Morning Joe Scarborough Breaks Media Silence on “Hallelujah Chorus” Dismissing Former NSA Susan Rice Unmasking Scandal

Former Obama NSA Susan Rice Denied Knowing Anything About Wiretapping Trump Campaign & Transition Team

Former Obama NSA Susan Rice @25 Seconds Denied Knowing Anything About Unmasking of Americans Names During Surveillance of the Trump Campaign & Transition

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Idiocy! CNN Commentator: “Barack Obama Had to Be the Next Best Thing to Jesus”

@42 Seconds CNN Commentator says, “Barack Obama had to be the next best thing to Jesus.”

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Its About Time For Liberals & Socialist Bernie Sanders to Step Up and Pay Their Fair Share

“You Leftists Out There Need to Step Up on Your Taxes” –@CarrieLovesAmerica

“Big Brother Is Watching You” -George Orwell, 1984

“If You Want to Keep It (Anything) a Secret,
You Must Also Hide It From Yourself.” –George Orwell


@WikiLeaks: CIA Hacking Tools Revealed

The Government Knows All — No Warrants Necessary
When Was the 4th Amendment Repealed?

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(Watch) Mark Levin Lays Out Compelling Case of Illegal Wiretapping by the Obama Administration of Donald Trump

Congress & DoJ Must Launch Investigation Into These Serious Allegations

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