Are They Out of Their Minds? Washington National Cathedral to Host ‘Muslim Friday Services’

Islam-v-ChristianityIslam -v- Christianity –Image: Tafkhekh@Twitter

(WaPo) For the first time ever, the Washington Natl Cathedral will host Muslim Prayer Services (Jumu’ah) on Friday consecrated by the Islamic Jihad Muslim Brotherhood to their false prophet Allah.

In addition this event will occur inside a national shrine to Christian faith and religious tolerance the ‘Center for Security Policy’ reports on the 100th anniversary of an edict by the last Ottoman emperor to launch a genocidal jihad against Armenian and other followers of Jesus Christ.

Secy of State John Kerry: Global Warming Biggest Challenge the World Faces, Meanwhile…

John Kerry(IJ Review) Obama’s Secy of State John Kerry claims, starving Africa shouldn’t build more farms because it would contribute to global warming and that climate change is the biggest challenge we face right now all the while Islamic Jihadists that want to kill Americans and Israeli’s, have a different view of the world.

Son of HamasSon of Hamas Founder Mosab HassanYousef Speaking to CNN: Hamas Seeks Destruction of Israel & Global Islamic Caliphate

ISIS Human RightsISIS Jihadists View of the World: “We Don’t Care About Intl Humanitarian Laws, We Care About Sharia” –Image: Mujahid4Life@Twitter

ISIS JihadistISIS Jihadists Uses Smiling Emoticon Ranting About Crucifixions
Pole Nord@Twitter

Muslim BrotherhoodSenior Muslim Brotherhood Leadership at Protest With ISIS Flag Displayed on Stage –Image Courtesy: Patrick Poole@Twitter

Hillary Clinton and Morsi WifeFlashback: Remember when Nagla Mahmoud (wife of former Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood President Morsi) Embraced Hillary Clinton Image: Jihad Watch

Islamic Jihad Virus Spreading: Hamas & Muslim Brotherhood Attempt to Blockade Israel Ship in Long Beach

Hamas Apologists(Breitbart) Hamas & Muslim Brotherhood Supporters Attempt to Blockade
Israel Ship in Long Beach –Image:
Adam Milstein

Natl Security Threat: Obama’s DHS Advisor Mohamed Elibiary Tweets on Return of ‘Inevitable Caliphate’ & Misunderstanding 9/11

Obama DHS AdvisorObama’s DHS Advisor Mohamed Elibiary Doesn’t Even Attempt to Hide his Radical Islamists Views –Image: Seek Truth@Twitter

Mohamed Elibiary With Muslim Brotherhood LogoMohamed Elibiary Annexed Muslim Brotherhood Logo on his AVI
Leila Peterson@Twitter

Islamic CaliphateISIS Now Using Obama’s DHS Advisor Mohamed Elibiary Comments of an “Inevitable Caliphate” to Recruit –Image: Weasel Zippers

(Washington Free Beacon) Affiliates of the radical Islamic Jihadist organization ‘Islamic State of Iraq and Levant’ (ISIL/ISIS) are praising and using as a recruiting tool controversial Tweets by Obama’s DHS Advisor Mohamed Elibiary, were recently picked up in the Arabic press and widely disseminated on Twitter by Islamic Jihadist websites.

DHS Advisor TweetObama DHS Advisor Claims Islamic Caliphate is Inevitable

Additionally Elibiary Twetted: “Y’all in the ubber hawks camp (Conservatives) misread 9/11 & should reassess ur belligerence.”

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It Used to be U.S. Policy, Not to Negotiate with Terrorists

Obama--Muslim BroytherhoodPresident Obama Meets With the Leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood at the White House the same week that his administration threatens Israel with economic sanctions.

“Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns or figs of thistles?” –Matthew 7:16 KJV

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ADL Slams Kerry Over Israel Boycott Comments –The Blaze

Image Courtesy: Natl Liberty Federation@Facebook

H/T: The Facebook Tea Party

Obama Meets With Muslim Brotherhood Leaders After Threatening Israel With Economic Sanctions

John Kerry Dry BonesGangster Style Negotiations –Cartoon: Dry Bones

Isn’t it ironic that President Obama, who praises himself as being pro-Israel that his administration threatens our best friend in the Middle-East Israel with economic sanctions should they not comply with his demands regarding the Palestinian Authority/Hamas and during that same week, meets with Senior Islamic Fascist Muslim Brotherhood members at the White House.

Just saying…

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September 11, “Who Would Have Thought…”

September 11 2013Who Would Have Thought, We Would Have a President that Wanted to Arm the Islamic Jihad Terrorist Thugs that Did This on September 11
Image: Project Red Leaf

“So Obama is gung-ho for military strikes when Al-Qaeda and Muslim Brotherhood are on the ropes but not for Americans in Benghazi. Got it.”
Tammy Bruce/Twitter

Picture the Dinosaur Media Will Never Show You: John Kerry’s Cozy Dinner With Bashar al-Assad

If History is a Good Teacher, Why Should One Expect a Different Outcome in Syria?

Obama Kinetic Military Action

(CNN) President Obama has claimed the American response to the Syrian regime’s apparent use of chemical weapons must involve the support of the international community.

“If the U.S. goes in and attacks another country without a U.N. mandate and without clear evidence that can be presented, then there are questions in terms of whether international law supports it, do we have the coalition to make it work and you know those are considerations that we have to take into account.”

As the Obama Administration’s coalition building has crumbled with news that American allies are unwilling to support Obama’s Kinetic Military Action 2.0 one must take a breath and step back and ask themselves, how has Obama’s foreign policy initiatives and previous military campaign in Libya turned out as the White House is making contingency plans to go at it alone in Syria?

  • Egypt: Obama’s support of the Muslim Brotherhood has been disastrous failure as evidenced by events on the ground in recent weeks.

Is there any hope that a third time will be a charm and military action in Syria by the Obama Administration, will result in a different outcome than we’ve seen before?

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Incoherent American Foreign Policy Under Fire as Violence Spreads in Egypt & Muslim World

Something You Will Never See On MSMSomething That Obama & The Dinosaur Media Will Never Tell You–Muslim Brotherhood are Terrorists –Image: Perry Khadra/Twitter

Muslim Brotherhood TerrorismObama’s Peaceful Muslim Brotherhood Pals Attack the Archbishopric of Khoussia City and Burned 15 Christian Homes –Cherine/Twitter

Muslim Brotherhood Are TerroristsMuslim Brotherhood Hostile to Any Form of Civilization–Burning Churches, They are Terrorists –Abu Sekena/Twitter

Before and After Chruch BurningSaint Michael in Giza: Another Example of Muslim Brotherhood Terrorism–This is What They Do To Churches –The Secular/Twitter

Muslim Brotherhood Are MurderersMuslim Brotherhood Carry Guns and Shoot Innocent People and Call Themselves Peaceful–They are Terrorists –Iadore Zayn Malik/Twitter

(FOX News) As Egypt descends into chaos, President Obama is facing increasing criticism that an “incoherent” policy toward the country–much like the U.S. policy towards Syria, is putting U.S. money and influence on the line without a clear end game.

The Obama Administration (now) claims to be staying neutral in the violent confrontations between the military backed government and the Muslim Brotherhood but this wasn’t always the case–It was just last month that President Obama came to the defense of his Muslim Brotherhood pals begging the military not to arrest former Egyptian President Mahmoud Morsi and suspend the Islamic Sharia law based Egyptian Constitution.

Flashback: Remember when Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood’s Mohamed Morsi supporters promised to keep up ‘peaceful’ protests.

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Obama, See Your Lovely Muslim Brotherhood Pals Raising Al-Qaeda Flag

Disgusting: Obama Compares Muslim Brotherhood Bloodbath to U.S.