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U.S. Says Russia Tested Cruise Missile Violating Treaty, What New? Obama Admin Remains Silent on Russia Violation of ‘The Budapest Memorandum’

Hillary Clinton Russia ResetGatewayPundit: Hillary Clinton Now Says She Was “Most Skeptical”
of Reset With Russia
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(Free Beacon) In a letter from President Obama to Russian President Vladimir Putin, the United States has alleged Russian violation of the Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces Treaty the NY Times reports.

According to Senior administration officials, the U.S. Embassy delivered Obama’s letter today which concluded that Russia had tested a ground launched cruise missile in direct c9ontravention of the treaty–Republican lawmakers have criticized the Obama Administration’s reaction to the breach which has long been known to officials acc0rding to the New York Times.

Flashback: On the 09 March, I wrote here that President Obama was on vacation “again” when the “Ruskies” invaded Ukraine in direct violation of The Budapest Memorandum executed in 1994 between President Bill Clinton together with British P.M. John Major and Russian President Boris Yelstin as part of the denuclearization of the former Soviet Union, promising to protect the sovereignty of the Ukrainian territorial borders from an invading military.

The Obama Administration and the dinosaur media have all been silent when it comes to this forgotten piece of history–should any treaty alliance with the United States have any meaning at all any longer?

Hamas Chief Terrorist Thug Khaled Meshaal: We Have No Current Plans to Coexist With Israel

Hamas LeaderHamas Chief Terrorist Thug Threatens Israel
Image: Truth About Hamas

(Business Insider) Khaled Meshaal, Hamas Chief Terrorist Thug said in a recent interview with PBS Host Charlie Rose that Hamas has no plans to coexist with Israel or recognize the Jewish state.

The Times of Israel reports today that on Sunday, during a phone call between President Obama and Israel PM Benjamin Netanyahu that Obama called for an “immediate, unconditional humanitarian ceasefire that ends hostilities now.”

On Sunday Netanyahu appearing on CNN’s ‘State of the Union’ said that Hamas was already violating its own ceasefire which they proposed. “Hamas doesn’t even accepts its own ceasefire. Its continuing to fire at us as we speak.”

Why is it that Obama seems to believe that Israel should stand-down and not defend itself from Islamic Jihadists that want to destroy her?

Christian Genocide in the Middle East, Where’s the Moral Outrage by Obama & the Liberal Left?

Christian GenocideChristian Genocide –Image: Ken Gardner@Twitter

Christian Genocide...A Century Ago What’s Now Turkey was 25% Christian Now its 99% Muslim-Christian Genocide Happening Again in Middle East -Rorate Caeli

For the First Time in 2000 YearsAfter 2000 Years Christians Were Forced to Leave Iraq Mosul
Image: Precept Ministries@Facebook

(Independent)  The Vicar of the Anglican Church in Iraq has warned the end for Christians in the country  appears “very near” as he appealed for help after the deadline set by Islamic Jihadists has come-and-gone for Christians to Convert or Die—for those Christians that did not comply with the 19 July decree, ISIS Jihadists said “there is nothing to give them but the sword.” Things are very desperate–people are disappearing.

Mosul Archbishop Amei Nona who has become a refugee himself when ISIS Jihadists took over the city three weeks ago says, “My diocese no longer exists, ISIS have taken it from me,” with approximately about 10,000 members of the diocese are now on the run. “I don’t know whether they will ever be able to return to Mosul,” Archbishop Nona said.

More here ‘Mosul Archbishop: My Diocese No Longer Exists’ –CNA

Rep Frank Wolf (R-VA) Slams Obama Ignoring Christian Genocide in Iraq

Obama Wants Repeal of Iraq War Authorization So U.S. Can’t Engage ISIS

Purged by ISIS, Iraq Christians Appeal to the World for Help –FOX News

(Video) Muslims Behead 50 People–Place Their Heads on Poles –Shoebat

ISIS Now Aggressively  Pursuing Christians in Nineveh –Catholic Online

Obama’s Watch: Typical American Household Now Worth 1/3 Less

Another Obama Foreign Policy Success Story: U.S. Embassy in Tripoli, Libya Closed Amid Chaos

Burned Out AircraftBurned Out Aircraft at Tripoli Airport –Images: Intl Business Times

Libyan AirportBullet Holes Riddle Baggage Claim Area at Tripoli Airport

(FOX News) The U.S. has finally decided to shut down its embassy in Tripoli, Libya, evacuating dozens of diplomats to neighboring Tunisia under U.S. military escort amid a significant deterioration in security in Tripoli, as fighting intensified between rival militias.

What took them so long?

In 2011 The Washington Post reported the Obama Administration announced the reopening of the U.S. Embassy in Tripoli, holding up Libya “as a model for a kind of American leadership that relies on partnership and persistence” claiming that this provides a ‘partial vindication’ of Obama’s politically difficult decision to open a third military front in an Islamic country.


Obama Car Wreck of the Day

Obama Car Wreck of the DayObama Car Wreck of the Day –Image: The Peoples Cube

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Huge Iran Al-Quds Day Rallies Call for Death to Israel, Burn U.S. & Israel Flags

Iran Burns Israel FlagsIslamic Fascist Iranians Burn Israel Flags –Images: Al-Akhbar@Twitter

Iran Burns U.S. FlagIranians Burn U.S. Flag

(Times of Israel) Iranians rallied nationwide today in a show of support for the destruction of both Israel and the United States all of these protest rallies are going on while the Obama administration proposes giving Iran another $2.8 Billion seemingly to believe that he and Secy of State John Kerry can somehow charm Iran into a nuclear deal.

New IRS Form Proves That Obama Lied About Individual Mandate Surtax

Incomes TaxesFederal Income Tax Failure –Image: J. Jacobs@Twitter

(ATR) On Thursday, the IRS released a slew of new tax forms–the new draft Form 1040 shows a new ObamaCare surtax line has been created for payment of the individual mandate surtax.

ObamaCare TaxesNew IRS Draft Form 1040 Proves that Obama Repeatedly Lied About Individual Mandate Tax –Image: Elisabeth@Twitter

President Obama repeatedly:

(a) denied that the ObamaCare surtax was actually a tax;

(b) claimed that he would not raises taxes on the middle-class;

President Obama is a pathological liar.

Thanks to Obama’s Disengagement Foreign Policy: ISIS Jihadists Blow-Up Prophet Jonah’s Tomb in Iraq

Jonah's Tomb Before and After(CNN)  Prophet Jonah’s Tomb in Iraq Before & After Photo’s After ISIS Jihadists Blew it Up –Image: Liberty Lynx@Twitter

ISIS Jonah's Tomb(Video) ISIS Jihadists Sledgehammered the Prophet Jonah’s Tomb