(Watch) Chairman Nunes House Intelligence Committee Confirms Trump Transition Team was Under Surveillance, These Dems Knew It & Lied About It

Democrats Want to Deflect and Keep Talking About Alleged Russian Shenanigans

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“Big Brother Is Watching You” -George Orwell, 1984

“If You Want to Keep It (Anything) a Secret,
You Must Also Hide It From Yourself.” –George Orwell


@WikiLeaks: CIA Hacking Tools Revealed

The Government Knows All — No Warrants Necessary
When Was the 4th Amendment Repealed?

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(Watch) Obama Administration Source Confirms Wiretapping Occurred of Donald Trump

(Watch) Mark Levin Lays Out Compelling Case of Illegal Wiretapping by the Obama Administration of Donald Trump

Congress & DoJ Must Launch Investigation Into These Serious Allegations

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Will Obama at APEC Summit Address China Regime Dismal Human Rights Record With Xi Jinping?

China...China Human Rights Activist Hu Jia Seen Standing By a Window Supporting Hong Kong’s ‘Umbrella Revolution’ Image: BBC@Twitter

(BBC)  Human Rights groups are calling on world leaders to raise the issue of ‘Human Rights’ in China during the ‘Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation’ (APEC) Summit.

Amnesty International says that 76 people have been detained arrested by the China regime during the past few weeks for supporting the “Freedom Movement” in Hong Kong.

BBC reporter Martin Patience attempted to visit the home of Hu Jia in Beijing but was turned away by authorities.

On the 06 November, Radio France Intl reported (in Chinese) that China Dictator Xi Jinping now says that is time to reverse Deng Xiaoping’s “One Country Two System’s” policy.

Obama reportedly will be addressing with Xi Jinping concern of  their cyber-espionage on the United States but will he also bring up China regime’s human rights abuses, their inhumane treatment of Human Rights Atty Gao Zhisheng, Activist Liu Xiaobao and many, many others?

U.S. Spooks Said to Be Swapping Americans Personal Data With Thousands of Companies

Obama Lying

(Businessweek) Thousands of technology firms, finance and manufacturing companies are working closely with U.S. national security agencies, providing sensitive information and in return, receiving benefits that includes access to classified intelligence, four Whistleblowers familiar with the process have confirmed.

The government has previously assured us that the “data mining” of our personal information is kept in the strictest of confidences.

Do you feel better now, not knowing who may be the actual custodian of your personal information today and who its being shared it with?

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China Regime Hacker’s Angst Opens a Window on the Peoples Liberation Army Cyber Espionage

Is the China Regime Hacking or Just Monitoring their Investment --Epoch TimesIs China Hacking or Just Monitoring Their Investment –Epoch Times

(China Digital Times) Following the Mandiant Report which exposed a major hacking group linked to China’s Peoples Liberation Army, an investigation by the Los Angeles Times tracked down the personal blog of one of the alleged hackers.

In the blog which was active between 2006-2009 Wang a 25 yr old hacker provides a rare glimpse of the secretive hacking establishment of the China Regime, whose efforts are a growing concern to the United States.

On the 21 February, I wrote here that Secy of State John Kerry recently claimed that the greatest challenge to Obama’s foreign policy is not emerging from the China Regime but from Congress–where he served from 1985 until only recently.

Rest here from China Digital Times

Secy of State John Kerry Claims Congress is Greater Threat to U.S. Than China Regime

Secy of State John Kerry --Flopping AcesSecy of State John Kerry –Image: Flopping Aces

(AP) Secy of State John Kerry claims the greatest challenge to U.S. foreign policy is not emerging from the China regime or Obama’s naivety but from his former stomping grounds–the U.S. Congress.

On Tuesday, FOX News reported, that the Pentagon (finally) acknowledged that the China regime is a clear cyberthreat to the United States, in the wake of a new report, linking the Peoples Liberation Army (PLA) to massive amounts of stolen data from over 100 different targets, most of which are U.S. based.

On the 02 June, 2011 I wrote here that an announcement by Google said that hundreds of Gmail accounts had been compromised in a “Phishing” attack from China and on the 12 March, 2012 I wrote here that the FBI uncovered a US/China based corporate espionage conspiracy to steal Dupont corporate trade secrets involving a Orinda, California couple.

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China Accused Of Cyber Espionage

Google Search Page–China Regime Blocked Search Engine in 2010

An announcement by Google said that hundreds of Gmail accounts had been compromised in a “Phishing” attack from China Jinan Shandong Province.

The alleged goal of the effort appears to have been to monitor the contents of the users emails, with the perpetrators using stolen passwords to change individuals forwarding and delegation settings.

Why were Gmail users accounts targeted?  The ‘Phising’ attacks were reportedly targeting U.S. Govt Officials personal accounts, rather than attempting to break into better secured federal operating systems–while much of the news reports have focused on Google attacks, Yahoo accounts allegedly were also attacked by China Spies.

More here from China Digital Times

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Sony & PlayStation Network Customer Data Posted Online –Epoch Times

China Military Calls Internet Key Battleground –Reuters

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Pennsylvania School District used Webcam to Spy on Students

Lower Merion School District in suburban Philadelphia, used webcams in school issued laptops to spy on students at home, potentially catching them and their families in compromising situations. Litigation has been commenced against the school district in federal court.

Litigation has been commenced against Lower Merion, the Board of Directors and Supt. Christopher W. McGinley, under the caption of Blake J. Robbins, et. al. -v- Lower Merion School District, et. al. USDC, Eastern District of Pennsylvania

More here Via Yahoo News

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