Little Sisters of the Poor Receive Temporary Relief From ObamaCare HHS Mandate

Obama Catholic Church(LifeNews) In a victory for the the Pro-Life fight against the HHS mandate the U.S. 10th Circuit Ct of Appeals issued an Order today temporarily safeguarding the “Little Sisters of the Poor” and other ministries from violating their faith until the U.S. Supreme Court hears their case.

Without relief from the federal appellate court, the ‘Little Sisters” were facing millions of dollars in fines from the IRS.

More here from The Becket Fund

Obama Administration So Desperate to Pass #TheIranDeal They Set Up a Twitter Page

Remember When Hillary Clinton Said That Money is More Important Than Human Rights in China

Chinese Christians(RFA Chinese) China Wenzhou Christians Protest Removal of Crosses — Guizhou Pastor Bank Account Frozen –Image: Weibo/St Thomas Church

On the  30 December, 2014 I wrote here about other crosses in Wenzhou together with a cross at a convalescent home in Hangzhou Zhejiang Province were ordered removed by China regime Marxist thugs.

  • Flashback: Remember in February when (either naive or just plain self-delusional) Obama claimed “We should welcome China’s peaceful rise partly from just an ethical perspective.”

Its so really very sad that the Obama Administration is so hostile when it comes to religious persecution of Christians around the world and human rights violations in China.

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ISIS Says They’ll Bring War to America and Raise Their Flag Over the White House

ISIS StrategyISIS Strategy: “Will Bring the War to America…”
Image: Muslimah@Twitter

Flashback: Remember in July when Obama announced his latest ISIS strategy: “We’ll defeat them with better ideas and harness the power of our values.”

  • It Ain’t Working !!!

Obama Lies! Middle Eastern Countries are Actually Very Divided Over Iran Nuke Deal

Obama Lies(Daily Signal) Despite What The White House Otherwise Say, Members
of the Gulf Cooperation Council are Very Divided Over Obama/Islamic Fascist Iran Nuke Deal –Cartoon: IBD Editorials

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Lame Duck Obama Wanting to Stay Relevant to Issue New EPA Regs to Take Effect After his Term

Obama Lame Duck(NY Times) Obama is set to announce sweeping new EPA Regs mandating ‘the first ever federal limits on power plant emissions’ according to Market Watch that are intended to cut emissions 32% from 2005 levels by 2030

The new EPA rule also demands that power plants use more renewable sources of energy like wind and solar power–states will be expected to submit an initial version of their ‘plans’ by next year. — Already, the ‘State of Indiana’ together with Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Wisconsin have indicated that they will reject Obama’s latest initiative.

White House officials concede that Obama’s latest EPA mandates to address his fears of ‘global warming’ are a part of his legacy building.

There are certain doubts that these new Obama imposed mandates will ever actually survive in the version to be unveiled today. Already more than a dozen states and the coal industry have vowed to sue the EPA, those cases will ultimately go unresolved though Obama’s waning days as president and the next administration may very well rescind Obama’s latest grandiose legacy building directives.

More here from The Wall Street Journal

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Team Obama Vows Justice for ‘Cecil the Lion’ and ‘Panned Butcherhood’ but Silent on Illegals Charged with Murders in California & Ohio

Obama Vows Justice for LionSimba-lism –Cartoon: Branco/Legal Insurrection

(Breitbart) Obama Administration vows justice for ‘Cecil the Lion’ that practically no one ever heard of in Zimbabwe together with ‘Planned Butcherhood’ but they continue to remain silent on Illegal Immigrants charged with the murders of Kathryn Steinle in California earlier this month and an Ohio Woman this week.

Covered California 2016 Rate Hike 4% If You’re Lucky, Some Will Realize a 30% Increase

Covered California...Covered California Still Having Computer Issues
Says Mrs. Mochulsky and EscapadeMusic@Twitter

(IBD) ObamaCare/Covered California trumpeted the news on Monday that premiums are set to rise 4% in 2016 slightly less than last years 4.2% increase.

While avoiding the double-digit premium hikes that have been proposed in many other states, many consumers may not be so celebratory when they find out what is happening to their deductibles which are already sky high.

Particularly hardest hit are people seeking the lowest cost ‘bronze-level’ coverage. In 2016 these plans will carry a deductible of $6,000 (an increase of $1,000 from 2015) and a separate drug deductible of $500 — After the deductible is met bronze coverage will cap R/X costs at $500 mo the combined $6,500 deductible will then be 30% higher than in 2015

Covered California Executive Director Peter Lee said in a conference call that in 2016 a visit with a Specialist (with a $90 co-pay) will be allowed as part of three partly covered physician visits, left unsaid is that low income individuals facing a $6,500 deductible could easily be swamped with debt after getting limited benefits before the deductible is met. — This is perhaps ObamaCare/Covered California Achilles’ heel given that enrollment has badly lagged expectations.

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Obama’s Dept of Justice to Investigate ‘Center for Medical Progress’ Sting of Planned Butcherhood

Planned Parenthood...(NC Register) Obama’s Dept of Justice to Investigate
‘Center for Medical Progress’ Sting of Planned Butcherhood
Image: Barracuda Brigade

“A Scoundrel Plots Evil and On their Lips It Is Like a Scorching Fire” –Proverbs 16:27

Khamenei...Its So Sad When Obama & Kerry Lie & Lie About the Nuke Deal
With Islamic Fascist Iran and One Learns the Truth of it
From the Grand Islamic Wizard –Image: Khamenei

  • “12 Years of Challenge with Iran Made Six Powers Accept Spinning of Thousands of Centrifuges and Continuation of R&D in Nuclear Industry.”  Khamenei@Twitter
  • “Nuclear Industry R&D is an Issue They Spent Years Trying to Stop But Now They’ve Written and Signed It — It Only Means Iran’s Authority.” Khamenei@Twitter

Khamenei BillionsIran’s Grand Islamic Wizard Khamenei@Twiiter “Israel’s Security Will Not Be Ensured” — Laughing All the Way to the Bank with the $100B+
its to Receive Courtesy of Obama Image: Anne Bayefsky