(Watch) Muslim Brotherhood Shill & DNC Deputy Chair Keith Ellison: Jews Were Behind 9/11

Democrats Choose Muslim Brotherhood Shill Keith Ellison as Deputy Chair

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Antisemitism: Taxpayers to Pay For First Ever Congressional Forum in Favor of Boycotting Israel

Liberal Lefty Philosopher: There are Among Refugees Also Terrorists & Rapists But So What?

Loony Liberal

(RT News) Slavoj Zizek, stirred a melting pot on Sunday as the closing speaker at a Loony Liberal Lefty forum in NY City making controversial comments about the refugee crisis.

The Slovenian academic  was heckled during his three and  a half hour session at the conference titled ‘Rage, Rebellion, Revolution:  Organizing Our Power” held at John Jay College of Criminal Justice and streamed live.

Day One of Lefty Forum: Democracy in the U.S. is a Fraud – Debates Next Step for Bernie Sanders Movement — Day Two: Lefties Take on Police Brutality and Harassing the Sanders Campaign

Zizek was already labeled  a racist, anti-semite and misogynist before he hit the stage which perhaps is why he started his speech by saying, “If you want to start exchanging insults I can be extremely brutal, I always win but lets not do it today.”

The truce at the lefty forum was temporary after Zizek’s subsequent comments ignited a firestorm that continued to burn on social media on Monday.

“The obvious threat that there are among refugees also terrorists, rapists, criminals, I mean this in a totally neutral  way of course there are but so what? — When discussing the catastrophe in Europe.

While a more conservative audience may have been shocked by his blase ‘so what’ attitude, his comments seemed to trigger something much different in the lefty crowd.

Lefty Tweets
Lefty Tweet

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Hamas/PA Abbas: All of Israel is Occupation – Denies Israel’s Right to Exist

(PMW) As Israel Celebrates 68 Years of Democracy – Hamas/Palestinian Authority President Abbas Continues to Deny Israel’s Right to Exist

Flashback: In 2008 Hamas Co-Founder Mahmoud Zahhar told The Economist that he certainly would not now “accept the reality” of Israel as some of his colleagues have hinted. It may instead become “an eternal issue” he said, looking ahead to a distant future when “like the European Union” the Arab nation will form one state–joining up with other Muslim nations such as Turkey adding, “We (Palestinians) were never an independent state in history. We were part of an Arab state and an Islamic State.”

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Antisemitism: Islamic Fascist Iran TV Report on the International Holocaust Cartoon Contest in Tehran

(MEMRI) On the 15 May, Iran ‘Al-Alam’ TV broadcast a report on the opening day of the 3rd Intl Holocaust Cartoon contest in Tehran. The exhibition features caricatures of Israel PM Benjamin Netanyahu comparing him to Hitler and to ISIS Jihadists

The organizer Shojai Tabtabai said the exhibition was “a response to the publication of cartoons by French ‘Charlie Hedbo’ magazine, which affronted the (false) prophet Mohamed…”

(Videos) During Palestinian Festival for Children, Hamas TV Performs Attacks Against Israeli’s — Official Palestinian TV Preacher: “Allah, Kill Them to the Last…Punish the Wicked Jews”

Religion of Peace Teaching Children to Hate
Gaza Children Put on Play About Stabbing & Killing Israeli’s


Creating an Islamic Jihadist: Terror Doesn’t Come Out of Thin Air Its the Product of Institutionalized Incitement

Creating a Terrorist...Creating a Terrorist — Israel Defense Force

How does a teenager decide to skip school one day put a knife in his or her backpack to stab an Israeli? How does one decide not to show up for work because they want to ram their car into Israeli’s waiting at a bus stop?

  • Flashback: On the 26 October, 2014 I wrote here 3 month old American Chaya Braun was murdered as a result of an Islamic Jihadist vehicular terrorist attack at a light rail station.

Where does this drive to kill come from? The factors are clear and they are as follows:

Children’s Toys: Receives a Stuffed Toy With a Rock in Hand

Creating a TerroristIsraeli Customs Seized 4,000 ‘Rock Throwing Dolls’ Intended for the Palestinian Authority
to be Distributed Among Palestinian Children

Watches Public Television

Can you imagine Elmo talking to a child and encouraging the child to stab another human being?

