Obama’s 5th Trip to Asia Will Not Include Visit to U.S. Ally Taiwan But Will to Mosque in Malaysia

Keep Taiwan FreeAwesome Drawing–Keep Taiwan Free –Image: Stinky Tofu@Twitter

Obama Asia TripObama Pivots to Asia –Image: Stars and Stripes

(Taiwan News) As President Obama departs for Asia to reassure allies of the U.S. commitment in the region, Taiwan (again) is notably absent on Obama’s agenda.

While Obama can’t seem to find the time to visit Taiwan, what trip would be complete if he didn’t visit a giant Mosque in Malaysia?

According to the USA Today Obama’s trip to Malaysia will be largely symbolic than substantive, given that its on the CIA’s ‘Watch List’ for the sexual exploitation of Women and Children that some govt officials are reportedly complicit in.

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Obama’s Boring Orange County, California ‘Organizing For Action’ Academy

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Boring OFAClose Up Image:  Nap Time…

Covered California is a New Democrat Voter Registration Drive

Help Save 26 Yr Old Iranian Rape Survivor Reyhaneh Jabbari, Tortured & Sentenced to Death

Save Reyhaneh Jabbari From Execution in IranSave Reyhaneh Jabbari From Execution in Iran@Facebook

Iranian Women...Iranian Women are Second Class Citizens–Protests Against Forced Wearing of the Hijab –Image: Secular Academy

(Al Arabiya) 26 year old Reyhaneh Jabbari is awaiting her public execution after already serving 7 years in prison for her alleged crime of killing a member of the Islamic Fascist Iranian intelligence service Morteza Sarbandi, a sexual predator in self-defense when she was just 19 years old.

Reyhaneh tortured by Iranian authorities until she confessed to the “murder” of Morteza, has been sentenced to death by hanging.

A Facebook page has been set up (written in Arabic) together with an online petition (in English) with 149,000+ signatures to “Save Reyhaneh Jabbari from Execution in Iran.”

While Reyhaneh Jabbari’s death sentenced has been temporarily delayed, she may be hanged at anytime.

In 2013 Asieh Amini, one of Iran’s most famous Women’s rights activists who has been fighting the Islamic Fascist regime’s judicial system which ‘systematically discriminates’ against Women, recalled a case that would change her life.

Working as a journalist Amini remembered 16 yr old Atefeh Sahleh who had been raped regularly since the age of 10, she was given money to shut her up–later Sahleh was jailed for prostitution which the Iranian regime called “extramarital sex”and subsequently sentenced her to death by stoning.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani which the Obama Administration insists is a moderate that they can work with, claims that arbitrary executions are “God’s Commandment”  since Rouhani took office, there have been more than 700 execution in Iran.

More here from NY Daily News

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Facebook Behaving Much Like the China Regime Internet Police

FacebookFacebook Censors Blocks Me From Sharing Content and Removes
‘Natl Catholic Register’ Post From News Feed

One could say that I’m in pretty good company.  

Earlier this week FOX News Todd Starnes reported that content that he posted on Facebook, was removed and he was temporarily blocked from sharing content until they “had a change of heart.”

It wasn’t all that many months ago the ‘Facebook Police’ threatened to shut-down Conservative Chicks on the Right for what censors claimed were posts critical of the Obama administration–heaven forbid that a politician is criticized.

Its really not clear what the ‘Facebook Police” found to be so offensive, vulgar, violent or so politically incorrect about the content that I wished to share from the Natl Catholic Register–Pittsburgh Bishop Zubik Rejects Common Core which they also removed from the news feed, unless now the Catholic Church is subject to the same scrutiny that many Conservatives are?

In January 2009 I wrote here that the China regime was cracking down on major websites and search engines such as Google and Baidu, claiming that its because they spread pornography and other objectionable material (such as articles about the 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre–I digress) that may corrupt young peoples minds.

Free speech in China (as well as on Facebook here in the United States) is essential in the pursuit of learning, every idea or thought is not an avenue of incitement, censorship only results in finding cracks in the Great Firewall of China.

Facebook censors working overtime to protect any criticism of the Obama administration and its policies, may want to note that behaving much like the China Regime Internet Police is really rather embarrassing.

Wannabe King Obama Claims Legislation Barring Islamic Fascist Iran From Sending Ambassador to U.N. Is Only an Advisory Opinion

Imperial PresidentWannabe King Obama –Image: Last Great Stand@Twitter

(Ynet) President Obama signed legislation into law, blocking Islamic Fascist Iran from sending Hamid Aboutalebi as their ambassador to the United Nations–the legislation bars anyone from entering the United States as a UN representative if they’ve engaged in espionage or terrorist activity and continue to pose a security threat to the U.S.

