Human Rights Activists Petition Obama to Stop Suppressing U.S. Ally Taiwan

White House Petition(RFA Chinese) Human Rights Activists Petition the White House
to Stop Suppressing Taiwan and her National Flag 

Flashback: In 2008 then presidential candidate Sen Barack Obama promised his Marxist counterparts before and after the election that he would continue to support the ‘One China Policy’ of totalitarianism for U.S. ally Taiwan.

Obama No Time to Meet Israel PM Netanyahu or Visit Southern Border but Does 1Hr Interview with GloZell

GoZellDisgusting: GloZell Eats Cereal from Bathtube –Images: ABC News

Go Zell Interview(LA Times) Obama has time for a 1 hr sit down interview with GloZell but has no time to meet with Israel PM Netanyahu in March or to visit our Southern Border last year because he’s not interested in photo-ops.


Obama Throws Hissy Fit, Will Snub Israel PM Netanyahu ‘Again’ During March Trip to Washington

Obama CryingObama Whines, Israel PM Netanyahu Committed “Faux Pas’ by Not Clearing March Washington Trip with Them –Image: LessGovMoreFun

(AP) Obama will snub Israel PM Benjamin Netanyahu (again) when he travels to Washington in March to address a Joint Session of Congress.

Obama’s Natl Security spokesperson Bernadette Meehan claimed that in keeping with “long standing practice and principle” the president does not meet with heads of state or candidates in close proximity to their elections.


That ‘long standing principle’ sure didn’t stop Obama from meeting with Members of the Muslim Brotherhood at the White House in April, 2012 as the Washington Post reported, Members of the Muslim Brotherhood began a week long charm offensive in Washington meeting with White House Officials.

Nor from the Obama Administration calling for the Muslim Brotherhood to have a role in the political process in Egypt as Bloomberg/Businessweek reported following the overthrow of  Islamic Fascist Muslim Brotherhood President Mohammed Morsi as I wrote here in July, 2013 and the subsequent violent clashes between the military backed Egyptian government and the Muslim Brotherhood as I wrote here in August, 2013 that the Obama Administration were attempting to prop-up.

Could it be that Obama’s so called ‘long standing principle’ isn’t so much a ‘principle’ at all but instead another opportunity to snub Israel PM Benjamin Netanyahu again as he did in 2010 and again in 2011 because Obama just doesn’t like him?

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Obama’s Latest Tax Hike Proposal on ’529 College Savings Plans’ Breaks Middle Class Tax Pledge

More Free StuffObama’s Latest Brainstorm of ‘More Free Stuff’
Image: Joe Thompson@Twitter 

(CNN) The most compelling reason to save for your child’s college education in a 529 Plan has been for the tax savings–One can sock away up to $14,000 a year according to the IRS (which one of course pays taxes on when earned) for a child’s college costs and pay no capital gains taxes on the interest  when the funds are used to pay for educational costs–Well that’s the plan now unless Obama has his way.

Obama’s latest brainstorm: To strip away 529 College Saving Plans of their key tax breaks–Savings would still be tax deferred but withdrawals on any new deposits made into the 529′s would be taxed as ordinary income to the beneficiary (actually double taxed as one pays income taxes on the money earned before socking it away into a 529 account) Still, why remove the incentive to sock away money to pay for a child’s future education costs?

To the Obama Administration its all about ‘fairness’ (fair for who? Who decides what is fair? Obama?) adding that tax-free distribution of money from 529 accounts unfairly benefits high income earners.

Under Obama’s proposal, one must disincentivize college savings and investment to make children dependent on the government (taxpayers) for their future educational costs.

The Wall Street Journal reports that a Senior Obama Administration official said, “Under the president’s plan, every dollar saved from consolidating and curbing inefficient tax breaks and tens of billions more–is plowed right back into higher education tax benefits for students and middle-class families. In particular, families with incomes of up to $180,000 (Obama’s latest definition of who is rich) will be able to benefit from the expanded Opportunity Tax Credit.”

This so called, ‘Opportunity Tax Credit’ provides more benefit to lower income students, in part because it pays ‘cash’ to students who don’t make enough to pay income taxes.

