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Seth Rogen Backpedals on Idiotic Tweets Comparing ‘American Sniper’ to Nazi War Propaganda

Seth Rogan(Breitbart) ‘Seth Rogan Backpedaling on Idiotic Tweets here and here
Comparing the
$105.3 Million Eastwood Blockbuster ‘American Sniper’
to Nazi War Propaganda’ –Image:
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Of Course George Clooney is Correct, Many in Hollywood are a Bunch of Wimps & Cowards

HollywoodMany in Hollywood are a Bunch of “Wimps and Cowards” When it Comes
to the First Amendment  –Image:
Cyber Blaze@Twitter 

(Deadline) As it begins to dawn on everyone in Hollywood and the rest of the country, the reality that Sony Pictures were the target of a cyberattack allegedly perpetrated by North Korea cyberterrorists on U.S. soil, questions are being asked of the Obama Administration, what are you going to do now in defense of the 1st Amendment and the preservation of our civil liberties that too many Americans take for granted?

This week George Clooney and his agent Bryan Lourd of CAA, began circulating a petition among Hollywood executives, together with top people in film, television and recording industry but unfortunately all of the persons contacted that are making a lot of money, one may add exercising their 1st Amendment rights they’ve taken apparently for granted, refused to sign Clooney’s petition, further evidencing the actual cowardice of many of the entertainment elite, despite their often hard nosed and tough talking demeanor.

Conservatives of course are Clooney’s “natural ally” when it comes to protecting and preserving Free Speech and I have written to Lourd, inquiring what one may do to help them? I haven’t yet received a response.

Much of the Hollywood and entertainment’s ostentatious, are exactly what  many Americans have known for sometime and which Clooney and Lourd are finally learning–they’ve for these many years been working selling their souls for fleeting fame to a  bunch of “wimps and cowards” that doesn’t mind capitalizing off of their civil liberties but when it actually comes to defending them (which many have made their fortunes) heaven forbid, they runaway like paper tigers when the beacon of liberty shines upon them and their fugacious little empires.

Do You Think All Hollywood Celebrities are Anti-Israel? Think Again

Pro Israel Ad(Washington Free Beacon) Pro-Israel Ad Signed by 300 Hollywood Celebrities & Crew Members –Image Courtesy: Zach Noble@Twitter

Hollywood Pro Israel AdHollywood Celebrities Pro-Israel Ad Appeared in Saturday’s NY Times
Image: The Federalist Papers

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Celebrities Protest California Prison Gang Members Held in Isolation Units

Goofy New Yorkers in Solidarity with Calif Inmate Hunger StrikersBizarre: New Yorkers With a Little Too Much Time on Their Hands Stand in Solidarity with California Prison Hunger Strikers
Image: Milk Not Jails/Twitter

(LA Daily News) Jay Leno, together with Gloria Steinem and other celebrities, have condemned the isolation of some 4,500 California prison gang members, their associates and serious offenders to control violence–a practice that has sparked a hunger strike by hundreds of inmates.

Isolation units “serve a vital role in state prisons, keeping staff and other inmates safe from the same violent gangs leading the hunger strike and terrorizing communities across California,” State Corrections spokesperson Deborah Hoffman said.

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Nimrod Jim Carrey Totally Gets Why the Lincoln Memorial was Vandalized: ‘Corporate Tyranny, Disguised as Democracy’

Lincoln MemorialDisgusting: Lincoln Memorial Vandalism –Image: Ethan Klapper/Twitter

Lincoln Memorial VandalismVandals Attack Beloved Lincoln Memorial –David Beard/Twitter

(Twitchy) Nimord Jim Carrey steps in it again, this time when he claims that he totally gets why the Lincoln Memorial was vandalized: “Corporate Tyranny Disguised as Democracy.”

Flashback: Remember earlier this month when Jim Carrey claimed that he was so sorry for calling gun owners heartless mother f*ckers in his Tweet and recent poorly made music video.

Senate Turns Down Background Checks For Weapons, Obama Throws Temper Tantrum

No Free nan shall ever be disbarred the use of arms --Thomas Jefferson

(Washington Times) The Senate dealt a major blow to President Obama’s hopes for new gun control measures today, when they voted to defeat the new background check proposal that had become the center of the post-Newtown firearms debate.

Voting 54 to 46 left six Senator’s shy needed to approve the amendment, creating significant logistical problems for broader gun-control measures.

Obama angrily denounced gun rights groups, throwing a temper tantrum blaming them for today’s defeat of his gun-control proposal, accusing the NRA and its allies of willfully lying about the bill.

Boo-Hoo-Hoo…Its time to grow-up Barry Obama and wear some big boy pants.

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Ashley Judd Moving Forward in her Bid to Unseat Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell

Ashley Judd Fundraising Letter --Chicks on the RightAshley Judd Fundraising Letter –NRSC

(FOX News) Ashley Judd has yet to officially announce her political aspirations but a source close to FOX 411s Pop Tarts says that Judd is preparing to challenge Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-KY in 2014

Judd has been meeting with well financed Democratic donors and last week ventured into Washington for more public engagements–It is far from clear how an untested Judd would fare against the hardball tactics of McConnell writes Politico when it comes down to the daily grind of a real campaign.

Her past comments are going to hurt her points out Weasel Zippers comparing coal mining to Rape in 2010, that may play well with her Loony Liberal Democratic base and Environmentalists but many Kentuckians are already convinced that President Obama is engaged in a “war on coal” an industry with a strong presence in the state, which will ultimately doom her campaign.

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