Did You Know Not a Single Democrat Voted for the 15th Amendment Granting Voting Rights to Blacks

15th Amendment(Frederick Douglass Republicans) Not a Single Democrat Voted for the
15th Amendment –Image Courtesy:
Constantine Rojas-Soriao@Facebook

Flashback: On the 30 August, 2013 I wrote here Woops! Los Angeles Times erroneously claims Democrats led to passage of the 1964 Civil Rights Act when in fact Democrats not only opposed the legislation but led a 57 day filibuster of the bill.

Leading in the Democrat opposition was none other than KKK Member Sen Robert Byrd (D-WV) who Democrat President’s Obama & Clinton eulogized at his funeral and claimed that he fought for civil and equal rights.

Furguson Antisemitism: Teenage Thug Michael Brown Was a ‘Victim’ It Must Be the Jews Fault?

Antisemitim FugusonPalestinian Flag Waiving in Ferguson, MO — Its the Jews Fault?

(Fire Andrea Mitchell) Not only are the Black race hustlers such as the Rev Al Sharpton trying to instigate even more trouble in Ferguson, Missouri but so true is this (pictured) antisemitic Palestinian flag waiving Islamic Jihad apologists.

What does Palestinian (Arabs) in Gaza have to do with Ferguson, Missouri?

Maybe the Ferguson riots are actually some Jewish conspiracy which caused Teenage Thug Michael Brown (who was actually some sort of victim) to rob a convenience store of $50 worth of cigars and fight with the elderly store clerk, just moments before he was detained by the Police? It may have likewise  been the Jews fault that Michael Brown fought with a Police Officer before being shot.

There is a lot of idiocy going on in Ferguson, Missouri with rioters disobeying the 12:00 Midnight curfew according to the L.A. Times and critically shooting an unidentified man–which one is supposed to believe is in the pursuit of justice? More like some absurd idea of ‘street justice’ by individuals with just a little too much time on their hands and in desperate need for something more constructive to occupy all of the time they have to waste such as going to school or finding a job.

Ferguson Police Say that Michael Brown Fit the Description of Strong Arm Robbery Suspect

Family Pictures of Mike BrownThe Mike Brown of Ferguson, MO That the Family Wants You to Remember Images: Ladyy Rhe@Twitter

Camera StillsThe Michael Brown that his Family, Obama, Rev Al Sharpton and the Dinosaur Media Don’t Want You To See –Brown Fit Description of Suspect Wanted in Strong Arm Robbery —FOX News 

(Washington City Paper) Howard Univ students like all too many others have chosen not to wait for the facts to come out in the shooting death in Ferguson, MO of Michael Brown but have weighed in on Twitter with a group photo of their hands raised–seemingly to imply that Brown was a ‘victim’ of police misconduct instead of the aggressor who attempted to take away a police officers weapon.

Little is being said about the Ferguson, MO police officer that was injured in the physical altercation with Michael Brown–makes one wonder, given teenage Michael Brown’s suspected thuggery of robbing an elderly female in an area convenience store.

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Democrat Wisconsin Assemblyman Dressed in Confederate Uniform is Confronted by Black Conservative Republican Woman

Having Not Collected Enough ‘Metadata’ Feds Now Want to Warehouse Americans Detailed Health Info

Obama SpyingThere Appears No End to the Obama Administration Spying on Americans Image: Freedom Brief@Twitter

(CCH Freedom) One should have seen this coming thanks in no small part to all of the Democrats when they were in control of Congress and rammed through ObamaCare without a single Republican vote.

Now the Obama Administration through its new ‘Biosurveillance Initiative’ wants to gather and analyze Americans detailed health information that one day, we always thought (silly us) would remain confidential with our physicians.

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Who Gave the Feds the Right to Restrict ‘Free Speech’ at the Bundy Ranch in Nevada?

Is This Still America? “Voluntary” Govt Checkpoints Spark Backlash

Nazi Check PointNazi Check Point —Image: Before Its News

(USA Today) Checkpoints which the government “insists are voluntary” are creating a backlash because of the presence of uniformed Police Officers.

