Elections Don’t Matter? 1,603 Omnibus Spending Bill Includes $19 Million to Protect African Rhinos

BoehnerAs Long as Kool-Aid Drinking RINO John Boehner of Ohio is House Speaker Obama has No Worries –Image: JP Hawkins@Twitter

(Breitbart) House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) is definitely RINO’s (Republicans In Name Only) and the real life rhinoceroses best friend too–appropriating some $19,061,000 to protect the Rhino’s and other exotic creatures from among other things African poachers, all at a time when our out of control federal deficit is now $18 Trillion+ or $56,383 per American citizen.

Wrong Again! United Nations 2013 Climate Change Study on Melting Greenland Ice

Greenland Ice Coldest AreaLatest Northern Hemisphere Temperature Image Shows Greenland to Be Coldest Area –Image: Climate Realists@Twiiter

(Bloomberg) Just last year, the United Nations put out its most comprehensive study on climate change to date, claiming that ice in Greenland & Antarctica (which ironically trapped Global Warming Scientists Theorists in December aboard the Akadmik Shokalsky in Antarctic ice—I digress) is disappearing faster and may drive sea levels higher because of a warming planet.

Wrong again.

It’s about time that the ‘Global Warming Hucksters” (such as President Obama, former VP Al Gore, many other Democrats and RINO’s) give-up on their climate change hypothesis before they make even bigger fools of themselves than they already have.

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Principled Sen Ted Cruz, No Fear!

Principles...Notice South Carolina RINO Lindsey Graham at SOTU

H/T: Constantine Soriao@Facebook

Throw the Bums Out: Record Low Say Their Own Congressional Representative Should Be Reelected

Throw The Bums Out 20142014 Throw The Bums Out –Image: Tea Party News Network

(Gallup) The enduring unpopularity of Congress appears to have seeped into the nation’s 435 Congressional districts as a record low percentage of registered voters 46% now say their own Congressional representative deserves to be reelected .

Equally historic, the share of voters saying most Members of Congress deserve to be reelected has fallen to 17%

Remember When RINO’s Pledged to “Curb Washington’s Spending Habits’ This Week Passed 1,582 Page $3 Million Per Word Spending Bill

Boehner Pledge to AmericaRepublicans Pledge to America –Image: GOP.gov

Flashback: Remember when RINO’s pledged “We will curb Washington’s spending habits and promote job creation, bring down the deficit and build long term fiscal stability.”

The giant 1,582 page federal budget bill (which nobody read) but the GOP controlled House passed Wednesday, Democrat controlled Senate passed yesterday and Obama signed into law today according to the Associated Press will cost taxpayers nearly $3 Million per word.

NJ Gov Chris Christie’s Nixonian Excuse…

Chris ChristieBridgegate: RINO Gov Chris Christie –Image: Jonathan Jewel@Twitter

(The Blaze) If Gov Christie Learned About ‘Bridgegate’ Yesterday, Why Did he Lose a Lot of Sleep for Last 2 Nights?

Is This Still America? “Voluntary” Govt Checkpoints Spark Backlash

Nazi Check PointNazi Check Point —Image: Before Its News

(USA Today) Checkpoints which the government “insists are voluntary” are creating a backlash because of the presence of uniformed Police Officers.

In an era of rampant distrust of the federal government and in the wake of the Obama Administration’s Natl Security Agency surveillance scandal in which the agency has collected data on hundreds of millions of unsuspecting Americans, DHS/Immigration & DUI checkpoints have come under intense criticism in several cities this year that some Police Dept’s won’t participate anymore.

Driver’s in the Ft Worth, Texas area were being offered $10 for cheek swabs and $50 for blood samples–these checkpoints spurred complaints in November, resulting Police Chief Jeffrey Halstead apologizing for his Officers participation in a Natl Highway Traffic Safety Administration survey.

What assurance did any of the Ft Worth, Texas area motorists have that the DNA and blood samples that were collected are not being stored in some federal data bank?