So let me see if I have this straight. Obama now wants to allow the government to tax (confiscate) interest earned in ’529 College Saving Plans’ (which one has already paid federal and state income taxes on the money earned before socking funds away for a child’s future college costs) in an effort to be ‘Fair’ to lower income Americans that will qualify for an ‘Opportunity Tax Credit’ paying them tax-free cash to help pay their educational costs.

Whatever happened to Obama’s ‘firm pledge’ not to raise taxes on families earning less than $250,000 annually?

Flashback Video: Remember in 2008 when then presidential candidate Sen. Obama claimed in Dover, New Hampshire:

“I can make a firm pledge. Under my plan, no family making less than $250,000 a year will see any form of tax increase. Not your income taxes, not your payroll taxes, not your capital gains taxes, not any of your taxes.”

It sounds like its time to roll-over monies saved in 529′s while children are still young and one intends to continue to save for their future college costs for some years to come, into some other investment vehicle — Tax free municipals are looking better-and-better all the time.

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Obama SOTU Fantasy: ‘At This Moment — With a Growing Economy, Shrinking Deficits’

Boom! NBC Richard Engle Bashes Obama’s SOTU Foreign Policy Claims as Wishful Thinking

Obama Vows U.S. Will Ultimately Defeat ‘Scourge of Terrorism’ — ISIS Expands Its Caliphate in Syria

ISIS SyriaDespite 3+ Months of U.S. Led Airstrikes ISIS Continues to Expand
Their Control of Syria –Image Courtesy: Italian Politics@Twitter

(ABC 7News) Obama today vowed that the U.S. will stand with our allies to combat the ‘scourge of terrorism–that we’re ultimately going to defeat.”

They have a peculiar way of demonstrating how their strategy is working?

In related news, White House Press Secy Josh Earnest responding to a Wall Street Journal article claims that the military campaign against ISIS has had a ‘substantial impact’ pointing out that more than 1,800 airstrikes have been launched killing some 1,000 ISIS Jihadists adding that ISIS is under ‘intense pressure’ as a result of the campaign.

“These individuals for good reason are scared to spend a whole lot of time outside and that’s because they are facing continuing pressure from the the U.S. military and our coalition partners.”


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ISIS in Iraq Executes 2 Men for Allegedly Being Gay, Where’s the Moral Outrage by the Liberal Left and ‘So Called’ Moderate Muslims?

ISIS IraqUnspeakable Evil: ISIS Throws a Man Off a Tall Building to his Death
for Allegedly Being Gay –Images Courtesy: Toby Harnden@Twiiter

ISIS Iraq...(MEMRI) ISIS in Iraq Shows Quranic Punishment: Throw Two Gay Men
Off Tall Buildings, Crucifixion of Thieves and Stoning of a Woman

On the 18 December, I wrote here that ISIS published their own medieval penal code, punishing blasphemy against Allah or the prophet Mohammed, adultery, sodomy, being Gay and apostasy with death.

Where is the moral outrage by the Liberal Left, the LGBT community and the ‘so-called’ moderate Muslims that we often hear so much about?

Flashback: Remember in 2009 while in Egypt, Cairo when Obama claimed that ‘Islam has a proud tradition of tolerance’ and last June said, ‘the world is less violent than it has ever been.’


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ISIS Jihadist Tweets “Tomorrow NY Will Burn”; Obama Spokesman Calls ‘Islam a Peaceful Religion’

ISIS NYCenghaitham1989@Twitter – ISIS Jihadist: Tomorrow new York will burn

  • (Twitchy) ISIS Jihadist Sympathizer Tweets Specific Bomb and Gun Threats

Josh Earnest(MRC TV Video) White House Press Secy Josh Earnest Condemns ‘Terrible Act of Violence’ in Paris — Calls Islam a ‘Peaceful Religion’

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Obama a No Show of World Leaders at “Paris National Unity Rally” Against Islamic Fascism

Obama a No Show(Reuters) Where Oh Where is Obama Among World Leaders
at Paris Natl Unity Rally? –Image Courtesy:
Legal Insurrection@Twitter