In an era of rampant distrust of the federal government and in the wake of the Obama Administration’s Natl Security Agency surveillance scandal in which the agency has collected data on hundreds of millions of unsuspecting Americans, DHS/Immigration & DUI checkpoints have come under intense criticism in several cities this year that some Police Dept’s won’t participate anymore.

Driver’s in the Ft Worth, Texas area were being offered $10 for cheek swabs and $50 for blood samples–these checkpoints spurred complaints in November, resulting Police Chief Jeffrey Halstead apologizing for his Officers participation in a Natl Highway Traffic Safety Administration survey.

What assurance did any of the Ft Worth, Texas area motorists have that the DNA and blood samples that were collected are not being stored in some federal data bank?

On the 08 March, 2010 I wrote here Nazi Germany demanded ‘papers’ and identity cards for persons to travel, is this what we can expect in the United States?

It is if RINO Sen Lindsey Graham and NY Progressive/Democrat-Socialist Sen Chuckie Schumer would have anything to say about it.

When was the 4th Amendment repealed?

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Yicky! Democrat L.A. City Councilman Jose Huizar Accused of Sexual Harassment

Jose Huizar LA City CouncilLos Angeles City Councilman Jose Huizar –Image Courtesy: LA Weekly

(FOX News Latino) Who can forget disgraced former Democrat Congressman Anthony Weiner (aka Carlos Danger) his illicit sexual escapades and lewd chats with Women via Twitter, or more recently Filthy Democrat San Diego Mayor Bob Filner, now there is yet another yicky pervert, Democrat L.A. City Councilman Jose Huizar now making news for his sexually harassing, pressuring and intimidating a subordinate to engage in sex with him to keep her job and advance her career.

Francine Godoy in her sexual harassment complaint filed against Huizar with the California Dept of Fair Employment and Housing alleged that she was subjected to sexual harassment (quid pro quo and hostile work environment) and retaliated against after refusing Huizar’s advances.

While Huizar initially denied Godoy’s allegation, he later conceded that her claims were in-part true but claims they were “consensual” that he “deeply regrets.”

Riiight…regrets that he’s been exposed and that his wife and family have found out.

Isn’t it ironic that Jose Huizar on his website surrounded by his wife and four children (3 girls and a boy–what has he taught them) claims that he’s ‘proven himself a staunch advocate for educational reform and public safety…helped to create thousands of new jobs,’ (how he’s done this is anyone’s guess) as to his ‘staunch’ advocacy for public safety, Francine Godoy may think a little differently about that.

What’s up with these Democrat deviant’s War on Women, preying on subordinates for sexual favors to satisfy whatever prurient desires their small minds can imagine?

Huizar an Attorney graduated from UCLA Law School, before being elected to L.A. City Council, Huizar served as President of the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) between 2003-2005 and earlier worked with the Harvard Civil Rights Project as well as being appointed to the Board of Trustees at Princeton University.

What message has this degenerate not only has sent to all of the LAUSD and Princeton University students that may have (at one time) looked up to him but to his own children?

How long will it be before California Democrats Gov Jerry Brown, Congressional Rep Nancy Pelosi, Senator’s Feinstein and Boxer call for this latest Democrat pervert to resign?

Barrycades Back Up at WW II Memorial; Closed Except for 1st Amendment Activities???

WW II Memorial

Hmm…Except for 1st Amendment Activities??? Isn’t Anytime Americans Visit a Natl Park, Go to a Memorial, Travel To & Fro, an Exercise of Ones 1st Amendment Activities? –Image: Jordan Sekulow@Twitter

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ObamaCare Exchanges: Personal Information Provided, Shared With Law Enforcement & Auditors

ObamaCare Privacy ViolationsObamaCare Violates Privacy –Image: David L B/Twitter

(Weekly Standard) ObamaCare/Maryland’s Health Connection has been plagued by delays in enrollment as been the norm throughout the country and with Covered California which has been widely reported during the past week since its roll-out.

Should Maryland Consumers endure the long page loading delays, they are presented with the websites privacy policy a ubiquitous fine print feature that often go unread. Nevertheless, residents are asked to check off a box if they agree with the ‘privacy’ consideration which adds:

“The only exception to this policy is that we share information provided in your application with the appropriate authorities for law enforcement and audit activities.”

When was the 4th Amendment repealed?