Obama Calls Trump’s Plan for Border Wall Ridiculous — U.S. Taxpayers Pay for Tunisia & Egypt Fortified Security Fence

Tusnia Border Fence(Defense News) If Donald Trump’s Plan to Construct a Border Wall is So ‘Wacky and Ridiculous’ Why Did Obama OK American Taxpayers Dollars to Pay for Tunisia and Egypt Fortified Security Fence Constructed in 2015 ?

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Then & Now — How Times Have Changed

How Times Have ChangedObama’s Watch: How Times Have Changed
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Obama Legacy — Foreign Policy Doldrums

Obama Chaos(CNN) Iraq Green Zone & Parliament Stormed by Protesters Following Shiite Cleric’s Speech — Video Flashback: Remember When Obama said: ‘We’re Leaving Behind a Sovereign, Stable and Self Reliant Iraq’

Obama Legacy: Self Delusion & Exploding Federal Deficits

Obamanomics(NY Times) Despite Obama’s rosy economic perception and claims that the economy is in much better shape than the public appreciates, together with his delusional claims of falling budget deficits (by roughly three quarters) since he took office — numbers just don’t lie unlike someone else that I won’t mention.

US Debt ClockU.S. Debt Clock Today
In March 2009 according to Politico the Federal Budget Deficit Hit $10.9 Trillion
During Obama’s Watch the Federal Budget Deficit has Nearly Doubled

Flashback: Remember When Obama Claimed George Bush Was Irresponsible and Unpatriotic for Adding $4 Trillion to the Federal Budget Deficit?
What Does This Make Obama???

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Homeownership Rate Falls to 3rd Lowest on Record – Hillary Clinton.com Cheers Obamanomics

Hillary Clinton Cheers ObamanomicsHillary Clinton.com Cheers Obamanomics

(MarketWatch) The rate that Americans own their own homes fell in the first quarter to the third lowest on record and indication that worsening finances as well as changing preferences since the great recession are altering behavior.

Homeownership RatesThe U.S. Dept of Commerce reported that the homeownership rate fell to 63.6% in the first quarter marking the third lowest figure since the 63.5% low in the second quarter 2015 — the homeownership rate was 67.8% in the quarter when the U.S. entered recession.

On Thursday I wrote here that the U.S. Dept of Commerce GDP report shows the nation’s economy growing at just an anemic 0.5% the slowest pace in two years.

(Video) Health Insurances Premiums are About to Rise For Those Who Pay Them

Health Ins Premiums(Catholic Online) Insurance companies are telling Obama and the American people, they must raise premiums, others are pulling out of the ObamaCare Exchanges” just this week we’ve learned that United Healthcare, the biggest health insurer in the U.S. is pulling out of most of the so called marketplaces in 2017 — this is more proof that ObamaCare, rammed down our throats by the Democrats that controlled Congress during the first two years of Obama’s presidency, haphazardly designed a system destined to fail.

Gone are the day’s of Obama’s grandiose promises that ObamaCare would drive down healthcare costs by $2500 a year — where oh where are those promised savings? I digress.

Insurance companies are complaining they cannot generate profits while treating patients–businesses often change what markets will bear and because health care is related to survival, people will pay premium costs. However without meaningful competition, regulation and government collusion, prices naturally rise to a premium cost that prices out those at the bottom and may bankrupt the middle.

Compelling the middle-class to make installments in their pending bankruptcies — Many Americans have realized there is nothing “Affordable” about the Democrat passage of the so called ‘Affordable Care Act’ – On the 10 November, I wrote here that ObamaCare deductibles were rising faster faster than premiums or wages and that a majority of the co-ops were failing and at significant cost to the taxpayers.

Hopefully the rallying call this year during the presidential race will be to repeal and replace this monstrosity called ObamaCare with health insurance which Americans can purchase across state lines (as they do life and car insurance today) which will drive competition, lowering insurance premiums and the sky-high deductibles which have resulted when government meddles in the marketplace.

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Obama Claims ISIS on the Run — ISIS Jihadists Overwhelm Rebel Forces Supported by U.S. Airstikes

Obama ISISNot So Fast President Obama – They’ve Regrouped… 

Breaking News: After Obama’s Pep-Talk this Week, ISIS Overwhelms Rebel Forces –Terror Monitor.org

(AMN) ISIS has established full control over Tall Sha’ir in Northern Aleppo despite rebel commanders inside the town preparing for the attack, their rebel army was just overwhelmed by ISIS Jihadists charging from three flanks, forcing the rebels to cut-n-run.

Heavy clashes are still ongoing in Northern Aleppo with the death toll already in the hundreds on both sides — in related news, ISIS Jihadists have set fire to nearby refugee camps set up by NGOs.

Despite U.S. led airstrikes to prevent ISIS advances, ISIS were able to raise their flag in the town center of Tall Sha’ir — So much for Obama’s latest game changing strategy.

Chinese Human Rights Activists Demonstrate On Behalf of Persecuted Christians at White House

Obama Administration Announces $139 Million in Humanitarian Relief For Yemen – Remember in 2014 When They Called Yemen’s War on Terror a Success Story

US YemenJohn Kerry: How’s Nearly $1 Billion in American Taxpayers Dollars Since 2011 Helped Yemen?

(Rueters) Al-Qaeda now runs its own mini-state in Yemen, flush with funds from raiding banks and levying taxes on goods & fuel arriving into port — How pray tell is the U.S. going to provide humanitarian assistance to those in need without some or much of it being seized by Islamic Jihadists?

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Today Six China Human Rights Defenders Collectively Received 20.5 Years in Prison for Exercising Rights to Free Speech, Assembly & Association

China Human Rights DefendersFlashback: On the 16 November the Obama Administration Tweeted that the China Regime is, “Peaceful, Stable, Prosperous & a Responsible Player in International Affairs.”


China HRD
Occup HK

Buddihst Monk

More here from China Human Rights Defenders@Twitter

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