Aboutalebi, was a member of the Muslim Student followers of Ayatollah Khomeini which was responsible for the kidnapping of 52 Americans during the 1979 Iranian revolution and holding them in captivity for 444 days until their release was announced by President Reagan during his first inaugural address.

Obama claimed that he shares Congressional lawmakers concerns that terrorists could use diplomatic cover to enter the United States but said that he will only treat the legislation that he signed into law as ‘an advisory’ opinion as it may interfere with his discretion to receive ambassadors.

When was the Constitution repealed that gave Wannabe King Obama the authority to pick and choose which laws to obey?

Ukraine Crisis: Obama Draws Another Red Line; Russian Fascists Ordering Jews to Register

Obama Red LineObama’s Red Line –Cartoon: Legal Insurrection

(CBS News)  President Obama put Vladimir Putin ‘On-Notice’ Wednesday evening, that there will be serious consequences if Russia takes further military action in the Ukraine.

In March, the Obama Administration ‘warned’ the Russian’s that there would be “serious consequences” if last ditch talks to resolve the Ukrainian crisis were not resolved.

It still doesn’t appear that Vladimir Putin has received that memo.

In related news, Haaretz reports that pro-Russian separatists in Eastern Ukraine, have posted a notice near a local synagogue ordering that all Jews register or face deportation.

Ukrainian crisis is sounding eerily familiar to Nazi Germany everyday.

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Messrs Obama & Biden: Scientists Link Selfies to Narcissism, Addiction and Mental Illness

Obama Biden SelfieObama Administration Tweets Selfie This Evening

(Intl Business Times) The growing trend of taking smartphone selfies is linked to a mental health condition, that focuses on a persons obsession with looks.

According to Psychiatrist David Veal, “Two out of three of all patients who come to see me with Body dysmorphic disorder since the rise of camera phones, have a compulsion to repeatedly take and post selfies on social media sites.”

“Cognitive behavioral therapy is used to help a patient to recognize the reasons for his or her compulsive behavior and then learn how to moderate it,” Dr Veal told the Sunday Mirror.

More here from Yahoo News U.K.

H/T: Washington Free Beacon

White House Solicited Apology From Dr Ben Carson for Hurting Obama’s Feelings at 2013 Natl Prayer Breakfast

Conservative RepublicansIf Liberals Didn’t Vote for an African-American Conservative for President Would They Be Racists? –Image: Lady Freedom First@Twitter

(Daily Caller) Pediatric Neurosurgeon Ben Carson says the the White House solicited ‘an apology’ from him for hurting Obama’s little bitty feelings subsequent to his conservative message at the Natl Prayer Breakfast last year.

Dr Carson, the former director of pediatric neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins Univ Hospital recalls the events surrounding his 2013 address in his new book One Nation: What We Can All Do to Save America’s Future set to be released on the 20 May:

“He did not appear to be hostile or angry (speaking about Obama) but within minutes after the conclusion of the program, I received a call from some of the prayer breakfast organizers saying that the White House was upset and requesting that I call the president and apologize for offending him…I said that I didn’t think that such a call was warranted.”

On the 10th April, I wrote here that U.S. Atty General Eric Holder claimed went crying at Rev Al Sharpton’s Natl Action Network last week in New York, that he and Obama are ‘victims’ of “unprecedented, unwarranted, ugly and divisive adversity” from critics of the Obama Administration.

Obama has been elected twice and Holder has been Atty General throughout the Obama Administration–Its long overdue that they Man-up, together with the staff and supporters and stop playing the victim of ones own circumstance–no one forced Obama and Holder to seek and hold public office.

As one wiser than I once said, “If one can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.”

H/T: The American Spectator

YouGov/Economist Poll: 65% of Americans Have Not Visited ObamaCare Website

ObamaCare RXDemocrats Wearing ObamaCare Around Their Necks
Image: One U.S. Marine Ret

(YouGov) In a new YouGov/Economist poll released on Monday, 65% of respondents surveyed ‘have not’ even attempted to visit an ObamaCare website, 31% said they have, 4% were unsure.

These results call into question the dubious 7 million ObamaCare enrollees  which the White House claims is evidence that the ACA has met its goal.

In related health care news Newsmax reported on Monday, ObamaCare patients who go to a doctor for their ‘supposedly’ free annual check-ups are finding out they may not be as ‘free’ as one was told.

“Patients are scheduling physicals because physicals are free,” Dr Randy Wexler in Columbus, OH said, “They come in and say, ‘I’ve been having headaches, my back has been bothering me and I am depressed,” that’s not part of the physical. That will trigger a co-pay.”

Wellness care on potential new health issues are viewed as ‘evaluation and monitoring’ and leads to patients having to fork out for their so called ‘free’ annual physicals.

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