Claus figures meet new federal standards which outlines “minimum wire size, sufficient strain reliefs or over current-protection” the agency wrote.

H/T: FOX Nation

Flashback: Remember When Obama Reminded Americans His Policies Are On the Ballot…

Obamanomics ISIS(Daily Caller) Obama Reminds Americans That His Policies Are on the Ballot–Every One of Them –Image: Dan Joseph@Twitter

Obama Job ApprovalObama ‘Foreign Policy’ Approval Rating Hits New Low –WSJ

Obama Administration/Dept of Defense Claims ‘Climate Change’ is a Natl Security Threat

ISIS Ebola(The Hill) Pentagon: Climate Change a Natl Security Threat??? When Has ‘Climate Change’ Beheaded Americans?–Image: Judy Stines@Twitter

CDC Mixed Messages: Second Texas Nurse Should Not Have Traveled Monday — Those Exposed Risk “Very Low” Huh?

Obama EbolaObama Administration Handling of Ebola Crisis –Image: Feisty Floridian

(Reuters) The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Director Dr Thomas Frieden said on Wednesday, he believes the risk to passengers who shared a Frontier Airlines flight on Monday with the Dallas health care worker infected with Ebola are “very low.”

Mixed Messages: CDC Director Dr Thomas Frieden also said today, that the second Texas Nurse identified as 29 yr old Amber Vinson infected with Ebola Reuters reports should not have traveled on an airplane Monday.

Are the Frontier Airlines passengers and crew, together with all of the people that had contact with Vinson in Ohio while she had Ebola symptoms and was admittedly running a temperature of 99.5 at risk of contracting the deadly virus or are they not?

If Vinson should not have traveled on an airplane on Monday, what comfort does this provide to all of those persons that had contact with Vinson in Summit County Ohio before she went to the Cleveland, Ohio airport?

More here Dallas Officials Warn More Ebola Cases Could Be Coming -WSJ

Obama’s Watch: Now a Second Texas Health Care Worker Tests Positive For Ebola

EbolaEbola & Team Obama ‘The Gift to America That Keeps on Giving’
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(NBC News)  A second Texas health care worker who provided care to the 26 year old Liberian man Thomas Duncan who died last week, has now contracted the Ebola virus according to preliminary test results and was immediately isolated at Texas Presbyterian Hospital.

Flashback: Remember in September when Obama claimed, that the Ebola virus shouldn’t reach our shores.”

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