Freudian Slip: MSNBC Refers to Donald Trump as President Trump

MSNBC“MSNBC Typo For the Win” –Brian Stelter

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Crazy Old Lying Socialist Bernie Sanders Caught in a Whopper Lie About Vatican Invitation

Crazy Old Lying Socialist Bernie Sanders Retweets he Was Invited to Speak at Vatican
and Goes on MSNBC ‘Morning Joe’ and Repeats the Lie

What Are the Facts:

Fr. Matthew Schneider reports the so called “invite” wasn’t from the Vatican at all but instead was made by Marcelo Sanchez Sorondo, Chancellor of the Pontifical Academy, an autonomous institution that receives some funding from the Holy See but not officially part of it.

LetterCopy of the Letter from the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences
Signed By Marcelo Sanchez Sorondo

Vatican Confirms that Pope Francis will be in Greece Visiting Refugees
During the 25th Anniversary of Centesimus Annus

  • More here The VT Senator said Vatican Invited him to Speak but Organizers Dispute That -Politico

Obama & DNC Alarmed — Just 5% of Millennials View MSNBC as Most Trustworthy News Source

MSNBC Brian Williams(WFB) Just 5% of Millennials View MSNBC as Most Trustworthy News

Slate Blogger Amanda Marcotte on MSNBC: It Was Silly to Kill Feeble Old Osama bin-Laden

Slate Blogger(BizPac Review) Loony Liberal Lefty Slate Blogger Amanda Marcotte on MSNBC: “Killing Osama bin-Laden and finding out that he was kind of a feeble old man living in a bunker made it seem a little silly.”

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Busted! IRS Files $70,000 Tax Lien Against Lying Hypocrite MSNBC Host Melissa Harris-Perry

Melissa Harris Perry(Winston Salem Journal) IRS Files $70,000 Tax Lien Against
Democrat MSNBC Host Melissa Harris-Perry for Not Paying Her Fair Share

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MSNBC Contributor: Southern Old White People Must Die Off So Democrats Can Rise to Power

MSNBC...(TPNN Video) Outrageous: MSNBC Jimmy Williams Wishing Seniors
to Die So Democrats Can Win

Obama Why Dems are Running Away: These are the Folks Who Vote With Me–Supported My Agenda

Obama MSNBC Al SharptonObama On Midterm Elections:  Democrats “These Are All Folks Who Vote With Me They Have Supported My Agenda in Congress”

Obama 2014 MidtermsObama Writing GOP Ads For Them–Says Endangered Democrats “Are All Folks Who Vote With Me” –Image Courtesy: Eric Bradner@Twitter

Loony Liberal Lefty MSNBC Host Krystal Ball Blames Ebola Crisis on the NRA


(Daily Caller) On MSNBC Krystal Ball’s video series “Krystal Clear” Ball managed to find an unlikely culprit lurking behind the Ebola crisis–the NRA.

“As the Ebola crisis continues, confusion and fear grows. So why are we still waiting on President Obama’s Surgeon General nominee to get to work? The answer: Guns…

The U.S. Surgeon General is supposed to be the nations leading spokesman on matters of public health, a trusted public health expert who helps us all of us understand what we need to be worried about, like, I don’t know maybe Ebola to name a random example but because Senate Democrats are afraid of the NRA, President Obama’s nominee Dr Vivek Murthy has been setting on the sidelines since February.”

Its worth noting that Krystal Ball’s personal website claims shes “a third generation, lifetime member of the NRA.”

Atty Gen Eric Holder: A More Dangerous Race Card Hustler Than Al Sharpton

Eric Holder(Real Clear Politics) Its one thing to watch race hustlers like MSNBC’s Rev Al Sharpton bellowing “No Justice, No Peace”  but when the Atty General of the United States makes false and racially incendiary claims about today’s alleged ‘pernicious racism’ we’re in uncharted territory.

Holder complains about different prison rates and longer prison sentences for Blacks, different school and expulsion rates–Holder equates “equal rights” with equal results.

On the 10 April, I wrote here Eric Holder claimed that he and Obama were somehow victims of an “unprecedented, unwarranted, ugly and divisive adversity” from critics.

Cry me a river…

What about all these Black Chicagoans that recently slammed Obama as the worst president ever are they racists too?

Victims Huh? Obama was elected president and reelected for a second term from our so called racially insensitive and divisive nation that needs (according to Obama and Holder) to have a conversation about race?  Phooey!

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Islamic Fantasy, Stupidity & Sexism: Where’s the Moral Outrage by Obama, Democrats and MSM?

ISIS FantasyIslamic Jihadists Too Stupid to Come Up With Original Ideas, Many Subsequently Retweet Same Pictures –Image: Khilafah Islam@Twitter

Another Stupid MuslimAnother Stupid Muslim Holding Sign That Makes No Sense
Soldier of Islam@Twitter

Sexist MuslimsSexist Michigan Publisher: Where’s the Moral Outrage from Obama, Democrat Left, MSNBC, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC…
Salahuddin Ali@Twitter