Many grow up watching their favorite shows on public television networks. It is a core component to many children–Sesame Street encourages children to be nice to one another and to be good friends. Other programming is silly, humorous and harmless but many Palestinian children grow up watching more than Sesame Street or Kai-Lin.

Instead many Palestinian youth are watching ‘Palestinian Authority’ sponsored television with cartoons depicting Jews as monsters. They also watch shows similar to Sesame Street, with dressed up bunnies that praise and encourage children to sacrifice their lives to kill Jews.

Palestinian TVPalestinian Children’s Television

Stabbing For KidsStabbing For Kid’s: Palestinian Child on Facebook Gives Demo – Stab, Stab, Stab…

Play Video Games

Goal of many Palestinian video games is to stab Jews or commit other violent acts against Jews and other Israelis.

Go To School

Palestinian Children are Taught that Jews are Murderers and Taught the Way to Martyrdom.

There are many schools in Gaza, Judea and Samaria that are named in honor of suicide bombers and terrorists. For example, there are three schools under the Palestinian Authority named after the infamous suicide bomber Dalal Mughrabi who killed 38 civilians – 12 of them children.

  • The Dalal Mughrabi High School for Girls – Gaza
  • The Dalal Mughrabi High School for Girls – Hebron
  • The Dalal Mughrabi Elementary School for Girls – Hebron

The curriculum in some schools is also problematic — In 2006 the Palestinian Authority Ministry of Higher Education introduced the new 12th Grade schoolbooks written by Palestinian educators who were appointed by the Fathah leadership. — Palestinian Media Watch reviewed these books and found they made no attempts to educate for peace or coexistence with Israel, instead Israel’s right to exist is adamantly denied and the Palestinian war against Israel is presented as an eternal religious battle for Islam.

In 2014 the Palestinian Authority Ministry of Culture Taught Children Not to Recognize Israel

Go To Prayer

Go To PrayerPalestinians also attend prayer services and the Imam stands on stage preaching, the audience listens as their community leaders laud the efforts of Palestinians who have executed attacks against Israelis. They promote violence and encourage listeners to go out and stab Jews. They are not only praising Allah, they are also perpetuating violent incitement and are ingraining a hateful, violent and even a murderous mentality. 

Go On Facebook

See posts celebrating terrorists who killed Jews. Facebook has been utilized as a tool to perpetuate incitement and users in Palestinian communities see statuses applauding murder. They see instructional videos of terrorists with a knife showing viewers, step-by-step, how to stab and kill a Jew.

Go Out at Night & Weekends Celebrating Death in Parades — Praising the Terrorists – Riot

Go Out and RiotPalestinians of all ages spend part of their Friday rioting, there are riots weekly. Rioters use rocks, sling shots, firebombs, burning tires and anything they can to attack Israelis, soldiers and civilian roads. Beyond the riots, there are parades and celebrations — they celebrate when a Jew is killed or when a Palestinian terrorist is killed. The Palestinian Authority often organizes or facilitates funerals for terrorists to praise them, even celebrating them for killing or attempting to kill Jews.

Go To Stab

PA Instructional Video...Palestinian Incitement to Murder

PA Instructional Video

Fatah/Hamas Official Praises Female Suicide Bombers as Role Models

(MEMRI) In a recent TV interview Fatah/Hamas Central Command member Amal Hamad, sang the praises of Dalal Mughrabi, the Deputy Commander of the 1978 Coastal Rd attack on an Israeli bus in which 38 people, 12 of them children were massacred together with two female Islamic Jihadists. 

Amal Hamad said, “Dalal Mughrabi led a squad of honorable and noble fighters, she crossed all the borders and the beach with them and reached the center of Tel Aviv, she got on a bus a massacred the enemy and caused dozens of deaths. She was the commander and the role model…There are many martyrdom seekers among the Fatah Women…Among our female fighters there were role models. Wafa Idris (first suicide bomber–killed one) and Ayyat Al-Akhras (17 yr old suicide bomber) killed two.

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