On the 08 March, 2010 I wrote here Nazi Germany demanded ‘papers’ and identity cards for persons to travel, is this what we can expect in the United States?

It is if RINO Sen Lindsey Graham and NY Progressive/Democrat-Socialist Sen Chuckie Schumer would have anything to say about it.

When was the 4th Amendment repealed?

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Florida Cannot Drug Test People Simply Because They’re Poor –ACLU

What Gov Christie & Obama Have In Common: Moody’s Lowers N.J. Debt Outlook to Negative

Birds of a FeatherBirds of a Father…

What does RINO New Jersey Gov Chris Christie & President Obama have in common?

Wall Street analyst’s at Moody’s Investors Services this week, lowered their outlook on New Jersey’s debt from stable to negative according to NJ.com saying the state remains hamstrung by rising costs and “a sluggish economic recovery” despite Gov Christie’s efforts.

On the 05 August, 2011 I wrote here that Standard & Poors announced they had downgraded the U.S. Credit Rating for the first time in our nations history.

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Existing Homes Sales Tumble, Lowest Since December 2012

Ted Cruz: Ryan-Murray Budget Deal “Spends More, Taxes More” Continues Funding ObamaCare

Ryan Murray BudgetRyan-Murray Budget Deal Breaks the Sequester Promise of 2011 to Cut Spending a Decade Later –Rep Tim Huelskamp (R-KS)@Twitter

(Heritage Action) The ‘Ryan-Murray House Senate Budget Deal’ despite all the rhetoric and praise RINO House Speaker John Boehner may give it and the supposed “deficit reduction” it actually increases spending during the next 2 years by $63 Billion above current law and lives up to none of the promises it makes.

While Ryan-Murray ‘agreement’ purports to produce $23 Billion in deficit reduction it does so by relying on savings (when has this actually ever happened) in 10 years with promises of future spending reductions later as Sen Ted Cruz (R-TX) points out:

“The new budget deal–spends more, taxes more and allows for continued funding of ObamaCare…This proposal undoes the sequester modest reforms and pushes us two steps back, deeper into debt. Supporters of this plan are asking for more spending now in exchange for minor changes that may possibly reduce spending later.”

When have we heard this before?

Back in 2011 the National Review reminds us that back in 1982 President Reagan, agreed to $3.00 in spending cuts for every $1.00 in tax hikes–promised spending cuts are illusionary and after awhile, they are forgotten about and all that remains is higher taxes on Americans.

Thomas Paine writing in 1791 in the ‘Rights of Men’ pointed out: “It is a general rule that when taxes are once laid they are never taken off.”

We haven’t learned much during the past 222 years.

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Ryan-Murray House/Senate Budget Deal Betrayal of Conservative Principles

California RINOs That Supported Budget DealCalifornia RINO’s That Supported Budget Busting Betrayal

TSA--Only In DCIn the Ryan-Muuray Budget “Deal” Americans Will Now Have to Pay More For This –Sen Rand Paul (R-KY)@Twitter

President Obama together with House Democrats and RINO’s reeling from low voter ratings, were eager to cut a budget deal that takes the heat off of them for not doing their jobs for the next two years which the Libertarian Party points out:

  • Continues to add $1 Trillion annually to the already out of control $17.2Trillion federal budget deficit;
  • Locks in continuous funding of ObamaCare;
  • Raises taxes, including an increase in TSA fees hidden federal taxes that will be tacked on to your airline tickets.

Republicans who pretend to ‘oppose ObamaCare’ promising to replace and defund it are allowing it to continue unchecked which has resulted in more than 5.5 Million Americans to lose their health insurance, raising premiums, deductibles and costing jobs.

Many in the House GOP have put off being good stewards of the public purse and have betrayed the principles which they’ve claimed. Former Reagan OMB Director David Stockman said on CNBC “Its the final surrender of the House Republican leadership to Beltway politics, kicking the can and ignoring the budget monster that’s hurtling down the road.”

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