Israel PM Benjamin Netanyahu Receives Much Warmer Welcome Today at the White House

Flashback: In 2010, 2012 and 2015 Barack Hussein Obama Snubbed Bibi Netanyahu

Islamic Fascist Iran: “Only 7 Minutes is Needed for Iranian Missile to Hit Tel Aviv”

Naive Obama Believed That Islamic Fascist Iran Was an Honest Partner and Gave Them $150+ Billion — Less Than Two Years Later Iran Threatens the United States & Israel With Nuclear Weapons

VIA: FARS News Agency

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Iran has Stockpiled 60% More Uranium Than it Had Prior to the 2015 Nuclear Deal -FOX News

Democrats Professing Horror Over Trump’s Travel Ban Were Fine With It When Obama Was President

In 2015 Obama Denied Asylum to 27 Chaldean Catholics, Where Was the Moral Outrage by the Liberal Left?

(Washington Times) In 2011 Obama Put a 6 Month Hold on All Iraqi Refugees Seeking to Enter the U.S.

More here from the Catholic World Report

Where Was the Moral Outrage When Obama Blocked Cubans?

Anarchists & Anti-Trump Protesters Block Airports, Frustrate Travelers -Image Courtesy: Breitbart/Linda Suhler

VIA: Washington Examiner

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Trump’s Extreme Vetting Pause Same as Obama’s Iraqi Refugee Pause in 2011

(Video) Radical Intolerant DNC Chair Candidate: “My Job Is To Shut White People Down”

Dems Haven’t Yet Figured Out Why They’ve Lost 1,042 Seats at the State and Federal Level Together with the White House since Obama and Democrats Swept into Power in 2008

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Trump Rescinds Obama’s 2009 Executive Order Funding of Foreign Abortions

President Trump Reinstates Pro-Life Policy Preventing U.S. Tax Dollars Being Used
to Fund Abortion Groups Worldwide -White House Photo


According to LifeSite News “the Mexico City policy first instituted by President Reagan in 1984 restricts U.S. overseas funding to groups that offer or aggressively promote abortions. Since Reagan, it has been successfully implemented by Republican presidents and repealed by Democrat presidents.”

Obama overturned the Mexico City policy on this date in 2009 — one of his first presidential acts.

(Video) GAO: Federal Deficit Unsustainable

U.S. Debt Clock Today

  • Video Flashback: Remember When Obama Claimed that Bush was “Unpatriotic”
    for Adding $4 Trillion to the National Debt During his Watch.

During Obama’s Watch the Federal Debt Nearly Doubled From $10.9 Trillion in March, 2009

Wah, Wah, Wah China Regime Throws Hissy Fit Over Trump’s Comments About Free & Independent Taiwan

While the Liberal Loony Left is Freaking Out Over Trump,
Dalai Lama Looks Forward in Meeting him Soon —Shanghaiist

VIA: Xinhua

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